Houseboat Log Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Cruising with Ellie and a Friend

Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate them very much. Enjoy this next log entry and let me know what you liked.


The next morning, I woke early as was my pattern, rose, showered and shaved, made some hot coffee, my own mix of vanilla roast and regular ground, and gently slid back into bed with Ellie (see part 2). I spooned with Ellie, my hard cock gently caressing her backside. Still lightly sleeping, her skin was soft and warm and still smelled delightful despite our acrobatics the night before. I love the feel of a woman in the morning. I began to lightly kiss her neck and shoulders, my hand caressing her thigh and leg. I was thinking to myself, how lucky I was to meet and bed such a delightful woman. The day ahead promised to be fun and very sensual.

I could sense Ellie waking form a light dream, as she moaned softly. I continued to lightly stroke her awake, reaching my long arms around to caress her pussy lightly, running the tips of my fingers over her labia and her soft downy landing strip. She jerked as she became aware that she was in a strange bed and being caressed until she remembered our tryst the night before. She half turned to look me in the eyes and greeted me with a kiss.

“I want to freshen up, Paul, brush my teeth and tinkle.” I didn’t say a word, but turned her to me, captured her nipple in my mouth and sucked and kissed it forcefully. I moved downward and began licking her pussy. She groaned and said, “I might pee on you, Paul, please let me up!”

“No way, Baby, I want to taste you now, I want the feel of you now the way you are, all warm and soft and natural.” I pulled her legs apart and opened her labia with my fingers, sticking my tongue in deeply and swabbing the insides of her pussy with my big tongue. She tasted real, a slight piss taste that disappeared as her natural juices flowed to me. My cock was so hard I was undulating on the sheets. I pulled up slightly, looked her in the eyes, and thrust two fingers into her hot cauldron, trapping her G spot between my fingers and my thumb up against her clit, I rubbed and massaged her. She immediately started to buck hard, her stomach muscles pushing out, her butt elevating, and her groans turning into words.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck me you beautiful man, take me, make me cum, please do it!” she wailed. I continued my massage of her insides, even letting my smallest finger lay across her asshole, stroking slowly, just touching. I slithered my tongue in circles around her clit, teasing her, as she bucked Gaziantep Oral Escort to my face hard against my mouth and nose. I sucked her protruding clit into my mouth. It was like a tiny cock, long and hard. I tickled it rapidly with the tip of my tongue and hung on for dear life.

Ellie started to curse, begging me to enter her, as she peaked and came violently in my face, squirting her nectar over me, grunting loudly with her release. I only then realized she had my hair in a tight grip in one hand while her other dug deeply into my arm, her nails cutting little marks in my skin.

I wanted to fuck her hard now, waiting to give a woman pleasure built my desires to a level that all I wanted to do was fuck her long and hard. I quickly climbed up her body and shoved my cock into her hot wet canal, forcing it into her, my hands pinning her hands above her. I kissed her roughly, my tongue driving to hers, sucking her tongue into my mouth. My eyes penetrated hers just as my cock drove into her over and over, with slow withdrawal after each thrust. I knew she could feel my soul to the depths of hers as I controlled the pace. She gave herself to me completely, as I took her. She whimpered and groaned in reaction to each thrust, letting me know she had surrendered and was enjoying being thoroughly fucked into submission. Her orgasm built ahead of mine, and he shook and tightened around my shaft. I let go of her hands and cupped an ass cheek in each and pulled her even tighter as I plunged my hard cock into her over and over. I released jet after jet of cum into her as we peaked. She and I both screamed out our pleasure as we rode the wave of orgasm together.

I released her and slipped out, trailing my cum over her thighs. She was lightly sobbing, coming down for a high. I waited until her breathing slowed, then patted her on the ass and said, “OK, Ellie, go freshen up then!!!” She laughed and sprinted for the bathroom.

I got out of bed and poured us both a cup of java, and returned just as she hopped back into bed, with that freshly fucked look on her face. She looked at me with a big smile and said, “That was the best wake u I’ve ever experienced.”

I said, “We could do this every day, if it doesn’t kill us both at our age,” Then again, what a way to go!

“You do like the taste of a woman, don’t you, Paul!”

“Yes, I do, it turns me on, as does controlling your orgasms.” She knew my fetish, my weakness, was the taste of a woman.

We made plans to cruise after we dressed in our bathing suits and I mentioned I enjoyed stopping at marinas along the coast, exploring the different cities/towns that dot the coast all the way down to the Keys. I told her that today we would head out for a few hours and then cruise back, as I wanted to test the Wet n Wild out again, and enjoy a day on the water with my new found woman. Ellie wasn’t prepared for a long trip, but we were both excited as we cast off the ropes and bumpers and headed out into the Bay. Cruising speed was 5 knots at best, but the water was calm and the sun shining, so we chatted and lounged as the boat cut through the waters.

I showed Ellie how to man the wheel and went below decks and fixed a large plate of scribbled eggs, cheese and ham added in. With orange juice, preserves, toast, and coffee, I climbed the ladder to the bridge with a tray of food. We chowed down in the fresh morning air, enjoying being on the water, hearing the birds call, and watching the boat traffic.

I admired this woman; she was a classic beauty, with the brains to match. She made me feel good about being with her. Her genuine nature was refreshing; we immediately fell into a friendship that matched our lust for each other. It is rare you find a woman that you are attracted to whose personality matches your own. We traded jokes, experiences, desires, travel wishes, favorite foods and wines, favorite ball teams and music.

As we sailed on, a silence developed, as we both grew relaxed and didn’t feel the need to talk at some point. I enjoy the silence, listening to the sounds of the boat slapping through the water. Houseboats rarely cut through the water silently, ha, ha. Ellie napped lightly as I maneuvered the houseboat through the Bay. We were both sated by the food and the energetic sexual effort over the last ten hours.

We cruised in a big circle, turning to the east just as the sun was setting in the west. We kissed and held onto each other as we watched the tiny orange circle drop off the horizon filling the sky with beautiful color schemes. I turned on the running lights and set the autopilot for home port and returned to Ellie’s arms. I threw a lounge chair cushion on the deck, untied her bikini bottom, and lowered her to all fours headed toward the sunset. She had the hottest little ass, perfectly rounded on those long slim legs, with the cutest gash underneath to put my cock into. I dropped my suit and got in behind her, wet my cock, and slowly fed it into her as the sun dropped. I slowly fucked her slapping her ass off and on to enhance the experience for both of us. My big hard piece rubbed into her g spot and up until it hit her cervix, I rested it and rubbed it along her until withdrawing slowly, then feeding it back in to repeat the process. She started to buck back into me forcing it deeper and deeper, moaning softly with each thrust into her.

I licked my finger and touched her bum, inserting the tip into her ass. I played with it as I fucked her, matching my finger thrusts with my cock lunges. She was starting to scream at me again, I love a woman crying for more!! As she drew near to orgasm, I pushed my finger in deeper into her chute, impaling her. She sunk to the deck, her face now in the cushion, submitting to my marauding cock and finger. I continued and pushed forward, mashing down into her. I whispered into her ear that I was going to have her ass soon, after I captured her soul. She came hard with that knowledge, pushing over the edge of orgasm and wailing her intense delights. This was a romantic wail, the sun setting, the air whistling by, the darkness enveloping us slowly. I emptied my cock first into her pussy, then withdrew and spewed on her back and ass crack, the warm rivers of cum dripping down her torso. She shuddered and curled up in a fetal ball and I wrapped my self around her warming her from the suddenly cool breeze.

I ran down the ladder, grabbed a light blanket from the closet and brought it back on deck and wrapped her up for the return voyage, tying up at the marina a few hours later. I showered with her, washed her all over, played with her, and loved her kissing her deeply, until we were thoroughly clean. I drove her back to her condo and we parted with a kiss, a telling kiss with emotions lingering on the taste and feel of our lips. I told her I would call her in a few days, and we could make plans to be together again. She smiled and said, “I would like that, Paul, I don’t want this to be a casual tryst.” I assured her it was never a thought for me.

“You are my fantasy and my reality, Ellie,” I said, staring deeply into her soulful eyes. “You have a standing reservation on the Wet n Wild as long as I am the captain.”

I drove back to the boat, smiling, knowing my life had finally taken a turn for the better. Before I turned in, I opened my ship’s log and wrote up my notes about Ellie. She was on my mind the next morning. I was missing her early morning taste. Ellie’s scent was still in the master stateroom as I stripped the sheets and washed them and the towels. I hated to purge that scent as it was a great reminder of Ellie’s charms.

In the next houseboat log entry of the Wet n Wild, Ellie surprises me, telling her roommate about us, and I inadvertently develop a reputation for romantic sea adventures among their social circle.

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