House Party

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House PartyOne day an email popped into my inbox it was a friend I hadn’t heard from for years, I first met her through a sex hook up site we would meet up at weekends for sex with absolutely no strings attached it was amazing, it felt dirty and wrong but also erotic and exciting. She was one hell of a dirty bitch and I was one hell of a dirty boy but we didn’t care, we were let loose sexually and as long as we didn’t hurt each other physically, well not too much, we did whatever we wanted to each other safe in the knowledge that it was our little secret. My names Richard and my fuck buddy is Linzi.Obviously we liked each other and trusted each other but there were no emotional constraints, we didn’t have to worry about the practicalities of a full on relationship we were in it for one thing only sex, the more perverted the better. I would always go to visit her at her comfortable detached house in the countryside, we didn’t live far from each other, only a 15 minute drive, so sometimes we met mid week but mostly it was weekends. I would drive over on a Friday night and then go back home on Sunday afternoon or sometimes I would stay until Monday morning and I would go straight to work from hers. We had such a great time we often spent the entire weekend locked inside the house we had everything we needed, food, drink and each other’s bodies. After I visited her a couple of times she suggested I might as well go naked all the time I was there, the house was very secluded and none of the neighbours could see inside. It was quite a thrill to be nude in front of her especially as she often wore a tight little red dress with nothing underneath, it was like a play suit for her and I knew she got a kick out of the whole CFNM scenario. It also meant we could play with each other whenever we wanted. I remember one time we had just had a really good sex session in her bedroom, she had orgasmed several times and between us we had made one huge mess on her bed sheets, the crisp white linen she loved so much was stained with cum and other fluids! She went down to the kitchen to make us a drink she didn’t realise I followed her down a couple of minutes later, she had her back to me, the kettle was just starting to boil and she was leaning over the countertop looking out the window into her garden. What a sight! She was a fit mature lady with a beautiful body, she was not a skinny woman she had curves and a lovely tight muscular build, I crept up behind her, her bottom was so inviting her cheeks had separated and I had a clear view of her anus and vagina, two of the holes I had just been playing with upstairs. I gently put my hands on her hips, she flinched slightly as she had no idea I was there, then I carefully slid my erect cock into her still wet vagina she moaned softly as I penetrated her hot cunt going in right up to my balls.I fucked her slow and deep reaching around her to play with her stiff clitoris, well she was so horny it didn’t take her long to cum, she was a bit of a squirter and before we knew it she had cum down her legs and was dribbling on the floor, it was so good I’m getting hard now thinking about it.During our encounters we would often discuss our sexual fantasies, as I said she had a kink for CFNM and I revealed to her a long time fetish for skintight clothing, I wore tights and Lycra catsuits when I was younger along with jodhpurs and knee length riding boots all for my own sexual gratification. The first time I wore tights they were my sisters sheer tan tights that she wore for college. I was in the house alone one Summer holiday, I had been curious about tights for a while and I found a pair of hers in the laundry basket and had to try them on. They had a worn odour to them, I sniffed The gusset and could smell sweat and faint odour of piss, it really turned me on! Before I knew it I was pulling them up my legs and up to my waist, I tucked my erection inside and pendik escort went to look in the mirror. I was 12 years old and had my elder sisters tights on, I cannot tell you how I felt I couldn’t stop touching myself! My cock felt so sensitive and the look of myself in these tights was incredible. I walked around the upstairs of our house for a couple of hours rubbing my nylon covered legs, arse and cock it was brilliant and the start of my crossdressing fetish.This revelation interested Linzi she revealed she had always wanted a houseboy, basically a slave that she could use and abuse around her house, I jokingly said isn’t that what I am anyway, but not in her filthy mind. She explained that she had a picture in her mind of how I should look and that me revealing my crossdressing kink had reinforced that image. She would combine my love of lycra and my experience of wearing equestrian gear to fulfil her fantasy, I was intrigued and excited she said she would buy my uniform ready for when I next visited, I couldn’t wait!She bought me a uniform, it was a pair of shiny black Lycra tights that she had adjusted so that my cock and balls would poke through. She insisted on dressing me, she had a specific look she wanted to achieve, she showed me a picture online of a male ballet dancer in his tights, I have to admit it turned me on seeing him, his tights were white and his arse cheeks were beautifully separated by the seam, that’s what Linzi wanted to replicate.She was very intimate with me while she pulled the tights up and manipulated my private parts through the hole, she pulled them up really tight the seam went up my crack and rubbed against my anus, then to ensure the tights stayed in place she put a belt around my waist and wrapped the waist band of the tights around it. She then spent a while adjusting the seams making sure they were straight and making certain that the tights were as tight as they could get. They were so tight that in bright light they were transparent especially over my backside which inevitably received several playful slaps and gropes as she dressed me, she loved to finger my anus through the thin lycra. The final touch, a pair of knee length riding boots.So there I was in my tights cock and balls vulnerable and bare chested. Over the coming weeks she used me as she saw fit often getting me to do chores around her house getting me hot and dirty before using me as a sex toy, and if I orgasmed before her she would punish me often slapping my penis and crushing my balls. She was a cruel Mistress but she fulfilled her fantasy and while I was dressed in my uniform she wore just normal clothes often jeans and a T shirt, which added to my sense of humiliation and degradation which is just what she wanted, her favourite act of domination was to get me to clean her living room while she watched me from her sofa, she would insist that I crawled around on the floor like an a****l.In front of her sofa was a low coffee table she loved me to stand in front of her with my shiny black bum in her face then bend over and dust the table, all the time she was fondling my arse, pushing the stretchy lycra into my arse hole, her final act was to get me to lie across her lap my erect and often aching cock was clamped between her denim clad legs, she then used me as a coffee table resting her hot mug of coffee on my arse cheeks, it was kinky and perverted but it was amazing and led to very intense fucking sessions, all the time though I had to keep my uniform on, you can imagine how much cum ended up soaking my tights! Unfortunately a year later Linzi moved away for work and the distance meant it wasn’t practical to meet anymore. We lost touch so I was delighted to hear from her again. She was hosting a fetish party at her new house and as she knew I had a kink for lycra she sent me an invite. It read, “I hope you still have your uniform and that it still fits because I’d like escort pendik you to wear it for a me and be my personal servant for the night you will do everything I tell you without question.” Well of course I responded immediately and accepted the invitation, and yes the uniform still fitted I had worn it in private many times and remembered those dirty weekends with my depraved Mistress. The weekend of the party arrived I packed a bag and caught the train to Edinburgh where she lived, I arrived at 6pm the party started at 8 but she wanted me there early to prepare. I walked up the drive to this very impressive country house and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and ushered me in, once inside we kissed and embraced and then sat in the lounge and had a good catch up over a glass of wine.The house was huge a perk of the company she worked for 5 bedrooms in total lots of space for people to play and explore each other, she took me upstairs to her room and told me to get changed, I went into the ensuite and undressed then put my tights on. She stood in the doorway and watched me..“Pull them up nice and tight!” She ordered I willingly obliged securing the tights with my belt my cock was beginning to stiffen already, then I pulled on my knee length boots. “Let me look at you come into the bedroom and walk up and down I want to see that cute shiny bum properly” I did as I was told “Very nice I like what I see” she commented “ now wait in the corner and watch me get ready don’t play with yourself I want you erect when the guests arrive “ She undressed she was still fucking sexy as hell, now totally naked she opened her wardrobe and pulled out her outfit, it was a black lycra catsuit and thigh length boots, her catsuit was complete no fuck holes and long sleeved. She wriggled her sexy body into it the stretchy Lycra hugging her curves, she made sure the seams were straight and in the right places and pulled her boots on before zipping them up.She strutted over to me and looked me up and down she then took hold of my erection, “ your leaking pre-cum already” she said. She used her thumb to wipe the ooze of my penis then wiped her hand down my lycra covered thigh. “The guests will be here any minute let’s go downstairs and wait when the bell rings you answer it and remember to call me Mistress the girls Miss and the boys Sir”Soon after the doorbell rang I went to the door and opened it, it was a young couple they were dressed normally as there was provision for people to change at the house if they wanted, I led them upstairs to one of the rooms and left them to get ready, “you’ve got a nice bum and cock” the girl said “ I want that later” “Yes Miss thank you” I replied Gradually the guests arrived some dressed in their fetish wear some changed upstairs, various people men and women complimented me on my uniform and I had a few grope my arse and penis and testicles as I greeted them, my Mistress watched on as the guests fondled me, “Do what you want to him” she told them.There were approximately 20 people at the party and as instructed I stayed by my Mistresses side only speaking when spoken to, she would lead me around by my erect penis and show me off to her guests introducing me as her fuck toy. There were lots of kinky outfits, lycra, leather, latex and rubber was common a lot of men had their cocks out some had leads around their necks and were pulled around by their partner. There were some gay, straight and lesbian couples, some women had no knickers on just stockings their cunts and arses on display, my cock was aching it was so hard.My Mistress led me over to a couple of gay guys the one was just wearing a cock ring his partner a very tight pair of rubber tights and nothing else, she chatted to them and offered my cock to them if they wanted, the one in the tights took hold of my penis and started wanking me, god it was so erotic! Other people noticed and soon there was pendik escort bayan a crowd watching, my Mistress looked pleased and I noticed her rubbing herself through her catsuit. “ Why don’t you rub their cocks together?” she said to the guy wanking me, he agreed took hold of his partners erection and pulled us together, his cock felt hot and wet against mine the guy skilfully massaged our tips together, he had clearly done this before. Various people who were watching started playing with each other, my Mistress stood next to me rubbing my arsehole through my tights she knew that would make me cum. But what made me cum was the guy I was being wanked with cumming first, his hot spunk covered my cock and balls and I returned the favour soon after, fuck I was well drained, then a familiar voice said “I want to clean those cocks” it was the young girl from earlier she was in her twenties and was dressed in a very erotic equestrian outfit, long black boots, skintight white latex leggings and a short red jacket with nothing underneath, she looked stunning.She knelt in front of us our cocks dripping with each other’s cum, then she licked and sucked us clean at one point having both our cocks in her mouth, it was heavenly.And yes my Mistress had her way with me later in her bedroom, she led me upstairs and at the top of the landing she called down to the others the bedrooms are now available if anyone wants to use them, I’m going to fuck this worthless whore if anyone wants to watch me destroy him. Several people came upstairs some filtered off into other rooms but 6 people entered my Mistresses room to watch her fuck me.The young couple who arrived first were there the guy was wearing a pair of sheer tan tights his partner who was clearly in control had a collar and lead around his neck, his cock was hard and wet with cum I noticed earlier his owner had wanked him in his tights while others watched her. My Mistress shouted “I need to be undressed!” The girl in the kinky equestrian outfit said “He’ll do it” dragging her partner over to my Mistress “Strip her but do it respectfully” she ordered she took his lead off and stood back. My Mistress sat on the bed “remove my boots you pathetic boy” he lifted her left leg and began to unzip her boot, “not like that” my Mistress barked “turn around put my leg between yours and bend forward so I can see your arse” he dutifully obliged as he slid her boot off she was fingering his anus through his tights which turned me on so much. After the boots were off my Mistress stood “Remove her catsuit” the equestrian girl demanded “kiss her nipples as you expose them” he did as he was told sucking my Mistresses erect nipples. “Now lick her clitoris and vagina as you expose them to apologise to her for being a pathetic boy!” Again he obeyed his owner my Mistress moaned softly as his tongue explored her vagina and clit. “Remove my suit completely and stand in the corner and watch me fuck my toy, you may wank if you must but don’t make a mess” “It’s ok” his owner responded “The pathetic piece of shit will cum in his tights again” the two women laughed. “Lie on the bed” she ordered I crawled towards the centre of the bed, “Stop there don’t move” I was on all fours my lycra tights stretched over my arse for all to see. “ Who wants to have a feel of that shiny bum?” My Mistress asked I couldn’t see but various people were groping and probing my arse and anus, “this feels nice” said a male voice, “it’s so smooth and silky” a woman said.“Lie on your back now” I lay down my Mistress was standing next to the bed and the equestrian girl was fingering my Mistresses vagina it sounded wet and looked so horny. She crawled over to me straddled me and lowered herself onto my erection, “let me help” the girl said she took hold of my hard cock and guided it into my Mistresses hot wet cunt. She fucked me hard while the others watched on, the guy in the corner made himself cum in his tights, his owner was on the bed fingering my Mistresses arsehole, it was a long night of filthy sex filling my Mistresses holes and I was allowed to fuck the equestrian girl and wank her slave in his tights.

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