House of Terrors

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Winston groaned to himself as he followed the directions. He knew that the invitation to join them to the haunted house had been more of an afterthought. Even though it had been Jessie who gave him the invite, the nagging impression was there nonetheless. It was described to him as the perfect Halloween night: a stop at a haunted house before a night of partying at a local club. It did sound good, but only because Jessie had invited him did he accept. When he pulled off the street and down a back alley he was less than impressed. He stopped in a parking area with some other cars, but there were far less than he would have expected for such a great place as this was suppose to be. As he looked around, all he saw were the backs and sides of old warehouses. His group of friends was already there, waiting around a car, and waved as he got out of his own vehicle.

The instant he spotted them, and looked down at his own costume his feeling became a confirmation. The entire group of nine people were all dressed liked mimes. They all wore unique types of clothing, but they were all black and white striped, and their faces were all painted in street performer fashion. His Zorro costume made him suddenly very uncomfortable and he reddened behind his mask.

Jessie hurried out to intercept him as they rest prepared to enter. Winston slowed as she approached and took in the sight of her. She had always been a beauty in his eyes, and an object of lust on more than one occasion. At five foot nine, she was only a couple of inches shorter than himself. Both were lithe and fit, only Jessie filled out slightly more in the chest. It had been often commented that they looked more of a couple than their actually partners. Ex-partners, actually. Winston had broken up with Jennifer several months before, and Jessie’s painful split with Ted happened only a few weeks back. Jennifer was a pretty girl, with a great body, but was hardly much taller than five feet. And Ted was barely able to look his ex-girlfriend in the eye, and his pudgy frame seemed out of place next to her lean one. It was funny how things worked out, Winston thought as he stopped in front of her.

”You look great, Win,” Jessie said as she smiled at him. “All dashing and romantic.” Winston liked the way her small mouth and thin lips moved across her narrow, pixie face. She was also the only person in the world that could get away with calling him Win.

”You look great too,” Winston smiled back as he looked her up and down. Dressed in a light skirt that stopped at mid-thigh, and a spaghetti-stringed halter top that clung to her upper body like a second skin, she must have decided to take advantage of the uncharacteristically warm Autumn evening. Where she had found either with matching black and white stripes was beyond him. He always liked her choice of shirts. She preferred ones that clung to her body, low cut at the top, and short enough to show teasing glimpses of her smooth, flat midriff when she moved. He also got a great view down the scoop top of her shirt as she moved closer. “You didn’t tell me we were going to a mime convention.”

”Yeah, sorry about that Win. It was Rick’s idea, but he kinda forgot you were coming until it was too late. I hope you’re not upset.”

”Come on you guys,” someone yelled from the group as they moved off. It seemed that Winston and Jessie were the odd singles out, and were being paired off arbitrarily as the other couples locked arms.

”I don’t mind,” Winston lied as they headed off. He glanced over at his companion and his eyes landed on the smooth skin of Jessie’s slender legs and quickly moved up over her narrow waist to the swell of the tops of her breasts that jiggled slightly with her movements. She looked strange with the heavy black and white make-up, but expertly applied somehow it seemed to enhance her thin, sharp features.

”So, where is everyone else?” he asked finally as she guided him towards a stark, grey building.

”The tickets are timed, so things don’t get bogged down. I think they stagger groups every half hour.”

”I thought we were going to a haunted house.” Jessie only smiled.

”You’ll see.”

Winston allowed her to walk slightly ahead of him as he watched her profile move from the back. She had a sexy back, he thought, then shook his head as his quickened his pace to catch up. She led them towards the single back door where a man in a cheap tuxedo suit stood guard. He looked foppish, and a little small with the tails, but stood at rigid attention. Some of the girls giggled while their boyfriends made crude remarks at the doorman while they handed off their tickets. Winston looked away sheepishly as Jessie gave the man their tickets. With a quick glance, he pulled the creaking door open for the group.

They were washed over with a wave of heat and light and smell as they entered the foyer. It was a large room, extravagantly decorated to mimic a Victorian parlor with rich furniture and tapestries, crystal and gold knick-knacks gaziantep escort reklamları and classical music playing in the background. An elegant chandelier hung from the ceiling, the dozens of candles casting a warm light across the scene. It was certainly something he never expected from the entrance to a haunted house.

Another man approached them, dressed in a sharp butler uniform. He was an older man, and mostly bald, and stood as stiff as a board.

”Welcome to the Mansion of the late Sir Victor Thomilson,” he said in a thick, formal voice as he looked the couples over. “Feel free to have a good look around, but I warn you, Sir Victor was not a pleasant man, and we here at the mansion call it the House of Terrors!” He rolled out the last words and Jessie could not help but to giggle, as did many of the others. Watching them with creepy, wide eyes, he opened the single door and waited for them to pass through before slamming it shut.

They found themselves in a black corridor. It was narrow so that standing side by side, a couple could feel the rough walls brush their outer arms. Dim light shone from both sides at various intervals from opened rooms and the corridor seemed to bend ahead. Winston and Jessie ended up at the back, which suited Winston fine. He didn’t care much for many of the others, and was more then happy to spend the time with her. Smiling to his companion, Winston gestured forward and started down the hall.

The first opened area to their right was a small room with an open casket. Inside was a cheap fake body that made them both laugh when the head moved and it let out a moan. Moving on, they passed by several more rooms with the same type of décor. They saw severed limbs, and bloody jars, and instruments of torture. Everything they expected to see in a horror house expect for something horrifying. They would have settled for a little scary, even. The men in the group obviously felt the same as they did and began to grumble and complain about the “retarded” and “lame” surroundings.

As they continued on, the corridor only made right turns, and the halls became shorter and shorter as the made their way towards the centre of the building. All through, Winston and Jessie made quieter wise ass comments to themselves and tried to ignore the rowdier, louder group as they looked upon the cheesy horrors and relics of the late Sir Victor.

Turning a corner, Jessie suddenly screamed with such verbosity that the mimes ahead spun around and Winston jumped back into the wall only to have himself slammed into as Jessie flung herself into his body. His heart was pounding almost as badly as hers as he slowly put his arms around her trembling form. Looking over her shoulder, he couldn’t stop himself from chuckling, then laughing out loud as he saw the occasional flicker of light illuminate a very realistic and grisly severed head. When Jessie heard him laughing, she pushed herself away and looked at the rotting head. With an indignant huff, she turned her nose up and looked sheepishly at still laughing Winston.

”Okay,” Winston said between breaths. “That was kinda scary.”

”Kinda?” Jessie pleaded. She fought with a smile, but couldn’t chase it away and soon joined Winston in the laugh.

Resuming their course, Winston took five steps before he let out a shriek as a skeleton attached to a rope swung down from the ceiling and crashed into him. Jessie was already laughing as he fell back several steps and tried to steady himself.

”Come on ya pussy,” someone yelled from ahead.

”That sounded like a girl to me,” someone else added to the amused laughs of the group.

”I thought mimes were suppose to be mute,” Winston shouted back and looked at Jessie with a half-smile.

”Now we’re even,” Jessie chided and started off without him.

The outer rings were obviously a warm up as the group moved down the final stretch of the hall, Winston and Jessie falling further and further behind. Their senses were bombarded at every step, as light flickered between blinding bright to complete darkness. Objects shrieked and bellowed and screamed from all angles and they flew into peoples’ paths. Soon everyone was shrieking at sporadic intervals. Jessie screamed as she felt was she was sure was a hand stroke her inner leg, but when she looked down, there was nothing there.

They were all beginning to sweat as they moved thankfully into a dimly lit, but empty hall that ended in an old elevator lift. Winston and Jessie’s hearts were pounded in their ears and they took a moment to settle against the wall and gather their nerves. Looking down, they were shocked to find their hands locked with each other and quickly disentangled them.

”Well,” Winston puffed. “That was something.”

”Yeah,” Jessie nodded, half smiling. “I should have brought a towel.”

Winston looked her over and quickly decided that in the dim light, she looked very sexy with a light sheen of sweat over her body, particularly her exposed flesh of her cleavage. He licked his lips lightly and stood back up. “Ready for the next floor?”

”There’s more?” Winston asked with a strange mixture of dread and excitement.

”This is only level one. The fun level is upstairs.” She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the lift. As someone slid the metal doors closed, the car lurched with a groan and slowly ascended. “This is the level where all the actors are. It’s a lot of fun.”

”Sure it is,” Winston murmured as slid she her hand back into his. Ten seemed to be the elevator’s limit, and the group was packed in tightly. She would never admit it, but Jessie liked the feel of Winston’s overheated, excited body so close to hers, and took a small step closer. It somehow added to the excitement to have Winston there to share this. Ted would have scorned and mocked everything the whole way through, even the truly scary sections. But Winston wanted to share it all. How different they were, Winston and Ted…

The lift jolted to a stop and the gate was eagerly pulled open. The room that they entered resembled the entrance, decorated in Victorian splendor. Faint music played, but it seemed distance, muffled and eerie in the otherwise dead silence of the area. The various couples looked briefly at one another before darting off in separate directions to explore the dark, gloomy place on their own. Standing alone, Jessie and Winston smiled to each other before tentatively heading forward.

Moving from one room to the next, they found it to be very much like an actual mansion. Sweeping hallways led into room after room. There was everything from bedchambers to ballrooms, dens to sitting rooms, all in a maze that they were quick to realize they were lost in. Even though it was pleasant in a way that made the hairs on the back of Winston’s neck stand up, he felt Jessie’s lean body press tighter to his. When she was looking the other way, he sneaked a peak down the top of her shirt. From the close vantage point, he had a good view of her firm, smooth tit flesh.

”I wonder where everyone is, Win?” Winston nearly jumped when she spoke, and he looked quickly to her face. She was still looking away, fortunately. He quietly chastised himself for nearly getting caught and shrugged. “And there’s suppose to be actors up here somewhere.” A sudden scream from down one of the halls caught their attention and Winston smiled.

”Guess they’re that way,” he said and guided her anxiously towards the scream. The upper floor was grandly decorated, and looked like a high budget movie set, but they were there for some chills not a tour. He was thankful for the diversion for more than just the fear of getting caught peeking. The lack of activity was making him nervous. He was expecting it to be teeming with actors all doing their best to elicit a scream with their antics. The emptiness was getting too disconcerting.

A figure burst through a doorway right in front of them and nearly fell into Winston’s arms. Jessie squealed and slapped a hand over her own mouth as Winston tried to push the man away. He felt something warm and wet when the man grabbed his forearm.

”Help,” he gurgled. “Help me!”

”What’s worng?” Jessie asked as she rushed forward in true concern. Winston smiled.

”Some maniac jumped us. We thought he was with the house, but he stabbed my wife. He killed her.” He suddenly shoved Winston out of the way and rushed past them down the hall. “Help. Help.”

”That was freaky,” Jessie said as she shivered.

”Kinda corny,” Winston shrugged. Looking down, he spotted the red stain on his arm. Holding it closer he wrinkled his nose.

”What is it?”

”Stage blood. I think.”

”You think?”

”I’ve never seen stage blood like this. And it’s usually cool, not warm.” He looked up and quickly smiled at Jessie when he saw her eyes widen. “Come on.” Taking her hand, they retraced the steps the man had come from.

They could hear it ahead, a gurgling mumble that they couldn’t quite define. Creeping forward, they peered into a bedroom and Winston slapped his hand over Jessie’s mouth when he heard her about to cry out. On the floor not fifteen feet away was the mangled body of a woman. Her body was twitching as she reached out toward the large figure that stood above. His back was to them, but they could tell he was a large man, and the knife that he held dripped a red liquid.

It looked so real, Winston thought as he watched, mesmerized. Blood bubbled and spilled out of the numerous gashes in her arms and torso, and flicked out of her mouth as she tried to speak, to perhaps plead for her life. As captivated as he was, Winston was not oblivious the supple, quivering body he held in his grasp.

Winston gasped loudly. He couldn’t stop himself. Watching helplessly, he stood frozen as the man bent over the women and, raising the knife in the air, plunged it deep into her chest. He watched it slice through her shirt and pierce into her flesh and bone. He saw the spurt of blood that followed the impact. From the sudden stiffening of Jessie’s body, he knew she saw it, too.

Jessie screamed into Winston’s hand. Even covered, the shriek was loud in the small room. The man whirled around at the sound and slowly stood up. His face was contorted, disfigured by scars caused by who knows what. But it was the eyes that turned the strange, morbid fascination into utter terror. They had never seen eyes so cold, so full of malice. They were inhuman, lifeless eyes that locked onto the couple with murderous intent.

”Jesus,” Winston murmured as he removed his hand from Jessie’s mouth, but it was muffled by Jessie’s scream as the man moved forward, bloody knife in hand. On instinct, Winston pushed Jessie behind him as they backed away. Winston thought briefly of the sword on his belt, but the plastic sabre did not even look real next to the long knife that flashed before him. With a quick lunge to his right, Winston grabbed the corner of a bookcase and toppled it in front of the maniac. Without looking back, he grabbed Jessie’s arm and forced her to run as fast as she could in her heeled shoes.

They could hear the man howl as he crashed over the fallen bookcase rush in pursuit. He was like an enraged animal as he smashed through the rooms and halls in pursuit. The couple stumbled through the halls and adjoining rooms as their hearts pounded in their eyes and ears. The maniac seemed only an arm’s length behind them, his foul breath in their backs. At any moment, they expected to feel the cold blade cutting deep. Pausing for only a moment, he appeared suddenly in front of them. Winston shoved Jessie away as the knife cut through his cape and nearly ripped it from his neck.

Winston did everything he could to keep them standing while he searched for somewhere to hide. He left a trail of debris behind them in an attempt to slow their pursuer down. Every moment, he seemed closer. How the hell did that thing get inside? his mind demanded. What the hell had he gotten himself into? Jessie was too terrified to think of looking behind her.

Jessie’s mind was a chaotic mess of jumbling thoughts and screaming terror as she staggered in her heels. She was at that moment beyond wondering or thinking. She was only vaguely aware of the tingling between her legs.

Rounding a corner, Winston flung Jessie into the first room they crossed and closed the door behind them. Dimly lit by the yellowish light that illuminated the entire area, they saw they were in a small study. The study had only a single chair and small desk, and an assortment of bookshelves; nothing to use as a weapon, and nothing to hide behind. Jessie clasped herself around Winston’s body as tight as she could and shivered. Winston swallowed hard, and tried his best to force his twitching cock to remember their predicament.

”Do you think that was real?” she finally whispered. She looked up into his face with brown, frightened eyes. Looking back, it was the best and worst reply Winston could have given.

”I-I don’t know.”

”I’m sorry, Win. I’m so sorry I brought you here.”

Jessie’s lips found Winston’s before he could respond and she kissed him hard. Winston’s eyes widened as he pushed her back. Looking into her eyes, there was more than just fear there; there was lust. Winston titled his head. She moved her head forward and kissed him again, and this time Winston did not pull away. His hat was knocked from his head as she ran her hands through his hair. When he felt her tongue brush his lips, his opened his mouth and accepted it inside. Their tongues fought with one another before Winston pushed his own into her mouth. He licked at her smooth, perfect lips, lips that had fascinated him for so long, and breathed in the taste of her mouth.

As they kissed hard, he couldn’t stop his hands. The pounding of her heart and the heat of her body was like a magnet, an invitation to do things that he had dreamed about since they first met. The fact that there could be a very real, very mortal threat stalking them outside the door somehow justified what they were about to do. Had he two seconds to stop and consider, Winston would have stopped everything right then, but instead his left hand moved down to Jessie’s ass, while his right moved between them to cup her left breast through her top.

Her ass was as firm as he imagined it would be, and he kneaded it gently over her skirt. The fingertips of his other hand flickered over the top of her small breast, and he could feel her nipple hardening in his palm.

Jessie’s hands were not idle. Moaning into Winston’s mouth, her hands roamed more of his body, moving from his firm ass, to his stomach and back and shoulders. Spinning them around, Winston pushed her back up against a bookcase. Breaking their kiss, he held her body below her breasts and pushed upwards until as much of her tits as possible were forced over her top. He lowered his head and kissed and bit and licked and her small, sexy cleavage. Jessie moaned and squeezed her legs together, feeling the wetness growing in her cunt.

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