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My name is Kat. I’m 53, blonde, and still in pretty good shape I think. 5’5″ tall, only 140 lbs. 36c/32/34, and work out on a pretty regular schedule. Overall I think I have maintained a healthy life style, and held up to the test of time.

I was about to have all of that put to the scrutiny of an old friend whom I had not seen in many years. We were roommates in grad school at Notre Dame together. Although we stayed in contact over the years it has been more than a few since we had spent time together.

Her husband had business in my area, so they were going to stop by for a visit while they were here. I was beyond excited. The last time we had all gotten together we had a great time out and about, but alas, it was a short visit. She was my first female sexual experience back in college. I did remember it fondly and converted to being Bi due to the pleasure I had enjoyed with her.

She called to let me know they had arrived in town, were looking for a hotel, and would meet with me later. I was happy and nervous all at the same time. She had called a second time to inform me that a hotel was hard to find since there was a convention in town.

I suggested they simply stay at my place since I had plenty of space with my daughter away at school. I gave her the address, and told her I’d meet them at the house in about 20 minutes.

I arrived home to find them waiting in my driveway. The hugs and well wishes were as if we had never been apart. We picked up as if no time had ever existed with us being apart. I had forgotten how beautiful she was. I short 5’1″ redhead, maybe still only 120 lbs with an amazing 34d/30/34 body that looked magnificent. Her husband by contrast was 6’3″ well over 200 lbs, and still as solid as he had been in his younger years.

We moved inside to get them settled into the guest room. Tony had to run and meet a client, without knowing how long he would be gone.

After he left we decided to have a glass of wine and catch up on how our lives had turned out. Before starting on a second glass we decided to change into our bikinis and relax in the hot tub as it had been a long drive for them. The wine flowed almost as well as the conversation. Time flew by as we chatted about everything under the sun. As it was with us no subject was off limits.

The second bottle being opened was the turning point in the evening. Our topic shifted to our sex lives, and how good topkapı escort or bad things had been throughout our lives. The wine and the heat of the water did have an effect on the both of us. As the sun was setting and a chill coming on we went back inside. Dropping the wine and glasses in the kitchen, we went into the laundry room to pull off our swimwear, and dry off. Robes were hanging on hooks for us to pull on once we had removed the wet clothing. Stealing glances at her amazing body sent shivers down my spine.

We retrieved the wine, and retired to the living room. Turning on the television while we continued to chat.

Sharing a few photographs of recent events proved to be interesting. While looking through her phone I stumbled on a photo of her and another woman in a compromising position. My shock must have been evident as she looked to see what I had reacted to. Her smile and laugh resonated within me. She flipped the photo the next few at a regular pace. Each photograph more revealing, and sexier than the last. The photo’s started my own thoughts to turn to sex. My nipples hardened, and I felt a longing between my legs as it had been a bit for my own needs being met.

It could have been predicted, but it still caught me off guard when she leaned over and slowly kissed me. The softness of her lips pressing into mine. The pressure of her mouth against mine the feelings running through my body in an instant. Returning the kiss was without hesitation, long, slow, and deep. Our tongues meet somewhere in the middle and explored each other in a lazy circle.

During the kiss my robe somehow became undone, and opened. Her hands cupping, and kneading my breasts. The nipples begging for more attention. Deepening the kiss, her hands and fingers fondled my breasts more. My desire was rising causing me to get a little moist. She broke the kiss, and her lips trailed down and over my neck. Her teeth leaving little nips as they went. Her tongue swirled around first one nipple, then the other. They screamed for direct attention.

It felt like it took forever for her to run her tongue over my nipples, sending my body into outer space. The softness of her tongue and lips on my nipples had them standing straight up for her. Licking and sucking them to full hardness, allowing my body to react in the way she liked. Licking and sucking each nipple in turn drove my desire to rise further.

The pressure fatih escort of her mouth sucking my nipples was sending me further into sensual wanting. About that time I felt her fingers slide between my legs and across my slit. The effect was electric. The wetness that occurred was right on time with her sinking them into me, pressing them in then wiggling them out. Her slow and easy rhythm was fantastic, raising my desire for an orgasm even higher. The moving of her fingers in and out, combined with the sucking of my nipples had me ready for more.

Pressing her fingers in deep and hard drove me to arch and fall over onto the sofa. My head propped up on the arm, as my legs splayed open. She didn’t miss a beat and her head went between my open legs swiftly. Her fingers deep inside me as her tongue circled my clit. Head back, eyes closed enjoying the feelings rushing through me. In, and out she moved her fingers in an easy manner, as she licked around my opening and clit. The television was loud, but my moans were louder.

I heard her moaning and opened my eyes to see her husband with his hand moving behind her. We locked eyes for a moment, and smiled at each other.

He stood up and started removing his clothes. I watched in awe as his muscled body came into view. The powerful chest was first, then, the legs as his pants came off. Her fingers pressing deep, and hard in and out of me. Her talented tongue hitting all the right spots. His body making me want more of him. As he removed his boxers, I stared in surprise.

He took a step closer and I realized I wasn’t seeing things. There before me was the biggest cock I’d ever seen. It had to be close to a foot long, and thick as a cucumber. I was captivated as her fingers and tongue teased me further and further. He placed one leg over me and settled with his huge cock inches from my face. I attempted to wrap my hand around it, but it was slightly bigger than I could manage. Stroking it as best I could, and bringing it to my mouth. Tasting it I found it hard to get into my mouth.

Her fingers moving in and out, her tongue flicking my clit had me on the edge. I started fitting his cock in my mouth a bit at a time. I never got more than half of it in. Between his cock, and her work on my pussy I was on the edge. When she sucked my clit, and plunged her fingers deep into my pussy, I exploded in orgasm.

I vaguely remember being picked up and carried, eyüp escort but the feel of the soft bed is what I awoke to. As I looked around I saw them engaged in a bit of fun. Her mouth was wrapped around his cock, and his fingers were pressing into her pussy. He saw me looking, and motioned me to help him.

I moved to between her legs, and smelled her excitement. It made me want to enjoy her more. Watching how she took care of his cock I would have to find out how she was able to take so much of it into her mouth. But for the task before me, I bent to take my first taste of her. Licking along her wet opening was heaven. I took to it with all the care she took to me. My fingers delving deeper into her moist wetness. Her clit open before me. Licking the flat of my tongue across her clit as my fingers drove in and out of her pussy. His cock matching my movement in her mouth.

Settling in between her legs to enjoy giving her what she had given me. Fingers driving in and out. Licking and sucking her clit. Focused on pleasing her as she had me. Her moans getting louder. In and out of her warm, wet pussy went my slender fingers. Curling across her G-spot on the way out. Teasing her slow, then fast over her clit. Her thrashing under me.

I heard in a clear voice “Fuck her good”

Focused on her pussy, I didn’t pay attention to him moving behind me. He lifted me onto my knees and lined himself up to my opening. I tried to focus on her pussy and the pleasure I was giving her, but it was hard to do so as I felt him start to slide that monster into me. Opening me wider than I thought possible. Feeling him sink in ever so slowly I grew to accommodate his size. It felt wonderful, but drove me to suck her clit harder. As he got into a nice easy pace of fucking me I was able to attack her wet pussy. As he drove his cock into my pussy, I drove my fingers into hers. Sucking and licking her clit as he pulled out.

Something driving into both of us, he into me, and I into her was forcing the both of us toward orgasms. In, and out motions were making the both us moan louder, and louder. Her orgasm hit first as my fingers and tongue worked her pussy to flood onto my face. His huge cock forced me forward onto her body. Laying slightly on top of her as he rammed home the final time to force me over the edge. Finally he pulled out and shot a giant load of cum over the pair of us.

She and I lay together on the bed, panting, and covered in sweat, and cum. He retired to the wash room and returned with warm wash clothes so we could clean up a bit, then to the kitchen for some cold water.

What an interesting first evening together.

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