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HotelPete was in the bar of the hotel where he was staying for a week. He was enjoying a drink when in she walked. She was young, pretty and had a great sexy body with big tits and a round ass. She went to the bar and ordered a glass of wine and turned to sit and Pete motioned for her to join him. She sat across from him where he could eye her big globes in the low cut dress. They talked for quite a while and he bought her two more glasses of wine. She was a little tipsy and he invited her to his room. On the elevator he grabbed her and kissed her and she swapped tongues with him and he then put his hand down the low cut front and grabbed a tit and rubbed it. She did not stop him so he raised her dress and soon had her thong off and in his pocket. He kissed her mouth and played with her tits as they rode the elevator to his floor. Then he pushed a finger into her cunt and was shocked at how tight she was. He sucked a tit as he finger fucked her and she coated his fingers with her warm cream. He knew the camera in the elevator was getting all their moves but he did not care. He only wished he could shove his throbbing cock in her and fuck her right there. When the elevator got to his floor he walked her to his room with his hand on her ass. He opened his door and they went inside and he put out the do not disturb sign and double locked the door. He instantly removed her dress and she was now naked. He shoved her against the wall and sucked her tits as he finger fucked her. The he removed his shirt and his pants and as he had her edirne escort against the wall he shoved his dick into her tight cunt and it took his breath away at the feel of her tight hole. He began fucking her hard and deep as he ravaged her tits with his hands and mouth. She had great firm tits with nice big hard nipples and he sucked each one as he cock fucked her tight wet cunt. When he filled her with his cream he then ran his hands over her ass and then pushed a finger into her asshole and finger fucked her. He carried her to the bed and laid her down with her legs spread wide and he started at her mouth and went down he body till he got to her cum filled cunt and he tongue fucked her more. He loved the taste of their mix of cream and he kept tonguing her making her cum hard and coat his tongue. He moved to her face with his dick and shoved it in her mouth and she began sucking him hard. As she sucked he rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples. She stopped a couple times and licked and sucked his balls then went back to his cock. When he finally filled her mouth with cum she swallowed every drop and licked him and then licked his balls. Then she began sucking his cock again and this time she shoved a finger in his asshole and finger fucked him as she sucked harder on his raging cock. She sucked and ass fucked him till she had three fingers in his ass fucking him as hard as she sucked. It took him a while but he was able to cum one more time. He then turned her over onto her stomach and ağrı escort began rubbing her ass. As he rubbed he would stop and give her a couple spanks then keep rubbing. He spread her cheeks wide and ran his finger around her asshole then shoved a finger in her and ass fucked her as he sucked her ass cheeks. Then he added two fingers to her cunt and as he sucked and licked her cheeks he finger fucked both holes till his fingers in her cunt were so wet and cum was leaking out of her. He spent the next two hours tongue kissing her and sucking her nipples and finger and tongue fucking her cunt and her ass. He liked sucking her nipples as he finger fucked her cunt and ass at the same time. He also liked tongue fucking her cunt and ass. He had a nipple in his mouth as he sucked and two fingers were rubbing her clit as she moaned and moved her hips wanting more. He then shoved two fingers in her cunt and fucked her as he played harder with her clit. She moaned as her hips went up and down helping him fuck her deeper. Her cunt was so tight and he loved fingering her. He took both of them naked out to the balcony. He was not worried about being seen as he was on the twenty fifth floor. He sat her on the table there and spread her legs and shoved his hard cock in her and as he fucked her out there he sucked on a big hard nipple. Then he stood her up and put her hands on the railing and bent her over just enough to get his cock back in her and fucked her as he played with her tits. He loved the idea of being ardahan escort naked and fucking her out there. He did not even care if any one could see them but he knew no one could. He stood her on a chair and spread her legs and began licking and tongue fucking her cunt. She was covering his face with her cream. He loved the taste of her and loved tongue fucking her wet cunt. They showered and put on robes and ordered room service. They ate in the nude and he sucked on her nipples and finger fucked her as he could not keep his hands off her sexy body. She would rub his cock and balls. They fucked for two more days in the room. They were both sore and her nipples were bright red but they could not keep their hands off each other. At one time he got his huge dick in her as and ass fucked her as she really moaned. When it was time for him to leave he asked her to come with him. He promised to give her any thing she wanted and she just needed to be ready to fuck any time he wanted her which was all the time. To convince her he laid her naked on the bed and spread her legs and finger fucked her as he tongue kissed her mouth then sucked her tits and then tongue fucked her cunt as he moved his fingers to her asshole. After that she did say she would go with him. He then cock fucked her ass as he finger fucked her cunt for almost an hour without stopping. Then he sucked the cum out of her cunt and tongue fucked her asshole. She paid the favor by sucking his balls and licking his asshole before she finger fucked his ass till he screamed. He knew once they got to his house the sex was going to be the best they ever could have. He was going to fuck her day and night every day and all week end. He was going to show her sexy body off to all his friends. He wanted them to have a look at who he got to fuck every night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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