Hotel TwinPod

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Big Tits

Allergy information: Contains piss and strong body odor. May contain politically incorrect sex.


“We have begun our descend towards Tokyo Narita airport. Please make sure that your hand-luggage is securely stowed, and …” I did not pay attention to the rest of the announcement, I have heard it so often. Instead, my mind returned to the hotel I had booked.

When the Japanese invented the capsule hotel in the Eighties, they became known world-wide as the new extreme thing a crowded country could come up with. Instead of rooms you sleep in capsules approximately one meter wide and high, and just barely long enough to accommodate a person. The capsule provides a comfortable bed, TV and a few other “luxuries”. They have become surprisingly popular among Japanese businessmen who need to spend a night in another city, but foreigners avoid them like the plague, and they never became popular outside Japan.

I have never stayed in a capsule hotel, and never considered it until I heard about TwinPod hotel during my last business trip to Tokyo. TwinPod hotel is different – it is more expensive, and the capsules are supposed to be very comfortable. But the main difference is that you are not alone in the capsule, you share it with a random other guest – a guest of the opposite sex. And you are naked, of course.

When I heard the rumor from my Japanese colleagues, I laughed. But the next day I checked it out on the internet. The concept is simple, you obviously come for the sex, and are matched with a random other guest. The randomness is part of the concept, you should stay away if you do not find it kinky. An athlete may be matched with a couch potato, an 18 year old boy with a crone in her nineties. But since the majority of the customers are ordinary looking people in their thirties or forties, such extreme matches are rare.

Obviously, they have to carefully maintain the gender balance, so while women can just sign up as customers, men are placed on a waiting list from which you are drawn at random and transferred to the approved customer list. They were very honest about the low chance of being drawn, around four percent per year; but on the other hand they practically guarantee a partner whenever an approved customer stay at the hotel. I signed up without much hesitation.

To my surprise I received an email six months later that I had been drawn for the active customer list. And soon after, my employer asked me to go on yet another business trip to Tokyo. I went ahead and booked the TwinPod hotel.

After landing and getting through customs in Tokyo airport, it was getting late, too late to eat at the hotel. I had a quick late dinner in a restaurant in the arrival hall, and took at taxi to the TwinPod, where I checked in.

“Welcome, mister Harris.” The middle-aged woman in the reception greeted me in English with only the faintest hint of a Japanese accent. “I can see that this is your first time here. I would like welcome you and inform you about the practicalities.”

She took me to a small office and told me about the hotel. Most was practical matters regarding showers etc. My fingerprint would open the capsule, and also the doors to the communal showers, the fitness center etc. Most she told me would not have been out of place in an ordinary hotel. But she also informed me about the etiquette. Rape is not an option, so any guest can refuse a partner. However, doing so means being removed from the approved guest list. I was of course supposed to treat my bed-mate kindly and with respect. And since gentlemen are gallant and every woman is a treasure, the woman has the last say regarding which way we lie in the capsule – with the important exception that the man may refuse a 69 position if the woman has her period. Thank God!

After the introduction I was shown to the locker room. “Please place your clothes and other belongings in the locker. The toothbrush and shaver goes in this cylinder, place it here when you are done. When you and your partner use the bathrooms upstairs the tubes will be send to the right bathroom. The shower is to your left. When you have showered, please go through that door, and wait. Your partner will be with you shortly.”

Soon after, I stood naked in a small room next to the showers. After a brief wait I heard a woman sing in the shower in Japanese. Then the door opened and a naked woman entered. She was perhaps a few years younger than me, with long black hair, small breasts and a nice bush. I smiled at her. “Hi, I am Michael, how are you?”.

She blushed, but looked me in the eyes as she answered. “Yukiko. No engliss”.

I looked at her, hesitating. How do you break the ice with a beautiful naked women when you have no common language? Fortunately, she knew what she wanted. She walked over to me, placed her arms around my neck, and began kissing me. She quickly began sticking her tongue into my mouth, while I rubbed her back and her ass. Then she took my hand, and we walked to the elevators.

I Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort called the elevator using the thumbprint reader. A screen lighted up in English and Japanese: “Welcome Yukiko and Michael. Your pod is number 17-27 on the 17th floor”. The ride to the 17th floor was long enough for a bit more kissing and fondling. When we reached the pod, she clearly wanted me to go in first, so I climbed in head first. The pod was one meter wide and one meter high, but at least three meters long. The bottom was a nice smooth bed, the sides were soft and with TV screens on each side. The ceiling was a mirror. I climbed in and laid on my back. Yukiko kissed my toes as she slowly climbed in, then my knees and my balls. She licked my dick briefly, before going further in. Then she kissed my belly, my chest and finally my mouth. Soon she was lying on top of me, we were kissing and fondling, and then my dick naturally found its way into her pussy. We fucked intensely, and I could feel the wetness as she came, squirting a bit.

She stayed for a while on top of me, while my dick got softer inside her. Eventually, we moved to our sides, and kissed again. After maybe half an hour of touching, my cock was hard again. This time I went on top, and we fucked long and hard before first she came, and then me. Then we fell asleep in each others arms.

During the night, I dreamt that I was having sex on a stage in front of a large audience. Just before I came I woke up, and realized that Yokiko was riding me. We came, and she fell asleep on top of me. I looked at the clock, it was 3:30. I decided to let her stay on top of me for a while, it was nice lying under a sleeping woman. I must have fallen asleep again quickly. Next morning, she was still sleeping soundly on top of me. I felt horny, and tried to fuck her carefully without waking her up. I failed, of course; she woke up long before she came.

We soon left the pod, and walked to the bathroom. As promised, our toothbrushes arrived through their tube system shortly after we had entered the bathroom. We brushed our teeth, peed, finally took a shower together. Then we took the elevator down to the ground floor, where we dressed in the same small cabin. We then walked out into the morning, not expecting to see each other again.

After a day of reasonably successful business meetings I returned to the hotel at dinner time. “Welcome back, Mr. Harris. Would you like to eat at the hotel restaurant?”

I answered affirmatively.

“Then please go to the changing room, I believe we already have a partner for you.”

I removed my clothes in the locker room, and walked into the waiting room. A tall, black woman was waiting for me. She was very tall and slim, perhaps only a few centimeters shorter than me. Her breasts were small but perfectly shaped, and her skin was very dark, almost completely black. Two beauties in a row, I certainly could not complain.

“Hi, I am Sarah.”

“Hi Sarah. I am Michael. Nice meeting you, you are surely beautiful.”

“Thank you. You are not bad yourself. Where are you from?”

I told her, and asked her if she lived here, it turned out her mother was American and her father from Tanzania, she lived in Washington.

I took her arm, and we went to the elevators. The restaurant was at the top floor.

“Two for dinner?” The waiter (very decently dressed) led us down a well-lighted curved corridor with tinted glass doors to the right. One of the doors was open, and revealed a booth with two comfortable benches and a glass table. She gave us the menus and closed the glass door. I looked at Sarah, and could not help looking at her crotch through the glass table. She saw where I was looking, smiled, and spread her legs. I did the same for her. A few minutes later, the waiter came back and took our orders.

While we waited for the dinner, we both enjoyed the view. We had a fabulous view over the Tokyo skyline by night through the large window, and an even better view of each others naked bodies. The glass door to the corridor acted as a one-way mirror, we could occasionally see people in walking back and forth, both employees (dressed) and other customers (naked).

We took our time eating a romantic, naked dinner. Then we went to the shower rooms and showered together. By then, we were both quite horny, and while working out naked in their fitness center might otherwise have been tempting, we decided to go early to bed.

“Have you ever eaten black pussy before?”

“No. But it sounds delicious.”

“Then climb in with your legs first!”

I did as she told me. Then she began climbing in head first. She made a point of letting her breasts slide over my face, then her belly, until she came to rest on top of me with her pussy on my face. I could feel her lips around my cock as I began licking her pussy. She was very horny, and soon her juices were flowing over my face.

I came first, and could feel her swallow my cum. Then she came, covering my face with even more juices. I continued eating her out, and she clearly enjoyed it. After perhaps half an hour, I had to stop.

“Mmm, that was good. Very good. Are you comfortable, Mike?”

“Oh yes. I have a wonderful pussy pressed onto my face. I could spend the night like this!”

“Good. You will.”

It was still too early to sleep, so we rested like this for another hour or two. Occasionally, one of us would start licking the other, usually ending with an orgasm. Eventually, Sarah began squirming a bit.

“Mike. I am afraid I need to use the bathroom.”

“Just open the door and go. Unless you feel like peeing in my mouth, of course.”

“Can I?”


She pressed her pussy against my mouth, and began peeing. At first it did not taste too bad, but very quickly the taste became almost overwhelming. I gagged, but manage to swallow almost all of it.

“I have never pissed in a mouth before. Did you like the taste?” she asked.

“Not really. That was more vile than I expected. But sexy, too.”

I began licking her, until she came again and the taste of her pussy juices replaced the taste of pee.

At some point we must have fallen asleep. My second night with a woman on top of me, and I enjoyed it at least as much as the first night. This time I slept through the entire night, but woke up in the morning when Sarah gave me a blowjob.

“That was a great way to sleep, my dear Sarah. But now I really need to pee.”

“I guess I will try drinking it.” She placed her mouth on my dick. I let go, but tried to slow down the flow so she could keep up. When I had finished she began peeing in my mouth. It tasted even worse than the night before, but somehow I managed to swallow it.

We got up and showered together. Then we dressed, and left the hotel. I burped, it tasted of pee and I felt slightly sick. But also exhilarated that I had done something this depraved.

After another day of meetings, I returned to the hotel. I stripped and waited perhaps ten minutes for a partner to arrive. When the door finally opened, the woman who opened it was fully dressed.

“Excuse me, sir, but would you mind giving a hand?”

I followed her into the other locker room. A second woman was waiting, a short japanese-looking young woman in an electric wheelchair. She smiled at me. “Hi, my name is Yuko. This is Tracy, she is my helper. Since we’ll be together tonight, I thought it would be nice if you could undress me. Would you mind?”

I told her I would be delighted. She sent Tracy out for the hotel’s manual wheelchair, as it can be used in the shower without being damaged. Then I carried her into the other chair, and Tracy left with the electric one. Only then did I think about the strange situation – I had been standing naked, discussing wheelchairs with two fully dressed women without any of us feeling conscious about the situation. This hotel does strange things to people.

I undressed Yuko, and tied straps around her wrists, so her arms would not drop into the wheels. She was completely paralyzed, except that she could move the fingers on her left hand slightly, just enough to control her normal chair. But now I was rolling her into the elevator, and up into the restaurant.

When we reached our table, I helped her into her bench, and collapsed the wheelchair. I took my seat opposite her, and we began chatting. Soon, I asked her how she had become paralyzed.

“I guess now I should claim that I broke my neck during some exciting bondage session. But no, nothing that exotic happened. Ten years ago, I had a kind of tumor in the brain stem, they had to remove it but that was impossible without severely damaging the motor nerves.”

“That was unfortunate.”

“It could have been a lot worse.” She smiled at me, “if I had broken my neck I would also have lost all feeling in my body. My tactile nerves are undamaged, so I can feel anything that happens to my body. Like sex, for example. So I come here occasionally, and enjoy it greatly.”

“Yeah, this place is fucking fantastic!”

We were interrupted by our waiter, who arrived with the food. I cut Yuko’s food for her, and tried to feed her while sitting on the other side of the table. That was not practical, so I moved to her side, and sat beside her.

“Why don’t you put me on your lap. That is more fun.”

I managed to get her up on my lap, with her legs dangling on either side of mine. She began sliding forward, to prevent that I ‘unfortunately’ had to place my hand in her crotch, and hold tight. (The words “grab ’em by the pussy” came to my mind, it bothered me slightly that I could not remember who had said it.) So with my left hand I fondled her pussy, and with the right hand I held the fork, giving us both something to eat. Between each bite, I would but down the fork and grope her breasts. Eating this way was slow, but we both enjoyed the dinner tremendously.

After dessert, I got her back in the wheelchair with some difficulty. She laughed at my clumsiness. We showered together – or rather, first I showered, then I rolled her into the shower and washed her all over, very thoroughly. In particular her pussy obviously needed a very good wash after being groped for hours.

It was surprisingly easy to carry her into the pod, and I climbed in beside her.

“And now for tonight’s main event. I am afraid you will have to do all the hard work.” We had already had several hours foreplay, so after only minimal kissing I spread her legs, moved in between them, and began fucking her. It was a strange way to fuck; her face a great smile, she would moan as I fucked her, but her body was completely still as if it was not responding to my movements at all. Suddenly she came, I could feel the contractions in her pussy, that sent me over the edge and I filled her up.

I laid down beside her, and we slept heavily all night.

Next morning, I returned to my position between her legs, and fucked her again. In spite of the strangeness of the situation, it felt great. This time she came slightly after me, but what an orgasm! Obviously the nerves to her pussy were undamaged.

We showered again, and I helped her back into her clothes. Her electric wheelchair was parked in the lobby; by now I had tried moving her around so often that I felt like a professional as I moved her into it. Tracy arrived half an hour later, and we went our separate ways.

My Japanese hosts had invited me out for dinner, so I returned rather late to the hotel. They greeted me in the reception, and told me a partner was already waiting for me. I showered quickly, and went meeting my new partner.

A huge, fat woman was sitting in the room as I came out from the shower. I would not have expected that a person that size could get up unassisted, but she rose to greet me without problems. Her thighs were as broad as my chest, her sagging breasts the size of my head!

“Hi! Mary. Nice to meet you!” She hugged me, and I pressed my body against her large, soft body. We kissed eagerly, then I stepped one step back and looked at her.

“Wow! You are big.” I smiled at her.

She looked quite upset. “Big? How dare you insinuate that I am big. I am not big!” Then she grinned. “I am positively HUGE! Six feet three, four hundred and twenty pound.”

“Wow. What is that in kilo?”

“Enough to crush you if I get on top. So we better not do that. Do you like oral sex?” She did not really wait for my answer before continuing, “Would you like to spend the night on top of me, in the 69 position?”

“Sure. You know the woman decides the position. But since you ask: yes, I would really love to do it like that.”

“Do you know what this is?” She held up a weird plastic ring with hooks on one side, and two straps attached. I had seen something similar watching porn on the internet, so I told her it was a gag to hold the mouth open.

“Exactly, my dear. It will prevent me from biting your cock in my sleep. When we are done fucking, I put this in my mouth and we go to sleep with your cock in my mouth.”

“Are you sure you really want to do that?”

She looked at me. “Please. I’ve wanted to try this ever since I read a story about something like this on the net. I want to have your dick in my mouth all night.”

“Okay,” I said, “but you should know that I had a lot of beer for dinner. I normally don’t need to pee during the night, but I’ll probably need to go to the bathroom, unless you want me to pee in your mouth.”

“That is exactly what I want. Come, let us find our pod.”

We took the elevator to the twelfth floor, and went to the bathroom together. Mary raised the toilet seat, and peed standing – I guess she was so big her pee would miss the bowl if she sat. She asked me not to pee, but to drink a lot of water instead.

Mary climbed into the pod head first, and turned onto her back. Then I climbed in feet first, it was not easy but I managed. I got into position on top of her, with my cock at her face. She took it into her mouth and began sucking. Her cunt was large, and very hairy, with hair going slightly down her legs as well. I began licking it, it tasted faintly of pee, but soon the taste changed as she became very wet. I came long before her, but she just continued licking my now flaccid cock. Finally she came, squirting onto my face. I then began licking the hair around her pussy, taking it into my mouth. She giggled.

“What are you doing?”

“Licking your pussy hair. There is a lot of it.”

“Yuck. You really like doing that?”

“It is wonderful”. I shut up and continued licking. Soon, all her pussy hair was wet, and she was moaning again. I returned my attention to her clit, and she came a second time.

“I guess it is time to sleep. I am tired now. I will put in the gag, and then you put your cock in my mouth and go sleep on top of me.”

“Are you sure I am not too heavy?”

She laughed. “I may not look like it, but I exercise regularly. You need strong muscles to carry my weight. Your puny weight will not bother me.”

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