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Subject: Hotel Hookup Afternoon If you have found this site as inspirational as I have in the spank bank department, please donate! And, I enjoy your feedback tremendously. This is 100% true btw. Hotel Hookup Afternoon I didn’t have anything particular planned that afternoon. But I was checking out the apps as usual, just to see what was going on. One message caught my interest… “Hosting in my hotel room. Ask me for my room number. Into blo-n-go, more if you want.” The accompanying picture was a nice enough looking cock, nothing more. And the location was less than a mile from my place, in what I call an “airport holding tank” hotel. So I sent him a message with one of my best dick pics, saying simply, “Want this?” The reply came back in a minute, “Sure thing!” The conversation then went, “Let me know when you’re free.” “If you want to come to me, I can suck you off right now.” “OK.” “C’mon over!” And with that I jumped into the car. I got there just before 3 in the afternoon. He texted me his room number. I put on my face mask (I may be a slut but I know how to behave in these strange times) and found his door and knocked gently. A nice looking tall guy in his 30’s answered the door. He was a escort ankara fellow ginger! Less red than me but still fair skinned and reddish blond hair — as I found out later, quite a bit of it, in all the right places. He told me he was from a nearby rural state and came to the city once a year — and that he had a girlfriend and was on the DL, but had an “eager mouth” for cock. The start was awkward — neither of us sure what was going to happen — but we both unzipped and that broke the ice. He cradled my junk and I caressed his, and the game was on. It didn’t take long before we were both naked. (I should say that in my profile on the app that connected us, my description is, “Let’s get naked and make each other cum. Cuddly bear here.”) He joked as we both stripped, “Let’s fully commit!” So then I laid back on the bed and he dived in. You would think he was at a holy altar the way he worshipped my cock — just the way I like it, soft and gentle and slow and unrelenting. He moaned over and over as he sucked me, licked my shaft and balls, and deeply nuzzled my red pubes. I was only too happy to provide satisfaction to his obvious need – it was more than clear that this was something he had been wanting and thinking sincan escort about for a very long time. His pleasure in servicing me was so intense it made me want to give him some of that back, so after a while I said to him “Let me suck you!” He said, “OK, but I don’t have much stamina.” I didn’t care, so we exchanged positions and I planted my face between his legs. I nuzzled his essence – licked the hair between his balls and his legs, tickled his balls with my beard, traced the line of his cock with my nose as my tongue followed, reached up to caress his hairy chest and tweak his nipples. I’ve often said I could spend all afternoon with my face in the right guy’s crotch — and he was definitely in that category. He was untrimmed as all men should be, sweet smelling, and his cock was the perfect size for me to get it all into my mouth at once without being too small. But he didn’t stay hard… I wondered if that was what he was saying about stamina. After a while we swiveled into a 69 and took some time enjoying the mutual contact — but it was clear what he really wanted was just to feast on me — so I let him. (I’ll be honest; my cock is only of average size, but thick, and sort of demetevler escort pretty; I’ve gotten many compliments, and it takes a good picture with my wiry red pubes.) He kept up his slow and tender sucking, giving me that sort of attention that keeps me on the edge without ever quite getting all the way to orgasm, which is a great place to be — but the longer I’m there, the more difficult it is to cross over to a real climax. I knew he wanted my cum, and I also knew at that point the only way to give it to him was to jerk it out myself. I reached down and he immediately took the head of my cock in his mouth as I stroked my spit-lubed shaft. It didn’t take long for me to shoot into his waiting mouth, and he moaned as I growled and shook and cried out, and he drank my cum. Suddenly he swallowed my cock whole and made me squirm — I get really sensitive just after, like a lot of guys – but that’s almost the best part (besides that moment when the dam breaks and the first burst of cum leaps out of my pulsing cock.) He noticed that maybe it was too much, and then tenderly sucked me on the ride down after what was a really intense orgasm. He then became all gentlemanly, and brought a warm wet towel for me to clean up — although since he swallowed it all there was nothing to clean! We dressed, thanked each other, and I was on my way. I never learned his name, neither did I give mine to him. But my cock will always remember his tender, eager mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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