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As she walked towards his hotel, she couldn’t help but be excited. Although they lived in the same city and had been friends with benefits for several years, they only ever had sex in each other’s place. But by sheer coincidence, they were both in another city at the same time – him for work and she to go to a musical – and they were about to hook up in the swanky hotel he was staying in.

Once she reached the hotel lobby, she tapped a text message to inform him that she had arrived. He emerged from the elevator a few minutes later and they smiled when they saw each other.

As there was another guest in the elevator, they kept their conversation to why they were in that city. As they reached the 37th floor, where his room was, she said she was impressed at how lovely the hotel was and that it was much better than the dive she was staying at.

Once they were inside his room, she made a beeline for the windows, to gasp at the lovely view of the city. He then spent a few minutes figuring out how to dim the lights in the room, and she giggled every time he managed to turn all the lights off.

Eventually, he figured it out, and began unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his beautiful, muscled chest. She took her shoes off then went up to him, burying her face in his chest and getting a lungful of his manly scent. She then tilted her head up to look at him, and they began kissing. Their arms went around each other as they pulled closer, and she ran her hands down his strong back.

He asked her to take her jeans off, and while she did, he took off his shirt. She sat on the bed as he stood in front of her and unzipped his pants, bringing out his cock. She leaned forward, took his cock in her hand, and guided it to her mouth.

She took all of him in her mouth, tracing her fingernails along his balls as she sucked. As he grew harder, he gave sighs of contentment, which encouraged her to continue to take as much of him as she could. He asked her to lick his bursa escort balls, and she complied, shoving her face into the space between his cock and balls, taking his balls in her mouth before sliding down to lick even further.

Once he was fully erect, he asked her to kneel in front of a chair. He then took his pants and underwear off and sat down, and she began to suck his cock again. She really enjoyed running her tongue up and down his eight inches, around the skin along the head, and across the slit. He stuck one hand into the front of her shirt to play with a hard nipple, twisting it gently and making her moan as he did. His other hand was on her ponytail, occasionally pulling on it to guide her pace.

After a few more minutes of oral sex, he asked her to get on her hands and knees on the bed, with her ass facing him. She asked if she needed to take her panties off, but he said no.

Once she was in position, he pulled down her panties and shoved a finger in her ass, stretching and preparing it. She was familiar with what he liked to do, and was soon relaxing, until he suddenly spanked an ass cheek. She squealed at the contact, then continued to squeal as he spanked her ass and thighs, hitting her at random spots. She soon felt herself giving in to the pleasure he was creating in her.

Although her face was buried in the bed, she sensed that he moved away for a little while, then heard some plastic crinkling. She thought she felt a bit of the cool lubricant in her ass crack, but then she soon felt something else altogether.

There was something hard in her pussy and she was certain it was not his cock.

She was surprised and tensed a little bit, but he made no move to remove whatever it was. She then reminded herself that he knew what he was doing, and that everything he did was for their mutual pleasure.

She relaxed again and began to enjoy the feel of what was in her pussy, as he moved it in and out of her. She peered underneath bursa escort bayan to get a glimpse at what it was, but couldn’t see it too clearly.

After a few more thrusts, he removed it and she sat up, somewhat disoriented. She still had no idea what it was, but was distracted from her wondering as she saw that he was putting on a condom. She peeled off her shirt and bra, and was about to lie down when he said he wanted her on her hands and knees again.

She obeyed him, and he held her hips as he entered her.

He started slowly, before pushing harder and deeper with each thrust. Every time she wriggled, he would firmly adjust her position, one arm around her waist, and the other hand playing with her nipples. She soon pushed herself back to meet his thrusts, clutching on the bedcovers and bracing herself, and he began driving himself balls deep, all the way, as she closed her eyes in pure pleasure and moaned as he moved in and out of her.

After several minutes of fucking her pussy hard, it was time for what he really enjoyed most. He disengaged and removed the condom, then asked her to lie down, on her left side, legs parted and bent, as if she was climbing stairs. She then felt the same hard object in her pussy, followed by his hard cock in her ass.

DP was a fairly new thing in their sexual repertoire, and she closed her eyes again and grabbed the pillow her head was resting on as he thrust deep and hard. He then asked if she enjoyed the feeling of being full, and when she managed to moan yes, he put his fingers in her mouth. As she sucked on his fingers while he fucked her ass and moved the object in her pussy, he asked her if she wanted two cocks inside her, or maybe even a gangbang.

How many men do you want, he asked. She looked at him and said she only wanted one man – him.

He then pulled out of her ass, then pulled the object out, before asking her to lie on her back.

Once she was on her back with her legs spread, escort bursa he bent her knees and positioned himself, before thrusting into her ass again. She squealed in delight and reached up to touch his muscular arms again. Touching his smooth skin added an extra dimension to her pleasure.

As he pushed into her, he would adjust her legs, occasionally trapping them so she couldn’t move – not that she wanted to – or lifting her up for better leverage. When she wasn’t touching him, she would hold her arms above the head, imagining her wrists were bound and being completely at his mercy.

She soon felt goosebumps, which indicated her orgasm was close. Her moans became higher in pitch and she closed her eyes, focussing on nothing but the pleasure he was giving her. Eventually she screamed, then shuddered, as if a wave came over her. He looked at her approvingly, still fucking her ass and making her start moaning all over again.

His breathing soon changed, signalling to her that his orgasm was forthcoming. She clung to his arms as he eventually reached his peak, grunting as he filled her ass with his cum.

They spent a few moments not moving and breathing heavily, before he disengaged and went to the bathroom. When he returned, she was sitting up and looking somewhat confused, still lost in a haze. He offered her water, and she gratefully guzzled practically half the bottle. He then commented that the object he had used was similar in thickness to his cock. Oh, is that what was inside me, she asked. What is it anyway?

It turned out to be an exercise bar.

Hm, creative, she thought. He lay down on the bed and she snuggled up to him. A few minutes later, she ran her nails down his back, something he really enjoyed.

When it was time for her to leave, she said that maybe she should’ve stayed with him that night. He said that if she did, she wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. You’re going to have to prove that to me one day, she teased.

He handed her the box of condoms and the lube in a bag, saying that this was her takeaway bag. She laughed as she left his hotel room, making her way back to her dive of a hotel, knowing that they would both sleep well that night.

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