Hotel Bargain Ch. 01

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It was late and the lounge nearly empty and I debated whether or not to order one more drink before returning to my room. The final minutes of a lopsided football game lit the television overhead. I pretended to watch. I ordered a last drink.

The only other guy at the bar ordered one more also. When the bartender returned with his beer, I was close enough to hear the man ask him, “Hey. Do you know where to call for a whore? I mean…an escort?” He asked without a hint of self-conscientiousness—like asking for a good restaurant. Only after the bartender rebuffed his question with a look of impatient disgust did the man give a hint of embarrassment. “Oh…I forgot this is a high class place. I’m sorry…I’m really fucking sorrrry.” He laughed—too loud— a little drunk. “My wife will be glad to know that I’m staying at such a wonderful establishment.” He laughed again. I laughed too. He was clearly feeling good. He caught me smiling which only encouraged him to laugh louder. The man took another drink and declared in the bartender’s direction, “It’s just that I’m so horny man.” And with a feigned look of despair he said, “Fuck. I’m so horny I’d let a fag suck me off.” Silence. And then a forced belly laugh that drew the attention of the only other remaining patrons sitting at a far away table. The bartender ignored him, continued cleaning, and then pushed through the door into the kitchen. He looked over at me, held his drink up in a toast-salute of victory, and slurred, “Ah, fuck him.” I lifted by drink in response.

It occurred to me in an instant. That is, what I was about to do occurred to me in an instant; but the desire that drove it had nagged and obsessed me for years. I watched him take a gulp of his beer now nearly gone. I surveyed this business man with his tie and shirt collar loosened, and recognized a character in the scenario that had fueled a fantasy of mine for years—an elusive figure that lived only as long as a session of jacking myself off—middle-aged, tall, with extra, but not excessive pounds that disguised the athlete he might have been in high school or college. Just a guy; a regular guy that drank beer and watched weekend football with friends and took his kids to sports practice during the week; a regular guy that fucked his wife a couple times a week, but felt no guilt after a happy-ending massage in some hotel room, only a sale call away from home.

He swallowed the last of the beer and before he could get his suit coat on I said “Hey guy…uh…hey let me ask you something.” I moved toward him with my drink…the drink that emboldened me to do what I had only play-acted in my fantasies.

“I…uh…I heard what you were asking the bartender. You really got him going. That was funny man.”

He smiled, “Yeah…that was funny. I didn’t think he’d get so bent outa shape about it. That was funny.”

I pressed on. “Let me ask you. Were you serious about the other stuff? Ah…you know… the faggot stuff?”

The smile left his face. I knew I was on touchy ground but pushed ahead. “Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a faggot.” I showed him my wedding ring. “I’m married…18 years…two kids…”

He stared back at me, stern and tense looking. “Yeah, so?”

“Well this is weird I know, but…I…I think I can help you out. I have this thing I’d like to do, and, uh I think we could help each other out.

“I’m not into any queer shit, man. I think you’re looking for somebody else.”

I interrupted to make my case, to appeal to the one weakness to which most men will surrender. “I’m not gay…I’m not queer. But I have this fantasy of…” I looked back over my shoulder to make sure no one was in ear shot and then I spoke softer but with urgent sincerity… “I have this fantasy of sucking a guy off. He doesn’t do anything to me…nothing…nothin’ but sit back, have a beer and enjoy some good head. I know it’s fucking weird but…”

The man cocked his head back and his eye brows pinched in disbelief. Was I maneuvering to catch him in a humiliating joke or entrap him in a sting? “I don’t think so dude.”

“Listen,” I said. “No strings attached”. I whispered now, “I come up to your room…get down on my knees…suck you off…and go. That’s it. Nothing else— I just want to suck and go back to my room.”

The pleading in my voice appeared to ease his doubt. His expression relaxed. I could see him weighing the possibilities. He detected the sincerity in my whispered proposition; the offer of submission righted his masculinity. He could use what I was offering.

After a moment he spoke; this time with more confidence and control in his voice. “I’m not into any gay shit. I wouldn’t do anything to you.”

“Yes,” I responded with restrained eagerness. casino şirketleri “That’s all I’m asking. That’s it. I understand…I do all the work.”

He was finding his footing now. “Listen to me…this is how it would work. You suck ’til I shoot and then you get the fuck out. If you do any queer shit like try to kiss me or finger me I’ll fuckin’ punch your face. You get it?”

“Yes,” I said emphatically. “That’s all. I get it.” He was taking control, and the realization that I was surrendering—as I had done so many times in dreams—sent a wave of heat through my legs and up into my chest. My cock stirred with anticipation and fear. I could feel my breaths shorten as the scenario took shape—my legs weakened as I watched my submission fill him with power. He straightened his stance, and his chest filled with full easy breaths as he assumed the role he knew was his. He was not much taller than me, but now he looked down on me with selfish superiority. He was used to intimidating men less assertive than himself, and I had just offered unconditional surrender—a cock sucker pleading to blow some stranger in a hotel room. I barely heard the last of his instructions as he took full possession of the deal I offered.

I waited for several minutes before reporting to the room number he had scribbled on a napkin. The elevator delivered me to his floor and I walked the long hallway of identical doors, silent except for the hum of an ice machine and the muffled laugh of late night TV. I heard nothing behind the door of 6-D. I stared at the door knob and heard my erratic breaths. I knocked quietly and looked back down the hall at the elevator as its doors closed. 6-D opened a few inches and I heard the businessman’s voice, “Come on.” I pushed the door open slowly and walked into the room’s dark narrow entryway. I saw the shirtless man standing near the foot of the bed, lit only by the flickering of a TV that I could not see. I closed the door behind me and took a few steps into the room toward the man. In the television light I could see his build—large upper arms, broad chest, and full but firm stomach. He sipped from a beer bottle in his large, thick-fingered hand. He stared at the television and first spoke to me without looking in my direction:

“Okay fucker—let’s go.” He tapped his belt buckle with the tip of the beer bottle and I knew what he wanted me to do. I moved to him and started to undo the buckle.

“Get down,” he said with a deadpan voice, and I complied, lowering myself onto my knees in front of him. I undid his belt and the clasp of his pants. My fingers fumbled as I found the zipper and pulled it jerkily downward. His pants peeled open and I could see the crisp white of his underwear. I felt his heat as I tugged his pants downward to the middle of his thighs, and now I could discern the outline and bulge of his cock. I heard him take another swig from the bottle and he belched before the bottle was back at his side.

“Okay bitch, here’s the deal. When you get that cock out, you got about two minutes to show me what you can do. I want to see you work on that fucking meat, and if you do it good, I’ll let you stick around and suck me off. If you don’t, I’m gonna kick your pervert ass out of here. Got it?”

“Yes Sir,” I said. He laughed and belched again. He tossed the empty bottle to the floor beside me.

“Yes SIR,” he barked, mocking my obedience. “That’s good bitch. You call me Sir, and I’ll call you cock sucker. How’s that sound, cock sucker?”

“Fine Sir.” His increasingly harsh manner thrilled and frightened me in equal measure. My cock was stiff, but my thighs ached and twitched with tension and fear.

“Fine Sir, what?” he demanded.

“Fine that I call you Sir and fine that you call me cocksucker, Sir.”

“That’s a good cocksucker” he grunted, and without more words he pulled the front of his underwear down. I barely saw his cock appear before his hand cupped the back of my head and pulled my face into his warm crotch. “Open up cocksucker! Let’s see what you can do.” His hand fed the fleshy club into my mouth and he pushed it in deep. “Suck!”

I sucked. I sucked his thickening cock without reservation, pulling deep breaths through my nose. I sucked to communicate my submission—exhilarated by his demeaning words, intoxicated by my loss of control.

“Mmm…yeah…suck it bitch…all the way down,” the stranger insisted, pushing my head down firmly now and holding his near stiff cock at the back of my throat until I coughed out around his shaft and heaved a gag. I heard him laugh a burst of breath through his nose. He slapped the back of my head and re-inserted the hard dick back into my mouth. I sucked and I sucked.

My audition lasted longer than casino firmaları a few minutes. I continued to work his stiff cock in and out of my mouth, cupping his full sack with one hand and intermittently pulling a stroke of his shaft with the other, just as I had watched video porn sluts do for their mammoth-cocked men. Whenever I felt the large hand on the back of my head I picked-up my pace and opened wider for more of his dick.

“Get me another beer cock sucker. They’re in the bathroom.” The man pulled his cock out of my mouth with these words and I knew I had passed my test—I would have more sucking to do.

It felt good to get up off my knees. I followed his order and pushed wide the crack of light coming from the bathroom door and saw two beers in an ice bucket beside the sink. The light was harsh compared to his darkened room and I was squinting as I caught my reflection in the mirror—a flushed and buzzed looking cocksucker staring back at me. My lips felt warm and looked red from the hundreds of passes of his cock. The dose of reality did not deter me from my fantasy-come-to-life. In fact, the cocksucker in the mirror knew I had no choice; I was in too deep to turn back and the demanding stranger in the hotel room was now waiting for his beer and his blowjob. I grabbed one of the beers, wiped off the wetness with a white hand towel, and unscrewed the cap. I pulled the door almost closed as I returned to the room.

Now I saw clearly the TV screen in the armoire-style cabinet. The man had moved to the easy chair beside the bed and was staring back toward the set where a short haired brunette was getting her face fucked by a long thick cock—saliva and stringy pre-cum rolled down her chin and dripped onto her tits. She had been at it awhile and her anonymous partner was holding her head, pinching her jaws open, coming in for the kill.

I walked over to my still anonymous boss and handed him his beer. His pants were off now, and his legs stretched out wide marking in a V the location where I should plant my knees, and I did. For the first time his cock was in full view to me and despite the fact that I had just been sucking it, I was embarrassed to think of him watching me as I surveyed the prize meat. I glanced up at him, but he was staring right past me, still focused on the video blowjob. I went back to work.

His cock had gone partially flaccid and the feel of it growing stiff in my mouth sent a renewed shiver of servitude through me. “Cocksucker” I thought. I was his cocksucker and only that. And, that was all I wanted to be for him—a warm mouth to stick his dick into. As he leisurely sipped his beer I sucked the bulky stranger eagerly, competing with the whore he watched on the screen.

Half a beer later, he acknowledged me once again, with a firm hand on the back of my head and orders to get his cock in deeper. “Come on cocksucker—get down there.” I responded with more eagerness in my suck and I took as much of the dick into my mouth and throat as I could. He slid up in the chair, resting his ass on the edge of the cushion and I bent even lower to keep the stiff meat fully in my mouth. He gulped the rest of the beer. “Get me that last beer cocksucker.” I stood and hurried toward the bathroom for his drink. I could still feel the alcohol in my legs and I stumbled a bit as I passed the end of the bed.

“What the fuck, bitch? Are you drunk you cocksucker?” He was standing up as I returned with the beer and as I handed it to him I said, “Yes Sir…a little.”

“Well, we better get you home cocksucker,” he said, and he took a long gurgling slug of the fresh drink. His dick stood out and upward, fully erect. He looked back at the TV screen where a different woman was working intently on a new, but equally large cock. He looked around, spotted the remote control and turned up the volume which had been barely audible until now. “Get down, right here, cocksucker,” he said, pointing to the floor in front of his feet. He stood with the back of his thighs against the desk, and when I took my position in front of him, I could still see the TV out the corner of my eye.

His dick looked even bigger as he stood. I took his cock in my hand, gave it a couple strokes and lowered my mouth over it once again.

“Put your hand down cocksucker. Just your mouth,” he instructed harshly. I lowered them to his thighs and his left hand smacked the back of my head. “You don’t need to touch me fucker! Put your fucking hands behind your back and suck.”

I put my hands and arms loosely behind my back, and the looming man took hold of my ears, one in each hand, pinching them between his thumbs and fingers. He held my head tight and still, and began to pump his fat meat into my face, fucking my güvenilir casino mouth with steady, forceful thrusts. The strokes went deeper and I began to drool. I gagged and he paused for a few seconds. I drooled uncontrollably now, the wetness smeared around my lips and over his entire cock He pushed the dick back in and resumed fucking. I felt a surge of fear for the first time since entering the room. I knew he was getting ready to finish with me.

The man let go of my ears, but I kept up my work, forcing my mouth down with-out the aid of my hands, intermittently going down deep enough to illicit a coughing gag. He liked this, and so did the man in the video. I could hear the video slut gag and slurp and then the demeaning encouragement of her stiff-dicked partner.

My boss did likewise. “Oh yeah…ah fuck yeah…suck it…that’s what you wanted bitch…you’re the one that wanted to suck that fucking cock. Right?”

“Yes Sir,” I gasped quickly and resumed sucking—furiously now. I could hear him chuckle, then moan. His hands wrapped the sides and back of my head now and he pumped his cock into my face with more intensity.

I caught a glimpse of the TV as I sucked. The small chested woman was getting her throat fucked, spittle and pre-cum everywhere—her mascara running down her cheeks in tracks of gag induced tears. I felt my superior’s cock stiffen even more and my saliva thickened in his pre-cum. I lifted my head from his cock and strings of his fluid ran from my mouth to his dick. I caught a breath and tried to clear my throat.

“Hey fucker! Don’t you stop now! This is what you fucking came up here to do and you’re gonna’ suck me off bitch. Get on this dick and don’t come up til you’re done.”

I did not resist. I did not want to. I wanted the same prize as he did. But, my work was becoming difficult now and I hoped he would not last much longer. My fantasy was melting in the reality of his cold determination and his warm, throat clotting strings of cum. I sucked him obediently. He fucked my mouth the way I had dreamed it for years.

The TV was loud now with moans of male ecstasy…halting, taught…then cries of release. The woman yelped and gulped as he jacked ropes of cum into her open mouth and across her face. The strangers cock in my mouth was close behind them, and he pulled it from my mouth long enough to stroke it to his practiced peak. He rested one hand on my head, not letting me away, and jacked with the other. I moaned with anticipation and shuttered in the long moment. He clenched his jaw and breathed short furious breaths through his teeth. He opened his closed eyes and looked down on me, flushed and in another world. He exhaled heavily, a rising moan from his chest.

“Oh yeah…oh fuck…,” he sighed. He was close now. “Oh yeah, here it is cock sucker.” And with that, he pulled my head back to him and pushed the pulsing cock back into my mouth. Both of his hands grasped my head tightly, covering most of my ears. I heard only the man’s muffled words as his cock stroked several times though my lips. He pumped fast, then held steady, then pumped again and the hard dick let go a pulse of warm cum into my mouth and I did not resist its path to my throat. I swallowed and sucked. His hands clamped harder around my head. I sucked and swallowed, sucked then swallowed. Then, suddenly, I could take no more into my throat and I gagged his cock out of my mouth and coughed out strings of cum and saliva into my hand. I caught a breath and he prodded me back to finish my work. I stroked his wet and cum covered dick with my hand, and he pushed it back into my mouth. I sucked and he oozed small aftershocks of cum into my mouth. I handled him now, sucking and swallowing in time with the last pumps of his dick.

He slowed and came to rest. His dick was softening but he did not pull it from my mouth. He held it there and looked down at me with contempt. Finally he withdrew the fleshy tool and let it dangle over me. He took it in his hands and smacked it on my wet face and forehead. I felt the stickiness with each smack. Thwack. Thwack. I waited for his next instruction.

He walked into the bathroom and stood at the toilet and let go a torrent of piss. I stood up and looked for something to wipe my face. I saw nothing and headed toward the bathroom for a towel. The man, still finishing his piss, looked up and said, “Get the fuck out of here. You’re done, get out of here.”

“I just want to wipe my face…I just need a ….”

He interrupted, “Get the fuck out of here! You got a towel in your room. Go back to your room cocksucker.”

The man milked the last drops of piss and didn’t look up again. I wiped my face with my hands and my hands onto my pants. I went to the door, opened it and looked down the hall toward the elevator. It was easily 3A.M.. I left the room and closed 6D behind me. I ducked into the stairwell and hurried down three flights of steps to my floor and made my way to my room without anyone’s notice.

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