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Tony was relaxed; Lee Ann’s living room, comfortable and just enough modern to be edgy. He had a whiskey in one hand and a breast in the other. LeeAnn was laying with her head in his lap, with her eyes closed. He was stroking the side of her heavy fullness, a connection between the two of them; as she slowly decompressed from her high tension work as a drug rep.

The stress of the second, unanticipated business trip in a week and a half, had dark circles under her eyes. Two, back to back trips to the West Coast, and the frantic customer calls that had to be managed as business connections took strong hits from competitors.

There was always an unsettled period at the end of the year, when last minute adjustments had to be made. This year seemed worse than usual.

Tony was picking up on extra tension from LeeAnn, and she had told him about a bold move by her boss. The paunchy, drunk with his own importance manager, had tried a grope, and inappropriate questions.

Between yawns, she told Tony that Marvin couldn’t take his eyes off her collar, and he was acting creepy. “I suppose someone told him what the collar stands for, he’s definitely way out of bounds the things he said and alluded to.”

“I don’t allow that Annie,” Tony went hard eyed. “Boss, or not, he will respect you. When do you have to go back to Seattle?” He took a sip of the whiskey and let the fiery liquid run down his throat. “I ‘m your protection, I take the job seriously. No one touches you without your permission.”

“Two weeks. There’s a new company coming on line and I have to be there for the startup.” LeeAnn yawned again. “Marvin is going also.” She reached for his hand, needing close contact.

“The minute you have the dates, let me know; I’m flying with you.” Tony didn’t say please, nor did he ask her permission. The collar gave him permission; that was a solid between them.

LeeAnn did open one sleepy eye to look at him, as he moved his hand from her breast and gently rubbed from her forehead down, to close the eye again. “I don’t have to like Marvin, but he is my boss. He’s due to retire in a year; and it can’t get here quick enough. He’s a poor manager.” She sighed hard.

Tony let his hand linger on the front of the collar. His fingers tracing around the outside circle that was as warm as her body temperature. “Are you sorry it’s on?” He asked with unusual indecision.

“Heavens no, I’ve gotten many, many complements on it. Two different ladies have asked me what jewelry store you bought it from. I told them I’d ask you.”

Tony smiled, “Annie, that’s a custom piece of jewelry made strictly for you. The cost alone will keep them from inquiring further. Just tell them, I wouldn’t tell you; because I’m not.” His decision was final, LeeAnn could tell by the inflection in his voice, but he smiled at her.

“I had an idea that it might be expensive, it’s exquisite workmanship. Are you sure you should have spent so much money on me?” She smiled at his nick name for her. Annie, it changed her.

“Positive,” Tony said with another decisive statement. “It’s a custom crafted piece for a custom crafted lady.” And his fingers lightly traced the outside circle of the collar, dipping lower with each half circle completed. To Tony, the collar was just as good or better than a ring. It represented a pact.

LeeAnn sighed in contentment. “You’re the only reason I can stand those West Coast trips. Coming home straightens out all the hard patches and kinks I have to keep together. Thank you for the compliment, I treasure it.” She smoothly reached up to pat his hand. “Tony, I have to sleep. I’m worn down. I almost feel drugged, I’m so tired.”

“Alright, turn out the light and let’s get you to sleep,” he helped her to sit up.

“You’re going to sleep here?” she asked with amazement. Previously, Tony wouldn’t stay at her place, he made all kinds of excuses. Now that Marvin was acting unprofessional, that changed the equation.

“Tomorrow, while you are at work, I’m going to do a security assessment here. If you are getting gut feelings about Marvin, then that is worth listening and paying attention to. Far too many people dismiss those ‘something’s wrong’ feeling to their own detriment.” Tony was acting casual, but LeeAnn’s furrowed brow and Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort the tightening of her lips, indicated perhaps she hadn’t told the whole truth about the incident with Marvin. Chances were, Marvin was a bigger threat than she, or Tony realized.

Tony always looked for the non- verbal clues that accompanied announcements such as LeeAnn just made. Sub-consciously, people always knew and understood more than they could or would verbalize.

Spooned together in the bed, Tony ran through a check list in his mind, as LeeAnn slept.

The first problem to solve; LeeAnn had no idea of the sex appeal she wore like a cloak around herself. Confidence and good self-esteem, as sexy worn by a woman, as it benefited a man. That competence, attracted those lacking in such skills, hoping to ride on her coat tails. Thus, the inappropriate and unjustified response from her boss; as the man realized LeeAnn was much better at his job, than he was.

Tony, the feral and half tamed man, was content to pull guard duty while his woman refreshed herself with necessary sleep. Basic security for the safety of LeeAnn’s life. She wore his collar, her problem’s, were his problems. He had no need for BDSM, changing the premise of his original thinking; he was simply a lover that protected his woman.

All during the night, Tony listened to the noise, traffic, and people that congested her apartment complex. The crush of humanity packed together in a sardine can building, the main reason he had resisted staying the night at her place. To Tony, crowds of people spelled danger with a capital D.

He also, didn’t ‘do’ a mass of people willingly; with happy results. Too many skirmishes, too many wars and too many near misses with insanely driven, religious zealots; littered the pages of his past life. He was a loner, accepting few people into his closely guarded, personal space.

She had chosen him, the off-chance encounter in a small bar; and he didn’t understand his motives in allowing her the freedom to approach him. When she spoke to him, her words were truthful, and he could feel, they were. Not many, and especially a women, braved his attitude.

“I’ve seen you here before, and I’d like to get to know you,” she had said, as she sat down at his table. Meeting his eyes with open honesty. The rest was history.

Those, that Tony was responsible for; either accepted his will and authority, or they left his influence. He and LeeAnn had battled in some minor skirmishes, until she learned to submit to what he needed to control. In Tony’s life, nothing was left to random chance. Nothing, or nobody, except Annie. She was an exception to his every rule. His dominance not unpleasant, but life was by his strict rules, and at times they chafed.

LeeAnn was aware that Tony hadn’t slept. Several times during the night, she had awakened, to feel the hard length of him behind her; a possessive arm thrown over her waist. There it was again. That oddly comforting knowledge; he provided to her safety.

He was a man; going about his business of being a man, and it was deeply thrilling and dangerously stimulating, to be let into the tight circle of his life.

The first time she had seen him, he walked by her and two girl-friends, as he went to the back booth in the small, quiet bar. Every nerve she had, had stood at attention and snapped out a salute to his dark and forbidding appearance. Her body and her mind, let her know….he was the one they wanted. She was hopelessly attracted to him, determined to know the formidable man. It hadn’t been easy, and in the end, she had gone with the honest and open approach.

He had looked her over like a meat inspector, raised an eyebrow, and growled, “sit down.” She already had. Her weak knees refusing to hold her up as she completed her bold move.

Interest coiled and recoiled in the pit of her stomach, the buzz of sexual energy stronger, the closer she got to him. The chemistry was right, the promise of shattering sex there in the way his lips curved in inquiry, and she was intoxicated with imagining what it would be like to be with him.

To Tony, the woman was scattering pheromone’s right and left, unconscious of her power and ability to attract any man that contained red blood. They had talked, and he left the bar with her name and number. “I’ll call you,” he had looked at her with cold eyes. LeeAnn astonished at her own bravery.

It had been three weeks before he called her. He had done his required investigation. Her habits, background, anything pertinent in her life before she had encountered him.; was minutely inspected. When he had finally made the call and they got acquainted, he was delighted to find her appetites matched his, to an astonishing degree. A woman worth investing time to be with. Tony had smiled his hard edged grin, the one supposed to denote satisfaction, that looked like a feral delight.

Tony was aware she wasn’t asleep, but for whatever reason; she was thinking on a problem. He would require her to share that situtation, individuals often held the key and solutions to their own problems; they simply didn’t realize it. Or were too untrained to follow their own instincts.

Introduced to the lifestyle of the dark and dangerous man, gave LeeAnn a freedom she didn’t understand she needed. Nothing about her job, social contacts, or leisure time changed beyond Tony joining her. Because he protected her, she took the classes he required. In his sphere, living life, carried many requirements.

Of all the training, he insisted on, it was the session with the trained in Tantric sex, Doctor; that had changed LeeAnn profoundly. The discipline and controlled movements of Yoga, carried over into the art of lovemaking.

It was a beginning embarrassment, as the woman watched closely as she and Tony made love in a fantastic setting. A garden of earthly delights, that elevated the experience with the sounds of running water, air with increased ions, and soft music that enhanced the experience.

LeeAnn learned that two of the greatest sexual arousal points are the mind and the skin. Give the mind freedom, and it will bring satisfaction to you both. Touch the skin, and the body will respond.

The Yoga that Tony obsessively practiced, had meaning to him beyond the choreography of the sex they shared. He used the strict discipline to keep PTSD symptoms under control. Many people were grateful, he had himself under control, never wanted him to lose it.

The only request he made of her, was that she wear the collar. It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker for either one of them, but the flare of raw lust, she could see ignite in his eyes whenever he touched the gold circlet, was enough for her to grant his wish.

Her collar held a power over Tony she didn’t understand, and perhaps someday he would tell her. Now, today in the faint light of morning, he took control.

His fingers traveled the length of her arm, light touches from the point of her shoulder, through the end of her longest finger. Three times, he trailed his touch, starting the nerves to dance and catch fire.

With his face, he pushed her arm forward to kiss the soft flesh at the side of her breast. Dipping his tongue into the body warm skin that cupped underneath; as breast met chest wall. It made Tony tremble. She had opened her arms to him, allowing him the freedom to touch anywhere, and he worshipped that gift; freely given and accepted in the same spirit.

He couldn’t explain what made the collar so important, only that he was driven to touch it every time they made love. That her nipple got in the way of his slow dance of kisses towards the collar, was simply a fact of female anatomy.

Tony kissed the begging prominence, and caused LeeAnn to stir against the deep coiled feelings from inside. Unconsciously, she arched her breasts toward him, offering herself to his touch.

“I missed you so much,” her husky promises were music to Tony. Judged by him as truthful words, by the inflection in her voice. As with her invitation to touch, her words allowing him, freedom to her mind.

“Let me turn over Tony. My arms are empty and I need to feel you.”

“No,” and he gathered her arms and stretched them above her head. The nipple he had kissed, was so close he only had to open his lips and tug lightly.

“Ohh,” soft sounds from her, made his dark eyes glitter. A man pleasuring his woman, liked to hear her encouragement. LeeAnn was very good at telling him, what she liked.

“Be still,” he commanded, “I’m touching you,” the mind game they played began in earnest.

LeeAnn was breathing hard, and he had just begun. She was so responsive, and he smiled as his tongue traced the under swell of her breast. “Ohhh” she absorbed the feeling. Affirming that she enjoyed.

LeeAnn closed her eyes and let the touches vibrate on her skin. She never knew where he might touch next, and having her eyes closed, heightened the experience.

Oh God, this time his tongue went past her ear and up into her hairline. She shivered.

“Be still,” the quiet command came as a puff of breath against her cheek. He bit her earlobe firmly and she writhed a little.

“Be still,” he warned again, his voice a little stronger. Teaching her obedience to his commands.

“I’m trying,” she whispered, as he trailed his fingers down the center length of her body and down the soft closed entrance to her warmth. His hand stopped, firmly pressing against where she wanted his exploring fingers to go. Her hips flexed up, seeking attention, as he increased the pressure, holding her still.

“I’m warning you,” that smooth and silky bass voice rumbled, and she could feel his chest next to her rib cage as he slowly breathed in and out. Tony had control of himself, and she didn’t.

She didn’t move, but her Kegel muscles were jumping in place, contracting like they anticipated an orgasm. Tony pressed down with more force.

Slowly, he started rocking pressure around the mound his hand was covering, and LeeAnn felt her heat go a notch higher. Tony flexed his fingers and rocked his hand, never touching delicate flesh, until he had nearly brought her to a climax. She was throbbing, and the deep moan slipped between her teeth.

“Silence,” he demanded, plunging his finger to rub the sensitive clit and in three strokes, LeeAnn went over the edge for the first time. Her legs pounding her heels in an up and down motion on the bed.

“Don’t stop,” she begged, “where is that heat coming from,” her feet twitched and Tony rubbed harder.

LeeAnn brought her legs up and pressed the soles of her feet on the mattress, thrusting her hips against the pressure of his hand and the rocking motion that threatened to erupt her once again.

“Oh, Ohhh,” her breathy cry told of frantic need to have the pressures and coiling emotion eased.

She couldn’t see Tony smile, but he was. This time, thumb and forefinger pinched her clit in a firm twist and pulled slightly. Again, and again the small movement was repeated and LeeAnn ricocheted with orgasm after orgasm. “Oh God, I’m dying,” she panted and Tony moved like a cat and opened her legs further to allow the size of him to hover, waiting for the pelvis thrust she would use to try and reach him.

When her thrust came, he answered with his own and buried himself in her, in one swift stroke.

“Ohhhh, Tony,” her cry shuddered with the force he used to drive himself deeper, and he powerfully thrust forward again.

LeeAnn flipped her head from side to side as she spasmed with the force of his body, driving hers toward another orgasm. This time she had to scream, she had no control.

LeeAnn thought she shattered apart, she couldn’t get enough air and she blacked out; while her body continued to twitch, and shake with the aftershocks. The final mind numbing orgasm, LeeAnn experienced, gave Tony permission to blast his seed with volcanic pressure. Wave after wave of man lava, spewing forth. A mature male in sexual prime; with a woman his equal.

She was so still, he thought he might have hurt her; then there was a deep intake of air and a ragged moan that freed the writhing emotion fading from her body.

“Give me my hands,” her demand had him smiling again, and he refused.

“Ladies that want something, should learn to say please,” he taunted.

In swift retribution, LeeAnn reached up and kissed under his jaw, in front of his eye, in the corner of his mouth, then the quick thrust of tongue in his ear. Tony shouted, and let her have her hands. She smiled.

Their bodies still sandwiched together, roughness on satin, scars on delicate flesh, lips hungry for the taste and feel of the other.

LeeAnn purred deep in her throat, no other expression fit the occasion.

“Annie?” Tony called her his pet name. “It’s your turn.”

Annie smiled with a self-satisfied smile, as feral as Tony ever wore.

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