Hot Tub Fun Machine

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Female Ejaculation

My good friend Amanda and I worked in the same department. She was a new hire straight out of school. She was older than the typical ‘just outta college’ crowd, just a hand full of years behind me in fact and she and I clicked immediately. I was the department fixture; my 20 year gold pen was in the mail next year. Accordingly, I got to babysit the newbies for their probationary period. Amanda was immediately different. She listened to what I had to say, and then took what she knew and what I’d taught her about our local policies and ran. Together we were more effective than we should have been, and so we were permanently assigned to work together.

Being together that much made us close, both of us being borderline dirty all the time, made it fun. Our work place is the last bastion of political incorrectness and so flirty banter isn’t so much the norm, it’s expected. Amanda and I got along so well, we scheduled a dinner thing one day with our families and the rest is history.

She and her husband Adam had recently bought a new house and now that they had the space, Amanda had finally worn Adam down, finally convincing him to let her buy a hot tub. Amanda had a special fondness for them, and frequently came over after work to use ours. She and I and she and my wife Libby had spent many an hour in our tub (often over a cold drink) chatting about the days events, or more usually, flirting and talking dirty. That had led to texting between her any Libby and myself and Amanda and an overall close relationship

My text chimed chirped and I checked my phone. It was Amanda. “Hey babe, Amanda wants to know what we’re doing Saturday.” Libby was in the shower. I walked to the master bathroom and took a good long look. I’d recently finished a bathroom reno and job one was to install a clear instead of glazed shower door. I loved me some naked showering woman viewing. The steaming water cascaded down her long brown hair and her large breasts and down her nice thick thighs and full butt. So delicious.

She looked at the bathroom door, knowing I’d be watching her. She kept her hands raised like she was washing her hair, mainly because she knew it showed of a sexy as hell profile and stuck her breasts out for me. “The kids are going to Camp after work Friday. I was thinking we could have some ‘us’ time, but we’ll have all week too. What’s she thinking?” She smiled at me and finally moved her arms, breaking the spell. She went back to work washing.

I replied to the message. Seconds after hitting send, it chimed again. “Adam is taking the kids to their aunts for spring break. He’s staying with them. She’s taking call for one of the other technicians for a few hours Saturday morning, but wants us to come over and hot tub Saturday night.”

“Oh, tell her alright. We can do a finger food and drinks night.” She was shaving her legs and momentarily I was distracted. Shaking my head, I got back to business and replied. The chime again. “She says, great.”

The hot tub was dropped into the raised deck. Way fancier than ours and about three times as big. I laughed. “Did you ask for the Costco model? It looks like we need life jackets.” I walked to the edge of the giant and looked in.

Amanda smiled and laughed too. “No Martin, this was just the one that was on sale.”

We made some small talk about maintenance and pricing, but eventually decided to get in. The spring air was crisp, but not as warm as our robes could handle. There was a decorative wall, similar to what we had around ours that had places to hook your robes and towels. Her new house didn’t have neighbors yet, but the wall would shield anyone in the tub for when they did.

I placed my drink near the tub and slipped off my robe, hanging it on a hook nearby. I was wearing black tight fitting boxer brief type shorts. I didn’t like how cold regular shorts got when you got out. Besides, my legs were the one great looking part of my body, so I didn’t mind showing them off.

The girls were chatting, strangely enough about chemicals and such. They decided on an additive that made the whole tub smell like lime coconut and poured a dollop in. I’d tried similar at my house, but this scent combination was very nice. I watched the show as the two women disrobed, still chatting absently. I, being a man, couldn’t even drink my drink, facing the prospect of two women whom I both found to be beautiful in very similar but different ways disrobed.

My hopes were dashed when they both revealed they were wearing one piece bathing suits. They were both wonderfully curvy, with very similar asses. Where Libby was shorter and voluptuous, Amanda was leggy and curvy. It was everything a man wants; in a two pack. I noticed they’d stopped talking, and looked to their faces. They were both smiling wide.

Amanda spoke first, “Are you really that distracted, Martin?”

“Actually, yeah. Please.. sit, get wet…” We all laughed.

We Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort drank and chatted. I noticed that everyone’s drinks were empty. “I’ll go grab some more drinks. Rum and coke ok?” The girls both said yes, and I hopped out of the tub. I dried off quickly and threw on my robe. In the kitchen, I mixed up a pitcher of rum and coke, using a bunch of rum and most of a two liter of coke (my personal favorite mixture is 2oz rum to 6oz coke, but I got as close to that proportion as I could). I got a second pitcher full of ice, and was back out to the tub in a flash.

When I opened the door to the deck, I could hear the girl’s laughter. It made me smile. I was happy that two of my favorite people got along this well. “Drinks, Ladies,” I said, smiling

I poured them ice and drinks, disrobed, and got back into the tub.

As the hot, bubbling water drew me in, Libby said, “We’ve decided to play truth or dare.”

I smiled at this, taking a drink. “Are we seventeen again?” They both smiled.

“We really are,” Amanda said. “We’re kid-less, drinking, and it’s a weekend. We may as well be.”

We all laughed at this. “Ok, I’m in. Who starts?” I said.

“Wait,” Libby said. “It’s honestly been forever since I’ve played. How’s it go?”

Amanda, someone who far too often has found herself drinking with people way younger than herself, laid down the rules. “I’ll ask you a question, you can answer it, or choose dare. You can’t go back and tell the truth to get out of the dare. Then the next person asks the next person and so on. Got it?”

Libby smiled. “Got it.”

“So, Libby, Have you ever smoked pot?” Amanda asked. We all broke out into laughter.

“Holy shit,” I said when I got control. “We are seventeen.”

Libby smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I had some roommates after high school who were pot heads.”

The questions went around for a while, our little group of friends totally willing to tell their secrets to the others. High school illegal activities ultimately turned to sex questions. Preferences were discussed, and activities related. After a few drinks, however, things got interesting.

“Libby, Do you want to kiss Amanda?” I asked.

Libby’s cheeks, already flushed from the rum, got redder. “Dare.”

I smiled, “Kiss Amanda.”

There was a little hesitation, on both sides, but not much. Libby scooted to sit next to Amanda on her side of the tub. They both broke out in nervous laughter. Libby brushed a piece of Amanda’s brown sugar colored hair from her face with her thumb. Their mouths met, nervously, and quickly. Their lips didn’t part, but didn’t immediately release either. Eyes closed they stayed like that for a long second, before they both moved a part, giggling like school girls. They looked at one another, then down to the water, then at me. If it hadn’t been so dark, they would have seen the effect that’d had in my tight shorts.

I spoke, quietly, finally breaking the silence, “That was beautiful.”

“Martin,” Libby said. “Do you want to kiss Amanda?” Her eyes pierced mine. There was lust there, and wonder, and more than a little nervousness.

My heart was racing. “Dare..”my suddenly dry mouth croaked.

Libby smiled a wicked smile. “Kiss Amanda… with tongue.”

I looked from one woman to the other. They were both smiling, Amanda nervously, Libby mischievously.

She held her hand out and pulled me to her. I knelt in front of her. I reached out and cupped her neck with my hand. I knew she liked this from some of our more revealing talks and worked my fingers into her hair softly. She closed her eyes in bliss. I moved in and placed my lips to hers. They were soft and tender. Our lips parted and tongues met, teased, played. Her hands started awkwardly, on my shoulders, and ended up in a wonderful embrace. I ended the kiss, placing a final peck onto her soft lips, and moved back to my side of the tub.

Amanda looked to Libby and smiled, then looked to me. “Martin, kiss Libby.”

I smiled at Libby and reached out for her. I pulled her to me and onto my right leg, sidesaddle. I cradled her head in my right hand and placed my left over her right breast. We kissed deep and long. Gently I massaged her breast as our tongues played the game of lovers. I reached out to Amanda and pulled her to us as well, a woman on each leg. I kissed her for a second and then she and Libby kissed.

My hands were on both sexy backs and migrated down to caress just the tops of their butts. I sat back and watched them kiss. It was sexy, scary, sensual and wonderful. I was hard as a nail and abruptly, Libby found me under the water. She ran her hand onto me and was soon joined by Amanda’s hand. They began to take turns kissing me and then each other, stroking me all the while. I moved my hands from their backs, to the top of their thighs, curving my fingers in, barely able to stroke them through their suits. Each woman let out a delicious moan when I found them.

Amanda was the one to break the magic. “Ok, stop, stop, stop…” she said leaning back. “I’m getting light headed. I think between the water and all this…”

Libby finished her sentence, “It’s too much. I need a break too.”

I was smiling like, well, a guy who’d just made out with his best friend and his wife… It was so fucking hot. Fantasy material for years. Both girls got out, and I took a second. They were both smiling and hugging and touching. It really was cool. They took their glasses and went into the house.

I stood, raging hard on straining against my shorts and cooled down in the brisk nighttime air. When I’d shrank from ‘achingly hard’ to a more manageable ‘looks good in tight shorts’ I grabbed the mostly empty pitchers and my drink and headed back in.

Their living room was an open concept space. It encompassed the dining room, living room, and kitchen. The living room had a massive sectional there in front of a huge flat screen.

“What the hell are you doing?” I was smiling, and so were the girls. The very naked girls lounging on the blanket covered sectional that they’d converted into an massive and admittedly impressive bed. Man, I needed one of those…

“We’re cooled down.” Libby said, taking a drink and putting the cup back onto the end table.

“And now we want to moisturize.” Amanda said, absently stroking Libby’s thigh. It was shiny where her hand touched. I noticed a bowl of what I could only guess was coconut oil sitting on the end table. Libby laid back onto the bed, and Amanda crawled up her body.

They don’t have a world record for disrobing and dropping your shorts, but I can say I’d be in the running.

She rubbed her oily hands together and placed them onto her friends skin. Libby jumped nervously at the touch and they both smiled. Amanda continued, and I joined on the bed. I reached over and got oil on my hands.

“Lets concentrate on Libby, first,” Amanda said in a low sexy voice.

I took Libby’s hands in mine, and raised them above her head, stretching them out. I knew this felt very exposing, but it was so sexy. “Isn’t she beautiful?” I asked Amanda. Amanda smiled and rubbed oil softly over her friends much larger breasts.

“So beautiful.” Her fingers worked in the soft skin and teased the wonderful nipples there. I worked my hands onto her arms for a second before joining Amanda at her breasts. Our hands overlapped, and took turns trying to get all her soft flesh into our hands. It was magical.

Leaving Amanda to her work up top, I switched to her feet. Gently I rubbed oil in where I could, kneading and caressing her skin. Amanda had noticed where I went, and moved to Libby’s hands and arms. Our four hands doing similar things to different parts of her body. She moaned and squirmed gently as we worked. I worked my way up her thighs and she immediately opened her legs unconsciously. I rubbed her whole mound, first, spreading oil. She could feel some run down her crease, and squirmed a little. I scooped a finger in, pretending to get it and ran it through her and back up, finding her button on both trips. She thrust her hips up, and her breath caught. The moan, however, was from Amanda. She was watching, eyes fixed on what I was doing. She was sitting off Libby’s left shoulder.

Gently, she leaned over and ran her left hand over the sparse amount of hair on Libby’s mound. I moved my hands to just caressing her thighs, while Amanda explored. She traced her folds, circled her button, and eventually, sunk a finger into her friend. Libby’s gasped and bucked her hips a little.

Amanda worked first one, then two fingers in and out a little before using her right hand to caress Libby’s breasts. My hands just roamed all over. Touching and caressing where I wanted. Amanda’s fingers curled up and found Libby’s g-spot, drawing a long low moan from Libby. I smiled and began circling her clit with a finger. Then without warning, I dropped my head to her and licked, greedily at her clit. Occasionally, I let my tongue find Amanda’s fingers. It was a strange sensation for both of us, but so fun and sexy. Suddenly, Amanda all but stopped moving and began to make some wonderful noises of her own. I stopped my work on Libby’s nearly orgasming clit and looked up to see Libby had sunk two fingers into Amanda and was pumping them in and out. Amanda was very wet, and between that and the oil from Amanda’s hand massage, Libby was having no trouble going deep into her friend.

“Sorry, still your turn,” I said, and began to lick her in earnest again. She must have stopped because I felt Amanda start up again, matching my tempo. Suddenly, Libby began to breath faster, and then was gripped by a very strong orgasm. “Oh… god…Unghhh…” Her orgasm took her breath away. We both kept up for a second, and then stopped. I looked up and Amanda’s face was a mask of sexy hunger and happiness. I smiled. “Your turn.”

She and Libby kissed again and embraced. Libby sat up, holding her friend down, playfully. I ran my hands over both women, a huge stupid smile on my face.

Gently, Libby took the lead, and ran her hands over Amanda’s body, sitting at her right side. I moved to the other side, and took in the view. Libby ran her hands methodically over Amanda who’s hands were still at her sides. I took her hands in mine and moved them above her head, like I did for Libby. I held them in one hand, firmly for a second and looked into her eyes. “Don’t move them. You’ve had your fun,” I said, smiling.

She smiled. “I can’t promise anything…Mmmm…” She moaned, as Libby found her nipples. Amanda rolled them around in her fingers and leaned down to suckle on one while she teased the other. “Kiss me,” she said.

“I was just..” I hesitated, unsure because of where my mouth had just been.

“I will too, soon…” she said in a sexy whisper.

I smiled and our mouths met softly. We kissed softly and passionately, then she moaned into my mouth. I could feel her hips move, and snuck a look down her body. Libby’s fingers had found their way to her soft folds, and playfully stroked and touched. Two from her right hand had found their way in again, and her left index traced her clit ever so softly. She worked her fingers in and out, just like she liked and was receiving the encouragement she was looking for through the moans and writhing. As Amanda and I continued to kiss, Libby leaned to her ear. “Don’t cum. Make me stop before you do. Trust me, It’s great.” I broke the kiss and looked at Libby, who kissed me deeply for a second. “And you. Keep kissing her, keep those breasts busy,” and then she moved back down the taller girl’s body.

We continued to kiss, and Libby resumed her work. All the sensations combined quickly for poor Amanda, and she hissed a “Ssstop,” through our kiss. We all paused, taking a few deep breaths. Libby smiled at me and I smiled back. She reached for me, and I moved to her. She kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear, “I’ll kiss her, you sit up and fuck her, you know what to do. Don’t let her stop, but don’t you cum…” She kissed me again, and I smiled.

I got between Amanda’s legs when they started kissing and worked a couple fingers into her and got her hips bucking. I lifted her knees up and moved in. I tapped the hot glans on her clit a couple times and positioned it at her opening. Her breath caught while they were kissing as she realized what I was doing, I could see her arms grip Libby’s back tightly when I teased it at the entrance. I stroked some oil onto my member and slid it in to the hilt in one motion. She moaned loudly. I pulled out and slid back in quickly. Then I began a slow rhythm, adding my thumb to her clit. I closed my eyes, so I wouldn’t be too stimulated by the sight of my wife making out with our… Girlfriend?

I could feel her tight walls as she neared orgasm. Every ridge and ripple in her was spectacular. Then, “Ssstop,” came from her mouth. A whispered “No,” came from Libby’s and I took that as my cue to start to fuck her in earnest. Long, hard, deep fucking. She let go with her orgasm, a long loud orgasm that left her writhing and moaning, impaled on my motionless dick, deep within her. Libby hugged her tightly as the sensation subsided. I was teetering on the edge, but didn’t go over. I was covered in sweat, and oil from two sexy women and happy as hell.

I moved down to lay next to my playmates. We all kissed and caressed, hands and arms everywhere. “Oh, you poor thing,” Libby said, her hand around my painfully hard dick. Amanda’s joined her, and they teasingly stroked me, their fingers sexily intertwining and they played. I just laid back and enjoyed it. Finally, Amanda whispered in Libby’s ear, and the other smiled. Libby then straddled my hips, and Amanda guided me into my own wife. It was sexy. Amanda got a couple pillows and put them behind Libby and Libby laid back, giving me a great show of myself going in and out of her. Then, Amanda moved, straddling my face with her thighs and lowered her moist pussy to my mouth. Hungrily, I tongued her, spending as much time as I could on her clit, my hands firmly on my wife’s thighs. I felt Amanda lean forward and then Libby’s breathing changed. That meant good things. Amanda had found her clit with her tongue, I was guessing and I could feel her from time to time on my shaft.

I fucked Libby harder, and moved one hand onto Amanda’s ass, still holding tightly onto Libby’s thigh. Suddenly, I could feel Libby orgasming before I could hear her. The sound of which made Amanda go, and I could feel her grind on my tongue even more. I came. Oh god did I cum… Loud and bucking and intense, spurting deep within my wife’s wonderful center for what felt like an hour.

We all came down at the same time, a sweaty, panting, oily mess.

Amanda finally stood, and grabbed one of the robes. “If you like the hot tub, you should see the shower…”

To be… continued?

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