Hot Time with the Exes

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Well, here we are again. I told my Wife and Ex Wives about submitting the story of how we all came together. Little did I know that confessing to them would bring about the most exquisite sexy time in my life.

The night I told my Wife Suzie about the story, it was her turn to be alone with me for the night. Sherry and Roxy had gone on to their beds and had drifted off to sleep. As I told Suzie about the story, she asked if she could read it as I related to her the content. So, I logged on to Literotica and found my submission. Within about a minute of reading, Suzie was rubbing her Pussy and was stroking my now rock solid cock.

For some reason she was unable to finish reading the story. I guess it was because I had slid down and was performing my best oral on her that I could. She began moaning and as I lapped and licked and sucked, her moans got louder and louder until a sleepy eyed Roxy staggered in to the bedroom. She saw that I was going down on Suzie for all I was worth and she playfully swatted my ass and said, “just wait til tomorrow big boy.”

Suzie who had not realized that Rox had come in to the bedroom, blurted out, “did you know he submitted a story to this place called about our arrangement?” With that Rox replied that she didn’t know and told Suzie to hold that thought for a minute. With that she darted out of the bedroom to wake up Sherry.

After a couple minutes the two ex wives came walking in completely nude. So, women being women, Suzie, squirmed just right to let me know that she wanted to change up. I raised my head up just in time to see the three women of my life sitting side by side so they could all read my story.

After about 2 minutes of reading, all three women were playing with each others cunts while I just sat idly by at the foot of the bed watching their expressions. After the women had finished the story, they were so turned on that they dove in to each others love boxes like there would be no tomorrow. This was the first time since that night that I had actually seen them together like that. I was surprised but oh my heck was I turned on watching them.

It wouldn’t be long before Roxy raised her head up saying to the other two that they were leaving me out and that it wasn’t fair. Before I could even think about moving, all three women pounced on me and within a few short seconds, one was sucking my cock, another was sitting on my face and the third was licking my shaft as the one rode up and down. I had no idea who was where but it didn’t matter to me one little bit.

After a few minutes of that, the women rotated and then again a few minutes later they rotated a third time. I think we all must have orgasm-ed two or three times each. But nothing compared to what Sherry did next. Rather it was what she said that took us totally by surprise.

After we had all basically collapsed from the mind blowing sex and orgasms, Sherry started giggling to herself which of course peaked all our interests. Suzie began pushing her a bit for an explanation. Finally after several awkward moments of silence watching Sherry giggle to herself, she spoke. She said that she had confided in her baby sister Florrie about our relationship. Florrie was 10 years her junior and was a bombshell in her own right. She was dark skinned with jet black hair and though she was a little plump, one could not call her fat by any stretch of the imagination. casino şirketleri She was a young teen when Sherry and I married and during the divorce, it looked to me like Florrie took it harder than anyone.

But now she was almost thirty and had remained unmarried all these years. She chose to devote herself to her profession first and when Mr Right would come along then she would switch gears and become a wife and mother if that’s what the cards held. When Sherry had finished telling us about confiding in her sister, we all kinda sat there in silence but you could tell each of us was in deep thought about that. Then Sherry asked if it would be OK for her to invite Florrie over sometime for dinner. Nothing else, just dinner.

Of course we all agreed that it would be great to get to know her and dinner sounded like a great idea. So for the next two weeks we all waited for Florrie to get her schedule worked out so that she could make the 5 hour trip to our home. Finally after what seemed like an eternity the day and evening came. I drove in to town to meet her so that I could guide her to our home since we lived so far back in the sticks that the sun would be up for two days before it broke daylight on our place.

I arrived about 10 minutes earlier than Florrie and was sitting in the mom and pop eatery having a quick bite while I waited. I finished my meal and had gone to the restroom when She walked in. I came out of the bathroom just in time to see the waitress directing her toward my table. My eyes must have about popped out of my head because walking toward my table was one heckuva beautiful woman. Her hair had grown down below her butt cheeks and was silky smooth and black as coal.

I slipped up behind her and grabbed her in a bear hug lifting her off her feet. She squealed like a high school girl and the instant her feet touched back down, she spun around and gave me a huge hug. I could not believe how beautiful she was. Not that she was ever not beautiful but I guess all the years of having not seen her, I was more than just a little surprised. She was still a little stocky but all her curves were exactly where they should be and her ass was tight and delectable looking. I invited her to sit with me for a few minutes while we got to know each other again.

Her skin was coppery and smooth as any model with those spray on tans but in Florrie’s case, it was totally natural with a hint of enhancement by the Sun. After a few minutes of basically idle chit chat, she broke in to this huge ear to ear grin and just blurted out, “So how is it, banging my sister and your other ex and current wife?” I about choked on the piece of pie I was in the process of swallowing. She grinned and said that she had to admit that when Sherry had told her about it, she at first was pissed off at me and then after thinking about it, she realized that if we still loved each other then why not.

With that we left the diner to make the half hour drive home. As we walked in to the living room, all three women who had been anxiously awaiting my return were all engaged in watching some made for TV movie and didn’t hear us arrive or come in. So Florrie, bursts through in to the living room and just stood in front of the TV until the few short seconds passed before Sherry realized her baby sister was here.

We all spent the next several hours just idly talking and getting casino firmaları to know one another. By that time it was crowding midnight and Florrie had started yawning. I commented to her that she looked beat and asked if she was ready for a bath or shower so she could turn in. She had this devilish grin come across her face and asked, “if I go to bed am I gonna hear you 4 fucking, bucking and sucking?” We all about passed out…

Sherry playfully punched her baby sister on the arm saying, well you just might, this day calls for a special sex session. Florrie blushed and yelled TMI and asked which way to the shower.

Sherry showed her the way and we all said our good nights and headed on to bed. Suzie and I to the Master Bedroom, Sherry and Roxy to their respective rooms. Florrie took almost an hour to shower and when she came out, all the lights were out except for Sherry’s room. Little did Florrie know but, with Sherry’s bedroom light on, Florrie’s naked form was easily seen. She hadn’t even bothered to put on a towel when she left the bathroom thinking I suppose that there was no need after having seen all the lights out. But, as she walked by the bedroom, I could see that she too was unshaven and the shower gel that she had used was tantalizing to put it mildly.

I whispered to Suzie that Florrie smelled good enough to eat. Suzie surprised me by saying, “we will see.” With that I rolled over and went sound asleep. The next morning, we all gathered around the table for breakfast and as fate would have it, Sherry who was the best cook out of everyone in the house, had made a feast fit for the kings.

After finishing our meal, we all got up to help clear the dishes and such and as I was gathering up the paper napkins for the trash, I brushed against Florrie who was bent over picking up crumbs that had spilled on to the floor as we were raking up the dishes. As I brushed her, I apologized giving her a soft hand on her back as I moved by. I swear I heard a moan escape her lips. As we were finishing up the chores, Sherry slyly asked me in front of Florrie if I liked the show as she came to bed last night. Florrie froze in her tracks and wanted to know what her big sister meant by that.

Sherry explained that with her bedroom light on, whomever was in the master bedroom could see everything moving up and down the hallway. Florrie blushed and finally after several minutes, said oh well what the hell…

That night as we were preparing for showers and bed and such, Florrie whispered something to Suzie and Sherry and they responded with a huge grin while nodding readily. Having three bathrooms with showers and tubs, we all went on our way to get all spruced up for bed. As I stepped in the shower, Sherry steps in as well and asked if she could wash my back for me tonight. I grunted in affirmative and turned around giving her access. As her hands rubbed the shower gel in to my skin she began kneading my muscles and gently started kissing my neck and shoulders as she rinsed the soap away. Needless to say, I was getting more than just a little turned on. Sherry reaches around my middle taking hold of my now rigid and throbbing Cock and says to me that she wants to feel it in her ass.

I turned her around and began playing with her dark brown delicious back passage. Once her sphincter muscle began relaxing, getting ready to accept my man missile, I told güvenilir casino her that I needed to grab the lube. But before I could open the shower door a hand reaches in with the super lube. As I reached to take it, Sherry stands upright saying, “surprise, Sis you want to take it from here?” As I stood there stunned, Florrie steps in to the shower and wiggles her tight ass and backs up against me. As she was pressing her ass in to my hard as iron cock, she said, please be gentle, it’s my first time.

I didn’t know what to do at first because Sherry was still in the shower with us. But she being the ever astute one saw my hesitation, she took the anal lube with numbing agent in to her hands and squirting a copious amount on to her fingers, she began rubbing in her sister ass. After a couple minutes she began fingering Florrie’s back door and within a few more minutes she was inserting three fingers knuckle deep and was beginning to pump her ass with her fingers.

Then without words, she turns Florrie’s ass to me and said, “Ok big boy, be gentle with my Sister.” I slowly began pressing my cockhead against Florrie’s dark passageway when she suddenly just thrust her ass back on my cock. She buried my cock all the way in her ass and let out a cry of pleasure. She instantly began cumming. I could feel her spasms just as plainly as if I was buried deep in her cunt. As she flooded her legs with her own juices, I began pumping her ass harder and harder. It wasn’t long until I felt my spunk building rapidly. So I paused a moment to tell her that I was about to cum and asked her if she wanted me to pull out. She quickly said no that she wanted to feel my jizz squirting deep in her ass. With that, I began to spew and spew I did. I don’t think I have ever cum so much at one time in my life.

She had cum oozing out of her asshole like a flood and she was shaking from her own mind blowing orgasm. Suddenly Sherry calls out to Roxy and Suzie to come look at what I had done with her Sister. Within about 4 seconds here we all were, 4 beautiful women and me with my cock still up Florrie’s ass with cum oozing out and down her legs. The next thing I knew, the other three women were leading Florrie out of the bathroom and in to the master bedroom where they gently laid her on her back while spreading her legs.

By the time I could get rinsed off and in to the bedroom all three women were taking turn licking my cum off Florrie’s legs and out of her ass crack. Seeing that, I was instantly hard again and as I walked toward the bed, Florrie looks up seeing my hard cock for the first time, began licking her lips while asking if it would be alright if she could get my cock up her pussy. Suzie spoke first saying, “Yes of course you can, after all it is his birthday tomorrow.”

By the time my birthday rolled around I had had some of the sloppiest, most cum filled heart pounding sex with 4 different women all of whom were going nowhere. Sherry asked how we would all feel if she asked Florrie to stay with us for a while. She wanted to share with her Sister something she felt was not only beautiful, but erotic, exotic and addictive. We all said that we would love to have Florrie stay with us. Then just as we were all hugging, kissing, fondling and stroking, Florrie said something that floored us all.

She asked if she could tell their mom about us…Mom is a beautiful woman in her own right. About 60 but with a body that most 25 year olds would kill for. She has always struck me as a very sensual and sexual woman. That’s been almost a month ago now and as I write this, final plans are being made for Mom to come visit with his…

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