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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story contains themes of bi-curiosity and same-sex sensuality. If you do not find such concepts enticing, scintillating or erotic, well then don’t read it. If you are interested, read on! And if you enjoy it please take a moment to rate it, even if you need to come back later, when you can think straight.


I crunched my way up the snowy paths by the light of the moon, going slowly when the trails took me through wells of tree shadowed darkness. Every now and then a chunk of icy snow found its way inside my leather hiking boot and melted against my bare foot, but I was so hot that I really didn’t mind. It wasn’t a windy night, but the occasional breeze would find its way up my bathrobe and tease me in places I’ve seldom been touched by icy breezes. I didn’t hike too much further before I looked around to see if I was alone, and hung my robe over the branch of a pine tree and stood naked beneath the light of the full moon.

It turns out that clothing is optional in the hot springs at the resort my wife booked me into. It also turns out that most people opt not to bathe clothed, or at least at night. I learned that in an awkward interaction at the first hot spring I stopped at; it’s a little weird to be the only one in a bathing suit. After that, I carried my clothes while hiking from one hot spring to the next in my bathrobe.

I felt almost guilty as I stood naked at the edge of the rock-lined pool, watching steam rise into the air where it disappeared against the dim outlines of the snow-covered evergreens. What an experience, hiking in my bathrobe and bathing naked in moonlight! I basked in the heady decadence of the situation. I had a couple of outdoor fantasies, and a couple of exhibitionistic fantasies, and I was feeling pretty…manly. My 6″ cut penis was hanging plump and full If anyone came by I would make a good impression. I wasn’t looking for anything sexual, I would never cheat on my wife, but a guy wants to look his best, right? Besides, no matter how sensual the experience may be, the resort makes it very clear that this is not a sexual experience. They make it so clear that it kinda makes me wonder if they have a problem with that sort of thing. Personally I wouldn’t be disturbed if a couple put on a show.

Ok, those are exactly the kind of things I shouldn’t be thinking while standing naked in a private resort, even if there is no one around. I took a step back to sit down on my towel, spread out on a wooden bench, letting the frigid winter air cool me down, in more ways than one. Pretty soon I was no longer worried about being indecent; in fact I was a bit worried that I had cooled off too much, if you know what I mean. The effects of being cold are not as flattering on a man as they are on a woman.

I looked around a little shyly to make sure I was alone, then stood up, slipped my hiking boots off and waded into the blissfully warm pool. The water only came up to my mid thigh, and I had to start sitting down before I felt the wet heat on my cock and balls…ahhhh. After the cold air, it was just barely short of being too hot. I sat back, relaxed and let the water carry away the stress.

It was a long drive across two states to get here, and the final stretch up the mountain on icy, twisty roads was nerve-wracking, but the stress from the drive had fallen away after the first pool. I had immediately decided to take a tour of every pool before returning to the empty bunk house where I had spread out my sleeping bag. There were 12 pools on 50 acres, and each one was a little different. This one was called “the lower tub” and was the second to last one on my tour. This late at night, in the middle of winter it was no surprise that the people at the first tub had been the only ones I had seen.

I sat for 10 minutes and was just thinking about sitting on the edge of the pool to cool off when I heard the sounds of someone crunching up the ice-crusted path. It was barely bright enough to watch as they approached and started to undress in the pale moonlight. I must admit I was watching out of the corner of my eye, and decided it must be a guy, because I thought I saw dangly shadows between silhouetted thighs. I didn’t look too closely, but as he came closer I couldn’t help it, and I not only peeked, but ended up staring.

It was huge, it looked like a heavy rope with a knot tied in the end of it and it wiggled and shook with each step. As he got closer still I could see more detail. It was covered with thick ropy veins, freckles, and was nestled in a trimmed patch of red hair. I’d never seen anything like it.

He got in the water slowly, feeling his way into the stone-lined hot spring, letting his feet acclimate to the heat. While he took his time I stared at his massive tool some more. I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to have such a big, strong, virile man?s-man of a cock. I imagined feeling it sway between my legs like that, imagined the look on girls Esenyurt Escort faces as they saw it for the first time, imagined even other guys staring in envy…

He stood next to me, looking for a place to sit, it looked like he was smiling at a private joke and I was immediately self-conscious.

With a start I realized I was fully erect and my modest 6 inches were proudly standing out of the water. I tried to hide myself, but even in the faint moonlight it was impossible, and I realized I had to get out of there. Quick.

I was humiliated as I stood up quickly, both hands hiding the wet and rigid form of my illicit erection, and lurched out of the pool. In my haste I stumbled and brushed against him, clearly feeling the length of his penis press against my hip. It was cool compared to my over-heated skin. It felt kinda rubbery…I could feel his coarse hairs against my hip, and his cockhead thumped against my leg…much lower down my leg.

I jumped out of the pool and into my loosely laced boots, wrapping my robe around me in a hurry. I held my wadded-up clothes in front of my throbbing erection and fumbled my way up the flagstone steps and into the woods.

I was rock hard beneath my robe, and every step seemed to pump more blood into my inflated cock. It throbbed and flexed with each step until I thought I was going to explode.

I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going and ended up at the furthest hot spring. It was out of the way, totally secluded, and had a cold spring right next to it. A cold dip sounded like just the thing, I dropped my towel and clothes and jumped out of my boots and into the white enameled tub which the coldspring was piped into. The water was comparatively icy, and I caught my breath as I sank in, hoping to derail my rampant lust engine in the icy water. I slid my hand down my belly and found my erection as hard as ever. Maybe harder than ever.

“This isn’t going to work,” I murmured to myself as I fanned currents of cold water against my shrinking testicles and turgid member. I grabbed myself in my fist and wondered idly if I was just freezing it like this, and would only end up with an ice-hard cocksicle for my efforts.

My cock is pretty average, a little thicker than most, maybe, but not as thick or as long as that guys was, and he was soft! I wondered how my cock would feel in my hand if I were hung like him….I loosened my hand, till my fingers were separated by an inch “like this, maybe”? I smacked my cock against my belly, the head striking myself just under my belly button. I bucked my hips a little, till my swollen cockhead nestled into my bellybutton. I slid my hand up my shaft, over my swollen head, measuring up my abdomen a few inches above my belly button “up to here maybe”? I could imagine the kind of confidence that having such a big, thick cock would engender. Just having that monster in my pants would be awesome. I could imagine the big bulge in my jeans, the surprised glances, the appraising looks. I could imagine the feeling of it stretched down my thigh when it was semi-hard, and all the people looking…and clearly wanting to touch it and see if it was real. And walking naked around the locker room, everyone trying not to stare….hell yeah…

“This really isn’t working,” I muttered again as I admitted that there was only one way to get rid of my problem. The cold water wasn’t enough to dispel the fantasies running through my mind…every exhibitionistic thought I’ve ever had about being naked in the woods, or bathing in the moonlight was magnified by the thought of having such an impressive cock. My fantasies and imagination haunted me as I tried to freeze away my inappropriate erection.

My erratic mind jumped next to my voyeuristic fantasies. Who knew I’d become so fascinated by someone else?s cock? I thought about sneaking back to the pool, crouching naked in the snowy woods as he splashed water over his body and serpentine cock. Ok, totally inappropriate, I know, but would his big cock float in the mineral water? Would he play with it, thinking he was all alone? Would it grow bigger, or just harder?

I suddenly wondered if he came here alone…maybe some insanely beautiful nymph had joined him already. If he came with a girl they probably had a private cabin, as opposed to staying in one of the dorms like me. I wondered if maybe they were a little exhibitionistic themselves, making love with a light on and a curtain open….. I couldn’t help imagining staring in that window, trying to get a close-up view of his giant ropy cock stretching nymphly nether lips till they thinned and paled, pulled so tight they barely had the elasticity to ripple as the contours of his veiny, bumpy shaft….

“Alright, time to go,” I muttered under my breath through chattering teeth, a hand wrapped around my now cold, but still rampant, cylinder of flesh. I put on my robe again, hiding the obvious outline of my hard-on Esenyurt Escort Bayan with my balled-up clothes, feeling like a teenager hiding behind my school books. I hiked my way back to the men’s dorm in the icy air, looking forward to a date with my massage oil.

I felt half frozen as I entered the dark dorm room and turned on my flashlight briefly, surveying the triple set of bunk beds, ascertaining that mine was indeed still the only sleeping bag laid out. After 11 at night there was a solid chance I had the dorm to myself. I tossed my clothes on the floor by my bed, threw my robe over the radiator to dry, and rummaged through my backpack for my bottle of almond oil.

Sitting naked on the edge of my lower bunk, I squirted some liquid almond-love against my palm and started trying to warm up my cold, aching erection. I rubbed oil along my shaft, letting it drip down until it tickled its way over my balls, while I rubbed the oil upwards and around the head of my cock. My hand was warmer than my shaft and it felt almost like it wasn’t even my own as it slid between my fingers and against my palm. I slid my hand down to my cold-tightened balls and coated them in oil while I fantasized that my cock was the huge ropy one I had seen at the pool. I stroked up my shaft imagining that I could feel the heavy thickness and the bumpy contour of swollen veins. I stroked downwards, all the way over the shrunken and tightened testicles when the door opened abruptly and the room glowed dimly with the reflected light of a flashlight, which abruptly clicked off.

I held my breath, silently lifting my legs onto my bunk to sit cross-legged on the edge of my bed as a big dim shape loomed nearer, footsteps clunking closer on the dry cedar floorboards. I could see a white terry-cloth robe falling open as he swung a pack onto the bed above me.

I sat mutely, hoping I was sufficiently shrouded in shadows to evade notice as I held my ever-thriving erection in my oily hand. I watched as the robe fell further open to reveal the very same big and rugged cock dangling mere inches from my face. It wiggled as he moved his pack around on the bunk above mine. It started to swing back and forth as he pulled things out of his pack, his bush was just about level with my chin, and his thick shaft hung down in front of heavy balls, just about even with the nipples of my lightly muscled chest.

I know I should have moved back, or covered up, but I was afraid of making any noise, and kind of hypnotized by the dancing of his trouser snake. I’ve never seen another penis this close up. Hell, I?ve never even seen my own penis this close up. As my eyes re-adjusted to the dark, I could make out every detail. The thick curly hair just inches from my face, the long thick tube of flesh roped with veins that coursed a sinuous trail to the flared mushroom head of his glans. I saw his pubes move with my breath and realized he had to feel my breath on his shaft and balls too.

My breathing got heavier at the thought, and I could see his hairs waving with each breath as my breathing sped up. I watched as his cock started to thicken and lengthen before my eyes. The veins filled up, his shaft swelled and started to lever towards my chest, until his thick mushroom cap bumped the tip of my sternum.

For the second time this evening his cock made contact with my body, but this time my flesh was cold, while his seemed searing hot. I could feel his rubbery head pulse against my chest as I watched his curly hairs move with my breath. He adjusted his bedding on the bunk above me and his spongy cock head jerked sideways along my chest, leaving a wet trail connecting the spot it had rested with the place it was now. Seeing it this close, feeling it against my body, made it easier to imagine that I was so well endowed.

I felt my own erection pulsing in my hand as he moved more, each time leaving a new trail on my chest as his cock hardened and worked its way up my chest, until it angled against my neck. I was practically panting as I felt his monster cock throbbing against my throat. I licked dry lips and inhaled his scent. His body moved back a little and a hand descended out of the darkness above to find my face, tracing the outline of my cheeks as I sat silently in acquiescence. A thick soft finger traced my moist lips, parting them as his other hand led his stiff, dripping snake closer…until it christened my lips with slippery precum. I felt a growing sense of surrealism as I realized another man was rubbing his precum-dripping, swollen and furnace-hot cockhead against my mouth.

A man was getting ready to shove his cock in my mouth and I was harder than ever, my balls shrunken with cold, but also tight with pre-orgasmic readiness. I was so turned on. I was breathing heavy and my cock was dripping pre-cum to the excited staccato of my heart.

I felt dizzy as I inhaled his scent and licked his lubricant off my lips. Escort Esenyurt My tongue brushed his cockhead and it was like an electric current connected. I moaned as I got my first taste of cock. I felt my own cock twitch and start to drip even more pre-cum down my shaft and over my lotioned hand in a mini-orgasm of cascading lube, like hot wax dripping down a cold candle.

I moaned against the very tip of him, my tongue delicately tracing the slit that oozed precum like the welling hot spring I had just visited. Gods it felt so big! I was pretty sure I couldn’t even open my mouth that wide. I sealed my lips against just the leading surface of his glans and sucked, getting half a mouthful of his sweet, slippery, clear stuff. It coated my mouth and tongue, and then my throat as I swallowed it and sucked harder, nursing on him and feeding off the wellspring of his intoxicating juices.

He groaned and bucked his hips a little, forcing the head into my mouth. My lips were covered in precum and spread around the beginning of his shaft as he shivered in my mouth and oozed more nectar for me to drink.

I had had no idea how difficult it was to swallow when your mouth was wedged open and stuffed full. I thrashed my tongue around, half gagging until I found the trick of it, then swallowed more and more….

I felt lust-drunk, inebriated on his heady fluid, dizzy as I inhaled his clean masculine scent. He started to buck in my mouth and the feel of his veiny shaft sliding over my lips had my own erection throbbing in sympathy as I vacuum sealed my lips and sucked harder on his huge cockhead and the first few inches of his mighty shaft.

He bumped against the back of my throat and I stared cross-eyed down the remaining slab of meat that wasn’t shoved in my mouth. I tried not to gag, but I couldn’t take it all–and put my lubed hand up to his shaft in self-defense, panicking just a little as he started to saw in and out of my stretched-open mouth.

I swallowed more precum and found that swallowing helped defeat my gag reflex. So I started swallowing convulsively. He moaned as my mouth and tongue and throat massaged and milked him with each swallowing contraction, his cock swelling with the suction and giving spasmodic twitches.

I started to stroke my hand up and down his long bumpy shaft, the almond oil and precum providing a sensual lubrication as I stroked him into my mouth.

I was so turned on, my cock twitching and throbbing with every twitch and throb of his larger cock. I felt….sexy, sitting naked in a dark dorm room, the smell of cedar around me as a stranger pushed his big cock deeper into my throat. This was so unlike me that it seemed like a dream, but I was so lust drunk that I didn’t care anymore. I held him tightly in my hand as he pushed forward, sliding through my oily grip and between my lips. I sucked harder, feeling yet more pre-cum seep into my mouth. Suddenly his pre-cum seemed precious to me, and I wanted to taste every last drop, as if it were an aphrodisiac, wanting to have it for my own, wanting to experience everything about his huge, manly tool, even wanting to make him cum, to feel it, to taste it.

He was moaning heavily now and I cupped his big heavy balls in my other hand. They felt leathery and satiny at the same time, writhing in my palm like a small animal as they started to draw up, tightening.

He put strong hands on either side of my face, soft warm skin pressing against my cold cheeks and ears, fingers in my hair as he pushed deeper and grunted as I swallowed on his cock and sucked harder and harder. I was panting through my nose, whimpering in lust as I sucked his cock, and let him try to push deeper down my throat.

His body tensed gradually, his stomach muscles tightening visibly, and I felt his testes tighten all the way up…his body stilled…he held his breath…I massaged his peri-area and milked his cock into my mouth as I actually felt his orgasm traveling like a wave through his body and his long fat shaft.

I swallowed rapidly as I felt him twitch and jet his cum into my mouth. His cock swelled until my mouth was wedged open as his cock pumped its first heavy splash in my mouth. His cock flexed again, I could feel it flexing in my hand and pulsing between my lips as a second wave of cum spurted in my mouth, even as I was still trying to swallow the first. A third wave pulsed inside my mouth, bathing my tongue in his cream seed as I sucked and swallowed hungrily.

As he came, I felt my own orgasm trigger and my untouched cock erupted right after his, leaving me weak and whimpering on his fat rod, as his cum dripped from my lips, and my own cum splashed on my belly and thighs. I moaned in orgasm, crying out around his cock as yet more of his cum dripped from my lips and onto my chest. I sealed my lips around his head and sucked, swallowing every last bit of his slippery stuff even as the last of my own cum leaked from my spent cock.

His fat, softening cock pulled out of my mouth with an audible plop, and he climbed efficiently up onto his bunk. I lay back on my bed, my fingers tracing circles in the puddles of cum on my belly and chest, rubbing it into my skin. His taste was still on my lips as I passed out.

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