Hot Nights at the Spur Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Gunner crosses the Rubicon and gets his Flyboy.

This chapter continues the sexual journey of Gunner. For background on him and the Broken Spur Saloon, probably best to go back to the beginning where he hooks up with Ashley. Chase (the hot fighter pilot) comes into the picture in Chapter 2 where Gunner gets his bi on during a three-way with him and Ashley.


I sat alone at the bar of the Spur nursing a beer and tequila shot and feeling a little sorry for myself. It’d been six weeks since my three-way with Ashley and Chase and it pretty much ended the way I had predicted it would. I hadn’t spoken to her since and I knew I wasn’t going to once she stopped responding to my text messages altogether.

I had done Ashley’s bidding and set up a three-way with my friend Chase, only to be kicked to the curb along with her promise of reciprocating with one of her hot friends. I didn’t care so much about that, but I was pretty well convinced that my friendship with Chase had become collateral damage since I hadn’t seen him at the gym or heard from him either.

The ménage à trois was without a doubt the most erotically-charged sexual experience of my life and that day was also a turning point for me. I’ve fantasized about him and replayed the events non-stop in my head since that day. It had started (innocently enough) with me testing the waters to see if Chase was interested in a three-way and quickly escalated to me taking pictures of his hard cock as I held it in my hand in the men’s room here at the Spur. It ended with me sucking his beautiful dick and wanting him in every other conceivable way.

I knew I was bisexual going into it, now I’m not so sure that this wasn’t some sort of transformation or awakening for me. And what is it about Chase that has me so enraptured? I’ve really never been that attracted to guys in a sexual way but when I saw his naked 5-feet and 8-inches of galvanized steel of a body and his outsized penis in the shower that day, something tripped my trigger.

Chase is not only beautiful, but he’s one cool customer and carries himself with the cocksure manner and swagger that comes with flying one of the most advanced fighter jets on the planet. I’m not sure if I was falling in love with him or just lusting for him but I had been masturbating nonstop just daydreaming about being with him again.

I didn’t have his phone number so it’s not like I could reach out to him. I’d been coming to the Spur every weekend on the off chance I might run into him here but had struck out, so I just figured that he and Ashley were probably seeing each other now and that was that. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Well I’ll be a sum-bitch,” the unmistakable voice behind me declared.

I turned in time to see Chase walking up with a big ol’ shit-eating grin on his face as he pulled his aviators off and wiped the sweat from his face.

“I was out for a ride and was hoping I might find you slummin’ here on a Saturday afternoon,” he said as I stood up and gave him a bro hug and back-slap.

“Man, it’s great to see you Chase.” I said, genuinely surprised and thrilled to see him again. “I was wondering if I’d ever see you again since you haven’t been to the gym and all.”

“Turns out there’s a reason for that,” he started explaining as he took a seat at the bar stool next to mine.

Just then the bartender came sauntering up to us.

“Well, well, well, if it ain’t the cocky fighter jock,” she said with a smile.

“It’s good to see you too,” Chase replied, his big toothy grin still plastered to his face.

“Where’ve you been hiding?”

“Well Ruthie, you see, it’s classified. If I told you I’d have to kill you,” Chase responded jokingly with a smug look on his face.

“Yeah, okay Mustang. What can I get you?”

Chase glanced over at me and said, “I’ll have whatever he’s having and bring another for my good buddy Gunner.”

Ruthie rolled her eyes. “Geez, don’t any of you guys have normal names? Two beers and two shots coming up.”

After she’d turned to get the drinks, Chase leaned towards me with his hand on my shoulder and said in a lowered tone, “She’s the bitch that shot me down that last time we were here.”

“Ah, got it,” I said remembering what he’d told me.

“So, as I was saying, the day after that little soiree with you and your hot little friend Ashley, I got orders to deploy to the big sand box and I just got back yesterday.”

I knew better than to ask him any details about whatever mission he had been sent on.

“Well, welcome back Mustang,” I said, emphasizing his call-sign.

“Awright, cut it out.” He snorted.

Ruthie came back and put the shots and beers down in front of us. Chase was about to slide his credit card across the bar before I stopped him.

“Cash only Mustang,” I reminded him, tossing a twenty I’d fished from my pocket onto the bar.

Ruthie reached to pick it up, saying, “Thanks, uh…,” before Chase cut her off.

“Ruthie, Picture upload this is Gunner…and that’s his real name,” he said, startling me by putting his hand on my knee and squeezing it, “Gunner, meet Ruthie…she’s Annie’s niece,” he said referring to the proprietor of the Spur.

“Nice to meet you Gunner,” Ruthie said, extending her hand towards mine to shake it. “I’ll just get your change,” she said, turning to the open cash drawer behind her.

“Keep it,” I told her.

She stopped and turned back to me flashing her pretty smile and was about to say something when Chase quickly raised his shot glass and interrupted her before she could speak.

“Cheers my friend!” he said raising his glass.

“Salud!” I replied, clinking my glass with his and then we both downed the shot of Patrón, the liquid warming my throat.

Ruthie just stood there smiling and shaking her head.

Grabbing his beer, his hand moved to the inside of my thigh stopping just short of my crotch, patting it as he rose up off his bar stool.

“C’mon, let’s go out back and enjoy the last of the sun.”

“I’ll come check on y’all in a bit,” Ruthie said as I glanced back and saw her eyes fixated on Chase’s firm ass as he sashayed towards the back patio.

“Dude, I think she wants you,” I said to him after we got outside.

“Yeah well, she had her chance,” he said taking a swig of beer.

We sat down in a couple of chairs at the far back of the otherwise empty patio to enjoy the late afternoon sun.

“Cheers again,” he said, extending his beer bottle to meet mine, “I missed you while I was out playing in the big sandbox.”

“Yeah? What’d you miss about me?” I asked, taking a bit of a chance.

“Well, I’ve missed seeing you at the gym…and you seeing me,” he said looking at me with an arched eyebrow. I didn’t miss the innuendo he’d just thrown out.

“Hmm, yeah? Well I’ve missed seeing you too,” I replied with a smile. “What else?”

“Truthfully? I keep thinking about that last night with you, me and Ashley. That was so amazing.”

“Mmm, I know…me too. So, what’s going on between you two?”

“Nada. She gave me her number before I left but I threw it away.” Chase said nonchalantly.

That surprised me. “Why’d you do that? I figured you two were probably fuck buddies now.”

“Oh, hell no. I had a lot of time to think about things while I was gone. Honestly, the best part about that night was my dick in your mouth,” he said, taking another drink of his beer.

I just sat there slack-jawed and dumbfounded as I stared at him, my cock stiffening in my jeans. I finally managed a wry smile.

“Which time?”

“Uh…all of them,” he said laughing.

“Mmm, yeah, that was pretty hot,” I admitted, thinking back on that night.

“But I have to confess, I was a little bit jealous when Ashley used her strap-on on you. I wanted so badly for that to be me.”

I unconsciously rubbed the growing lump in my pants when he said that.

“Is it just me or is this conversation having the same effect on you?” I asked.

It was then that Chase dropped his hand to his lap and began tracing the visible outline of his massive erection up and down through his jeans with his thumb and forefinger as he stared at me with a lewd look on his face. I reflexively licked my lips as I looked on with awe at the impression of his sheathed weapon.

Chase looked around and deciding it was safe, he undid the top couple of buttons of his 501’s and fished out the first few inches of his cock, the prominent head appearing like a German soldier poking his helmet out of his foxhole.

“You know, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten off and I’m horny as hell,” he stated matter-of-factly, squeezing the precum from the slit of his glans.

I quickly glanced around at the patio area. It was surrounded by some large old trees, a few with trunks that could easily hide someone behind them. Beyond the trees was a sand volleyball court and just past that was a barbed-wire fence that separated the Spur from the great beyond and then a whole lotta nothing. The only way anyone would see anything is if they walked right up on you.

“Follow me,” I said as I quickly jumped up and headed for the tree-line.

Chase was right behind me and when we ducked behind the biggest tree and kicked away a couple of tumbleweeds, he immediately grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me in for a deep embrace. It was intense as his tongue furiously probed my mouth and I responded in-kind as we passionately French-kissed one another.

We hadn’t kissed at all the night of the three-way but here he was making out with me like he might greet his lover after returning from war. As he forced his tongue deeper into my mouth the irony was not lost on me that maybe this is exactly what that was.

I was pressed between him and the rough bark of the tree trunk as my hands dropped to his firm butt images upload and I pulled him in tight until I could feel the tip of his hard cock poking me in the abdomen. He had unbuttoned his jeans all the way so I was able to easily slip my hands inside and cup his bare ass cheeks, pleased to discover he was going commando.

Chase released his lips from mine long enough to whisper in my ear. “Please Gunner, take me in your mouth. I know you want to.”

Damn right I wanted to as I spun him around so that he was up against the tree and I peeked around the tree one more time to make sure the coast was clear. Then I dropped to my knees pulling his jeans down as I went. His big fat prick was fully hard as I took it in my fist. I leaned in to take in his manly scent, the musky odor of sweat permeated around his balls from his motorcycle ride in the afternoon heat.

As I held his meaty cock up, I dove in with my tongue and began licking underneath his scrotum, tasting his tanginess. I gently sucked one of his balls in my mouth and lovingly bathed it with my warm saliva before taking the other in. I could feel Chase purr from deep in his chest as I licked and sucked his testicles, knowing they held his pent-up magic elixir and I was determined to drain him of every last drop.

Chase finally couldn’t take any more as he gently pushed me away from his balls. I was panting as I sat back on my haunches, the drool dripping off his sac and from the corners of my mouth as he took his shaft in his hand and guided the head towards my lips. I opened wide as he glided the dripping glans inside and it slid past the tip of my tongue, the spiciness of his precum coating my taste buds.

As I swirled my tongue around his cockhead and tasted him, my hand fondled his wet balls as I felt their fullness. His hands went to the sides of my head as he began to push more of his veiny shaft into my mouth. He started sliding it in and out of my mouth in short strokes, my lips never releasing the huge head as he started to fuck my face, his length probing deeper into my mouth in a press-to-test of my throat.

“Yeah, that’s it Gunner. Take that big ol’ dick,” he grunted as he tried pushing more of his dick into my gullet.

“Mmmmm…,” I moaned as his thick tube steak stretched my lips.

I wanted so much to take his entire shaft down to his soft pubes but I know that my ability isn’t quite there yet. But I still allowed him to fuck my mouth, my fist on the base of his shaft serving as the limit switch for my throat. His hips made a fluid bucking motion as his cock rocketed in and out of my mouth like a piston. As Chase thrust faster, I knew he was as eager for release as I was to taste his fluid.

His breathing picked up as his prick slid in and out of my mouth, pushing my saliva out of the corners of my mouth each time he pushed in, the drool now dripping onto my tee shirt and pant legs. I was a cock-sucking whore now, anxious to show this man what I could do with my mouth. I let go of his shaft and held his hips as Chase relentlessly pummeled my mouth and throat, his massive balls banging off my chin.

I finally felt his legs stiffen and he started to push my head off his dick but I was having none of that. My hands went to his firm ass cheeks and I held him in my mouth. Still his cock was only halfway in when he started erupting, filling my mouth with his hot, salty semen. I let his seed slide into my throat as I furiously gulped to keep up with the onslaught.

His dick kept spasming, each time sending a jet of his warm cum into my mouth, the goo sliding down my throat to my stomach. I was determined to take every last drop of him as I kept swallowing but Chase must have been saving it up for quite a while because his huge load quickly overwhelmed my inexperienced mouth and I started to gag on the sheer volume.

Needing air, I pulled off his cock and immediately regretted the move. With his dick gone, it created a vacuum in my mouth and I felt a large glob of his man yogurt slide over my lips. I tried to catch it with my hand but it was a little like watching a train wreck in slow-motion as it careened down the front of my black shirt, leaving an ominous trail until the bulk of it splattered on the front of my pants.

I looked down briefly, chagrined like a kid who’d just lost the second scoop off the top of his ice cream cone. I smiled as I took his penis back in my mouth and licked the last droplets of his sweet juice from the cockhead. When I looked up, Chase was looking down at me smiling.

“Man, I’ve missed those sweet lips of yours. I told you it’d been awhile.”

I stood up wiping my lips off with my hand and took one look at my shirt and pants.

Chase saw the carnage and laughed. “Damn Gunner, it looks like you got strafed by a giant pterodactyl!”

That made me laugh as I tried to scoop up and salvage some of the larger dollops of his semen. He buttoned up his pants as we turned and walked back to our chairs.

As we sat down, Ruthie suddenly appeared from inside the bar with more beers and shots.

“Here you go boys,” she smiled, putting the bottles and shot glasses on the table in front of us.

Then she looked at me and winked, “I thought you might need a double-shot to wash that down. I mean, that’s what I would want anyway.”

I think she must have seen the stunned look on both our faces.

“What? You think you’re the first ones to do that behind that big ol’ tree?” she said with a smile and a hint of incredulity in her voice as she nodded her head in the direction of the big oak.

As she turned to go back inside, she looked back at me and smirked. “I’ll bring you a bar towel to wipe off that bird shit.”

We both busted out laughing at that one.

Chase raised his shot glass to mine and we clinked them together again.

“Thanks Gunner. That was incredible.”

“I’ll say,” I replied as I slowly sipped the Reposado, the hints of citrus and honey from the barrel-aged tequila pairing nicely with Chase’s nectar. “The best things in life are meant to be savored,” I added, smiling back at him.

After a long pause in the late afternoon sun, I finally had to ask the question.

“Chase, what did you mean earlier when you said you felt a little jealous when Ashley used the strap-on on me?”

He looked at me pensively for a couple of seconds before answering.

“Well, I was incredibly turned on watching her fuck your tight little ass and I’ve been thinking about how good it would feel to be inside you like that…for me and for you.”

Just hearing him say the words sent shudders through my body and I thought I might cum in my jeans right then. “Um, I’m willing if you are.”

“Okay, then it’s settled. You’re coming back to my place with me,” Chase asserted.

Ruthie reappeared from inside the bar and walked up and tossed me a wet bar rag.

“And just so you guys know, I wasn’t spying on you. I came out to see if you were ready for another round and didn’t see you. When I heard some noises, I looked around and saw you behind the tree. Gotta say, it was pretty hot,” she acknowledged with a raised eyebrow.

Then she turned and headed back inside.

“Maybe future three-way material?” Chase suggested with a laugh.

“Hmm, you never know.”

The sun was setting, casting long shadows on the backside of the Spur as we finished off our beers.

“You want another one?” I asked Chase.

“Naw. What do you say we head over to my place? I picked up a couple of steaks and some beer this morning and we can fire up the grill.”

“Ah, so it sounds like you were planning on this little meet-up today it seems.”

“Like I said, I was hoping I might find you out here… c’mon, let’s pull chocks and head out,” he said, rising from his seat.

Chase stopped by the bar to pay the tab, suddenly remembering he had no cash. He looked at me and shrugged as I pulled another $20 out for Ruthie. When she came back with my change, she put it on the bar along with a piece of paper with what was obviously her phone number written down.

Sliding it across the bar to Chase she told him, “Okay Mustang, let’s just say that I’m now officially intrigued.”

He smiled and picked up the piece of paper and looked at it briefly. Shaking his head slightly, he just grinned and stuffed the paper into the front pocket of his jeans and turned and headed for the exit.

As we went outside, I couldn’t help but ask, “So what was that all about?”

“Well, apparently the last time we were here Annie had told Ruthie about my, um, particular set of skills with this,” he said as he grabbed his package for effect. “I asked her if she was intrigued enough to find out for herself. Well you know how that turned out for me.”

“So, you going to take her up on it?”

“Tell you what, how about you try it out first and if you’re satisfied then you can tell her all about it,” Chase said with a grin.

“Sounds like a deal!” I replied excitedly.

The trip to Chase’s place was only about a 20-minute trek back into town with me doing everything I could to stay up with him on his Ducati. Thankfully he made it quick since my erect cock and full balls were starting to feel painful.

As soon as we got inside the front door, Chase threw his keys on a table and turned and rammed his tongue into my mouth again. I felt his hands on my ass as he pulled me into him, our hard cocks rubbing through the denim layers as our tongues explored each other’s mouth.

When he broke the kiss, he looked into my eyes and said, “I think I’m going to enjoy tonight.”

He broke off the embrace and started towards the kitchen. “Beer?”

“You bet,” I answered as I walked into his living room.

“Make yourself at home,” he yelled from the other room.

As I looked around, Chase’s house was definitely a bachelor pad with the obligatory leather sofas and big screen TV. He had lots of Air Force memorabilia around: an I Love Me wall held his academy diploma, a bunch of photos of him and his flying machines, framed citations for medals he earned and other highlights from his career.

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