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There was just something about my girlfriends mom that I couldn’t put my finger on. If I was honest with myself I would say that I had secretly fancied her since the first time I met her and this feeling had only grown with time. Although her daughter was a great girl I had always had a long held fantasy about older women and wished that someday it could be fulfilled.

From day one her mom had been extremely kind and friendly towards me and as we got to know each other more and more this seemed to turn into some occasional mild and harmless flirting. I thought that initially I was maybe reading a bit too much into her gestures and that she was just being friendly, but more recently her flirting with me seems to have increased and I am sure that maybe she wants more. Her husband, my girlfriends dad, is a decent enough bloke but seems to spend a lot of time away and doesn’t pay her a lot of attention when he’s home so maybe there is something more that she wants.

Beverly is about 43 and looks fantastic for her age. She’s shorter than me, about 5′ 4″, just the right height, and has kept her figure in great shape. They say that if you want to know how your girlfriend will look in 20 years time then just take a look at her mom and if this is true I can count myself one lucky guy. She’s a brunette and has a 37C-26-36 figure which looks like it was built for sex. I know her size because I had a rummage through her washbasket one day in the utility room while she was out and was feeling her silky underwear, dreaming about what she could do to me. It made me so hard thinking about her that I had to go and give her daughter a good seeing to upstairs, thinking about her mom while I made love to her daughter, that really turned me on and we had such a hot session that afternoon. I only wished that it really could have been Beverly there with me instead.

She always seemed to dress really sexily when I was around. It was probably because I was so secretly attracted to her that it seemed like this but there was no denying that she always looked good whenever I came round. She always wore tight tops or blouses that would occasionally allow me a glimpse of her full, lovely breasts in her straining bras. And she seemed to love short skirts or tight pencil skirts which really showed off her great legs. She always wore nylons and high heels too, which I absolutely adore, but obviously couldn’t let her know that, and these just showed off her legs even more. I’d often got hard sitting in the same room as her secretly glimpsing her legs as she crossed and uncrossed them as we chatted and watched tv with my girlfriend on the settee next to me. I still couldn’t figure out whether she wore stockings or pantyhose though and this often teased me as I sat looking at her trying to figure it out.

Anyway, yesterday I realised that I’d left my wallet at my girlfriends after being there the night before. It was my day off and she was working but I knew her mum would be home, hopefully alone, so I called her and asked if it would be OK to come over and collect it. Beverly answered the phone sounding a little breathless and I asked her if everything was OK. When she heard my voice she sounded immediately seductive and said she was just in the middle of something but it would be fine to pop over and see her, collect my wallet and stay for a quick coffee as she was alone and it would be good to see me. I told her I’d be there in an hour or so, that should give her enough time to finish whatever she was doing. Secretly I couldn’t wait to see her too.

I thought about her all the way to her house and it was about one p.m. when I pulled onto her drive, hers being the only car there. “Hi John” she beamed as she answered the door to me, “come on in.” Having been used to seeing Beverly in her usual sexy outfits it was a change, but no less sexy, to see her in only her robe when she answered the door. “I’ll put some coffee on” she said as she turned and made her way to the kitchen and I watched her before saying I’d just go and collect my wallet from her daughters room upstairs.

She had such a great figure which I could make out beneath her cream silk robe as she walked away from me, the belt of the robe pulled snugly showed off her narrow waist and fine hips. Where her robe ended at her calves I noticed she was wearing fluffy mule slippers and nylons and thought she must have been getting ready to go out later. I thought about just what I could do to her and if only she knew the thoughts I was having about her. As she disappeared into the kitchen I headed for the stairs to collect my wallet.

On my way I passed the den and what caught my eye stopped me dead in my tracks. There, lying on the settee in the den, was a large pink ribbed vibrator, a string of love beads and a magazine which was laying open on the page of a well stacked mature woman being screwed senseless by a young, muscular, well hung stud. No wonder Beverly sounded flushed when I spoke to her on the phone earlier, the horny bitch must have been fucking herself with the vibrator while casino şirketleri flicking through the mag and dreaming of being fucked by a young well hung guy. Maybe, just maybe I hadn’t been reading too much into her flirting after all. It was obvious she liked younger men and maybe she did want me to screw her after all. I collected my wallet from upstairs and made my way excitedly back down to the kitchen wondering if today could be my lucky day.

Beverly had her back to me and was just pouring the coffee when I walked into the kitchen. “Sit down John” she said directing me towards the kitchen table. I looked her up and down, admiring her body, thinking about what I had just seen in the den, already I could feel a stirring in my jeans. “It’s good of you to stay and keep me company for a while, it sometimes gets quite lonely here on my own during the day.”

“No problem Beverly, it’s my pleasure, honestly.”

“How very good of you to say, my daughter’s a very lucky girl to have a guy like you.”

“Thanks, and she’s lucky to have a mum like you too Beverly.” She smiled as she turned and brought over the coffee and some cups.

As Beverly bent over beside me to pour my coffee her robe fell open slightly and I caught a glimpse of her rounded naked breast under her robe, my cock lurching as I stole a glimpse. She appeared not to notice and I wondered if she really hadn’t noticed or if she was doing it on purpose to tease me.

“Did you find your wallet?” she asked me.

“Yes, it must have fallen out of my jeans this morning when I put them on.”

“Ah, I see. So what are you doing for the rest of the day?” she asked.

“Nothing much really.” It was true I didn’t have anything planned, at least nothing which didn’t involve her.

“Would you like to stay for a while and keep me company?”

“Yeah, sure, that would be great. If you’ve got nothing planned of course.” I remembered thinking she may have been getting ready to go out when I called but it dawned on me she must have been playing with herself instead. Maybe she’d been thinking about me coming round.

“Wonderful, and no I haven’t got anything on today!” She stared at me and smiled wickedly as she said it,

“we have the whole day to do as we please.” There was definite suggestion in her voice.

We chatted and laughed with each other for a while over our coffee’s and all the time I just thought of how much I would like to fuck her. The way she looked at me and the way her fingers traced shapes around her cup just got me so hot for her. She poured us another coffee and said “Let’s go through to the den.” My heart leapt as she said it and I followed her swaying hips from the kitchen through the hall and into the den.

As I stepped in behind her she gasped as she spotted the objects laying on the settee and hurriedly tried to hide them away under a pillow. But she knew it was too late for me not to have seen them and appeared embarrassed by the situation. “I’m sorry” she said blushing as we sat down together on the settee where a few moments ago her toys and magazine had lay. “Sometimes I…”.

I stopped her. “It’s OK, you don’t need to explain”

“You won’t tell anyone will you John? It’s just…. you see… my husband… he wouldn’t understand”

“Of course I won’t tell anyone Beverly, I wouldn’t dream of it, I understand.”

“Oh John you’re so good” she said, and as she did so she reached out her hand and rested it on my leg. We looked deeply at each other for what seemed like an age and then, unable to stand the sexual tension any longer, I leant forward and kissed her.

We both knew immediately it was what we had both wanted for so long. The passionate kiss we started with soon turned into a hungry embrace, our lips and tongues meshed together by the sheer passion that had finally overtaken us both. I immediately felt my dick begin to grow stiff inside my jeans and it quickly became rigid as I felt Beverly’s hand move higher and begin to feel the throbbing bulge through the denim. “Oh god Beverly” I gasped, “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.”

“Oh John me too, but I’ve never had the nerve to take it this far with you, I couldn’t be sure how you would respond.”

“I’ve wanted you since I first saw you Beverly, you are beautiful. I know this is wrong but I can’t help it, I just want you so much.”

“Oh John, please make love to me” she pleaded.

We lay back on the sofa together and again our mouths met in a desperate embrace. I had never wanted anybody as much as I wanted her right then. Her hands began to unzip my jeans and I groaned as I felt her reach inside my shorts and grasp my straining cock. “Oh John, it’s beautiful” she whispered. My hand crept inside her robe and I began to fondle her lovely breast, feeling the soft flesh and her nipple stiffening as I rolled it gently between my fingers. I did the same to her other breast as she pulled gently but firmly on my dick and I could see her nipples visibly protruding through the silk of the robe. She stopped and lay back casino firmaları into the settee, removing her hands from inside my shorts. I stood to take off my jeans, looking at her as they slid down my legs. I now stood before her, my cock visibly bulging through my shorts. Then slowly, I peeled those down too, exposing my manhood to her.

She gasped when she saw my fully erect cock naked for the first time. “My god John, what a gorgeous body and cock you have” she said to me as I took of my shirt and stood naked before her. Her hands moved to the belt of her robe and she opened it slowly to show me her body, “Oh, Beverly!” I gasped in awe. She lay before me and I just stood there and drank her in. Her lovely full naked tits with nipples as hard as bullets just cried out to be fondled. Round her slim waist and hips she wore a lacy pink garter belt which held up a pair of sheer tan stockings which ran down her gorgeous legs to the fluffy high heeled mule slippers she still wore on her feet. Finally, and best of all, she wore no panties. She was just naked, lying there before me with her legs open wide showing me her lovely, inviting, hairy snatch as it glistened with her already seeping juices.

“Come John, take me. Do you what you want with me while my husband and daughter are away. We have all afternoon together lover.” What an invitation. My guilt over her husband and daughter, my own girlfriend and father-in-law, was surprisingly fleeting. I was so overcome with feelings of lust for this woman, nothing could have stopped me from taking her that afternoon.

I knelt down before her and proceeded to trace my hands very slowly along the inside of her legs, feeling the sheen of her stockings as my hands climbed gently upwards. Her legs felt wonderful to my touch as I ascended the silky nylon. Beverly sighed as they climbed higher and gasped inwardly I reached her inner thighs and began to stroke closer and closer to her hairy mound. “You feel as gorgeous as you look Beverly” I told her, to which she smiled lovingly. My hands stroked the smooth whiteness of her upper thigh above her stocking tops and my fingers occasionally swept between her legs and lightly brushed the hairs surrounding her pussy. “Oh yes, touch me there John” she sighed as my fingers gently began to stroke her dampening pussy lips. I felt her juices lubricate my fingers and gently worked her lips apart to slide my fingers up and down her crack, teasing her and feeling how wet she was. I lowered my head between her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs as my fingers gently rubbed between her lips. She could feel my hot breath on her skin as my tongue neared her sweet smelling hole and she gasped out for me to lick her. “Oh, put your tongue inside me John, please. I want to feel it inside me.”

I gently parted her lips with my fingers and started to lick her dripping pussy, she tasted fabulous, just like I knew she would. “Oh, yes baby!” she gasped through her sighs of passion as I licked her lovely cunt. I gently pushed a finger inside her as my tongue found her clit and I began to rub her g-spot as I teased her protruding bud with the tip of my tongue. “Oh John YESS, that feels so good she moaned out as I lapped at her. I looked up to see her playing with her own breasts and sucking her fingers as I went down on her. I could feel her beginning to flinch as I flicked her clit with my tongue and continually pushed my finger in and out of her, I knew her climax was building. I began to tickle her asshole with the index finger of my other hand and this sent her into raptures. She squirmed and writhed as my tongue and fingers explored her and I could tell she was about to come. She was groaning my name and the words yes baby continually unable to staunch her orgasm and as she pulled my head tight to her and writhed hard against my face she cried out as she came, her hips bucking frantically as I tried to swallow all of the juices that flowed from her.

“Oh John, I’ve never come like that before” she gasped in pleasure as her orgasm subsided and she lay back sprawled before me on the sofa. Smiling I stood up before her and took in her lovely sight once again, and after a few seconds getting her breath back she sat up on the edge of the settee and reached out to grab by solid dick. “Now it’s your turn baby” she told me. I loved the feel of her touch as she grabbed my long, thick cock, curling her fingers around my shaft as pulled me towards her. “I love to play with a nice big cock like yours John” she told me as she fondled my dick and rubbed my balls. Her touch was sensational. She began to wank me off, pulling upwards on my shaft. I’d often dreamed of Beverly doing just this and couldn’t believe that finally it was actually happening. And, just as I expected, it was way better when she did it than when I did it thinking of her, she just had such a soft and expert touch. She really knew what she was doing.

“I want to taste you now John” she whispered as she lowered her head towards me. I watched her lovely brunette hair descend towards my hard pole and güvenilir casino bit my lip in anticipation. The feelings I had as she slipped her beautiful lipstick red lips over the head of my cock were indescribable. “oh Beverly baby, that’s so good I gasped.” She took me into her mouth and began to slide her lips up and down my shaft and I could feel her soft warm tongue licking my engorged purple head. “Oh baby” I kept repeating. Her hand caressed my balls and the other gripped my shaft as she sucked and licked me, her cheeks hollowing as she did so. What a fantastic mouth this woman had. “I want you to come in my mouth john” she said, “I want to taste your hot spunk.” There really was no stopping this sexy lady before me, she was rampant, and who was I to argue.

As my climax began to build, my breaths grew shorter, my groans louder and my legs began to shudder. She knew it was coming and began to suck and wank me faster and faster. “Yes John come, come for me baby, come in my mouth.” She buried her head on me again as my spunk rushed forth. I cried out in joy as I exploded into her mouth, spurt after spurt shooting down her willing throat as she moaned and swallowed every last drop. “That tasted fantastic baby” she said when I had nothing more to give her and collapsed next to her on the settee.

We kissed again, our hot mouths mingling the faint tastes of each other juices as we caressed each others bodies. She looked so hot I took it on myself to kiss and touch every inch of her body whilst I recovered, paying long and loving attention to her stocking clad legs which I just loved the feel of so much, I couldn’t wait to feel them wrapped around me. “Beverly you really are sensational, I have wanted this so much for so long. I can’t believe it’s finally come true.”

“Oh John, me too but you can’t ever let Kelly know about this.”

“It’s OK Beverly, I won’t, but you have to let me have you again”

“Oh john, this is just the beginning for us my beautiful lover, we’re going to have each other all the time.” And that was fine with me.

Beverly began to play with my prick and balls again. “I want to get you hard again so you can fuck me John.” She fondled, licked, wanked and sucked my long satiny shaft and balls and my cock grew and grew with all her attention until I became rock hard once more.

“Take me John, take me now, fuck me hard and do what you want with me, I am yours baby.”

Beverly stretched out and lay back on the couch as I climbed in between her open legs, my hard dick swaying before her. She reached out and grasped me, rubbing the tip of my cock against her sopping wet slit. “Ooh, that feels so nice John” she gasped at me as I felt the tip of my cock being rubbed against her hard clitty. Then she moved it downwards and at last slid me inside her hot, soft, wet hole.

“Aaaahhh” she gasped as inch by inch I slid my rigid member inside her hot tunnel until I was fully buried inside her right to the hilt. Once there we stayed motionless for as while as I enjoyed the intense feeling of being inside this beautiful woman that lay before me. Then gradually we I started to slowly pull out and push back inside her, ever so gradually picking up speed as she felt the thickness of my cock rubbing against her cunt walls.

“Oh Beverly baby” I gasped “you don’t know how good you feel.”

“Oh I do John, I do. Make love to me baby”

Oh, I love making love to you baby.” Her fingers scraped across my chest as she lay before me and I slowly but strongly plundered her insides.

We looked into each others eyes and were lost in each other completely as I continued to screw her, both of us realising just how much we had wanted this and each other. She pushed me back and sat up and then stood up, turning away from me. Looking over her shoulder, her lovely brunette hair cascading down she said “Sit back baby, I want to sit on your big cock and ride you.” Smiling I sat back as she stepped backwards towards me. I held my cock up towards her hole as she squatted down into my lap and she helped guide it into her soaking pussy. She cried out again as she impaled herself upon me and then began to ride me up and down. I held onto her hips as she rode me, rubbing her stocking tops and slamming her down hard onto my cock every now and then, making her cry out loudly whenever I did. I grabbed her asscheeks squeezing and playing with them while she bounced up and down on me. She must have really liked this because it seemed to send her into overdrive and she bounced around on me like a jack in the box moaning like there was no tomorrow. “Oh yes John baby, you’re making me cum” she gasped in pleasure as she rode faster and faster.

I could tell she was right on the brink and pushed hard into her every time she sat down into my lap. “Come on Beverly, cum for me baby” I urged, stroking her asshole with my thumb. That was it, it was too much for her and it pushed her right over the edge and she came on me, bucking, shuddering and shouting out loudly and I could feel her juices stream out from her pussy around the base of my cock and run down between my thighs. She climbed off me gasping in pleasure but I was still so rigid for her I wasn’t going to let up on her. “Bend over so I can fuck you from behind you gorgeous slut” I told her.

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