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hot girl part 1My wife Sonja is an enchanting seductress, or put another way is a fucking slut that gives off a vibe that makes every man she meets want to breed her and put his seed inside her. She knows she has that effect on men and she enjoys it. She likes to display her body, playing her little flirtatious games and being the object of as many male fantasies as she can.She is a Latin female so I guess that comes with the territory. I am not sure if that is part of their culture or if comes with that stupid idiotic Catholic bullshit they put in their heads that you can do whatever you damn well please and “God will forgive you”. All you have to do is drink a little g**** juice and say a few Hail Marys’ and you can pretend like nothing ever happened.I know I should not complain these are the same qualities that attracted me to her in the first place and a lot of the time I am incredibly turned on by the fact that other men are attracted to her. Even so she drives me crazy sometimes taking me to the highest highs and the lowest lows emotionally you can imagine. Like the song says “She’ll take away your pain like a bullet through your brain.”To her credit she has tried to explain it to me on a number of occasions. Being very open and candid describing what she thinks and feels and how it feeds a part of her being that she does not understand and cannot always control.She said she loves being a very bad girl, she loves giving every man she encounters a hard-on. Young, old, short, tall, skinny, fat it didn’t matter. As long as he has a cock, she loves to tease it.She said she always looks forward to the next lucky man who she will let play this game of tease and please. Determined to get the man’s attention, bring him to his knees with lust and then leaving him hanging.She said she loves to see what she can get away with, pushing the envelope partaking in a little bit of risk just enough to feel a rush. She loves it when she makes a man so uncomfortable that he can’t speak. She loves that she brings out that sort of reaction in men.She said more than anything, it thrills her to dress as slutty as possible and bask in the ogling and drooling of every man she passes. Wearing a revealing wardrobe makes her an entirely new and different person. She feels so free and open. These little things are enough to make her feel sexy and give her that little naughty feeling that she needs to get through the day.She said she enjoys the game of risqué dress-up to reveal more cleavage, or wearing practically see-through blouses, or wearing more skirts, really short skirt either bare leg or with stockings, and of course everything has to be tight fitting. Tight at the waist, so that it accentuates her hips and her firm and tight behind and complimented with the right pair of high heels.She loves showing off her nice cleavage jiggling her breasts pulling her shoulders back to make her breasts jut out. Wearing tops that at the right angle if she bends over, anybody can get a perfect view of her tits and that excites her. Women always know when they are being looked at and enjoy it she says.She feels a thrill of satisfaction when every man in the area is staring at her and she flashes him her most come-hither smile then turns and walks away with her ass swaying from side to side. She said she can almost hear their dicks swelling up in their pants.She said sometimes she just needs to expose her body. She said “It’s a thrill just to think about opening my cunt up for them. I let them take a sneaky picture of my pussy on their cell phones knowing they will go home and think about me while they beat off and shoot a huge load of cum made just for me.”This is my wife and what I have to deal with. I know in many respects she is every man’s dream every man’s fantasy including my own but still it doesn’t make it any easier.I have a wide range of conflicted feelings watching her tease other men including jealousy sometimes feeling threatened and even insecure about our marriage and my own masculinity. On the other hand I also find her actions highly erotic and make me want to see her do even more erotic and outrageous things.I love seeing Sonja’s body, and love even more for her to expose herself where others can see her. I don’t know why, but it always seems to intensify the erotic experience; it adds an edge of danger and adventure. Watching her expose herself to other men is much more exciting than seeing the same exposure in private, because it adds a reckless thrill to her sexuality. Seeing other men enjoy Sonja’s body emphasized to me how desirable she is and how lucky I am to have her.I don’t know why but I get really turned on by the anticipation of Sonja flaunting her naked body to other men and the whole preparation for her exposure is foreplay for her and for me. I love watching her dress slutty to go out with her friends for the night.My wife has her little group of türbanlı batman escort girlfriends she hangs out with kind of like the TV show “Sex in the City”. Three other women that like her are married. Of course my wife has to be the “Alpha Barbie” of the group and she works hard to maintain that status.I don’t understand the group dynamics and her needs that she fulfills from being in that group. I do know that whenever I do things to enhance her status in that group and among her other girlfriends I usually get rewarded in the form of sexual treats or some other payback that makes my life much more enjoyable.The downside of her little group is she likes to show off and do thing she wouldn’t do otherwise. She is bad enough after a few drinks on her own but add to that her need to impress her girlfriends and she turns into a complete slut.A good example of how she likes to show off for her girlfriends and then lets things get completely out of control happened a few months ago. We were having her friends over at our house to help celebrate the Christmas holidays.She had decided to go for a sultrier look than usual with a low-cut, clingy red dress and strappy high heels she was a knockout. I had enjoyed watching her get ready earlier putting on her makeup, pulling on a black garter belt and stockings and finally a black lace bra. At the last moment she decided not to wear any panties. She was definitely dressed up to get messed up and I thought to myself I am going to hit that later.It was just like any party during the holidays: too many people and not enough intelligent conversation and lots of heavy drinking. After a few hours of talking about the weather, work and all remaining topics, everyone was bored to tears.The party was spread out all over the house with some people in the living room and most in the patio area out by the pool. In the beginning Sonja was playing the good hostess almost to a fault and then after numerous drinks she shifted her attention to circulating around and flirting with all the guys leaving me with keeping our guests with fresh drinks.I was unable find something in kitchen so I went looking for my wife to find out where she had hid it. I walked all over the house and eventually found her in the living room.I found her with Dave who was sitting next to her on the couch sitting very close to her. I was already aroused at what I knew was potentially going to happen.I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming, the flirting between Sonja and Dave seemed to be innocent enough, so not wanting to look insecure or overly possessive I let it go for months. Dave was the husband of one her girlfriends in her little group.On the weekends we would all go out for a few drinks, Dave and his wife Susan, me and Sonja. Sometimes afterwards Sonja would tell me she thought Dave was a hunk and she wished that she had done him back when she had the chance before we were married. I put it down to the erotic sexual fantasies that she was always playing around with.I was struggling as to why just thinking of her with another man would turn me on so much, worse still that it wasn’t an imaginary man, it was Dave, one of our closest friends, she was teasing me with. The trouble is, once a woman finds a weakness they exploit it, I didn’t know what was going on in her mind when she was playing with me like that.I saw Sonja and Dave from across the room, watching their every move. She was torturing him and she loved every second of it.At times, she would laugh and draw attention to herself, highlighting the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties. It was an act of confidence rather than uncouth, proving that she was undaunted and in command.She leaned in close and he tilted his head back for her to kiss his cheek. Instead Sonja kissed him on the mouth and ran her hands down his back and rested them on his ass.With that, she leaned in close and gave him a sensuous kiss; it was a kiss of lovers that was more appropriate for a porn movie.I can’t describe the whirlwind of emotions that overcame me, nervousness, embarrassment, shock and anger, but the emotion that overwhelmed them all was one of excitement. I was frozen to the spot stunned by what was happening just a few feet away from me. I could hear him responding to her, she kept kissing him to keep him under her influence and she was loving it. It’s was very odd to watch my wife kissing another man, not just a peck on the cheek, but full blown erotic/passionate kisses, holding his head as she kissed him, seeing her legs wide open offering everything that she had to give to him.With a taunting smirk on her face she lowered her mouth to his cheek, where her sharp, hot tongue traced the length of his jaw line, and then, almost tenderly, kissed his cheek.At that moment my wife slowly knelt down, still fully clothed, as Dave unbuckled his trousers. türbanlı batman escort bayan Sonja was soon jerking him to an erection, licking all over his sizeable cock.Slowly, she took him in her mouth, her saliva coating his cock as it slid in and out between her full, luscious red lips.”God, you’re good!” exclaimed Dave. “What a good cock-sucker!”He watched intently as her lips rose slowly on his shaft. And he felt her deliberately dragging her teeth against the underside of his tortured manhood, sending his body into a spastic fit.Dave knelt down beside her and was roughly groping her tits through her dress, which seemed to be getting her wilder by the second. She was grunting around Dave’s cock in her mouth, reaching round frantically with one hand to try and grope Dave’s cock. Dave took a handful of her hair and pulled her head back roughly.”Do it, bitch!” She nodded, wincing at his forcible treatment. She closed her eyes, and took Dave’s cock deep into her mouth.”That’s a good little slut!” Dave looked down on my wife, who had sent him into a frenzy of motion, slamming his crotch forward into her face as she took his cock right down her throat, gripping his butt cheeks firmly with both hands.Deeper and deeper she went, when at last her nose bumped the hard bone of his pubic, Dave’s roar of pleasure thundered through the room. And while I couldn’t see it I knew she was giggling inwardly like some silly schoolgirl.He climaxed in seconds, shooting right down her mouth. She swallowed it all, and then she gave her loving attention to his cock removing all traces of his juices with her skillful tongue. She teasingly hummed as she worked him, the vibratory ripple of her inflection exploding in tiny droplets of pleasure all over his body.My wife stood up, she had just serviced another man cock with her wanton mouth, her dress crumpled from all her kneeling, chest heaving with emotion.”Come here you dirty little whore, Jack me off!” he told her.His words spurred her and she did as she was told without any hesitation. .He spun round quickly then, scooping her tits out of her dress and holding his cock over them as he came with a grunt, spunk shooting down my wife’s cleavage and over her chest.She was gasping for breath; her face soaked with cum, as she quickly scooped his spunk up from her chest and licked it off her fingers. Trails of spunk and saliva ran from her chest to her chin as she ate his juice like a kitten lapping up milk.My emotions raged backwards and forwards in my head, I pondered what to do. Should I pack up and leave? Should I throw the bitch out? Why did she do this to me? How did it happen?Even though I was angry and confused about the fact, I felt a strange tingling excitement teasing me, jangling the nerve ends in my groin. I was angry, sad and excited all at the same time. Each emotion spilled over into the others, swamping all reason. I had often fantasied about this type of thing over the years but you never know how you are going to react until it actually happens and the reality was certainly a bit different than the fantasy.At first I thought I would just walk away and pretend I didn’t see what had just happened. Then as I glanced to the side towards the two patio doors that led outside and I notice that most of our friends like me had been watching the entire show. Sonja turned towards the group showing off her cum cover face and tits grinning from ear to ear making me realize that she knew they were there the whole time. She had been putting on a show to impress her friends at my expense.That cheating whore had just made me look like a complete fool in front of all our friends and now just walking away and pretending nothing happened was no longer an option for me. I needed to reclaim my wife, my women and my manhood if I ever wanted to look these people in the face again.She stood up as I walked into the living making my presences known.’Bitch!!’ I screamed. ‘You fucking bitch!'”Who else have you been fooling around with behind my back?””I don’t know what you’re talking about,” howled SonjaShe tried to walk away, “Not so fast. I grabbed her.”What are you doing? Let me go!” She cried.”You’ve acted like a slut,” I said, “so now I’m going to treat you like one.”I dragged the cheating bitch outside to the pool area where all our friends who had been watching her show with Dave were. Her tits were still hanging out of her dress and her face and tits were still cover with Dave’s cum.I handed my cell phone to one of the other husband standing there not quite sure what to say or do. “Here take a picture of this I may want to put in our Christmas cards next year.” I said. He nodded and started looking through the viewer capturing the moment.The guys all gather around us some even pulled up a chair to get comfortable. Between the booze and the fact they had just watched a live türbanlı escort batman sex show between my wife and Dave nobody seemed embarrassed or uneasy about watching us.I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to one of the patio chairs and put her over my knee. To her surprise, she found herself ass-up over my knee a split second later, staring at the ground as she wriggled against me.”What are you going to do?” She wept.”I’m going to spank you and show all your friends who is in control.” I bellowed.”Stop!” Sonja shrieked.SMACK!My first blow caught her off guard. She cried out and tears began to come to her eyes, due less to the pain than the humiliation.”Stop! What are you doing!” screamed Sonja”Say it,” I said, “tell everybody what you are!””No!” said Sonja, feeling herself becoming even more aroused as the blood began to flow back upwards to her pussy. She was getting wet! Now she was even angrier with herself than with me.She couldn’t help whimpering in pleasure and rubbing against my leg as my blows landed across her pussy.”You little whore, you love this don’t you? This is what you want isn’t it!””No –,” she moaned, then “Oh — no –,” as I began to rain blow after blow down on her helpless ass. The more I spanked her, the more aroused she became. Almost involuntarily, she wriggled herself into a position that left her pussy even more exposed to my blows.I ran my hand down her legs and slipped a finger inside her cunt probing her tight cunt with my thumb, “you’re wet. You really are a slut.””No!” she protested, “I’m not!””Slutiness isn’t just based on actions,” I said, “slutiness is a state of mind. And you definitely have it.””No!” said Sonja, wriggling her ass to grind my fingers and hand into her clit, “I just wanted to have some fun!”SMACK! SMACK!She gasped and felt her toes begin to curl. I looked down at the incredible sight before me. I was about to spank this petite busty bitch to orgasm!Her toes curled, her legs tensed, and she strained to rub her pussy even harder against my hand. She had totally forgotten the humiliation of being pulled over my lap in front of all her friends, and abandoned herself to the incredible new sensations.SMACK!When I landed a final blow across her reddened ass, Sonja let out an earthy moan and came harder than she ever had in her life, even when she masturbated. I let her stay across my lap for a few moments, then I smacked her again.”Ouch!” said Sonja, “that hurt!”She rolled herself off my lap and stood rubbing her sore ass for a moment.Her face was flushed deep red from the exertion of the spanking and orgasm.”You didn’t say the magic word.””I’m a cheap slut,” mumbled Sonja, staring at the floor and turning an even deeper shade of red.”What?” I said, “I didn’t quite hear you and neither did all your friends?””I’m a slut,” said Sonja, a little louder.”Look at me when you say that.” I said as I glared at her.I put a hand under her chin and pushed her gaze up to me. Her eyes were covered in smeared mascara, but she was beautiful.”You like this, don’t you, slut?”I pushed her down to her knees in front of me. My erection strained against my pants. From her knees she had to strane her head upwards to see my package as it bulged from behind the zipper on my pants. She knew what I was going to do, but waited for me to guide her.”Unbutton my pants.” I said.She reached up and fumbled for a moment with the button, before successfully releasing it.”Now unzip them.”She unzipped my pants slowly.”How many cocks have you sucked tonight?” I asked.”Just the one,” she stammered.”I don’t believe you,” I said.”Now show your friends how suck my cock.””Do it” I said “Do your wifely duties you wanted to put on a show and impress your friends well now is your chance.”She reached up to the waistband of my briefs and pulled them down in a single stroke. My erect cock fell down and smacked her in the forehead. A string of precum leaked onto her brow.”Go ahead and suck it,” I said, enjoying the look of contempt on her face.She reached up and touched my shaft gingerly. Because I curved upward, the tip of my cock was still on level with her forehead my balls were at her eye-level.She blushed, and began stroking along the shaft, lubricating it with the precum dripping from the tip.”That’s a good girl,” I said.I grabbed my cock and forced it down towards her lips.”Open up, slut.”I pushed it roughly into her mouth. She barely had time to react. Her lips slid across my shaft. I grabbed her hair at the back of her head and forced my cock even deeper. She didn’t understand how it had fit in her mouth to begin with, but now she could feel its head at the back of her throat.”Mmm,” she moaned.”That’s it slut,” I said, pressing my cock into her throat, “moan for my cock. Show me how much you love it.”She could barely breathe as my shaft entered her throat. Still, she had an urge to prove that she was up to the task in front of all our friends, that she really could take my entire cock, so she did her best to repress her gag reflex.I looked over and noticed two of the guys were rubbing a very noticeable bulge in their pants trying not to be too obvious about the fact. A couple of the wives were also trying to feel their tits and pubic areas up without drawing any attention to them.

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