Hot Date with Amber

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Summer is my favorite season. After a long cold winter the weather starts warming up, everyone becomes a bit more carefree and the girls tend to wear less clothing. At least that’s the way it here on campus at Owens Community College outside of Des Moines. And when I say girls, I mean instructors too. This summer we seem to have a fine crop of new female instructors with great bodies and a willingness to show them off. One instructor in particular is Amber Sims.

Amber is fresh out of grad school and working her first teaching assignment this summer. She is definitely not your average Owens Algebra instructor. Most of our math instructors are male and what few females we do have are older and not what you would call sexy in the least. Amber on the other hand is twenty-seven, about five ten, and I’m guessing about a hundred and forty pounds. Her shoulder length natural blonde hair is silky smooth and her long muscular legs are well tanned from playing tennis every chance she gets. She has fairly large breasts that sit high on her chest, and her complexion is flawless. But what sets Amber apart is her ass. It is absolutely perfect; round and firm and clearly an eye catcher. And the short tight dresses she wears to class each day accentuates it perfectly. And since I have yet to see any visible panty lines I am absolutely positive she wears nothing on under her dresses but a light weight sheer bra that allows her pointy nipples to shine through all day long.

As luck would have it she is teaching out of the class room adjacent to mine which not only allows me to steal glances at her all day long, but has also afforded me the opportunity to get to know her quite well. In fact I have taken it upon myself to not only show her around the campus but also set-up a casual date to show her around town this coming Friday night.

It seemed like it took a year for Friday to roll around and I was about to die with anticipation. I was hoping Amber would wear something short and sexy and she didn’t disappoint me. When she came to the door she was wearing a short red dress, ending inches below her ass, and sandals and nothing else but a smile. And she smelled good enough to eat.

“Hi Jim,” she said with a big warm smile as I walked into her small but well furnished living room. “I have been looking forward to tonight all week. I am dying to get out and see the town.”

“Well there isn’t that much to see but I think we can find something to do that will take our minds off Owens for a few hours,” I teased. “Actually Geno’s Bar and Grill has a great band playing tonight along with the best seafood in town. It’s not fancy but it’s the most entertaining place in town.”

“It sounds good to me,” Amber said as she grabbed her purse and led me to the door.

Being the gentleman that I am, I opened the car door to my Mustang GT and let Amber slide in the passenger side front seat. And my speculation about what she was wearing under her dress proved to be right. As her long legs parted climbing into the car I got a good clear look at her silky smooth pussy, realizing she’s not wearing any panties. Fuck she looked hot and I was turned on to the max. Oh man what I wouldn’t give to sink my cock into her right here and now.

Geno’s was packed and rocking by the time we arrived. After ordering drinks we hit the dance floor and myself and a dozen other guys almost froze as Amber began to dance. The girl gaziantep escortları could dance, that’s for sure. The way she shook her ass was hypnotizing. One thing was certian – Amber new how to work it. After a couple of more fast songs the band slowed it down with the old Lynyrd Skynyrd classic “Freebird” and I got my first chance to hold Amber’a hot body next to mine.

As I held Amber close she pressed her body tightly against mine and rotated and ground her pelvis against my anxious cock. Fuck I was as bad as a high school freshman at his first school dance. I’m sure she could feel my cock getting hard and pressing against her because she pressed her body closer and began doing a bump and grind that brought it to a full erection. As we continued to dance our lips found their way to each other and we kissed a long slow kiss that didn’t ended until the band took a break.

Back at our table our food had arrived and we spent the next hour eating, drinking and getting to know one another a little better. I soon learned that Amber had played tennis all through school from junior high to college. And according to her, she would have turned pro had it not been for a knee injury during her senior year at Nebraska. From the way she danced you would never know she had had a major knee injury. I also learned Amber was a pretty fair whiskey drinker. I’m not sure how many shots we had before calling it a night but we both had a good buzz working when they turned on the lights and ran us out of the place.

Too wasted to drive I haled a taxi and gave the driver Amber’s address. When we arrived at her apartment I told the driver to wait but Amber quickly nixed that idea.

“You’ve gotta come on in for a night cap,” she said with a cum to me look.

“Well, if you insist,” I said with a grin.

I paid the taxi and followed her inside.

Once inside it didn’t take long to see where the rest of night was headed. Amber, showing signs of someone who had had one too many shots of whiskey, clumsily wrapped her arms around my neck and nearly sucked my tongue out of my mouth. Her hands were all over me pulling and rubbing as she ground her body into mine. I let my hands slip down to her ass and grabbed both cheeks and pulled her to me. Soon she was dry fucking me along with non-stop passionate kisses. Holy shit this girl was on fire.

As my hands found their way under her short red dress and touched the bare flesh of her warm ass she moaned and groaned and began to gyrate her hips even more. By now my cock was raging hard again and begging for attention. Amber must have sensed it because she broke our kiss and took me by the hand and let me down a short hallway to her bedroom. As we walked through the door she turned on a lamp, kicked off her sandals and started pulling her dress over her head.

Holy shit what a body this young woman possessed. Her fucking ass was plump and tight and her legs were long and muscular, and I couldn’t wait to sink my big hard cock in her!

I was sitting on the bed taking my shoes and shirt off when Amber pushed me onto my back and with expert precision had my pants and boxers over my ankles and on the floor before you could say one two three go.

I was still struggling with my shirt when she climbed on top of me. She straddled my legs with hers and bent down and swallowed my entire cock with one big gulp. And man did this girl know how to suck cock. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft in piston like fashion sucking and nibbling my throbbing cock like there was no tomorrow. I reached up and grabbed her breasts and playfully pinched her nipples with my fingers. Jesus, they were warm and tender and felt just as good as I thought they would.

As far as I could tell I only had one major problem; the way she was sucking my cock it was just a matter of time before I shot my wad. And when she slipped a finger in my ass it was show time. Almost instantly I shot a load of hot cum into her warm waiting mouth. And I’ll give her credit, she never flinched or stopped sucking until every last drop of cum had flowed out of my cock. And it must have been one hell of a load because she had cum oozing out of the side of her mouth when she pulled away from my cock.

“Oh fuck baby, that was good,” I finally managed to mumble as I lay helpless on the big king bed. If I died right now I wouldn’t have any regrets I thought to myself. This was about as close to heaven as I needed to be at this very moment.

With her body still straddling me Amber flashed an evil grin my way, pinned my hands down, and leaned down to kiss me. As her lips touched mine I remembered she had just taken my load, her tongue pushing into my mouth, tasting what she hasn’t swallowed as I kissed her back. Sensing she was in need of relief, I wiggled out from under her and nudged her onto her back. She quickly drew her knees up and parted her legs. I placed my hands under her ass and eagerly crawled between her thighs and pressed my tongue against her silky smooth pussy. She moaned softly at first as I let my tongue glide up and down the length of her moist lips. She was sopping wet and her tangy juices quickly seeped onto my tongue as I flicked it in and out of her cunt. Her sweet aroma soon filled the air I was breathing and I could feel my cock begin to come back to life.

As my tongue drifted down to her puckered asshole Amber began to circle her clit with her fingers. “Oh yes, lick my asshole,” she whimpered as my tongue danced around her forbidden zone. When my tongue darted back into her pussy she arched her hips and pushed forward forcing it into her.

When she’s had all she could take Amber grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me away and said, “Put your cock in me baby.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. With dick in hand I crawled back between her legs and pushed my cock into her warm pussy. And Jesus what a warm tight pussy it was. I managed to push about half of my cock into her and slowly began to pump it in and out. With every pump it went a little deeper until my balls were slapping her ass. She pulled me to her and we locked lips as I began to ram my cock in and out of her cunt with a strong steady rhythm.

I pulled free from her mouth and pushed her legs high as I began to ram my cock faster and deeper in to her wet pussy. Amber was moaning and whimpering as I hammered her for all I was worth. With her eyes closed and her head tossing from side to side I pounded her pussy over and over until she finally let out a loud squeal and arched her hips in the air and held me motionless for a moment or two. I could feel her pussy clenching my cock as her orgasm raced aimlessly inside. I soon followed blasting a load of cum deep inside her pussy.

Once she regained her senses Amber opened her eyes and a big smile emerged across her flushed face. “Fuck baby that’s just what I needed,” she said. I rolled over next to her and both of us were content just to lie still and catch our breath.

By now the whiskey we drank earlier was beginning to take its toll and it was all either one of us could do to keep our eyes open. I hadn’t planned on staying the night but at this point I didn’t have a choice. When I leaned over to give Amber a good night kiss she was already passed out. I pulled the sheet over us, switched off the light and drifted off to sleep too.

Sometime later I was awakened from my sleep to a peculiar but very erotic sensation. At first I thought I was probably dreaming. It appeared as if someone was pushing something into my ass. The room was dark and it took me a minute or so to get my eyes adjusted and when I did I was taken aback. I was laying on my stomach and felt Amber’s weight on me. She was gingerly pushing a rigid but soft textured object in and out of my ass. As my eyes became more adjusted to the darkness I could now see that Amber was wearing a strap-on and was literally fucking me in the ass.

Fuck, I have to admit I was shocked. In fact I’m not sure shocked really described my feelings. Maybe dumbfounded is a more accurate description of how I was feeling. I should also let you know that as far as my ass goes she was working in virgin territory. But I have to admit, much to my surprise it felt really good. It felt so good in fact that I feigned sleeping so I wouldn’t disturb her.

A short time later she turned me around and spread my legs, pushed my knees up and began to push the dildo faster and deeper into my eager ass. I had always thought that I would be too embarrassed to ever let a woman fuck me like this but in a strange way I was really enjoying it. As she began to find her rhythm both of us began to moan a little. I figured she had to know I was awake by now so I grabbed my cock and started stroking it as Amber continued to fuck me hard and deep. Fuck this was turning out to be one the most erotic experiences I had ever had.

With Amber bearing down on my ass I stroked my cock hard and furious until I shot cum all over my stomach. Amber slowing stopped pumping and bent over me and began to lick the cum of my body. She also took hold of my cock and slowly stroked it, milking every last drop of juice from it. Satisfied that she licked my stomach clean she let the dildo slide out of my ass and placed my cock in her mouth and gave it a good tongue lashing before setting it free. I was at a loss for words. All I could do was just savor the moment. Amber unstrapped her apparatus and lay down beside me on her stomach. With a mischievous grin on her face she looked at me and said, “How was that baby?”

“Much more erotic than I would have ever dreamed,” I told her.” A little embarrassing at first,” I said, “but very erotic.”

We kissed and snuggled for a while and after a quick shower and some coffee it was time for me to go.

“Amber, I don’t know what to say. This was one of the most unusual and most enjoyable nights of my life.”

“Well, James I had a great time too, and I’d love to do it again sometime. All you have to do is say when,” she said with a smile.

As the horn of the taxi sounded we shared one last kiss at the door before I was on my way. What a night that was. As I sat in the back of the taxi all I could do was reminisce. As I relived the events of the preceding night there was one thing I knew for sure – I would definitely be seeing Amber again real soon.

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