Hot August Summer Ch. 03

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This is the 3rd chapter in this ‘Amy’ series. The three of them go to a club and meet another couple, bringing them back to the hotel. If people would like to see a 4th and final chapter, please let me know. I hope you enjoy it!


Late in the afternoon, I awoke to the sounds of the girls talking and laughing in the bath as they were getting ready to go out. I rolled out of bed and chased them out of the bath for a few minutes as I got ready myself. Amy lingered for a moment, running her nails down the muscles of my stomach, catching our reflection in the mirrors. “Like a statue,” she purred. Then she ran out to join Marie as I showered up.

We had decided to dinner in Cannes then club in Nice, perhaps going on to Monte Carlo. The concierge recommended a wonderful restaurant on Rue Saint Antoine, the romantic sloping street near the fort where restaurant after restaurant opens to the pedestrians wandering past.

We secured a table in the perfect location to be able to talk and watch passers-by. The waiter joined us for a moment, sitting with us and recommending dishes while we looked at the menus. We were all hungry after the afternoon and decided quickly on a selection of fresh seafood and local vegetable dishes. We knew everything would be fresh, the fish from this morning’s catch and the vegetables from today’s farmers market.

I chose a light wine to start with as we had the long night before us. The girls were gorgeous in their new clothes, in high spirits and chatting gaily. As the food arrived we dug in with gusto. I took a few moments to feed Amy a few bites from my plate, something she likes. Marie caught on and fed her too, making Amy blush a little in public but feeling very well looked after.

One of the gentlemen from an adjoining table caught my eye, looked at the girls and winked, I cold not help but to smile and shrug – life was certainly good.

Amy leaned in to Marie and in a voice only the three of us could hear asked, “How are you so very good with me, yet new to boys?”

Marie stopped eating for a moment, blushing charmingly. “I was at all-girls schools until college,” She smiled, more confident. “I have had several girlfriends… I like girls and boys, but have only had one boyfriend.”

She asked in return, “How did you come to seduce me so easily, so well on the train?”

It was Amy’s turn to blush, replying, “We’ve talked about it before. I’ve thought about it many times. It is something…”

Amy could not quite finish, so I whispered in Marie’s ear, “It’s something she thinks about when she takes care of herself. The idea has made her come a thousand times.”

Amy protested, “It’s your fault – you started it. You put the idea there.”

I smiled. “Guilty.”

Marie laughed and that set off Amy, sharing the laugh and raising her glass.

We finished dinner and headed for the station. On the train we captured seats, Amy and Marie started giving whispered accounts of our first night together; what each was thinking and feeling. We were becoming ready for each other again, the girls squirming in their seats, my hardness returning. Before things could get out of hand we arrived in Nice and hurried to a dance club Marie’s friends had talked about.

After our long nap and dinner, the evening was starting and people were lining up outside the club. A few well placed Euros and we were in first, getting a table where we could see the floor. The music was club and house beats, it was very dark and there were fluorescent paintings and drawings all over the walls and pillars. It was about half full of people, all tan from their holidays and wearing very little in the August heat.

Marie went to the bar, chatting with the bartender and coming back with drinks and telling us what she had learned about the club. The bartender told her there were a lot of ravers that loved the place, if we wanted to dance all night we had come to the right spot. Marie confessed she had never tried ecstasy or anything like that, but her friends had and told her it made them feel sensual and energized. We could expect a thronging dance floor full of hot young bodies wanting to touch and be touched.

I took Amy’s hand and we went to the floor. We were dancing close, it was getting packed. Other people were brushing up against us, not clumsily, but more for the body contact. Amy’s eyes caught for a moment on a young man with an open shirt and hard, muscular chest. It was hard to tell who he was dancing with, but he was close to Amy and their eyes met.

Then my arm was grabbed and it was Marie, coming out to join us. Marie started dancing against me, touching me with her hips, her arms, her chest. I looked over at Amy and saw her dancing now with this man. She looked over at us, and we smiled in return. He was next to her then, putting a hand on her hip and guiding her closer.

Amy has always been an excellent dancer, and now she showed him how well she could move. He watched her bayan escort for a bit, then moved even closer, holding her body against his own. I felt someone else against me, and had no idea who it was. Marie had moved until her legs were spread across my thigh and started lightly grinding on me. I put an arm around her hip and helped her on. Amy came back, a little flushed and wrapped herself around my other thigh. The music played on, thumping beats that made our bodies want to move.

We were packed in among some very beautiful people, some couples, some just dancing. The girls were wearing mainly bikini tops with shorts, the men open shirts. Body contact was becoming more and more common and I felt a hand run up my back as the girls were giving themselves up to the music and the sensations. A lovely young girl came dancing beside Amy, running her hands over Amy’s back, then across her shoulder.

Amy closed her eyes and the girl ran her hand down over Amy’s breast, then disappeared into the crowd. Marie gave a gasp as someone ran a hand across her ass, then around her stomach, then was gone. Amy lifted her head and needed a kiss, so I kissed her and felt her start as another hand glided over her, stroking her back.

Some people were wearing glowing jewelry or holding glowing sticks, moving them with the music. Marie turned towards a very beautiful girl wearing a small swim top and started dancing with her. Amy held close to me, dancing on me, feeling the occasional touch around her body. The girl with Marie came closer to her and put her hands on Marie’s hips, gently pulling Marie against her. Their legs went between each other’s and they started moving together, each grinding on the other. Marie looked over with unbridled lust in her eyes as this girl leaned over and kissed Marie’s shoulders.

Marie’s eyes went back to the girl and her hands went to her breasts, we could see her squeezing them and seeking the nipples through the top. They locked in a kiss. Amy and I were watching when a handsome young man came behind her, putting a hand on her back.

Amy looked at me and I did not protest, the man coming in closer behind her. Together we pressed against her from both sides, he was pressing himself against her ass as I held her across my thigh.

Amy whispered urgently, “I can feel him… can feel he is hard!”

I kept moving against her as he ground himself into her ass, his hands now on her waist. Amy was making sounds in her throat, barely heard above the music. She was pressed in between two men wanting her; we were working her well between us. She threw her hands backwards and held his hips, holding him tight to her, the young man’s hands now went to her breasts and she openly moaned. I held her hips tightly and kept the pressure between her legs. Her hips began bucking slightly and her eyes rolled back, her mouth making a ‘O’ as she came on my thigh, her legs clinching mine as it pulsed through her.

The man smiled and kissed her neck, then disappeared. Amy went weak against me and I held her up, just swaying with her. I looked over to Marie and found her now between a couple, each of them pressing her sides. Marie was stroking the girl’s stomach and had a hand on the man’s hip. Each of them had one of Marie’s breasts in one hand and they were holding them tight.

Amy and I came up and held Marie from the other side, each of us holding her ass and kneading it firmly. Marie was held in this group of four, all of us taking something from her body. The girl came in closest and her hand went down between Marie’s legs. I could not see what she was doing but Marie began so stiffen, her head rolling back. I grabbed her hair, not too hard, and pulled back as Amy’s hands went around Marie’s body. The man held Marie’s hand to his hardness, his other hand roaming all over, including his girl and Amy.

I held Marie’s other hand to my hardness through my pants and she kept it there, finding the shape of my cock through the material. With a hard cock in each hand and a woman working her front and back, Marie let out a low moan and shuddered hard, her body ours for the taking.

Now Marie became limp in our arms. I turned to Amy and suggested we sit for a time. She agreed, so smiling to the other couple and keeping the girls with me, we wound our way back to our table. They were both flushed and heavily overheated. Each held one of my thighs at the table, wanting constant contact.

Amy’s hands could not stay away from my hard cock under the table, holding and stroking it through my pants. Marie told us she had never experienced anything like this before and we had to agree. They each confessed that they had come on the dance floor from the attention. I kissed each one in turn, Amy first, then Marie.

Marie looked out and suddenly perked up, calling, “Clarisse! Phillip! Ici, mes cheri!”

Amy and I saw a handsome young couple waving to Marie and threading their way over. They approached, both kissed Marie and we all made introductions.

Phillip and Clarisse were friends from college, having graduated this June and enjoying a summer break before going to work. I went to get drinks for all while they caught up. When I got back they were comfortably arranged; Marie on the end, Clarisse next to her, then Phillip and Amy. I squeezed in next to Amy and she didn’t seem to mind being between Phillip and me at all.

As the friends talked, Amy could not seem to stop staring at Phillip. He was a good looking man, with thick brown hair and a square jaw. His shirt was open to the waist and his muscles were hard. Clarisse was a brunette, with large dark eyes and a ravishing figure. After a time talking, I suggested we go to the dance floor again. Amy and Marie’s eyes got big, and they agreed readily. This time I made certain Amy was near Phillip while Marie and Clarisse started dancing together.

Dancing with Amy, I asked her if she found Phillip attractive. She blushed and stammered a bit, which was all the answer I needed. I moved over and asked Phillip if he would dance with Amy for a bit. He agreed with a smile and moved towards Amy. I went towards our table, pretending to be thirsty while keeping an eye on the crowd. Amy could not keep the smile off her face as she danced next to Phillip. She was showing him some good moves which he seemed to appreciate.

The crowd got thick around them and I knew things would be much hotter between all of them. I saw a hand move across Amy’s hips and stomach and a girl’s hand move over Phillip’s back and ass. Marie and Clarisse were closer than ever and seemed to be moving together. I went back out and Phillip moved aside to let me have Amy, I said “No, let’s dance with her together,” and moved behind her. She leaned back against me for a moment, then started dancing for both of us.

Amy was in fine form tonight. She was uninhibited and free with her smiles. The crowd became thicker, the three of us moving together. We for what seemed to be hours, each of us enjoying the room and the music. Hands roamed freely, my legs and chest and ass were explored while I could not help but to touch the flat and hard stomachs of the beauties around me. One touch to a tan young blonde brushing the underside of her breasts. She gave me a smile, grabbed my hand and squeezed it into her breast, warm and soft. Then she was gone.

I turned back to Amy and found her nearly against Phillip, both of them looking intently at the other. I came up behind her and pressed to her back, moving her slightly towards Phillip. She put her hand on his shoulder and he moved in, his hand now on her waist. With my leg I opened her thighs, then moved her the last inch onto Phillip. Her legs were wrapped around his thigh, her arms around his shoulders as I pressed myself into her back, beginning to bite her neck and shoulders. She was shivering between us, unable to control her lust.

Marie and Clarisse moved by, Clarisse running a hand through Phillip’s hair and remarking, “I think he has found a new friend!” We broke up and moved towards the table, Amy not wanting to leave the dance floor and this new feeling.

I whispered to her, “You’ll be well taken care of tonight, I promise.”

She agreed, not letting go of my hand all the while. I saw her holding Phillip’s hand also as we approached our seats. Marie and Clarisse were already there, close together, enjoying each other immensely. Aside, I questioned Phillip. He told me they had been lovers in school and were still very close. We looked at them and both smiled, imagining these two together. Amy was impatient for Phillip to sit so she could take her place between us. This told me all I needed to know for the evening.

It was becoming very late. I suggested we continue the party back at our hotel. Clarisse and Phillip looked at Marie and she gave them a very positive nod. It was settled then.

We went out into the hot night, Marie and Clarisse ahead, arm in arm; Amy between Phillip and I, holding our hands. Phillip was complimenting Amy on her new clothes, letting his eyes roam over her. Amy was letting him go on, enjoying the attentions from this handsome young man. She squeezed my hand from time to time, wanting me to know she had not forgotten about me.

At the station, we walked to the quai and had only a few minutes to wait. Amy slowed down and Phillip went on ahead with the girls. Amy flung me back behind a pillar, putting her weight against me, kissing me hard, putting her tongue deep in my mouth. We kissed for a minute, then she pulled back.

“Don’t tease me,” She said. “Can I have him tonight?” She said this with such earnestness, desire in her eyes.

I held her close. “I promised you would be well taken care of. You will be.”

The train came and we scrambled aboard. As late as it was, there were few people on it and none in our car. We all sat close together, talking and laughing. Marie and Clarisse were holding hands now, and Amy could not keep herself from touching Phillip when they spoke. Phillip was leaning close to her ear when he talked, and she touched a lock of his hair and put it back in place. We arrived in Cannes and nearly ran to the hotel. At the desk I ordered champagne for our room and we headed for the elevator.

In the tight confines of the elevator, we were all pressed together. We laughed, and then Marie and Clarisse turned to each other and there was an electric moment. They kissed then, their arms wrapping around each other, their mouths moving.

That was enough to set off Amy, who put her hand to my cheek, kissed me, and then moved to Phillip, raising her head and kissing him fully on the mouth. Phillip responded immediately, holding Amy in his arms and returning the kiss with some passion. I felt hands on my shoulder and it was Marie and Clarisse, each leaning towards me. I kissed Marie, then Clarisse, tasting her. I ran my hands over each, the tight body of Marie, the full figure of Clarisse.

The elevator opened and we ran for the room. I had barely opened it when everyone piled inside. There was a mad moment of clothes being torn off – Clarisse tearing off Marie’s top, Phillip and I pulling on Amy’s clothes, and then we went to the bedroom.

I kept Amy between Phillip and me, pushing her back onto the bed. She struggled for a moment and Phillip instantly held her down, holding her, kissing her while I pulled off the short skirt and panties. Amy was nude now before us and Phillip took his time admiring her body. She writhed under his gaze, wanting to be seen, wanting to be touched.

Marie and Clarisse were consumed in each other, Clarisse had Marie on her back and her hand between Marie’s legs, telling her she remembered how Marie felt, how she tasted. Marie was holding on to Clarisse with both hands, her body wanting more. I took off my clothes while Phillip kissed his way down Amy’s stomach. I brought my hard cock to Amy’s mouth and she pulled it in, needing to please.

Phillip stripped and went between her legs, kissing the inside of her thighs, working towards her wetness. Amy moaned loudly around my cock as Phillip’s mouth touched her and started working the folds of her, taking his time. I laid beside Amy, letting her continue on my cock, and found Clarisse’s back to me. Reaching around, I held her breasts, kissed her back and started to unbutton her tight pants. She helped and pulled off her panties as well. I lay between her legs, my cock nursed in Amy’s mouth, and started kissing up Clarisse’s thighs, her mouth busy on Marie’s breasts, making urgent sounds.

Amy had enough of Phillip’s mouth. She pulled away from me for a moment and told him, “Fuck me. Fuck me now. Put it in me.”

Phillip raised up, smiling, his cock ready for her. He held it in one hand and pushed the tip in, then looking up to her eyes, pushed harder into her. Amy’s hips left the bed, her legs wrapping around his waist, trying to pull him in deeper. He moved back and forth and was sunk deep into her. She let out a groan, then reached over and pulled me into her mouth again.

Phillip held her up by her hips and began doing her hard, his muscled body straining into her. She lost my cock for a moment and cried out, her legs stretching out wide, her toes pointing as the muscles in her legs tightened. I held her mouth to me as Phillip thrust into her and knew she was being well taken care of.

Above me I heard gasping, and saw Marie writhe as Clarisse’s mouth was upon her. I concentrated on Clarisse’s wetness, allowing time for her to enjoy a movement, then changing to another, each a little more towards her most sensitive spot.

Clarisse was loud in her moans, and Marie giggled, “I had forgotten how much noise you make!”

She pulled Clarisse’s head up and pressed her mouth on Clarisse’s, putting her tongue into Clarisse’s mouth as I pulled her clit into my own. Clarisse’s hips started shaking as I worked her clit around with my tongue. Marie was pulling her nipples quite hard and Clarisse was tensing throughout her entire body.

I took my fingers and put them inside her, curving them to touch the front wall of her pussy, and started moving them in her. That sent Clarisse over the edge, crying out and bucking her hips on my mouth. I let her come down slowly, wanting her ready for more soon.

Amy was having trouble keeping me in her mouth as Phillip’s thrusting was becoming more urgent. Her gasps matched his strokes and she was building up towards an explosive orgasm.

I moved down to hold her, whispering into her ear, “Yes, darling… Open to him, take all of him.”

She could only gasp as he neared climax inside her. I held her tight, encouraging her on, whispering to her as Phillip gasped, “Dieu – I’m coming!” and thrust mightily into her, pumping his come deep into her womb.

Amy cried out and came down on him, his passion igniting her orgasm. They came together and kissed as he squirted inside her, finishing deep in her. He held there for a time, kissing gently, holding her, keeping her warm.

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