Hot and Fast

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Hot and FastIt’s a gorgeous day out and we are out driving.  The music is loud and we have lots of open road in front of us.We are just chatting, and you are watching the road, but I am watching you and I am getting hot. I am wearing a short cargo skirt and a tight tank-top and I’m idly moving my fingers along the bare skin of my upper thighs as I watch you..  The road is flying by as you drive, and I’m sitting beside you, undressing you with my mind.You glance over and see me looking at you through lidded eyes, biting my lower lip.  My nipples are hard and ready…  You know I’m thinking dirty thoughts..  Looking into your eyes I run my hands over my nipples, making a small sound in the back of my throat.  You look at me a say, ” Pull em through your shirt baby, make em hard..”I love teasing you when you know that you can’t do anything about it..  I love making you that hot.My one foot is down on the ground, my one underneath that knee, so my legs are spread slightly.  I tug my nipples hard and moan.You look and me and moan, “you’re so fucking sexy…”I tell you to keep driving baby…My one hand is still tugging and twisting my nipples through my shirt, and I run with the other, I run my fingers up and down my thigh, just slipping them under the hem of my skirt.  As you shift I feel the change in power up my spine..I shift in my seat as I’m getting so turned on, my breathing hard..  My skirt shifts up as i try to get more comfortable..  My hand disappears up my skirt, coming back up dripping wet.. You see my hand and moan, “oh fuck..” just under your breath.  Your foot presses the gas pedal and you shift hard as you go faster..  As you shift, I groan,” fuck yes, go faster baby..”I love teasing you baby, because I’m also teasing myself.  I am getting so hot..I bring my fingers to my lips and lick my sweetness off, slowly, moaning softly around my fingers.  My tongue snakes canlı bahis in between my fingers, running all the way down in between them as the tip of my tongue cleans the “V” between them out..I slip my hand up my skirt again and start to stroke my clit slowly..  I moan as I move my hips against my hands, watching your hand tighten on the steering wheel..  Every time you shift I let out a low, deep throated growl.  I can see how hot that makes you.  U better focus baby..I have not got 2 fingers deep inside of me, my thumb rubbing my clit.  My skirt has slid so far up, you can see that I’m not wearing anything underneath..  You look at me and tell me, “work it baby, work that hot slot…”I am biting my lower lip and bringing myself to the edge and back.  There is virtually no traffic around so I pull my tank over my head..  I unsnap my bra with my free hand and I drop it to the floor.  It feels so good to have the warm sun on my hard nipples.  My fingers are still working deep inside me, I lean back a bit and pull my hand out of myself, and I’m getting too close.I tease myself by playing with both hard nipples at once, making myself so hot.  I’m looking at you and telling you,” I want to cum for you”, saying that,” I want that hard cock in me now”, all in a low voice, in between panting hard..I can’t take it anymore.. I want to see if you can handle more..I put my hand on your knee, and let it sit there for a second, judging your reaction.  Then I slowly run it up your leg, along the inside of your thighs.  The first thing I touch is your tight balls, brushing them lightly with my fingers before I feel your throbbing cock..All the while watching you to get your reaction, I unsnap your belt and undo your fly.  I hear you moan, ” oh god baby”I pull your throbbing cock out and spread your precum all over the head with my thumb, by back against the dash, so I’m not bahis siteleri between you and your gearshift.You’re breathing hard, so I slow down barely stroking your cock.I reach up and lick the precum off my thumb.  I can feel my wetness ooze down my thigh, I am so turned on right now.I let go of your cock and run my hand up under your shirt, running over your tummy, and up your chest.  As my hands reach your nipples, I give them a light twist.  My head is almost on your lap at this point, so at the same time I give your swollen cock head a quick lick.The road has a few soft twists and turns, but you haven’t missed a shift yet.  I keep running my hands over your body; I love the feel of your arms and shoulders.  As I move back into my seat, my bare nipple brushes the top of your hand on the shifter.  I gasp out loud and I get a new flood of heat in my pussy.I can’t keep my hands off of you anymore.  I have one hand under your arm in your lap, caressing your cock, the other on your shoulder as I brace myself up against you, kissing your neck.My hands are over as much of your body as I can reach, as I take your earlobe between my teeth and suck and moan gently.  I keep moving my hand down to stroke your fat cock.You get so turned on by this, I love watching your struggle for control, and hearing you growl in pleasure.I have worked your cock out of your pants to the point I can just play with your balls a bit..  God I love how hard you are, I barely need to touch you.I look over my shoulder and see that we have a good stretch of road.. I growl into your ear, ” I can’t wait any more, I want you now.. Can you handle it?”You say, “I sure can”I slide my skirt up the rest of the way around my waist, completely baring my hot pussy, and I move myself down below your center console.  I crawl up into your lap from your legs so I don’t obstruct your vision.  I pull my legs up canlı bahis siteleri so the straddle you on either side, resting along the edge of your bucket seat.  I keep my head to the side, biting down on your shoulder slightly so I’m not in your way.  I’m short enough you can easily see over my shoulder.I adjust my hips and lift slightly so I can ease your throbbing cock into my tight, dripping snatch.I let out a throaty moan into your neck as I slide down your hard shaft.  You grasp the steering wheel hard behind me and grunt, “oh, fuck ya, take it all, take it deep inside you.”“Oh fuck yes”, I wail softly, “Keep driving fast baby..”I start grinding my hips into yours, fucking that hard cock with my body.  I keep kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling at your neck, shoulder, and earlobe..  Moaning my pleasure to you softly.You make a low groaning noise and shift again, making me moan into your ear, “Fuck yes!! Faster baby..”I’m moving against you with more force now.  My juices dripping down your balls.”Oh ya”, you say, “Ride it baby!!”My hands are all over you, my bare tits pressed against your chest.  “I can’t hold out for long baby, I’m gonna cum all over your cock..”I ride hard and deep, my pussy clenching your hard cock over and over as I cum moaning in your ear.Suddenly you downshift and power-slide into a clearing.. You barely get the car in park before you grab my shoulders with both your hands and start forcing my body hard onto your cock, fucking me hard.  I can tell you need more..You open your car door and we slide out, your hard cock sliding out of me.My skirt is still up around my hips as you push me face down onto the hood of your car and you drive your hard cock back into my steaming pussy.  You pound me hard till your cock is nice and slick, then you pull out and work your fat cock into my asshole.  You grab a handful of my hair and say, “oh you dirty girl, you need your ass drilled out for that..”I’m screaming in pleasure as you ride my ass hard, my bare tits against the hood of your car..And of course this is when I woke up, but I’m sure we can add our own ending if we like……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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