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My head hurts. Not a headache but like I’d banged it on something. I’m just waking up. I look around and have no idea where I am. It’s a room. A room made of cement blocks, it looks like. Painted or white washed somewhere in the past. Looks like maybe 15 feet or so by another fifteen feet. Concrete floor. I sit up. I’m naked. Completely naked. What the hell is this?

I look around. I’m sitting on a cot. Like a Boy Scout or Army cot, sort of x-shaped forms at the ends and in the middle with canvas stretched between. There are three of them. Just empty cots, no sheets or pillows or anything. There’s a window. I stand up. Shit, I almost fall over. Whatever happened to my head, I’m not over it. It’s a dirty window, glass, but a heavy mesh covering it on this side, fastened to the wall. I look out and can see I’m on the second floor in what looks like a very poor neighborhood.

There’s a white bucket in the corner. A fairly big bucket, probably five gallons. I go over and look. It smells. I began to realize, this is the bathroom. It’s been emptied but it’s held piss and shit, it’s still smeared with it a little. What the hell is this? There’s a door. I go over to it and grab a metal door knob. Locked, won’t budge. I’m locked up. Naked. What is this?

I sit down on the cot again. Why am I locked up? Where am I? Well, I’m probably in Cali, Columbia. That’s where I was before this happened. When did this happen? How long have I been here? I think about it. Logic says, I got conked and brought here. I probably wouldn’t be out more than a few hours. It’s probably Wednesday, that’s what it was last I remember.

I’m a TV camera man. Union. Work in L.A. Free lance but I work all the time, the studios just don’t have to pay me medical or retirement benefits that way. This producer, Joel, a really good producer, planned to shoot a documentary in Columbia and asked me to be the camera man. He praised my work, said I was exactly who he needed. So I came here. Came from the airport to the hotel and checked in with him and Marie, sort of a gofer and maybe his pump on the side, and Walter, the sound man.

I was supposed to meet them in two hours and decided to go out and walk around a little. I speak not a word of Spanish, I couldn’t go far or I’d get lost, I knew that. And now I’m here. I’ve heard of people being kidnapped for ransom. Is that me? Is Joel expected to pay some big ransom for me? I hope not because it sure isn’t in the budget, which is pretty tight, as usual. If I’m not there what does he do? Report it to the police? To the American consulate, if there is one? I think there’s been a mistake. I get up and go over and knock on the door and yell out loud, “Hello!, Hello!, Anyone!”

And I wait. Nothing happens. I yell again and pound on the door. Nothing. I go back and sit down. What is this? What should I do? I lay down. I think I fall asleep. I hear a noise and wake up, sit up. The door is being pushed open. I get up and take a step toward it. There’s a really bad looking dude standing there with some unusual machine gun or something and he waves at me to step back.

When I was a kid, I had a .22 rifle and went out with a buddy and we shot at bottles and cans. We did it a lot, were sure we knew what we were doing, always shooting into a hill. And we never got into any trouble. But this thing isn’t a .22 rifle. My guess is it’s what I’ve heard of as an UZI, some sort of automatic machine gun kind of thing. Whatever, I have no intention of doing anything to get this ugly guy to shoot me, so I stop and just stand there. A small, middle aged woman sort of looks around his waist at me, then disappears back again and a hand, hers I guess, reaches between his legs and slides a plate and plastic water bottle on the floor, into the room. The hand disappears and the dude pulls the door shut and I can hear it lock again.

It’s a metal plate. Looks like beans and some sort of tortilla, or a slightly thick tortilla kind of thing. The bottle appears to have been opened and resealed, probably refilled with tap water. There’s also a spoon. No knife, no fork, just a spoon. A metal spoon. I feel the plate, it’s fairly hot so the food must be hot. Is this poison? Do I eat it? Does it have some weird truth serum in it? What the hell, I better eat and worry about it later. It’s actually pretty good. Back in LA I always liked refried beans like they have in Mexican restaurants and this is a little like that. Well, not refried maybe but tastes a little like it.

I don’t know how long I’m here. Twice more the ugly dude has come back and the little lady pulls away my old plate and gives me another. So I’d guess it’s been a day anyway. I mean, I’m naked. No watch. I’ve thought about it and I suspect the reason I’m naked is so I can’t escape. I mean, I have no money, no identification, can’t speak Spanish and I’m in Columbia where everyone speaks Spanish. Or maybe it’s just to make them feel superior to me, or maybe to make me feel inferior to them. Whatever, it’s working. Escort bayan I’m upset. I have no idea what’s happening. This is all some very, very weird thing that I don’t want as part of my life experience.

When the dude shows up I talk, try and ask him why I’m here? What can I do to get out? Nothing. Not a word back. He probably doesn’t understand anything I’m saying. Then a knock on the door and a voice with an accent like Ricardo Montalban on that TV show where he and the little dude are on an island and the plane comes in, says. “Robert, you’ve been kidnapped and we’ve asked for your TV people to pay us.” I yell back, “They won’t pay, they have no money for this in the budget. This is all a mistake.” It’s quiet for a moment. “Then your government will have to pay” the voice says. “Who can I talk to?” I yell out but I never hear another word.

I do sit ups and push ups, naked on a rather dirty floor. I have no tooth paste or tooth brush, no soap or water, no clothes, no hair brush or comb. Can’t shave. Well, blond beards grow slower at least, I probably don’t look all that bad. What else can I do? Nothing to read. Might as well stay in some kind of shape. The armed ugly dude comes back over and over, the identical food comes over and over. It isn’t horrible food but a little variety would help. I use the bucket when I need to and the room smells like it. My guess is that’s it’s been four days.

The door opens. The ugly dude is there but it’s not meal time yet, I know. He’s holding a naked female, a very good looking naked female. With one of his arms holding her, he beckons me to him with the other hand. When I get close enough, he just shoves the naked woman at me. I catch her by putting my arms around her and holding her. I discover that holding a limp body, even though she’s much smaller than me, isn’t easy. Part of the problem is, I’m naked, holding a really lovely female body tightly against me and it’s down right arousing. My erection presses against her.

I move one hand and arm down around her butt. She has a terrific butt, firm yet soft on the outside. I’m 6’1″ and she’s probably something like 5’3″, so I hold her against me with her head on my shoulder and her feet well off the ground. I sort of stagger back some and get next to a cot, lean over and slowly lower her onto it. She’s not fully on it so I have to grab her butt and move it over a little and rearrange her legs and arms. Finally she’s laying on her back on the cot. Two of us now, locked in this room.

She’s a blonde. A beautiful blonde. Pretty face. An absolutely gorgeous body. Lovely enough to be in movies. The kind of body a sculptor would love to have model for him. Nice breasts. Not huge and pendulous. But even laying down they keep some roundness to them, lovely nipples staring at me. Fairly large nipples. Small waist. Stomach has a slight pooch or roundness but is very firm. A noticeable scar on her belly is the only thing short of perfection. I bet she works out. Great legs, nicely shaped. Rather thinner thighs that most women, she really does work out, I guess. And a bare pussy. Shaved probably. No way to tell if she’s really as blond as her head hair. But overall a really lovely, sexy woman. I go sit on my cot and look at her, waiting for her to wake up. I still have a hard on.

I can remember in high school, a bunch of us guys were lieing to each other, making claims for how great we were and when we got into some made-up story about being naked with a beautiful girl, I said that when it happened to me, I’d sure know what to do. Maybe I even believed it when I said it but probably not. I didn’t know diddly about what to do with a girl. I mean, I knew that fucking was pushing your dick into her cunt but nothing else. In fact, I remained ignorant longer than I should, even after my first couple actual fucks. I remember in college actually ending up naked in bed with the sexiest girl I’d ever seen in my life up to then also naked. I climbed on her and fucked her and as I pumped away she looked at me without a smile and said “Merry Christmas.” I never got another date with her.

I slowly learned to consider the girl and make sure she got something out of it, too. One girl taught me to eat her. Really taught. She insisted that I lick her and then told me each time exactly what to do. She had great orgasms as a result. She also gave great blow jobs. But we didn’t last. I couldn’t stand being ordered around all the time. Eventually I met and dated Diane. It took a few dates but then the sex was the best I’d ever had. I guess she felt the same way because three months later she moved in. We’ve lived together for about nine months now. And I know I’m much better at being a lover after living with a girl full time.

And as lovely as Diane is, this beautiful, naked blond laying here is as sexy as anyone possibly can be. The trick is, will she feel the same about me?

It takes a couple hours and she comes to. She sees me and spouts out a minutes Bayan Escort worth of sound, all in some foreign language that I don’t understand at all. She’s sitting up and looks as if she’s angry at me. I say, “I’m American. Sorry, but I only speak and understand English.”

She stares at me for a moment and then says, “I have little English. Who are you?”

“My name is Robert. I was kidnapped. Hit over the head and woke up here. I think you’ve probably been kidnapped, too. They probably are asking for some ransom.”

“Why are we naked. Where is this?”

“Naked. Well, I guess it’s so we can’t escape. Naked with no ID and no money. Maybe it’s to make us feel inferior to them or something, too. I think this room is on the second floor of a building in Cali, the poor part of Cali. The window has strong mesh over it. The door is locked. The bucket over there is the bathroom and why this place smells like it does. They bring some beans and tortillas every once in a while so they seem to want to keep us alive.”

“How long have you been here?”

“I think it’s been four days.”

With that she just sits there for a couple minutes, looking around and looking back at me every once in a while. “My name is Veronica,” she says. “My husband is here working on some deal involving oil for the Czech Republic. I imagine the governments will get involved in this.”

She gets up and walks to the window and looks out. Moving, she’s even more beautiful. Perfect body. I can’t help it, I’ve got at least an half erection, maybe more. When she turns away from the window I feel like she’s just looking at my cock and I think there’s a slight smile. “How did you get here?” she asks.

“I’m a television camera man. I came with three others to do a TV documentary for a U.S. network. The day I got here I walked out of my hotel and woke up here. I doubt if the TV people will come up with any large ransom amount, I can only hope our government gets involved or I could be here a long time.”

“Do you have a wife waiting for you?”

“No but I have a girl friends that’s been living with me.”

“You miss her?”

“Yeah, very much.”

“I have a husband and two children. I miss them, too. My children will worry. My husband will probably find a woman some how. He needs sex a couple times a day. Which is just as well because so do I. Just thinking about it makes me need some.”

She walks by me and sits on the next cot, facing me, her feet on the floor. She spreads her legs and reaches down with one hand and starts fingering her pussy. She stares at me as she does this. Her other hand goes to one of her breasts. She pulls on her nipple, which gets smaller and harder. Her finger has slid into her sex and she’s starting to move it, rubbing fast, back and forth. And she stares at me.

This is the sexiest thing I’ve seen in my life. I kneel on the floor between her legs. “Can I help?”

“I hope so,” she answers. I lean to her and use my hands to pull her pussy lips apart and lean down and forward more to get my mouth and tongue to her. She moves her hand out of the way. I can see, moving my eyeballs to look up, that she has hold of her other breast now, too. I start licking up and down in her slit. Her pussy is as gorgeous as the rest of her. Licking up and down, it’s like my tongue is in a warm, wet valley between her lips. I push my tongue into her vagina and then lick up and move my tongue back and forth on her clit. Her clit grows as I work on it. I take two fingers of one hand and slide them into her vagina and start sucking on her clit, pulling on it a little with my lips. I move my fingers in and out, finger fucking her and work my tongue and lips more and more on her clit. She starts moaning.

I pull back and look up at her. She obviously feels that I’m not licking and looks down at me. I put my finger over my lips, indicating to be quiet, and say “Shh” and point at the door. She nods and I start licking again. She still makes some noise but it’s muffled a lot. I can feel her cumming. She gets much wetter. I pull my fingers out and try to suck her whole pussy into my mouth, tasting her juices. She pulls on my hair and I sit up and get my very erect cock aimed at her vagina. She nods and looks like she’s mouthing “Da Da Da”. I push into her and she exhales and gets a big dreamy smile on her face.

Almost whispering she says, “Don’t finish in me, finish in my mouth.”

She’s really tight. Her insides grasp my cock. Really, really great fuck. It’s been almost a week since I last fucked. I know I can’t last real long. Her insides start contracting, pulsing on me as I’m inside her I pump into her over and over and I feel I’m about to cum and pull back. She does almost a flip on that little cot and ends up laying on her side, her mouth right at the level of my cock. She grabs it with one hand and pulls it to her and slides it into her mouth. She licks and sucks on it and gets her other hand back around on to my butt, holding Escort me to her. She sucks hard, I can feel it pulling my sperm out of me. I start ejaculating, shot after shot. She doesn’t lose a drop. She continues to suck on me after I’m done for a few seconds and then leans back some and looks up at me, her one hand still on my butt, her other holding my very red cock. “A good start” she says, giving me a dirty grin.

She’s been here maybe two hours and three quarters of that she was knocked out. And this is only a start? Well, what the hell. I lay her back some and get my hands and mouth to her breasts, getting ready to start working down her body. I figure when I get to it, I’ll eat her until I can get it up again and maybe next time we’ll last longer. I lean down and kiss her, can taste my cum in her mouth as we trade tongues. I kiss her neck her shoulders, telling her how beautiful she is and what a great body she has. “I’m going to feast on you as long and as often as you’ll let me,” I tell her as I kiss down over her stomach. She spreads her legs and moves her knees back almost to her shoulders to give me room. I spread her open with my fingers and kiss her, tongue her.

“You’re the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in,” I murmur to her as I get ready to start licking and sucking. I lick up and down in her slit. Tasty, still wet from the fucking. I love it. I lick and lick, push my tongue into her, nibble with my lips on her clit.

“I’m very small down there,” she says. “My babies were Cesarian and my husband isn’t as thick or as long as you and he’s the only one that’s been there before. I knew I had to try you as soon as I saw your thing.” And then she’s too busy moaning lightly in enjoyment of my licking her to say any more.

I’ve spent a lot of time eating pussy. If she’s like at least a couple girls I’ve been with, she’ll be happy to have me working on her for as long as I’m willing to keep tasting her. If I don’t finger fuck her or work to hard on her clit I can keep her into something like a very small orgasm for a long, long time. And that’s what I do. One of her legs is over my shoulder now, the other stretched out on the cot. I’m kneeling on the floor with her butt pulled almost off the canvas. I’m comfortable and so is she. I love what I’m doing and from her muffled sounds, so does she.

What interrupts us is the sound of footsteps outside the door. I leap back from her and sit on the next cot. I indicate for her to sit up. She’s got a questioning look on her face and I point at the door. It unlocks and the ugly dude with the big gun is there and the little woman behind him slides two trays and two water bottles through his legs into the room and the door closes and locks again. It makes me realize that I’ve never actually got a good look at the woman, I don’t even know if it’s always the same one.

“Our regular food delivery” I tell Veronica as I take a few steps and pick up the plates. I give one to her and set the other on the cot. I then pick up the water bottles and set them on the cot. have almost a full erection, built up while I was eating her.

“I think I’d rather eat what I see,” she says, staring at my cock.

“I plan on getting back to eating you in a couple minutes,” I say to her, “but we only get food when they give it to us so we better eat it while we can.”

We both just ate the beans with an occasional swig of water. “I really loved what you were doing to me,” she says. “My husband has never spent that long down there. So I’d like more of that. But I love having a man’s thing in my mouth. It’s just so sexy somehow, it’s shape, it’s taste. And my husband has always loved for me to do that to him. So maybe we can do both. You can get your mouth to me and I can get my mouth to you. I’ve never done that but it seems to me that it should work.”

“I’m sure it will work,” I tell her. “You’re a lot shorter than me so I’ll have to lift my head up some, probably hold onto your beautiful ass. I should be on the bottom, you sort of sitting on me.”

She gives me a big grin, sets her plate, almost empty now, to the side and stands up and takes a couple steps over to me. She starts pushing on me to lay back, so I set my plate on the floor and lay on my back on the cot. She straddles the cot and me and moves to get above my face. Then she lifts one knee up and puts it to the side of my face, then the other, and sits down some, lowering her pussy onto me. I get my tongue out and aim it into her and start licking what I can.

She bends forward and grasps my cock with her hand. She leans forward to get her mouth to me, which lifts her pussy away from me. I can feel her hand holding the base of my cock and her lips around the head, her tongue licking me. But now her pussy is maybe six inches away from me. I grab her butt with my hands and use that to help me lift my head up and forward until I can get my face back at her pussy. In no time, we’re each working away on the other, although this is not a good, long term position for me.

She slurps and sucks on me, I lick her, try and work on her clit as much as I can. She lifts her head up, sitting back so I can get my tongue to her easier. “I love this thing of yours. What do you call it in English?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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