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Big Dick

Subject: Reborn as a Horse-Dicked Teen First, 2 disclaimers, then onto the porn. 1. I’ve seen several stories of mine published under a different name. If you didn’t see it under this name or “pfieffer” the person violated my copyright…but I’ll live. And 2. The characters below have no relation to anybody, living or dead. The story may depict sex between minors and adults, incest, sex between minors, and probably a few other illegal things I’ve left out. These stories are in no way to be read as conding such activities. Quite the opposite. But these stories live in a fantasy world where such things are hoo I love fan mail — it keeps the stories coming ☺ I woke up, disoriented and feeling very, very strange. I groggily tried to remember what had happened last night. I vaguely remembered going out to a bar, drinking with this hot guy, we went back to his place, sat on his couch, smoked some weed, and somehow the conversation turned to sexual fantasy. He talked about some of his, I talked about some of mine, back and forth until we were talking about the stuff that normally we don’t let out of our heads to other people. I was 53, had had a moderately successful life, excluding not finding that true love I always wanted (well, outside of my dogs and cats, anyway), and a vague feeling of not doing what I had set out to do at 20 — standard mid-life crisis stuff. I don’t know what other’s thought at their mid-life crisis, deep down inside. I mean, I know we all feel dissatisfied, etc., but what else? In my case, a fantasy I had had since I was 15 was extremely strong in my head, and one of the primary things I jerked my very respectable, thick 7 inches to. I had a fantasy of being a teen boy — barely a teen, with a cock not just man-sized, but donkey-sized. A true freak between the legs, like a “Tom of Finland” cock or a “Giants” cock out of Inches magazine, or something made by a 3D application, only on a boy just about to enter high school. This was the fantasy I told the dude I was with (I never did get his name). He asked a few questions, and I gave him some of the details since he was curious — I was well aware that incest 99% of the time is a really bad thing that fucks up kids, but the fantasy of incest did it for me nicely. I babbled on about how big the cock and balls would be, how much cum I would make, even down to the amount of body hair (none, except for a small bush, barely more than peach-fuzz), and general appearance (blond, tan tow-headed pooka shell necklace-wearing boy). I even brought him in on the crazier parts — like immune to disease (say, like AIDS or herpes), being able to fuck nuts deep without killing or even hurting the guy (well, a bit of hurt — that glorious hurt of being stretched wider than you’ve ever thought possible), being able to get fucked by a cock as big as my own or bigger, infinite hardons, always massive amounts of cum regardless of how many times I had splooged, asses being perfectly clean no matter how deep I go (and of course me always being clean), etc. Stuff of fantasy and magic more than reality. Then after telling him all this, having a few more drinks and hits, I passed out. I opened my eyes, knowing that I should have a hangover, but instead felt very alive, energized, somewhat wild. As my eyes focused, I realized that I wasn’t in my room. My room was a tasteful Neo-classical, this looked like a kid’s room. There was a posters of young, cute actors and pop-stars, and a few other “Teen Beat” posters on the wall. There was a desk with a 27″ flat screen iMac, and I could see a calendar on the wall with the days marked off until a day in the beginning of June called, “Move Day.” That was the day-before-yesterday. At least that much was normal…it was the right day of the year — early June, 2021. There was a window above the desk and I could see the Golden Gate bridge, so at least I was in the right part of the world, but beyond that pretty much everything was getting very strange. I started to move to pull back the covers and get up, to see what was up, and froze. The arm that came out from under the blanket to pull it off me wasn’t my arm. It was a thin boy-arm with a light dusting of almost white hairs. I brought out my other arm. Yep, same thing. Highly confused, but thinking a very bizarre thought, I slowly pushed the blanket down. A hairless tan boy-chest just starting to develop was revealed. I pushed down the covers more — exactly more of the same, a flat, hairless belly. I stopped just below my belly button. Bizarre thought. Did somehow my fantasy come true? Was I dreaming? I did the classic, but always slightly silly act of pinching myself. It hurt, and that’s always supposed to mean it’s real, so I pushed down the blanket slowly, until the very top of the groin was exposed, and revealed a bare crotch – not even peach fuzz. I held my breath. The feeling between my legs, and the lump barely unexposed led me to believe the best, but `cmon, I mean, I was already in a state of “must be dreaming”. I pushed the blanket down slowly to my knees, groaning and muttering various epitaphs of disbelief. It looking like I was in the body of a perfectly normal young teen boy, but the limp cock that was revealed was a well over a foot long, and was thicker than the forearm of my previous body. The nuts were the size of cantaloupes, the nut sack so huge it was pushing my legs apart. I lay there, stunned for a moment — actually a few moments. I looked down at my hairless, barely teen body (how I knew I was thirteen-and-a-half years I didn’t know), and at the hideously huge mass of man-flesh between my legs. It was as big as some of my fantasies (I actually also fantasized about bigger). I picked up my shaft. So heavy. My boy-hand next to it made it look even bigger. I laid it in both hands, one at the head, the other at the base and a foot worth of cock sagged between them. I then noticed a full length mirror on the closet and was torn. Do I play with my new found super-cock, or do I take a look in the mirror and see myself. It was pretty easy decision. I pulled back the last of the covers and stood up, giggling at the slight unbalancing effect my weighty package had as my 15 inch long limp dick and tight massive ballsac swayed as I stood up. I turned and looked back at myself in the mirror — and groaned in dazed wonderment. I was my fantasy kid. I knew I was 13 1/2 years old, and that’s just how my body looked — like I was 13. Smooth, hairless body. I was blond, real blond, and it was short and spiky in one of the current fashions. My face was almost unbearably cute. I wasn’t sure what it was, but my face had a choir-boy meets California surfer-kid, with only barely hints of the man I was to be. That was a weird thought. I’m 53, no 13 1/2. Still utterly dazed and confused about what is going on. My eyes roamed downward, over my chest and belly, then down to the wonder between my legs. As stated earlier, it was 15 inches long. Again, I knew this, but didn’t know how. It was also just over 3 inches thick, 10 inches around. I was a normal 13-year old. I was 5’5″ (ok, a bit tall but my “dad” was/is 6’4″). That made my limp cock hang past my knees. I was cut. My balls were even more amazing. Each was 8 inches across, my nut sack was up and tight, like a boy’s should be but was the size of a basketball, In width it hid my legs in spots — that’s both legs. One thing about my cock — I was 13, but my cock didn’t look like a 13-year olds dick. It was a man-cock, thick and veiny, slightly darker than my body — and I mean veiny! Thick, pinkie-wide veins crisscrossed around the base and up the shaft. It was then I noticed a piece of paper taped to the mirror. I pulled it off and there were two notes. I read the top one: “Hey Sport, I was called into work early and didn’t want to wake you up on your first day of vacation. I put your allowance for the week in your wallet, so you’ll have money diyarbakır escort for food. Remember what I said about going out and exploring. I should be home around 6. Be home when I get there, and don’t forget to take your cell phone. Love, Dad” As I read it, information kept leaping into my mind. We had just moved here. My dad was a doctor and tended to work long hours and be called in suddenly. Now, don’t get me wrong — he spent a lot of time with me. There was just a good amount of days that I didn’t see my dad all day except when he came in and kissed me good night as I was sleeping when he came home, just like there were 3, 4 day stretches when he wasn’t working and it was just “us” time. My parents were divorced. My mom made it clear that she was too busy with her boyfriend to share custody so my dad had full custody, with my mom needing to ask for visitation, which was just fine with me. My dad was my caretaker growing up, and my mom always seemed to never find enough time for me. Don’t worry, I was in therapy for this, and already had an appointment setup to continue it, except of course that the kid who suffered through that was gone somewhere, though I did have his memories. I grew up in a mid-sized Midwest town, and we lived there because my mom liked it and had a job there. My dad hated it, and I hated it also. Tight, fundamentalist town and a gay kid with a massive cock don’t mix. (I’d been huge my entire life — but prior to this morning I had “only” 9 inches (hard). I knew, and yes, I already knew I was gay — only out to my parents, which is one of the reasons my mom rejected me.) So, after the divorce my dad packed us up and moved back to his home territory, San Francisco, California. I also knew my dad and I were NOT screwing around together, but the bulge in his pants had always started to intrigue me, and that my mom paid out a large sum instead of child-support and my dad had money anyway, so we were rather well off. Below this note was another, in a neat, tight handwriting. “Thank you for the night of drinking and smoking. You’re fun to be around. You don’t know my name, and you don’t need to, but you should know you were drinking and smoking with the Demi-God of Homosexuality. I enjoyed your fantasy, and was intrigued by it, so your fantasy has been granted. You really are the 13-year old boy you are seeing in the mirror, and will age normally. You are a 13-year old with a super-cock and balls — which will continue to grow, and the rest of the fantasy has been granted also — all of it, and a few more things you didn’t think of. Do not worry. The boy you now are would have died in the middle of the night. A hidden heart defect caused his heart to fail early in the morning while you were passed out. His spirit has left, and yours put in. Your old body will be found dead of a heart attack, but, as you said last night, you have no family, and very few friends. Don’t worry, I’ve made sure your dogs and cats are well taken care of. Enjoy your new life.” I stood there in my room, shuddering, almost fainting. I sat down on the floor, then jumped up screaming. My nuts were so large and hung down so far that I had started to sit on them. I sat on the floor again, this time making sure my nuts were not in the way. I sat there on the floor, trying to absorb what I had just read. I was 13 again? With the knowledge and experience of a 53 year-old man, and the cock of a god? And everything else? Immune to disease? Cumming and cumming? Being able to stick it in people without killing them? I sat there, stunned, unable to move. Luckily my cock decided what I was going to do next. With a slow throbbing feeling, my cock began to get hard. With each pulse it grew longer and thicker. 16 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches. It started to pick itself up, a monstrous thick veiny dick arching out of my crotch, over my knees, well over. At 5’5″ my inseam was only like 28, 30 inches, so my knees were 15 inches or so from my crotch. So limp, my cockhead bounced off my knees (or would if my massive balls weren’t in the way), but once it started to grow, it wasn’t how close it was to my knees, but now close to my ankles. With each beat of my heart my cock grew and grew — thicker, longer. Like any teen-boy it didn’t want to lay down — it wanted to stand up proudly. At 18, 19 inches it was starting to elevate, and by the time it was 20 inches it was sticking up from my bare crotch, continuing to swell. I watched in unbelieving awe as the head swelled, as veins bulged as my barely-teen mega-cock reached its full size. I looked at it and began to giggle — it was just too much. My cock was 24 inches long. 2 fucking feet! And almost any guy out there would be thrilled with half as much. The shaft was 5 inches wide at middle, and a bit thinner at the base and before the head. Oh, that’s over16 inches around, by the way. Veins as thick as my pinkie finger ran across the shaft, and my urethra (that’s the piss-tube, btw), was thicker than my thumb. The head was a monstrous perfect cap, darker than the shaft, and easily the size of a two adults fists put together, there was the piss-slit, and constant flow of precum poured out, within moments of getting hard, my cock and balls, was coated with my slickery secretion and it was pooling on the floor. The shaft had a slight upward curve to it. It actually looked a lot like my old cock, just 4 times bigger or so. And all this was jutting out of my 13-year old, utterly smooth crotch. My balls had pulled up a bit with my erection, and swelled a bit. Now, I was sitting, my cock was massive, and the head was right in front of my face. My mind was spinning, my thoughts becoming more and more directed to the monstrosity throbbing in front of me. I reached out and pulled the shaft towards me, the huge head, and reached out with my tongue and ran it across the length. I almost screamed in ecstasy as I did so…licking a cock that a horse would be proud of, only it was mine, and feeling both my tongue on a cock and having a cock with a tongue on it. At this point I totally lost control. I hugged my meat to my body with both hands, my mouth and tongue licking and sucking as fast as I could. My precum was sweet and sticky, quickly coating my face and wetting my short, spiky blond hair, then my hairless boy-chest as I used my entire smooth boyface to help my tongue and lips. I starting moving my arms up and down where they hugged the impossibly thick shaft, jerking it with my whole body, since both of my hands didn’t even begin to get around it. I could hear myself moaning and slobbering over myself. The feel of touching and licking an enormous cock, and to have a stallion-prick being worked on, had me over the edge if just a couple of minutes. Screaming into my cockhead, I began to bust. My nuts drew up, and I had just enough time to notice that they were bigger, much bigger now, before they began to drain. My first shot exploded out, splattering against the ceiling — and kept cumming. I wasn’t shooting shots of cum — I was hosing out cum. For a minute my cock busted out its load. The first jet spray out, splattering against the ceiling with an audible *splat*, and just kept coming. For a solid minute my cock ejaculated a solid streamer of sperm, as thick as my thumb. I barely had time to catch a breath before the next jet, and the next sprayed out. The first 5 minutes were taken up by only 5 shots — each one lasting a minute! The next 5 minutes probably had 20 or more spurts, lasting from almost a minute to the last few “only” being a few seconds long. By the time I was done, every surface in my room was coated with cream, and I was sitting in an ankle-deep puddle of it on my bedroom floor. I don’t know how much cum I made, but it must have been gallons upon gallons. I sat there, my cock still hard and throbbing, my balls only slightly drained, wondering what I was going to do with all the cum, when it started, well, düzce escort the only term I can think of is dissipate — like alcohol evaporating. A thought floated up in my head — this was another aspect of the Gift of the Queer God. There are many times when having gallons of cum dripping from every surface is a good thing, but some that it isn’t — like when it soaked my computer system and stereo and carpet. For those occasions, my cum would coat, then dissipate. Handy. Seems like he was telling the truth when he said he’d taken care of things I didn’t think of. O.K., so I had busted one load, but my nuts were quickly filling with another — and I mean filling. They were actually visibly swelling as my level of arousal grew. Why was it growing? I was looking in the mirror at a cute 13-year old with a cock of a stallion, and it was ME! Now what? I mean, I could sit here all day perfectly happy stroking and sucking my enormous rod, and was trying to think of why I shouldn’t, after all, my “father” didn’t know about my transformation, nor would he ever. He was protected by the “Buffy Effect.” For those of you who don’t know Buffy the Vampire Slayer (you poor folks), in the show, bizarre things happen all the time, but the people in the city just brush it off with lame explanations (an attack by vampires written off as a bunch of bikers on PCP). Lines like, “We’ll have a great year, if we don’t loose so many players to unexplained deaths,” and “How did we not notice this big, honking castle in the middle of town before?” are common. Like the city folk, my dad would never notice any strange behavior on my part, and my interactions with others would be kinda “protected.” You’ll see what I mean. Thinking that, I wrapped my arms around my cock, shoved my face back into the head and began working my meat over. This time I wanted to hold off for just a little bit to see if my nuts kept swelling. It was hard, I was a 13-year old boy, but I was also a grown man who had a rather decent amount of cum control. So, instead of being 13 and cuming in less than 3 minutes, I held off for a full 10! During this, my nuts churned, swelling with cum. By the time I was ready to cum, my cock was iron stiff, veins as thick as one of my fingers fully engorged, the head was fully flared out, almost as tight and as rigid as my shaft. Precum was fountaining out in a 6-inch high spray. By this time, my nuts had swollen from cantaloupe size to something almost twice as big, and when I came — I thought I was going to pass out on the first shot. It just kept shooting, as I writhed and screamed by ecstasy. It probably took 15 minutes to finish cuming this time. By the time I was finished, I was laying there, trying to catch my breath, in a 6-inch deep, room wide, puddle of sperm. I lay there panting, coated from head to toe in cum — hell, my room was so deep in my juice that it almost covered my thin, 13-year old body. Slowly it dissipated and I stood up, groaning at the weight of my cock and balls tugging on my crotch. I probably would be a pretty normal 110, 120 pound kid, but I was closer to 130 with my new, amazing equipment. On a lark, I got up and opening up my closet. I giggled as I realized all my clothes had been re-tailored to fit my crotch. Pants with large pouches at the front to hold me, a pair of Speedos that had a custom-built tube running around the thigh to hold my shaft (and it wrapped over half-way around my body. Yeah, that’s right. My waist was small enough that my cock wrapped around, the head at my ass) and a pouch up front to hold my nuts. I was looking through all my clothes, when I noticed a long box on the floor. I opened it up, and my cock jumped to attention immediately. In it was an 18-inch long, 4-inch thick dildo, with a pair of nuts like softballs at the base. My tight boy-hole started twitching, thinking about having my ass reamed by it. I grabbed it, and started rubbing my precum all over it, getting it lubed up for me. With the cups of precum I was pissing, it was only a matter of moments before I had it lubed from head to balls. I positioned it on the floor standing straight up, put the head at my 13-year old, virgin butthole and shoved myself down as hard as I could. Now, let me stop for a moment and explain something — yes, I’ll get back to getting an arm-sized dildo up me in a moment. I realized 2 things just before doing this — one, I could trust the gifts, and that included an ass than can take a telephone pole without ripping, and two, I could also be a 13-year old boy. What does that mean? Well, remember, I’m a 53-year old man, with all those experiences and knowledge. But I was also a 13-year old boy who had just moved away from a bad situation into a new city and a whole new environment. And who had a cock bigger than most donkeys. I could literally let me 53-year old self-drift into the background and enjoy and experience life as a 13-year old (with a mega-dick) — with my 53-year old self still around to help guide me. I did not want to go through the hell that all of have in puberty — AGAIN. Once is enough for any 2 lifetimes, but I’d be guide my 13-year old self though the rough spots. Confused enough? Let me tell you, it kind of has to be experienced. Anyway, my 13-year old self just impaled myself on an arm-long, fist-thick dildo. I screamed at the pleasure, and the pain of my virgin hole being stretched as wide a woman giving birth, and the pleasure of having a huge rod shoved into me. Like I thought, my gift included not immediately having to call 911. I howled and grunted as I forced it all into me, until I could feel the huge balls pressed against my crotch. My 2-foot cock was harder than it had been all day. It was almost painfully hard, the head swollen a taut dark purple, the shaft covered with finger-thick veins, my balls drawn up, looking like 2 beach balls glued to the front of my body. Precum was pouring out, fountaing in a foot high piss of precum. I bounced up and down and the dildo, long, 15 inch long strokes, raising up until the huge head is stretching my hole, slamming down until my ass cheeks hit the floor. I did this for about 5 minutes, my cock so hard it barely swayed as I bounced. I was coated in precum, the room was getting coated. The floor of my room sticky and slippery with it. I didn’t touch myself. I wanted to see how long it would take to cum just from getting fucked. The answer is 5 minutes. I truly don’t remember the first 5 or so minutes of cumming. Well, I do remember being locked in a solid, muscle-clenching, eyes-bulging rush of ecstasy as my ass convulsed around the dildo and my cock shot, and shot, and shot. My room was 3 inches deep in cum when I regained the ability to think and by the time I was done cumming, about 15 minutes again, but even more cum, the room was a foot deep in my splooge. I fell back, literally almost floating in a sea of my own sperm, catching my breath, the dildo still in me. After 3 cums, I was still very ready for more, but also wanted more than just a solo session. I wanted to freak guys out with the freakish thing between my legs and have them suck, lick, kiss and get impaled by my outrageous, 2-foot long, 13-year old prick. I lay there, floating in my cum, my half-hard, 20-inch long cock flopped onto my chest, my nuts floating between my legs, thinking about where I could go. As a 53-year old, I could go to sex clubs, bars, etc. As a 13-year old, I can’t even get into an R-rated movie without a parent. Hell, I can’t drive either. Luckily, San Francisco is not a town you need a car in. Between BART and MUNI, (light rail and busses and some subway), you can get anywhere. Also, I was going to have to deal with the fact that I was 13, and not all guys get into the fantasy of a young guy such as myself, and a lot would be afraid of being arrested for child molestation. Now, I knew they wouldn’t. It was part of the Gift. Now what? I got up and as I did, the edirne escort cum dissipated. I went to my closet and put on a pair of shorts and in the style of the day, a shirt that hung very low, half-way to my knee — which, with the cut of the shorts, gave the hint that something was back there, but it took lifting up my shirt to truly get a good look at the obscenely huge bulge in my shorts. Between my 15-inch long, 3-inch thick limp rod and my 8-inch diameter nuts, the bulge defied description, but imagine a 13-year old blond skate punk with a ball-bulge as big as a basketball and a limp cock snaking over them, down the shorts leg until it was at my knee. Even in the loose, baggy shorts I was wearing barely contained my mass. I stood in front of a mirror. Anybody who saw me would either figure I had stuffed a basketball in my pants or that I was hung more than a horse…probably the former. Now, I actually had a problem. Where to go? If I was 18 I’d be headed to the nearest bathhouse or other place where gay men go to get off, but I was 13. Heck, I couldn’t even get into a R-rated movie! That ruled out almost all of my favorite places, but there were a few cruise spots I knew that would work. The place I was thinking of specifically was a park that tended to be so cruisy guys fucked and sucked right there. There were times at night where there were 30-odd guys cruising and fucking, but during the day it was still active. I headed out into the hallway (my dad and I lived in a large condo in a set of towers) and walked to the elevator. Let me tell you, it was a new experience walking with a package like this. With ever step it swayed, I could feel the weight of it pulling on me. It took all the self-control I had not to pop a boner over the sensations. When I got into the elevator, there was an older guy, mid-40’s I’d say already in there. I boarded and he shot a quick look at me, then did a double-take and his eyes locked on my crotch. I looked back at him, smiled, and lifted up my shirt, exposing my full package. I could see his cock get rigid hard in his pants in the few moments it took to get to the ground floor. Just before we did, I lifted up my shorts leg to let him see the fist-sized limp cockhead at my knee, the off-boarded, relishing the stunned look on his face, and the stain on his pants where I made him cum just from looking at me. This was going to be fun. I stood at the bus stop for a few minutes, getting stares from all over. One guy on skates was staring so hard he crashed on a curb. I boarded MUNI and got into the way-back seats, sat, well, actually sprawled, I was 13 after all, and spread my legs. Anybody across from me who looked could easily see my massive head and shaft as it disappeared up my leg…and somebody did. A young guy, early 20’s, was seated across from me and he too looked, then did a massive double-take. It was just us in the back…the nearest person was several seats up, so I pulled up my pants leg, exposing about half of my limp shaft, 8 inches or so. His cock was rock hard in his pants and he was massaging it looking at me, almost not realizing that he was doing it. I got up and sat next to him. He stared at me wild-eyed. After all, here I was, a 13-year old kid, with a huge, monster cock…what to do? I helped him. I took his hand off his cock and put it up my shorts leg so he could feel the shaft and that it was real. “ old are you?” he panted. “13,” I replied, nonchalantly. His hand jerked back. “You’re too young, but you have…how? So big…but too young!?” He whimpered. By this time we were at the park. “Get off with me here,” I said. “No one will find out…it’s cool…and you do want to see the whole thing, don’t you?” He followed me off the bus like a zombie, knowing he shouldn’t be messing around with a 13-year old, but transfixed by a cock larger than he had ever fantasized about. We walked through the park until we reached the cruisy area, and I took him to a pretty secluded glade I knew of, walked in there, turned to face him, undid my shorts and let them fall to the ground and stepped out of them. Within moments of hitting air, my cock swelled from its limp 15 inches to its full, throbbing 2 feet, the head drooling precum, my balls churning away. “Suck it,” I commanded, thrilling on being a 13-year old boy with such control over grown men. He fell to his knees, slobbering all over my cock, wiping the massive head on his face, coating his body, hair, with my precum, sucking as much of the head as he could into his mouth, shoving his tongue deep into my piss-slit to drink my precum from the source. I grabbed my shaft and began to hit him with it, causing moans each time my 2-foot long, foot-diameter dick slammed into his body and face. Precum was pissing out in an inch long fountain, wetting him and the ground. “Get on all fours, NOW!” I commanded again, and the pussy-boy began to protest. “There’s no way it will fit in my ass! I shouldn’t even be here! You’re only 13…what am I doing?!?” He protested for a moment until the pheromones from my crotch hit him, driving all thoughts but queer-lust from his brain. He got on all fours, legs spread wide so my short frame could line up with his. I put my cockhead against his asshole and he whimpered. I laughed, knowing how much fun this was going to be. I pushed in, as hard as I could. His asshole resisted for a moment, then it ripped open and the first foot of my cock slide into him. He stiffened, then his body convulsed as he came under me, his cock shooting hands free from having the first half of my 13-year old, 2-foot penis pushed into him. I started to fuck him with short, hard strokes, trying to get more in, and in it went. Each thrust a bit more went in, until with a huge shove, I forced it all into him, my massive nuts swaying, pushed against his ass. The entire time he was gibbering, howling, screaming around my cock, lost in the lust of being fucked by a fantasy: a barely-teen, stallion-dicked boy. For me it was the first time I got to use my huge meat, for him it was an ultimate fantasy come true — I mean, how would you like to go cruising in a part a find a 13-year old, tow-headed boy wielding an arm-long cock? I pummeled him hard for about 5 minutes (again, it was that 13-year old thing again) and then began to unload in his ass. His eyes grew wide as he felt my cum jet into him… a solid hose of cum that would be shooting 10, 15 feet and more spraying inside of him. He screamed as he filled up with my boy-cream, cumming with me, not needing to touch himself again. My cum began to spray out of his ass, around where my cock was splitting his hips wide, my cock so thick it forced him into a spread-eagle. For 10 minutes I came inside of him, by the time I was done the grass around us was pooled with my juice, this time not disappearing, but staying there, oozing and spreading. I pulled out of him, my still-hard cock jutting up and out, precum pissing out of me, and turned around and saw that there were a good half-dozen men standing there. Some were jerking furiously looking at me, others had cum — at least once and were just jerking their limp dicks looking at me, but every one was bedazzled by my meat. “Who’s next?” I asked, pulling my cockhead to my mouth and kissing it, drinking my precum. With moans the few who hadn’t cum did so, their normal loads adding to the pool of my boy-cum. En mass they moved towards me, dropping to their knees and I began to get a 6-way blow-job. One guy worked the head and one starting to eat my asshole. Another took my balls and sucked, licked and played with my now-swollen-to honeydew melon sized cum-makers, and 3 took my shaft from both sides, top and bottom. I just stood there surround my men 2, 3, 4 times my age, getting my donkey-teen dick worked over. In only a few minutes I gave them what they wanted and began to shoot again, hosing out my cum and long, minute-long gushers. They took turns getting coated by, and drinking my cum. Each got a fully bellyful and still I shot, until the grass was ankle-deep in my white juices. Despite numerous offers to go home with them, I staggered to my own home and tried to figure out what to do next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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