homecoming part 2

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ok, heres part 2. before i upload part 3 i’d like to know if its wanted.

thanks again for the feedback.

its past 6:30 when i wake up. i find we’re intertwined, arms and legs all tied up. your eyes open as i try to move and you kiss me gently. as we undo ourselves, i look at the clock and ask if you’re hungry. you laugh and ask ‘for what?’

‘food.’ i say ‘do i cook us something or do you wanna order a pizza?’ pizza sounds good, its been several months since you had any so i call for a delivery. they say it’ll be 30 minutes and we smile, then kiss more for a little while. finally i put on a robe and you protest. i tell you ‘unless you wanna have me invite the guy in to join us on the floor, i gotta get a robe on to pay him.’ i see your eyes blink at the idea. you ask would i? ‘yes, the guy from this place is cute and about 20, so if i wanted, id fuck him when he came.’ you dare me to do it while you watch, not thinking i’ll do it.

i just say ‘ok, you asked for this.’ and go get some money for the pizza. about 5 min. later, the pizza arrives, and its the cute college kid i told you about. your in shorts and i invite him in. we exchange one last look, you don’t try to stop me, thinking i’ll chicken out first. i say i only got $12 for the pizza, but if he wants, i’ll be happy to do him for the tip. the kid stutters out a w-wha what did you say lady? and i repeat my offer, adding that my bf (you) will just watch. the kid, named joey, asks if hes being punked by his co-workers. i ask why he thinks this and he tells us how he always jokes with them about coming to my house with a delivery and hoping that i’d ask him to stay for a fuck and suck.

i laugh and say ‘well, you are cute and , what, gaziantep rus escort about 20, right? so you could do a good job pleasing me. if you wanted to.’ at this point you’re rolling your eyes, loving the fact i’m hitting on him in front of you just to win the bet. but joey says yes, he would like to fuck me long and hard, if its ok? he then says he will need to call in ‘car trouble’ so they know he’s on his way back in 30 min. i tell him, after looking at you and smiling like a Cheshire cat, that he should make it 45 min. you step in at this point and say ‘why not both of us at once, jen?’ i think as joey hangs up and drops his phone. then i say ‘ok, ill fuck you danny, while i suck joey off. then you guys can trade places.’ your mouth drops open in total shock. you thought you’d get me to back down, not up the ante.

joey just stands there with a ‘holy shit’ look on his face. his dream is gonna come true, and ill do the two of you. my bathrobe drops to the floor as i give joey a ‘full’ view. your shorts drop and you lay on the floor. i walk to stand over you and position joey in front of me as i rip his shirt up over his head, tossing it to the coffee table. as i start to lower myself, i unbuckle joey’s pants and they are thrown away. his polka dot boxers are cute and i pull them down next. as i do, i see he is already poking through his waistband. he’s ready, are you? i look down to see your more than ready, so i lower myself onto you and moan as you slide right in. joeys cock is shorter, but nice and wide. i start grinding into your hips as i put the tip of joeys cock in my mouth. i feel your hands on my tits, caressing and pinching the nipples. i love it and moan on joey’s shaft. i take him all in and start risinng and falling on you at the same time.

our hips slamming together as i suck joey into coming i ride you harder, i want you to come after him. i feel joey start shaking in my mouth, throbbing, jerking hard. hes got a big load for me and im taking it all. hes starting to say things like ‘take it’ and ‘swallow my little bitch’ i moan on him and it excites him into coming. then i feel your hips rising to meet mine. only to be pinned on the floor as i come down on you. now you are shaking inside me, trying to hold back and loosing the battle. i tell you both to come now and joey says he is. you say ‘yes baby, anything you want.’ now i feel you both filling me up and i’m loving it all. i slow down on joey as his cock stops shaking and he comes out and staggers back saying ‘holy shit that was good.’ i smile at him as you wind down, cum drooling down my chin. he smiles back and knows whats next. we wait for you to finish and i hand joey a condom. i tell him ‘no babies, except from danny ‘ and he puts it on as you pant and catch your breath.

he lays down and i lower onto him. you stand in front of me, wanting me to hurt. as i take in his large head, i yell out. and that’s when you step forward and drive yourself in my mouth! i wasn’t expecting it and you know it. my head comes forward full with your cock. and then, as i feel joey getting even wider inside me, i feel you at the back of my throat. then your hands clamp on to the sides of my head, holding me still and i don’t fight it. i just let you have your way with this. i know you don’t mean to hurt me, but i’ve won this bet and now i’m gonna pay a little for it, oh well. i start sucking you and biting down gently as you move in and out of my mouth at your own pace. my head is still and ill gladly take it.

joey, meanwhile is caressing my tits less gently than you did and im crying out, but only you know from the vibrations in your cock from my mouth. hes as wide as hes gonna get so i start riding him slowly. i don’t wanna break my new toy after all, so ill be gentle at first. then teach this kid what i’m really capable of. you move faster and faster. so do i and i have joey screaming for mercy in only 15 min. i now feel both of you shaking again. i know i’m close too. but who will be the last one? i start to feel the ribs on joeys condom, they’re making a good feeling inside me. i knew he was shorter and this is why i gave him the ribbed condom. i wanted to feel it all from him. as i pick up my pace, i feel him coming and now i know im next. i gush all over his waist and that’s when i yell out around your cock. you now see that we’ve come and you let loose into my mouth. it keeps coming and i let it blow right past my tongue, feeling my throat get warm from you, i hum, letting you know i loved it. i loved it all.’

after we slow down to catch our breaths, joey stands and i lay down, worn out by all this. he thanks me and starts getting dressed. when he goes to leave, i get up and walk him to the door, reminding him never to talk about it. he agrees, knowing if he does, this might never happen again. the smile on his face is childlike. i ask if he was a 3way virgin and he says yes. i tell him he did well and to be proud of himself for a first showing, i loved it. once he leaves, we sit on the couch, resting. we decide its time to eat and watch some tv. its about 7:30 and we cuddle in front of it,too tired to do more for a while. i lay my head on you chest as we watch tv and you stroke my hair.

end of part 2

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