Homecoming – 1

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Homecoming – 1Holly was devastated. She came home sick and caught her husband in bed with another woman. Her marriage wasn’t the happiest but she struggled hard to make it work, even gave up things she loved to keep together. Seeing him in bed fucking a woman, no, someone half his age, that was the final insult. She didn’t say anything. She packed a bag, slammed the door as she left and drove to the nearest motel. Next morning, between sobs, she called an attorney.Holly is a good person who tried to make her marriage work. Bob was a jerk who could have cared less. All he thought about was himself and beer, buddies and sports on the television. For twenty years, Holly suffered in silence. Their sex life died soon after the vows were spoken in that cavernous church so long ago. She cried as she watched her c***d bearing years pass, alone in her room knitting scarves for her nieces and nephews. Bob could have cared less as he opened another beer and wondered which game he was watching.Perhaps catching him fucking her was the best thing that happened to Holly. She was forty and still pretty, a little overweight but manageable. She had a career so money wasn’t a problem. She would walk away from this disaster and begin again, a new life, a fresh start. But that was the problem. All her old friends were gone, chased away by her lout of a husband, s**ttered across the country. She hired a good attorney. He kept the house but she got just about everything else, including the Subaru. Life was beginning anew.Holly moved into an apartment near the university, on the top floor of a high rise, safe and secure. It was a spacious four room affair with a wonderful view of downtown Baltimore and she took the furniture she needed to fill her new space. She left Bob with very little. It took forever rearranging everything and still she wasn’t satisfied. Everything had to be perfect. She was starting anew and she didn’t want to make the same mistakes she did twenty years ago. She craved to be happy, to be loved, to be wanted.. She loved her new life and hoped her luck with happiness would change. She was ready and willing to feel free again, to choose new friends and perhaps a new lover, to feel the hands of another on her body, to lean her head back and moan into a long orgasm. Her fingers did wonders but that was not what she wanted. She wanted loving hands, tender caresses and a cock buried deep inside her pussy. The problem was, Holly didn’t know where to begin. She hated the bar scene. She loved to drink wine, but to sit in a bar and be subjected to a dozen men like Bob was more than she wanted to deal with. kütahya escort She wanted more than that. She wanted to be loved and to love back, to ram her hips hard on a thrusting cock, hands squeezing her breasts, her nipples begging to be teased, pummeled, caressed. Each night she would dream of such an encounter, of some loving man who had been hurt and disillusioned, willing to begin again and please her, to make her feel wanted again, to make her cum in delight, to put her past behind a glorious future. She sighed. Masturbating even depressed her. Each time she came, she thought of Bob and all the useless Bobs in the world. Sighs turned into tears and Holly sensed she had reached the end of her short lived sex life. One morning, Holly got a call from mom. Her dad had a very bad accident and she rushed home. Her parents lived Cumberland, a three hour drive, and she went straight to the hospital after leaving the interstate. Finding mom, she found out he was on the operating table and the prognosis seemed good but she stayed all afternoon and into the evening until she was sure dad was going to pull through. The hospital staff made arrangements for her mom to stay with him that evening, to be there when he awoke from the anesthesia, while Holly, when visiting hours were over, drove back to her c***dhood home for much needed rest.Holly needed a drink. No, she needed a couple of glasses of wine to release the tension that wrecked her senses and aching body. Her parents didn’t drink so there would be nothing waiting at the house and Cumberland was so different from when she grew up. She had no idea where to stop until she found a small bar on the edge of town with a lighted neon Rolling Rock sign on it’s last legs. She figured one place was as good as any other, parked the car and walked inside.It was very dark and it took Holly’s eyes time to adjust but she found her way to the end of the bar, away from the other customers. She wanted to be alone. A middle-aged woman, much like herself, was washing glasses, carefully stacking them on the counter. She finally dried her hands and walked up to Holly.“Can I help you?” She lit a cigarette.“May I have a glass of wine? Chardonnay would be nice.” Holly felt uncomfortable and felt she should have ordered a beer but she hated the taste and it reminded her of Bob. “I don’t have that fancy stuff.”“Anything will be fine.” She walked over to the cooler, pulled out a bottle of (?), poured a very healthy portion into one of the newly clean glasses and walked back. Holly’s twenty soon returned as eighteen. “You new here sweetie?”“Actually I kütahya escort bayan grew up in Cumberland but left twenty years ago.” She slowly sipped her drink and hoped the questions ended there. She was not in the mood for idle chat. “Then, welcome back,” she said as she wandered down to the more crowded part of the bar, a trail of bluish smoke marking her path. Holly was relieved as she sipped her drink. Looking around the dark interior, she saw a few patrons, mostly men spending time away from home. The air was filled with smoke but that did not bother her. Some of the men would stare at her as she sipped and she prayed none would walk up and try to hit on her but none did. That was the last thing she wanted. Finishing her drink, she placed the glass on the counter.“Another?” Holly nodded as the barmaid returned, picked up the glass and filled it even higher. Two more dollars disappeared from the counter. By now the alcohol began to ease the stress and Holly felt better. The more she drank the more she felt relaxed, a good feeling after all she had been through that day. And what a day it was but she was finally relieved.Near the end of her second and last drink, Holly knew she needed a different relief. She looked around and found a fading sign pointing to the restrooms. Slipping off the stool, she nearly stumbled but kept her balance as she walked down the hall to the restroom. She opened the door, turned on the light and chose the farthest stall. She lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties while squatting down on the cold seat and peed. Pulling a few sheets of paper, she began wiping herself when she head hard stumbles in the hallway, a door opening and more stumbles beyond the wall of her stall. The light went on and she saw a piercing ray of light illuminating her thighs. Holly froze as she noticed a small hole in the wall, not too large but perfect for… she panicked. She leaned down and saw him unzip his pants, pull out his cock and pee. Her eyes were transfixed on his cock, his hand holding it at the base and she realized that she was still rubbing but not with paper. Her fingers slid over her clit in slow caresses as she continued to peer through the hole. The man finished and shook her cock, tiny droplets falling over the floor. He kept holding his cock and began caressing up and down until it began to rise. Holly wanted to flee but all she could do was rub her clit harder as she watched him rub his cock. She must have moaned. The man turned and faced the wall and rubbed his cock faster. Holly saw him step forward and held his cock very close to the escort kütahya hole, his fingers squeezing around his nearly erect shaft harder. All Holly could do was rub herself and hope he would leave her to her fingers but he pressed against the wall and his cock slipped through.Holly sat there transfixed. His cock throbbed up and down and she could see he was squeezing the base. A small drop of precum oozed out and she shuddered as she reached over and let the drop land on her finger, a string forming as she moved her finger away. She knew he was squeezing harder and more cum oozed out of his cock. She was rubbing her clit between two fingers when she reached over and rubbed the cum over the tip of his cock and he moaned, his cock throbbing up and down. Holly began rubbing him between her thumb and finger, slowly at first, spreading the cum over his shaft, her thumb pressing against the underside. Her fingers slipped into her pussy, her other hand gliding over his now lubricated cock, holding him, squeezing tighter, watching a glob ooze out and fall to the floor. Holly couldn’t stop. The harder she masturbated, the faster she rubbed his cock. She could hear him crushing against the wall, pressing as hard as he could to expose more of himself to her wet fingers. The sloshing in her pussy, his heavy groans excited her beyond her wildest dreams. She felt her body letting go as her groans grew, gazing at her fingers fucking this stranger’s cock, squeezing it, watching the long strand of cum hanging down from his tip. She could feel he was close. His cock started to jerk higher in tiny spasms and she held it tighter in her wet fingers. He grunted and spurted over her bare thighs. Holly rammed her fingers hard into her pussy and came. Each spurt hitting her skin made her jerk in involuntary spasms, her pussy contracting around her fingers. As soon as the stranger came, he pulled his cock back, rammed it into his pants and left in a hurry. Holly sat, nearly in tears, cum rolling down her thighs and falling to the floor. What have I done, she thought. She dried her eyes and tried to clean herself as best as she could but she was shaking too hard, embarrassed that she actually allowed herself to give him a hand job but she heard footsteps and noticed light illuminating from the other side of the hole. Not again, she thought, and she leaned over and watched someone pull his pants down and press against the wall, his flaccid cock barely peeking though. She watched it grow in disbelief. All she wanted to do was leave but the way it hardened begged her attention. Holly turned her body and faced the wall. She slipped to the sticky floor, her panties still around her ankles, knelt and gazed at his rising cock. She wanted to reach up and touch it. Instead, she moved closer, opened her mouth and slipped his cock between her lips as she reached down and touched her clit.

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