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HOME SWEET HOMEHe looked down at his ticket, seeing that his train would be the next. He folded the ticket gently as he looked around the train station and wondered how long it had been since he was home. He thought back to the last Christmas he spent with his family before he left for college and a better life. That was three years ago. He straightened his work suit from his new banking job and marvelled at the success he had gained over the past term. He was well on his way to a life of luxury and fulfillment.His eyes rested upon a cute blond standing in another line. He held back his smile as his eyes took in her smooth tank top that covered her firm back. He instantly saw her athletic ass and wanted slide up behind her and hold her. It was the only thing missing from his life that he wanted dearly, someone to love him. Being a banker meant he was not as physically active as most young men and he spent most of his time when he wasn’t working at the gym, making sure that he would be in top shape in case the right woman came. He watched the blonde walk to another line and his feet instantly followed her. He stepped in behind her and took in a breath, lightly taking in the smell of her hair. He sighed as once again his mind got the better of him. She used the same shampoo he did, a strong dandruff style that was nothing short of masculine instead of the feminine aromas that he craved. He still marvelled at her body and as she turned, he barely managed to lift his eyes from her shapely ass.”Can I help you?” Her voice was short and direct, not what he was wanting as a first encounter. He looked into her blue eyes and saw the glint of anger and he instantly knew that he had been caught once again ogling over another woman.”Dude, what the hell? You’re in the wrong line. Yo Derrick over here.” Derrick looked over at the call of his friend Jon and scratched his eye lid in embarrassment before his cheeks reddened. Derrick ran his hand through his short brown hair and smiled sheepishly before mustering an answer, before she screamed out for security.”I was going to ask you where this line was heading, you look familiar.” Derrick replied then kicked himself at the setup he just gave himself. He knew that he had been caught red handed and would be sentenced accordingly.”Well I see your friend there knows where to go. So run along little boy.” She replied coldly and turned around. Jon watched his friend nearly sulk over to him and chuckled as Derrick straightened his suit.”Shut down again? Man you got the worst luck ever.” Jon said keeping his laughter to himself. Derrick was certain that once Jon got a couple drinks in him that he wouldn’t hear the end of it. “Besides you don’t want that one, she’s married and a bitch.””How do you know these things?” Derrick replied and Jon pointed at her left hand. Derrick sighed as his eyes rested upon a large diamond ring, sparkling from the many incandescent lights that illuminated the train station.”You got to watch for those things man. You just can’t waltz up to any woman and expect the sparks to just happen. It takes a calculative mind to make the right steps. How to explain it in your bank men terms. It’s like getting a mortgage. You just can’t walk in and slap it down, you have to pursue and get all the stuff signed before you can open the doors to her.” Jon added and Derrick could barely hold back his blushing as the topic of picking up a woman was reduced to banking terms.”Once again Jon, I bask in your holy wisdom and wish that one day it will rub off on me.” Derrick replied and Jon shook his head and smirked.”I don’t rub off on any man, it would make too much of a mess.” Derrick pushed his friend away and Jon laughed at his joke before returning to the line up. “So why are you all of the sudden going back?””My parents demanded that I come back. I don’t see why though. They never spend any time with me. I think it was Courtney that convinced them.” Derrick replied and Jon shook his head and looked at the train that stopped in front of them. The doors swung open and the mass movements of people getting off and on the train began.Derrick and Jon left the train and shivered slightly in the cold air. The line to get inside was quick and both were thankful when they reached the indoors. Derrick looked back and watched as the skies opened up and snow began to pour out from above. He shook his head as he took his bag from the pile.”So how are you getting home?” Jon asked as they made their way to the doors. Derrick took in a deep breath and watched the familiar people he grew up with walk around him, oblivious to his presence. He could feel one set of eyes on him but as he looked around, he couldn’t find them.”My parents are supposed to be coming to get me, you?” Jon pointed to the car sitting outside the main doors. Derrick smirked as Jon’s mother sat waiting in the car. Derrick watched as she fixed her short brown hair and straightened her dark green blouse. Jon’s mother always liked to look good for anyone.”Well now that she’s preened herself you better get out there.” Derrick replied and Jon snickered and patted his friend on the shoulder.”Have a good Christmas man.” Derrick nodded and waved to Jon’s mom. Derrick leaned against the wall near the door and sighed.”There you are.” Derrick looked up and his eyes rested upon the most beautiful set of legs he’d ever seen. His eyes followed up her feminine legs to her womanly çankırı escort hips. He smiled as his eyes passed over her voluptuous breasts, her hourglass figure near perfection. His eyes stared at her long black hair and vibrant hazel eyes. His thoughts began to turn torturous for him as he stared at her, unable to break away to figure out who she was. “Hello, earth to Derrick.” She said and Derrick snapped out of his tantalizing thoughts and recognized his younger sister.”Hey Courtney, how are you? Sorry, it has been a long trip.” Courtney nodded and they headed out into the storm. Derrick purposely stepped behind her as they made their way through the parking lot. He tried his best to pay attention to the path, but his eyes were firmly focussed on his sister’s backside. He could tell that she had been keeping in shape and had taken to their mother’s femininity. He took in a deep breath and caught the faint aroma of peach shampoo and he smiled as he smelt something daintier. Courtney stopped in front of their parents’ old van, the same van that Derrick remembered growing up with. He shook his head as his sister opened the passenger door before getting in on the driver’s side. Derrick wondered what was coming over him, Courtney was his sister, not the woman he should be interested in, but here he was staring, trying to get a better view of her cleavage as she got in and looked over at him.”Are you getting in?” Derrick shook his head from staring at his sister again and got into the van. Courtney smiled as her brother rubbed his eyes and relaxed in the seat. “We’re going to play a little game.” Derrick instantly knew what game they were going to play. It was the same game that they always played when he left for long periods of time. “The game of confession! You first” Courtney announced and started the van. Derrick sat up straight as she pulled out of the parking stall and onto the main road.”I got shot down again.” Derrick said, confessing to another failed attempt at getting a woman. He looked over at his sister and smiled as she giggled and turned onto the highway. She smiled and watched the road before taking off her coat to reveal her tube top. Derrick once again found himself staring at his sister and Courtney could feel his wandering eyes resting upon her body.”Like what you see?” Courtney announced loud enough to startle Derrick from his staring. He instantly blushed and stared at the snowy road ahead of them. “I guess it’s my turn.” She added and Derrick thanked the small amount of good luck he had. “I think you’re hot. I watched you and Jon in the train station and I couldn’t help but marvel at the work you’ve done.” Derrick was beside himself as his sister confessed to ogling over him. He stared blankly at her as she purposely pulled down her tube top, trying to fix herself. Derrick instantly stiffened at what he was witnessing. “What are you doing? You should be focussed on the road.” He stammered out again, his eyes barely able to pry themselves away from the top of his sister’s tits. Courtney sighed and looked over at her brother and shook her head.”What, a girl can’t fix her top anymore without it being sexual?”She growled back. She kept her attention on the road and Derrick rubbed his temples from the embarrassment he just caused himself yet again. His mind sheltered itself in his thoughts as the imaginary pictures of his sister’s breasts being fully exposed made his breath catch itself. He could feel the tingling in his loins as he relived the possibility that he could have seen a different pair of tits since high school. Derrick became so deep in thought that he didn’t see that Courtney had turned into a small strip mall.”I have to pick up a present. I’ll be right back.” She said and ran into the mall. Derrick watched her ass shake nicely as she ran and once she entered the store, he closed his eyes and leaned back in the seat.”What’s wrong with me?” he whispered as the once again the mental pictures of his sister’s ass and chest flooded his mind. He began to imagine himself rubbing up against her, her hips pressing into his crotch so he could grind himself against her. What he would do to her once she took off her tight pants made his breath shaky and he looked down and saw that he was getting aroused by the thought of banging his younger sibling. Derrick instantly rolled down the window and shivered as the cold air hit him. He looked down and positioned himself so his tenting pants weren’t noticeable. He looked up and watched his sister run out of the mall with a bag from a clothing store. She jumped in and rested the bag behind her seat and closed the door. She brushed off her bare shoulders and shivered. Derrick smiled and rolled up his window as she started the van.Derrick entered his home and was greeted by his parents. Hugs and congratulations were spread about, the usual greetings that he endured when he came home. As his parents stepped aside, he was greeted by the many members of the family that had taken the trip for the holidays. Derrick watched as Courtney made herself sparse downstairs as the evening drew on. Soon after, the alcohol began to flow and the conversations turned to the usual drumming of life. Derrick smiled and scooped up four beers before heading downstairs.He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and froze as he saw his sister in her blue tube top and matching panties. He once again marvelled at çankırı escort bayan her sexy feminine frame and once again the image of her against him distracted him. He watched as her legs lightly kicked her ass, before resting back on the floor. His eyes trailed up the seams of her panties, sinking in between her cheeks slightly before diving across her pussy. Derrick swallowed quietly and looked from her ass to the back of her head, hoping that he wasn’t caught staring. He felt the blood rush to his groin, taking note of the woman lying on the ground mere feet from him. Before he could get caught peeping, he turned around and knocked on the wall.”Is it safe to look? I barely managed to walk down these stairs.” Derrick lied and Courtney looked over her shoulder and giggled. She said bye to her friend and hung up quickly before turning over. She had hoped that he’d notice her. She didn’t know why she was attracted to her brother. He was different in her mind. She knew that he would treat her with love and respect.”As long as two of those beers are mine then you can join me.” She replied. “Had enough of the old people? Let me guess, the debate rages on?” Derrick nodded and they both laughed “They should just let that slide.” Derrick handed her two of the beers and Courtney smiled as he opened one for her. “So what’s it like at university? I hear the parties there are to die for.” She asked and sat the beer bottle between her legs, mere inches from her thighs. Derrick smiled and took a deep swig of beer and shook his head, trying his best to not stare at her slender legs.”They’re not all cracked up. Lots of drinking but the people that come in groups generally leave in the same groups.” Derrick replied. He couldn’t help but stare when Courtney sipped her beer, pretending to close her eyes. She watched him take a glance at her shaven legs up to her panties and she held back her giggles. For the first time, she was certain that he was checking her out. A burning desire tickled through her and Courtney could feel her chest blushing slightly. Their eyes met and both stared at each other, neither wanting to look away.”So, you still play that thing?” Derrick asked pointing at his old playstation as the laughter from their relatives broke their near primal stare. Courtney nodded and pulled out a small CD case and slid out the only racing game he’d ever played.”Yes, I’ve been practicing too. I’m pretty good. How about a race?” She replied, methodically starting the task to get what she wanted.”Sure. I haven’t played in forever.” He replied and Courtney instantly jumped on the chance to take advantage of her brother’s slightly intoxicated state. She downed half her beer and turned on the system.”So how about a wager, if I win I get to ask you a question. If you win I’ll do anything you want.” She smiled as Derrick nodded before he could think straight. He instantly wondered what he was getting himself into but trusted his sister not to do anything foolish. They picked their cars and sure enough, Derrick found himself in a tight race. They laughed and cursed playfully at each other and Courtney pulled ahead at the very end and won the race. She cheered victoriously and grinned with satisfaction.”So my question to you, Do you like what you see? You never answered me before.” Derrick stared blankly at her and Courtney took a mouthful of beer, waiting for her answer. Derrick could see in her eyes that he wasn’t going to be able to use reason to stop her from getting answers from him.”Yes I do, I think you’re a very gorgeous woman.” He replied and quickly chose the next race. Courtney grinned and once again Derrick found himself at the losing end. He lowered his head in defeat and smirked once he saw his grinning sister.”What would you do to me if you had the chance?” Derrick couldn’t believe what he was hearing and Courtney slid closer to him, while he stared at her. “Would you touch me?” She asked and slid up beside him, staring into his eyes. She smiled and brushed past his cheek and glanced at his ear. “Would you take me lovingly or just fuck my brains out?” She whispered in his ear. Derrick nearly fell from his seat as her hot breath tickled his ear. His mouth went dry, his thought pattern vanished, and his body stiffened as she rested her elbows on his thighs, her breasts lightly touching his chest.”What the hell girl? I think that’s a question that shouldn’t be answered.” Derrick replied, the only thing he could come up with.”You have to answer me.” Courtney snapped back and slid her hands down his legs, her fingernails dragging lightly down the inside of his legs. Derrick swallowed hard and watched as his sister stared into his eyes before down at his crotch. She smiled sexily, her vivid hazel eyes smoky with lustful intentions.”I would do everything to you. Love you passionately and fuck your brains out.” Derrick replied and after the eight beers he drank, he could feel his control weakening. Courtney smiled and picked the next race. Just before the race started she leaned to his ear, keeping an eye on the TV.”If you want me then you better beat me.” She whispered and Derrick choked on the breath. Courtney purposely chose the race she hated and did her best but knew that she would lose and as Derrick crossed the finish line, she waited for her brother to make the move. She needed him to be as consensual as her. “So what would you have me do?” Derrick escort çankırı was beside himself as she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, her tits at eye level. She knew how to get a man interested and Derrick instantly smelt her chest and began to lose his morals.”Strip for me.” He quietly demanded and Courtney gave a naughty smile before pulling him away from the stairs, giving them enough time to save their dignity in case they were interrupted. Courtney turned up the TV enough where the beat of the music was loud enough for her to work to. She swayed her hips to the beat while her hands ran down her sides and up her chest. Since she had only two pieces of clothing she took her time dancing to the music before turning around and lifting her tube top off. She flicked the shirt away before turning around and revealed her chest. Derrick smiled as she pressed her tits together, flicking the nipples. Derrick quickly hardened as Courtney’s hands drifted down to her panties. She turned around again and looked over her shoulder, winking deviously at him. He watched as she hooked her thumbs underneath the fabric and bent over, letting her panties hug her outer lips. She swayed to the techno race music and pulled her panties over her ass. Derrick slowly stood as Courtney stepped out of her panties. He reached around her, his hands grabbing her full breasts, pulling her into him. She gasped as she felt his cock pressing between her ass cheeks. She instantly felt her pussy moisten as his hands slid up and down her flat stomach before returning to her tits.”You are such a naughty girl.” He whispered lustfully in her ear and Courtney grabbed his head, pulling him down so he had a perfect view of her breasts.”So how would you take me?” She whispered as she rolled her hips against him.”I would do anything and everything I could think of to you.” He replied, his eyes never leaving her breasts.”Would you finger me? Would you lick my lips? Would you take me?” She asked, wanting to see if his mind was completely on her.”Yes, yes and hell yes.” Derrick replied and Courtney slid her hands up his leg and grabbed him through his dress pants. He shivered as she rubbed his aching member and felt her own pussy heat up. She slowly unzipped his pants and both barely held back their lust as she reached in and wrapped her fingers around his cock. Suddenly, knocking came at the top of the stairs and Courtney ran for the walk in closet. Derrick cursed and zipped his pants up before bolting to the couch.”Derrick, we’re heading to your Uncle Eric’s hotel room, they have a pool there. Do you and Courtney want to join us?” Their mother shouted from the top of the stairs and Derrick looked over at his naked sister and grinned.”No thank you. We’re trying to see who the better racer is right now.” Derrick replied Courtney rubbed her tits together before her hands slid sensually down to her inner thighs. Derrick stared lustfully and could barely keep himself on the sofa as their mother came downstairs.”You can finish that later, you haven’t seen your family in so long. Come on, you can borrow your father’s trunks.” She replied and Derrick closed his eyes. He looked over at his mother and nodded. He glanced over at Courtney who pouted before putting a finger in her mouth and sucked it before calling him over. Derrick waited until their mother left before rushing over. Courtney jumped into his arms, locking her legs around him, pressing tightly to his dress coat. They began to kiss feverishly, their tongues instantly fencing with each other.”This is yours when we’re done. God I want you so bad.” She whispered as she pulled his head to her neck. Derrick kissed up to her earlobe and nibbled on the sensitive skin, making her gasp quietly.”This is so wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this but I can’t help it.” Derrick replied and kissed down her neck, biting her shoulder lightly, lost in his own lust. Courtney groaned quietly before sliding her legs off him.”I know that’s what makes it so naughty. I’ve wanted you since you saved me at the mall. I just never knew how to get you until now. You better get yourself under control, or do you need some help?” Derrick listened to their parents and could tell that they hadn’t fully committed to departing. Before he could say anything Courtney slid down his legs and undid his pants. Derrick stared as she pulled out his cock from its aching hiding place and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. He had never compared himself to any other man in his life but Courtney stared at his engorged cock and grinned.”Not bad, it’s a shame that you had to keep this hidden from me.” She teased. Derrick could only nod as she moved her hair to one side and licked his mushroomed top. Derrick watched with lust as Courtney opened her mouth and took him in halfway before stopping. Derrick’s excitement grew exponentially, the years of pent up sexual frustrations finally on the verge of ending. He closed his eyes and listened to her light moans and quickly lost himself in the pleasure he was receiving. His toes bean to curl as the burning sensation began to grow. He was so close. The laughter above quickly subsided and only Courtney noticed. She rolled her tongue around his shaft before slipping off his dick and left him hanging.”Let’s go!” Their father shouted from above, startling them both.”What, that’s it?” Derrick said and Courtney licked her lips and smiled devilishly. She took her tube top and slipped it on before snatching her panties before he could find them.”For now, I want you to remember this moment.” And with that she slid on her panties and rushed up the stairs, barely avoiding his grasp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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