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This is nothing but a fantasy and it’s not meant to be a great work of prose. If you think that this subject may not interest you, please don’t be surprised and then leave negative feedback. Now, on to the fantasy…

Living alone has its drawbacks, but it also has its benefits. One benefit is that I don’t have to answer to anyone, I can buy what I want to buy, eat what I want to eat, and I can run around the house naked if I want to. And, I do all of those things.

The last one, running around the house naked, has recently gotten me into a sticky situation (literally) with a small group of recent high school grads in my neighborhood. I’m a substitute teacher and as such I usually have summers off, but I try to pick up teaching work here and there to make ends meet. This past summer I read an ad for a “part-time substitute teacher wanted” for the summer to help a group of recent high school graduates get into a local tech college. Apparently, these young men weren’t the best students in high school and none of them have been accepted into the tech school yet. They needed to work on a few things. Little did I know that I would be one of those things that they would be working on.

I’m 41 years old but am in the best shape of my life. Another benefit of living alone is that I can work out at home whenever I want to, and I usually do it in the nude. My sexual appetite is somewhat insatiable and I’ve been with both women and men, often at the same time. I have a thing for asses. I love to spank them and to have mine spanked. I love to fuck then and to have mine fucked. And I love to fill them with cum and piss and I love to have mine filled with cum and piss. I also have a fantasy about being taken against my will and being used as a nasty sex slave.

I knew most of the young men who I would be working with from being in this neighborhood for several years and also from substitute teaching at the high school. Tony was the last one to turn 18, just a few weeks ago. I was at the neighborhood birthday party. That’s when something happened that sort of made me think that these kids were looking at me as more than a teacher. Tony mentioned that he also likes to work out in the nude and then he caught himself and he immediately changed the subject. I have already been raped by Tony, at his birthday party. I was in the bathroom taking a piss and Tony just came up behind me and pulled my stretch shorts to one side and started sliding his hard little cock deep into my ass as I was pissing! I couldn’t stop, but I turned around to see who it was and I was surprised, and so turned on to have this young kid fucking me like there was no tomorrow, slamming against my sweaty butt cheeks! To have this young guy who had just turned 18 be turned on by me enough to just start raping my asshole, that was a turn on. He didn’t last long but it was great and he deposited a nice load of his young teen cum in my asshole. We fucked twice that day, both times in the bathroom. The second time he was lying on my back on the fuzzy bathroom rug and slamming into my asshole as I was lying flat on the floor. It felt great, like I was being raped, which I actually was. He was forcing his cock into me violently and holding me down against my will, or so I pretended, as he raped my asshole over and over again and filled it with cum yet again. But, this time he held it in and also pissed in my ass! It was such a great, dirty feeling to be filled with his young hot piss after being raped by his young hot cock, and to know that I turned this young stud on so much that he wanted to fuck me twice in the same afternoon. I didn’t tell anyone about those two fuck sessions, but I have a feeling that Tony did.

He also raped me in my weight room as I worked out in the nude a couple of weeks after he first had his way with me at his 18th birthday party. I was on my stomach on the weight bench and all of a sudden Tony was right there and he started fucking the shit out of my sweaty ass! I didn’t even hear him come in but now he was straddling me as I was draped over that weight bench and he raped my asshole like an animal, hard and fast. He just rammed his little cock in my ass and started bouncing off of my cheeks, slamming into me as hard as he could, punishing me and raping me. How did he get into my house? I had a feeling that he would surprise me by forcibly slam-fucking into my asshole many times in my weight room now that he had a taste of that.

Back at my house, there were only four guys who came over for tech-school preparation classes. They were all just barely over the age of 18. They were all short, maybe just over 5-feet tall at the most. Avcılar Escort Tony, Jeff, Zack, and William, or Bill, would be my classmates for the summer. What a summer it would turn out to be.

I have a room in my house that I use for tutoring so made arrangements to have them meet at my house on the first Monday of June. There’s no sense in putting this off, they needed help in order to get into the tech college in the fall. Being summer, they all showed up in shorts and t-shirts, except for Bill who had a white tank top on. They were all in pretty good shape but Bill had a bit of a gut hanging over his cargo shorts waist. Of course, that’s the day that my AC decided that it had enough and it quit working so it was getting warm in the house. It was almost 80 degrees when they got there in the morning and it really heated up later, if you know what I mean.

Each of them grabbed a chair and sat down. They were looking at me in a funny way, had Tony mentioned that he had seen me buck naked working out? Had he told them that he raped me in his mom’s bathroom, not once but twice just a few days ago?! Had they all been spying on me, watching me through the window as I worked out in the nude, thinking of raping me like Tony did? Lying on my stomach on the weight bench with my full ass cheeks sticking up every time I lifted a weight, clenching my cheeks, puckering my ass, and grinding my cock onto the padded bench. Then, when I turned over I would always have a hard on from lying there almost humping that hot, slippery, padded weight bench. My cock would be waving around in the air as I was on my back lifting in that position. I can only imagine what four young, inexperienced 18-year old guys would have on their minds, even if they didn’t have thoughts of fucking another guy. I knew for sure that Tony liked to fuck my ass! Now I was starting to have thoughts about them. I mean, they’re all of legal age, they were all in my house, they were all waiting to be taught. I was secretly hoping that things would get out of control like they did in Tony’s mom’s bathroom. Little did I know that I would be the one taking lessons from these horny studs.

We were only about an hour into the study session when Zack asked why it was so hot in the house and he asked if he could either turn the AC on or take his shirt off. I explained that my AC had quit working so there was no other choice. They all took their shirts off, all except for Bill. They were all in great shape and they were all sweating, in fact we were all sweating. It wasn’t too much longer before I took my shirt off, too. We kept studying until noon when I suggested a lunch break. They had all brought lunches with them so we sat around the talked while we all ate. We got pretty comfortable with each other by that time and we didn’t seem to think anything about a guy in his 40s sitting around with four 18-year old guys, most of us with our shirts off and sweating, sitting around in my house. Looking back on it, it is pretty weird.

When we were done eating, “class” resumed and as I was writing an equation on the white board in my home classroom, I felt hands around my waist. It was Zach. I asked what he was doing and he said that he couldn’t help himself. I didn’t know that someone my age would be such a turn-on for these young guys, but they were all horny as hell, especially after several hours of being in my house with all of us sweating. Zach started rubbing my back, which of course felt great, but I wasn’t sure if that was such a good idea or not. I asked him to please sit back down and pay attention. He sat down but as he turned to go back to his seat, I looked down and could see that he had a hard on! We all had sports shorts on, the stretchy ones with the elastic waistband and his shorts were poking out in front. I thought wow, I’m turning on these young guys, it was a great feeling to know that my hard work of keeping in shape was paying off.

It turns out that Zach wasn’t the only one of them to be turned on. I kept writing and when I turned around they were all rubbing their crotches. I tried to stay focused but when I turned around again, Zach came up behind me again and I could feel his hard-on poking into the back of my shorts, in-between my ass cheeks! I can’t lie, it felt great and I started to plump up. He hugged me from behind and I knew that things were going to go south real quickly. All of a sudden there were two sets of hands on me, then three, then four! They were all rubbing me and rubbing into me, pressing their cocks into me through their shorts.

My cock was pressing against the loose shorts that I had on and then it happened, Avcılar Escort Bayan someone pulled my shorts down! SPRING, out came my cock, popping out of my shorts, which were now around my ankles and I was standing there with my back to them totally naked. Then the real class session started. The four of them must have really been horny. I was about to find out that they were.

I was being rubbed and squeezed and poked and prodded and then one of them slapped my ass. SPANK! “Ha!”

They laughed at how my ass cheeks bounced when they slapped them. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SPANK SPANK! My ass cheeks were being pummeled with slaps and I was being held down, basically pushed into the white board while they spanked my sweaty, slippery butt cheeks. I could feel fingers poking at my tight little hole and they were laughing as if they’ve never seen anything like it before. Had they? Was I the first naked guy that the three others had ever seen? I know that Tony had seen me naked in the recent past.

I felt some hand lotion being rubbed on me and squirted in my asshole and then I felt one of the white board markers being pushed against my asshole! “Hey! What are you doing?”

They didn’t answer, just more chuckling and pushing until it was in almost all the way with just enough of it sticking out for one of their little hands to hold onto it. Luckily they had the cap on so they weren’t painting my asshole with white board markers, that would be hard to explain to my next sex partner.

As they were poking that marker in my ass and spanking me, I felt something soft on my asshole and it was a hot dog that one of them brought for lunch! He was fucking his uneaten hot dog into my asshole, and it felt great. I was so horny by that time that they could have done anything to me and I would have been turned on.

I could feel little cock heads being rubbed on me from behind, pushing in-between my pressed-together, sweaty, slippery, lotion-oozing asshole and butt cheeks. I was pretty creamy and slippery back there, to say the least. They were surely all rock hard by this time and it wasn’t long before one of them was pounding his little dick up my asshole like it was the first and last thing that he ever fucked. He just literally RAMMED his hard little dick all the way into my slippery, lotion-oozing asshole and was pounding against my butt cheeks, almost like he was punishing me and really wanted to let me have it. I was basically going to be raped by four 18 year old young men in my own house!

I egged him on, “Oh yeah, give that cock to me! Pound my ass you little ass-raper. Fuck me as hard as you can, harder, HARDER! Bottom out in my ass you little shit. Slam into me, fuck the shit out of me, literally. I want to feel you slamming against my sweaty, slippery ass cheeks and feel that cock of yours sliding way up my shit chute. Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it! Harder! Fill my ass with your hot young cum you little ass-fucker. Rape me and breed my ass with your hot, dirty little sperm you little punk! I want to feel your hot, sticky, slippery cum shooting up deep into my ass! Rape me!”

It didn’t take too long before he slammed against my sweaty back and ass cheeks and shot his first little load of hot cum in my ass. I bet that it was the first one that he ever shot in anyone’s asshole. Was I the first guy that he had ever fucked in the ass? He was really slamming into me, good thing his cock wasn’t that long or that big, he really would have bottomed out. Talking dirty really turns me on and it must have really turned him on since he really started fucking into me hard at the end! Which one was it? It didn’t feel like Tony’s cock and he was much rougher on my poor little asshole when he raped me in his mom’s bathroom and in my weight room a couple of days ago. He really liked to spank me and slam into my asshole.

Then came the next cock and it was a little bigger and longer. I could feel fabric and I knew that it was Bill who was now pummeling my poor little asshole. Pulling all the way out and then SLAMMING all the way back in again. He slammed into my tight little pink hole like he was punishing me, and punishing my poor little raped and abused asshole. He gave me a bear hug from behind as he kept fucking into my asshole. He was really going at it. My feet were off of the ground, just how strong was this kid? He kept fucking but he carried me over to my vinyl couch and sort of draped me over one of the padded arms. My cock was poking behind me and my ass was in the perfect position for a thorough reaming and that’s just what I got. Bill was amazing, he just kept going and going and Escort Avcılar going.

Even my nasty remarks didn’t get him to cum. “You call that fucking? I’ve been raped better by the school janitor. Drive that cock into me if you think you can. Pound that dick into my little hole, stretch it out, pull it all the way out and then SLAM it back in again! Pull my slippery ass cheeks apart as hard and far as you can and then Rape my dirty asshole, fuck the shit out of it! Is there shit on your cock? There must be, you’re fucking so hard and so deep up my ass, you ass-raper! Rape my asshole, spank me as you rape my ass! Spank me! Spank me! Fuck me! Drill my asshole, fuck the shit out of it, do it harder! Pound into my ass as hard as you can, spank my ass as you make my poor little raped asshole loose by fucking the shit out of it”

Bill just kept fucking and fucking. He was definitely getting an A++ for this lesson: how to fuck the shit out of your teacher’s ass! He also got an A++ for filling it with hot cum. He sped up and slammed his cock up my abused and raped little asshole and started spewing a huge load of hot sperm deep up there. I could feel it shooting in me like a cum enema. I’ve squirted lotions and water and other things up my asshole, but this was amazing. For such a young guy he really knew how to fuck and fill a guy’s ass, I’m just glad that my ass was the one that he was fucking and filling with cum.

When he stopped filling me with his dirty cum, he pulled out and immediately shoved a butt plug in my hole!

“YOW!! Hey, what’s that for?”

“I don’t want any of my cum to leak out of your ass until I can fill it again, you naughty teacher. We’re just getting started raping and abusing your asshole. We’re going to fuck it over and over and over again and fill it to overflowing with cum and piss. You won’t be able to shit for a week we’re going to fuck your ass so hard and deep.”

“I deserve it. Please rape me anytime you want to. If you see me in the hallway on a weekend when nobody is around, pull me into the janitor’s closet, pull my pants down, and you and the janitor both rape me right then and there without any warning. Just shove your hard cocks into me without any warning. I always squirt lube in my hole so it’s always ready to be raped and abused by dirty stranger’s cocks. The dirty old janitor has raped and abused my poor little asshole more than once, grabbing me and pulling me into the janitor’s closet, tying me up bent over, spanking me, and then raping my asshole and filling it with piss and cum and making me eat his dirty hot cum and suck my own ass juice off of his cum-covered cock after it’s been in my ass. He jerks me off and puts my own hot cum into my mouth. He has had his crusty old hairy, dirty, nasty, stinky friends rape me, too. They have given me enemas in his mop sink several times, filling my ass from the mop hose and then plugging my ass and spanking me until I can’t take anymore and then they pull out the buttplug and RAM their cocks up into my ass, hitting bottom, as I’m trying to shoot out all of the water that’s in there. Then they do that over and over again until I’m totally clean. Then they just keep fucking and fucking me and filling me with their dirty hot piss and cum. Every weekend that I’m at the school I get raped by someone, usually by several strangers at the same time. I just get pulled into a dark room, my pants are pulled off, and then I’m spanked, raped, and cummed into and pissed into several times by strangers and left there in a pool of hot cum and piss. My poor little raped asshole is oozing cum and piss and is throbbing and pink and hot and puffy from being raped and abused and slapped and spanked and fingered and poked and prodded and fucked so hard and my butt cheeks are hot and red from being spanked.”

Over the next couple of hours those 18 year old young men had raped and abused my poor little tight asshole and had done some nasty things to it and put some nasty things in it. They’ve tried to fist my asshole, stretching it out, putting their fingers into a cone-shape and just laughing and punching into my asshole, trying to get their whole hand into it, but it’s too tight. They’ve all pissed in my asshole, two of them fucked it at the same time. They slammed a dildo into it and sprayed two full liter bottles of fizzy water up my ass and then fucked into my poor little hole as the water was shooting out. They left me tied up in the alley behind my house and a couple of dirty homeless guys raped my ass and used it for a urinal as I was tied over a garbage can and naked as they video taped it with their phones to use as blackmail if I ever quit letting them rape me. It was great being used as a dirty sex toy by strangers like that. Now I wonder what our next dirty study session will be like with these four horny lads, I’d better get my asshole in shape, I have a feeling that it’ll take some harsh abuse this summer…

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