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It had been a slow day at work, so I decided to get out of there a little early. It was 3 PM, and this was a rarity for me, as I normally found myself working an hour or two past my normal end time. I had made plans with my girlfriend to go out that night. Nothing special, just dinner and maybe a movie or a comedy club. It was a cold Chicago February day, and although it wasn’t snowing currently, there was still a good foot or so on the unplowed sections of the city. We wouldn’t stray too far from either her apartment or mine, but I knew it would be a cold walk no matter where we went. Since I was getting out of the office early, I decided to just head over to her apartment right away and see if we could avoid some of the crowds that tended to gather around 6 o’clock or so.

I walked the handful of blocks from my office building to her apartment. As I walked along, the cold air stabbing through my pants and stinging the exposed skin of my face, I tried to think of where we could go tonight for dinner. There were numerous restaurants, bars, and delis within a few blocks of her building. As I walked, I kept looking in the different establishments to try and determine just what I was in the mood for tonight. In reality, it didn’t matter. We would go wherever she wanted to, but it kept my mind off the cold.

When I reached her building, one of the many high-rise apartment complexes in the city, I bypassed the doorman by using the extra key that she had given me a few months prior. Since I usually ran late, I would normally still go to the doorman and have him announce me. I always used the excuse that he was busy with other people, making it appear that I wasn’t as late as I really was. She never did wonder, at least to me, why I always had such bad luck at arriving at her building when the doorman was occupied with a few other people before getting to me, and I wasn’t going to admit the real reason. Using the extra key, I entered through the side door and made my way to the elevator. Since it was still early, there were only a couple of people who I passed between the door and the elevators. An elevator was already there, waiting to take me up to my destination on the seventeenth floor.

When the elevator doors parted and let me know that I had reached the right floor, I walked the short distance down the hall to her door. I knocked lightly on the door before opening it with the key. I didn’t want her to think that I was a burglar breaking in. I knew that she had pepper spray in her purse, and I definitely did not want to get an eyeful of it because I had come over early. As I let myself in, I heard her stereo blasting out music in her bedroom. It was some kind of techno-rock, the kind of music that I refused to let her play whenever we were together. I closed the door and said “hello,” but received no answer. I went to the fridge and got a bottle of water before making my way to her bedroom to let her know that I had left early just for her.

I walked the length of the hallway to her bedroom. As I passed the bathroom, I noticed that the rug had dark patches on it and there was some water still pooled on the edge of the tub. She had obviously just taken a shower or bath, probably getting ready for me to get back in a few hours. Perhaps she had been working out since she had the day off. When I reached the open door to her bedroom, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There she was, laying on her bed masturbating. She had caught me a few times early on in our relationship, but I had never seen her pleasuring herself before. I had never been a patient person, so I had always been eager to help out whenever she was in the mood, and we both had insatiable sexual appetites.

She didn’t hear me as I had approached her bedroom, and despite my surprise, I obviously hadn’t made enough noise to announce gaziantep escortları my presence as I stood there watching wide-eyed as she let her hands caress her own body. A few feet in front of me on the floor was a matching bra and panties set. I could see a dark patch on the green silk fabric of her panties, and I knew the real reason for her mid-day shower. Whatever she had been watching or reading or thinking about had aroused her enough that she couldn’t wait the few hours until my arrival.

I stood there watching. Her fingers were masterfully entering her glistening slit as her thumb was rubbing her clit in smooth, quick circles. Her other hand was caressing her breasts, gently pinching alternating nipples as they worked across her chest. Her body was flushed and still damp from her shower. Her shoulder-length blond hair was wet, and I could see droplets of water running down onto her pillow. Her eyes were closed lightly. Her faced looked angelic as her imagination continued to spawn the thoughts which seemed to control the movement of her hands and fingers. Next to her on the bed was her crumpled towel, and next to that was her dildo. Her chest was rising with each breath that she took. Soft moans were escaping her lips as she expertly massaged her entire body. I could see that her nipples were erect from her thoughts and the attention that she was paying to them. Each time she moved her fingers in and out of her pussy, I could see her juices covering them, almost dripping off of them.

I just stood there dumbstruck. I couldn’t move. Watching her, I felt like a spell had been cast upon me, keeping me motionless despite my desire to take her at that very moment. I could feel my cock growing in my pants, striving to get out. Pushing against the fabric of my boxers, my erection was climbing down the inside of my thigh and causing my pants to become extended at a forty-five degree angle outwards.

Her breathing was becoming more shallow with each passing second. I could tell she was close to orgasm, possibly her second or third so far. She began banging her fingers in harder and faster, perhaps thinking that it was my cock, or Pete Jr., as she had nicknamed it. Her soft moans were replaced by louder ones in an instant. Her body began writhing on top of the sheets, her head swaying in rhythm to her building orgasm. I watched as her mouth opened wider, letting her voice carry across the room towards me. She continued on. I was mesmerized by the sounds and visions of her orgasm. My cock was straining fully against my boxers and pants.

Suddenly, her moans were replaced by her voice. She spoke softly at first, saying, “Oh, yes” and “Oh fuck” and “Fuck yes.” The audible level increased exponentially as she continued to work her fingers. Soon, the room was filled with her shouts and screams, only being hindered by her loud, rapid gasps for air. Her climax arrived with an ear-piercing yell. I watched as her body relaxed and she seemed to fall deeper into the softness of her bed. Her face was more flushed now, her cheeks rosy with pleasure as she lay there. There was a damp spot on the sheets between her spread thighs. A satisfied smile seemed painted on her pink hued face. Despite her powerful orgasm, she kept rubbing her fingers along the outside of her moist lips.

She started to raise herself up on her bed. I quickly took a step back so that I was hidden behind the ajar door. I didn’t want her to know that I had been witness to her escapade. At least not yet.

After what seemed an eternity of standing there silent, hearing my heart pound in my chest and feeling my aching cock still pushing to try and release itself, I finally got the courage to look in her bedroom again. I hadn’t heard her moving around, and I hadn’t seen her walk over to her dresser. I had thought that I would see her just lying there on her bed, trying to catch her breath and relaxing her tensed muscles. As I peered around the door, I found that I couldn’t have been more wrong. True, she was still lying on her bed. Instead of relaxing, however, she had replaced her fingers with her dildo and was sliding it slowly in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Although it had only been about a minute since her previous orgasm, I could tell that she was getting close to another.

I had always been amazed at her potential for multiple orgasms. There had been a few occasions when it seemed as though I just couldn’t cum when we were having sex. On those rare occasions, she never wanted to stop. She would just keep riding Pete Jr., or she would keep pulling him into her pussy by contracting her muscles until she had climaxed more times than I could count. It seemed that she harnessed that same ability when she was alone also.

Watching her slide her dildo in and out, the fake balls pressing against her ass as she took the whole length of it inside of her, I wish I knew what had put her in this mood. Was she reminiscing about a night we had experienced together, or was she thinking of someone else? My mind raced as I tried to get just a glimpse of what was running through her mind on that afternoon. Despite these thoughts, I could not take my eyes off of her body and the thrusting phallus. Her knees were parted farther than before. She had propped herself up on some pillows, and the serene look on her face had been replaced by one of both pleasure and pain as the thick toy was being consumed inside of her tight pussy.

In no time at all, she was climaxing again. This time, it was more forceful, causing her body to quiver as screams again escaped her pouty lips. As her body again relaxed, I remained planted where I stood. I watched as her body became limp, removing the dildo and letting it fall from her grasp onto the bed next to her. After a few deep breaths, she opened her eyes. She saw me immediately. The look on her face was that of embarrassment and annoyance, both directed towards me.

“How long have you been standing there?” she asked.

My mind searched for some quippy retort to put her at ease, but I was at a complete loss for words. All I could muster was, “Long enough.”

I tried to reassure her that it was no big deal. After all, she had seen me masturbate a few times. It was only natural. I had seen her in the throws of passion before. None of my rationalizations seemed to have an effect on her though. She just stayed in the same position, fixing me a look that was half scowl and half smirk as I tried to get myself out of the dog house.

Knowing now that nothing I could say would have an effect, I moved over to the foot of the bed. Risking further indignation from her, I reached forward, grabbed her ankles, and pulled them over the end of the bed. I knelt down on the floor and parted her thighs slightly with my hands. At the moment I pushed my face forward into her pussy, I could feel her juices encompass the whole of my mouth. She was so wet from her previous actions that I could feel her sweet nectar running down my chin. She tasted absolutely wonderful as I began to work my tongue up and down her velvety lips. After a couple of long licks, trying to absorb her juices into my mouth, I felt her hands on my head. She started by running them through my hair, and then she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tightly against her pussy.

My mouth was pinned against her. I began licking and sucking until I found just the right spot. I slowly sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and let my tongue run over it. She started bucking against my face, and I could once again hear her moaning. I worked to keep her clit lodged in my mouth as her body bucked harder against my face. Her wetness seemed to consume me, but I kept working my tongue and lips until she came for the third time since my arrival. Her hands relaxed their grip from the back of my head, allowing me to release her throbbing clit from my mouth. I climbed up on the bed and gave her a deep kiss. I knew that I was out of the dog house by the passion I felt in her returned kiss.

As our lips broke apart, she became aware that Pete Jr. was straining to reach out for her through the material that caged it. With the quickness and dexterity of a cat burglar, she immediately started removing my clothing. My shirt came off in a New York second, followed instantly by my pants. To my surprise, she didn’t remove my boxers. Instead, she just opened the fly and let my erect shaft pop out into the open air. She kissed the precum that had been building since my arrival off of the tip. She then took the length of my shaft into her mouth, letting her tongue lick its way up and down before flicking teasingly against the head. When her hot, wet mouth released its grasp of Pete Jr., she reached for the elastic waistband of my boxers.

Instead of pulling them down completely, she took just the front seam and tucked it underneath my aching balls. The effect was that of a cock ring. The pressure from my boxers caused my balls to be pushed upward against my rigid shaft, both protruding outwards at a greater than ninety degree angle from my body. My erection seemed to be held magically in place by her maneuver. My balls were tight from the pent up desire I had for her, and they were now held in check by the elastic of my waistband below and the weight of my throbbing shaft above them. She again let her tongue lick the precum that was continuing to form on the tip of my cock.

I was laying on my back on her bed, looking like some kind of carpenter’s T-Square. She turned around so that her back was to my face. Kneeling above me, she slowly pushed down on my cock. I could feel her pussy sliding down on my hard erection as she took it inside of her inch by inch. When she had finally taken in my whole shaft, she pushed down a little farther, pressing my protruding balls against her clit. As she began gyrating her hips slowly back and forth, the sensation was fantastic. I wanted to ask her where she had heard about this new move that she was employing on me, but the stimulation of her slick, hot pussy gripping my shaft as she rode my balls made the option of speech a distant possibility.

She kept rocking back and forth slowly. The sensations that I was feeling must have been dwarfed by her own as she started to cum almost immediately. Back and forth she went, holding herself up with her arms perched on the bed. I could almost feel the top of my balls being pulled inside of her gushing pussy with every thrust that she made just before they were pushed up against her clit. It only took a minute before I was bucking my hips against her own gyrations. Wildly trying to get deeper inside of her, I felt myself starting to cum. My cock began to throb intensely as her hips thrust her weight harder and faster into my swollen balls. We were both cumming now, but the pressure of the waistband kept my erection in tact as my hot load shot inside of her. She kept riding me as her body fell forward. We both screamed as we came together. When her orgasmic convulsions had finally ceased, she dismounted and finally freed my pinned balls by pulling my boxers down. The sense of freedom felt almost as good as the orgasm, but neither compared to the feeling of her lips trying to suck them inside of her with her thrusts.

She collapsed on the bed next to me. Both of us exhausted from the events of the afternoon, we just laid there for an hour. We never did make it out to dinner that night, opting for Chinese delivery instead. Since then, I have tried to leave work early more often, but I have never again caught her pleasuring herself.

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