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Zoey was happy to have her stepfather’s house to herself for the weekend. Sure the 19 year old had been regularly left home alone by her mother since before she was even a teenager, but back then she and her mother lived in tiny apartments. Back then she didn’t have Scott to invite over to help her break the rules.

“No one comes over while we’re gone!” Eric, her stepfather had told her for what felt like the millionth time.

“Fine, got it,” Zoey answered dismissively. She had turned her back to him only to feel the grip of his hand on her elbow. When she turned back to look at him she found him glaring down at her with his intense blue eyes.

“I mean it. No friends, no boys, nothing. You may live here but this is my house, understand?” Eric still wasn’t letting her arm go.

“Yes I understand… daddy,” she figured her answer, as sarcastic as it was, must have been good enough for him because he released her arm and let her walk away.

Zoey, of course, had no intention of following his rules. There was a twisted sense of joy she got from breaking them. Maybe it was just because her mother had been so relaxed with her growing up and it finally felt nice for her to have something to rebel against. She liked to get under her stepfather’s skin for reasons she didn’t quite understand.

He could be an ass sometimes and a bit controlling, but Zoey knew it was because he cared. He had welcomed her more or less with open arms when she and her mother had come to live with him. Eric seemed happy to accommodate her and eager to spend time with her.

When she’d turned 18 things seemed to change. He seemed to grow colder and more distant. Zoey figured it must have partially been due to the struggling relationship he had with her mother. They had been fighting a lot lately. Her mother had been disappearing a lot. Both Eric and Zoey had assumed she had relapsed again. Whatever the case her mother had been leaving and Zoey was left feeling as if she was a burden on her stepfather.

Zoey had certain expectations about how this night would go and wanted to be prepared. Got her hair done in braids that hung just past her shoulders, picked out a gorgeous white dress that seemed to hug her in all the right places.

She and Scott had been dating for a few months and though she wasn’t sure she’d call it love Zoey felt ready and didn’t want to wait any longer.

So there Scott was the night both Zoey’s parents were supposed to be away, lying on top of her in her bed. Their mouths were locked together, tongues exploring.

While Zoey’s dress was still on, the top of it was pulled down and her large breasts rubbed against her boyfriend’s chest. Magosa Escort At this point his pants and shirt had been discarded and Zoey’s panties were at her ankles.

That’s how Eric found them. His half naked daughter grinding herself against the shirtless boy on top of her. The younger man thrusted himself against her as they kissed.

At first Eric was too stunned to speak. All he could was stand there mouth open as he watched his beautiful curvaceous daughter get groped by a young man he’d never met before.

They hadn’t stopped going at it, apparently too lost in each other to notice Eric standing there. Eric who was somehow getting aroused his dick was beginning to stiffen in his trousers.

Zoey noticed him standing there before he had the sense to make himself known. She gasped at the sight of him, her face was horror stricken as her eyes met her step father’s.

Eric finally jumped into action moving towards the bed and swiftly threw the Scott off of Zoey.

“What the hell?” Scott exclaimed in a daze, he was the last to notice Eric’s presence.

“Get your clothes and get the hell out of my House,” Eric ordered, glaring down at the young man. Scott asked no questions and wasted no time and had fled the property.

Zoey and Eric were left alone, staring at each other for a long silent eternal moment. Eric’s eyes began to trace there way over her still exposed body.

He had always found her pretty with her clothes on, but with her body on full display to him she looked ravaging. Her full lips and plump breasts began to unlock feelings that he’d been trying to push away for the past year.

Zoey pulled her sheets over herself, embarrassed by her immodesty. She looked down, “Are you just going to stare at me all day?”

Eric gave no answer. He was still entranced by the young woman and couldn’t stop thinking about what lie beneath the sheets.

All of his blood had left his head and was now aiding his inappropriate and rapidly growing erection.

Eric didn’t know what he was doing as he sat beside Zoey on her bed. He wasn’t quite in his right mind when he reached over pulling the cover that hide her her from him off.

Zoey could feel her heart speed up. She watched her stepfather very intently followed his hand trail up her knee until he got to her inner thigh. She momentarily forget how breathing worked.

Eric had moved closer now and she could feel his breath hot against her neck. She wanted Eric to give her more, for his hand to move towards her pussy.

“Touch me?” Zoey asked timidly.

“Where baby girl?” He asked squeezing Zoey’s thigh.

Zoey hesitated Kıbrıs Escort before telling him. She could feel her cheeks flush. Here she was her body fully on display for her stepfather and she hadn’t uttered one word of objection.

Instead she answered, “My pussy.”

Eric immediately complied moving his fingers toward her aching little hole finding his stepdaughter already soaking for him. He moved his fingers up and down her wet slit before rubbing her sensitive clit.

He watched her face as she bit her bottom lip fighting back a moan. How beautiful she looked right now. Eric pushed a finger inside of her. She felt so very tight around just one of his fingers. He wondered how his dick would feel inside of her. He added another finger and began to thrust them into her as he rubbed her clit with his thumb.

Zoey was moaning now she couldn’t help herself. She rocked her hips up and down wanting more friction. She had never felt quite this good before.

She moaned and bucked her hips she could feel herself going over the edge as her orgasm neared closer and closer and closer until it happened. Her entire body shook and she cried out as pleasure overtook her.

“Eric!” She gasped out as her orgasm died down.

Eric positioned himself on top of the still slightly shaking girl and pulled her into a deep kiss. He grinded himself against her most sensitive area. He was now aching for release and knew exactly where he wanted to find it.

“I need to be inside of you,” he wasn’t asking.

“I’ve never… I’ve never done that before,” Zoey told him, her voice almost a whisper.

For a long moment there was quiet, Zoey hated the uncertainty of it. Had he begun to reconsider what they were doing?

“That’s okay,” he finally said. His voice was gruff and filled with lust. Learning she was a virgin hadn’t stopped every part of him from wanting her right now. In fact it made him want her more. “I can show you how.” He kissed her again.

With Zoey’s help, Eric’s clothes were abandoned on the bed room clothes along with what little remained of hers.

Zoey wrapped her arms around his shoulder pulling the much older man closer to her. She’d never wanted to be taken by anyone so badly in her life.

She gasped feeling his hard length sliding bare against her slick folds. He felt big definitely bigger than anything she’d ever had inside her, which had been nothing besides fingers beyond this point.

The fear she felt about taking things further was clouded over by the need she felt for him.

“Are you ready Princess?” He asked, wanting to make sure. She simply nodded her head, “No, I want to Lefkoşa Escort hear you say it,” Eric told her.

“Please fuck me daddy,” she practically pleaded grinding her pussy against him. He was more than eager to comply. He wanted to plunge himself inside of her.

He wanted to fuck her hard. But he knew he’d have to take his time with her. He was her first and he was going to savor every moment of it.

He rubbed up in down before slowly pushing inside of her. He watched her face intently as her mouth fell open. She was holding onto him more tightly now.

He stopped not yet completely inside of her, not wanting to cause her too much pain He savorred the feel of her warm wet embrace of her around his cock. He Feared he might cum right then and there.

His hands traced the curves of her body until he held her breasts in her hands. He held them squeezing them even as he kissed them nipping gently at her nipples before sucking them.

“Daddy,” she moaned as he lavished her breasts with attention. She was starting to feel so good with him inside of her. She slowly started to move her hips wanting to be more full of him.

Eric kissed her tenderly as she writhed beneath him. Still he refused to move enjoying the way his stepdaughters need for him. He loved the moans he was drawing from her.

“Daddy please!” Zoey almost whined as she rocked her hips back and forth trying to fuck herself on his cock, “Please!”

Eric did as the pretty writhing woman beneath him demanded. He continued to push further inside of her. Watching the pleasure on her face as he did it.

Zoey gasped as her stepfather finally pushed the entirety of his cock into her. Her full pussy pulsed around him sucking him into her. She felt like a vice as she griped him.

She gasped as he started to move ever so slowly at first. The sensation was thrilling. She wondered why she hadn’t started doing this sooner. At the moment she wanted him to keep on fucking her forever.

She could feel her second orgasm building as he moved harder. He was griping her ass now as he bucked into her pulling her into himself. Zoey slide her hand between there two bodies rubbing her clit as he took her. The sensations overwhelmed her pleasure pulsed through her veins as another orgasm passed through her.

She cried out as pleasure overtook her. Eric was moving more wildly now, faster than before. He was milking him now her wet little pulsing around him. He kissed her as he thrusted into her again and again until his cum was spilling inside of her. He slowly thrusted into as he came.

Everything seemed to go still after that.

Zoey was still completely full of him as he continued to lay on top of her. There chest still pressed together and limbs entangled, warmth radiating between the two of them. Her brown eyes looking up into his green ones.

In this silent moment guilt washed over her sending shivers down her body. What had she just done?

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