Holy Orders Ch. 05

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I arrived home after my week at the farm exhausted. It didn’t seem to matter how much sex we had the guys, and even dah, just never got tired. They put it down to a receptive woman, I think it had more to do with the clean air. I told Cathy all about it and the new post that I had been offered, including the new house. Cathy was dumbstruck, she loved the idea and the house but was concerned about Graham which was why we were waiting in the kitchen for him to come down from his room.

“Sit down Graham.” I said, as he walked in, “Cathy tells me you have done well while I have been away.”

He bowed his head and with his hands clasped said, “Thank you Mistress, Thank you Miss Cathy.”

“Now then, the bishop has made me an offer that I have accepted. It is a new post which doesn’t concern you. What does concern you is we will be moving. The new house has a chapel and, if you decide to move with us, the bishop will find you a local church to administer to if you wish. We will be moving this week as there is a lot of organising to do. Do you wish to move with us or would you prefer to stay here?”

Graham raised his eyebrows slightly, “My place is with you Mistress. If you want me.” He said with a hurt look in his eyes.

“You don’t have to move with us. I will not divorce you Graham. You have the choice. Once made it will be final. Do you want to move with us and do you want a new church or will you be happy with the chapel?”

“I could not envisage life without you Mistress. I will move with you if you would take me. As for the new church, if I have more time I could take care of your needs much better, cook and maybe clean for you if you wished it. The chapel would be enough for my own needs and maybe those of some of your future guests.”

“So you wish to become my housekeeper then.” I said, a little surprised at Grahams inference.

“It would please me to serve you in anyway that I can. You and Miss Cathy will be busy with your work. It seems only right that I take care of your other needs as best I can Mistress.”

“That’s settled then. Pack what you need to take with you. We will not be coming back here once we have left. We will see to your domestication once we have settled in.”

“Yes Mistress. As you say.” Graham stood with a smile on his face. Dawn couldn’t believe that such a small thing could make him so, apparently happy. He wished to serve, so be it. He will serve.

A week later we had moved into the new house. It was huge, grand and the gardens were exquisite. Bordered on two sides by woods and the other two by open fields. There was a huge lake in the gardens with fish in it. The garden around the house itself gave complete privacy. A large gated entrance meant the privacy was assured. The house had a sophisticated alarm system with CCTV cameras connected to what was once the lodge which was situated at the entrance. A full time security team lived in the lodge but knew that they had to stay away from the house unless invited. Of course I had made it a point of introducing myself to the team which consisted of 3 male and a female officer who worked a rota system so that there were always two on duty.

“Dawn, the bishop is on the phone.” Cathy said.

I took the phone from her hand, “Morning bishop. How are you today?.”

“I’m very well my dear. How is your new home? Are you ready for work yet?”

“It’s wonderful bishop and you know I am always ready to work. What can I do for you?”

I listened to what the bishop had to say and then, “No problem I will start straight away. Bye.” and I hung up.

Cathy looked at me, her head tilted slightly with a smile on her face. “Sooo?”

I laughed, “I have to go and seduce a vicar, a married vicar at that.”

“Wha….? Why?” Cathy asked, as stunned as I was.

“It appears that he has stumbled across information that belongs to the Order and he is demanding a price for it’s return.”

“What price, no wait don’t tell me I don’t want to know anymore than necessary. When do you leave and what pretext are you going to use to inveigle yourself into his bed, or should I say onto his cock.” She laughed.

“Apparently there are several properties close by that I need to inspect. The rest we will have to see how it goes’. He has a bit of a reputation with his hands it seems though nothing has ever been proven. I leave tomorrow, first thing. He is expecting me, a sweet little innocent vicars wife, to arrive about lunch time.”

Since we had moved Graham had taken over the housework and cooking so when I got up the following morning breakfast was ready for me. I explained that I would be away for a week or so and he just nodded. I handed him an envelope that I had received the previous day and he looked at me before opening it. Inside was a letter confirming his place in cookery school. He would attend four days a week.

“Oh thank escort you Mistress, thank you so much.” He said almost in tears.

“If we are to hold functions here then I am going to need a chef, not a cook so I thought it would be a good idea if you learnt to cook properly.” I said.

“Yes Mistress. I wont let you down.”


An hour later I was on my way. It wasn’t a long journey so I arrived in good time for lunch. I knocked on the door to the vicarage and a moment later the door opened. “Good morning I’m Dawn Evesham I believe your expecting me.” I was now, once again, the insecure vicars wife. I thought it better to be the wife as opposed to the businesswoman till I had a better feel of things.

“Oh hi, I’m Brenda do come in.”

Brenda was in her late forties, rotund would be a polite way to describe her. A typical long standing bossy vicars wife. Used to controlling people, that was obvious. I stepped through the door and saw a man sitting in the kitchen. “Henry, take Mrs Evesham’s bags to her room. I will show you around after a cup of tea. I’m sure your parched.”

I handed my car keys to Henry who smiled as he looked me up and down. I showed my embarrassment by wringing my hands together and looking at the floor. I followed Brenda into the kitchen and listened to her incessant chatter as she made the tea. Finally she put a cup down in front of me and said, “So you’re here to look at church properties then. Interesting work is it?”

“Yes I am. Well I don’t know really this is my first time, I can’t think why the bishop asked me except I used to work for an estate agent but nothing technical or anything.” I answered timidly.

“Well I’m sure the bishop knows what he’s doing, and anyway what’s to see. If it has a roof then that’s fine.” She laughed.

Henry came in a moment later, “All done dear. I put them on the bed for you Mrs Evesham.”

“Please call me Dawn.” Again I said it timidly and rocked my head and wrung my hands in embarrassment.

“Dawn it is then. Henry stop fussing around and leave us to talk.”

“Yes dear.” Henry said, looking at my legs as he passed from the room.

For nearly two days it was like that and I was beginning to wonder what I needed to do to get Henry to make some kind of move. He looked, and made it very plain at times that he did, but he never touched me or even looked like he would. I spent the days looking at properties but it was fairly straight forward and I was usually back by early afternoon. On the afternoon of the second day the phone rang. Brenda answered it and as soon as she put the phone down she called Henry into the kitchen.

“The bishop has asked me to go to up and help sort out his office staff. Apparently he has heard a lot about my organisational skills and says he is in need of my expertise. I will be away for some time. Dawn I am sorry to do this but, the bishop, I’m sure you understand. Will you be alright with the meals or should I find some help?”

“No I will be fine. I understand.” I said, and at that point my mobile rang. It was the bishop.

“Can you talk freely my dear?” The bishop asked.

“Yes.” I replied, as I walked to my room.

“Good. I have asked, no, commanded, your hostess to visit with me for a while. I thought it may make life a little easier for you.”

“Yes it will. I was beginning to wonder how I was going to get the job done with her here all the time.”

“No progress then?” the bishop asked.

“Well he is certainly interested but with Brenda here he has tried nothing. Now things will change I am sure.”

“Good. Let me know how things go and get as dirty as you can my dear, we need him well and truly wrapped up.”

“Bishop, what are you saying?” I laughed.

“You know full well. I will see you soon.” He hung up and I silently thanked him for his help.

An hour later and Brenda was in her car saying her farewells to Henry. Of course she gave him a whole load of instructions as well but then she was gone. Thankfully. Her constant chatter had been driving me nuts.

The change in Henry was almost instant. Suddenly he became the concerned vicar. Talking in a quiet but authoritarian manner to this defenceless vicars wife. “Could you possibly make me a cup of tea my dear, I’m parched.”

“Yes Henry. Of course.” I said timidly. I walked into the kitchen with Henry following closely behind me. His eyes followed me constantly as I made the tea and as he drank his I prepared dinner. Then I sat at the kitchen table and sipped at my tea while he openly looked me up and down. Luckily the phone rang at that point and he answered it in his study. A moment later he said that he had to go out but would be back for seven and asked if I could hold dinner till then. I agreed and spent the rest of the afternoon making plans.

When he returned he seemed in good spirits but gave no reason as to why. I served dinner in the dinning room as usual and opened a bottle of wine which it seemed was something they did every evening. Halfway through the meal he topped up my glass.

“No I mustn’t, I don’t drink very often.” I said.

“Well your in safe company my dear never fear. Does your husband not drink wine then?”

“Graham is teetotal I’m afraid.”

“And your not I take it.”

“I support my husbands decision if that’s what you mean.” I could see where this was going and played along with it, sipping my wine a little faster as though I was getting agitated.

“So what about before you met your husband? Did you drink then? At college for example.”

“That was different. I didn’t know any better.” Another drink of my wine. He topped up my glass.

“So you did drink then, with your friends.”

“I think I better wash up.” I said getting up. As I went to take my wine glass he grabbed it and said.

“I will take this in the other room for you. Don’t be long. I would like to hear more about your youth. Does your husband know you like a drink.”

“I didn’t say that I just….”

“Don’t be long I will wait for you in the living room.” And totally ignoring what I was saying left the room.

I smiled to myself but remembered that I was the innocent wife of a vicar and I was going to play this to the end. I washed up the dishes and joined Henry in the lounge. He handed me my glass which he had topped up yet again. “So, does he know you like a drink.” he said.

“It’s not like that.”

“No but I get the feeling it was. And what else did you get up to at college then, men maybe.”

Shocked I blushed, “No. Never. I was a …. No. No men.”

“So a virgin bride then. That’s unusual these days even for a vicars wife. Most vicars have taken their wife’s cherry before the alter these days. Why didn’t you.”

“Please Henry this is private.”

“I’m sorry my dear. I didn’t mean to offend I just get the feeling that you need to talk to someone. You seem to be a very lonely woman if I may say so. You don’t get to talk to people stuck out in the wilds do you.”

“No not really, it can be lonely at times. No real friends to…. Well, say things to, private things, feelings and such.”

As Henry had taken the chair I had sat on the settee, now feeling that he had hit a weakness he sat next to me. Putting his arm round my shoulder he said, “Never mind my dear. I did not mean to upset you, it’s just that in my job, as you well know you get a sense for these things. If you want to talk I am a good listener, really. Life as a vicars wife can be hard at times, all those expectations. Always having to seem squeaky clean, never being able to show your true feelings or desires.”

“Yes” I said, “It can all seem so much worse when your on your own. So much more….” I left the end hanging there and lowered my head.

“Go on my dear. Feel free to say whatever you need to, it’s between you and me and will never go any further.”

“I just…. Oh I don’t know. Things just pop into my mind now and then, seemingly more often these days. Those builders were just….so….crude and dirty.”

“I always thought that contractors for the church were very good and understanding. If they got out of control you should tell me what they did and I will pass it on to the bishops office. Tell me my dear was it crudities or did they touch you at all.”

I flushed at the memory of what they did but I wasn’t about to tell this man about that. “They….brushed against me and made….remarks about me. Personal remarks and how Graham didn’t look like he could satisfy….well I’m sure you have some idea.”

“And how did it make you feel when they brushed past you like that?”

I gulped my wine and he refilled the glass, “Dirty somehow, yet….it’s a sin to even think about it. I cant tell you, I mustn’t”

“Tell me my dear. You know it will make you fell better to tell someone. Get it off your chest, come on now you have gone this far you may as well continue.”

“Ohhh, I suppose your right. It’s in the open now and it does help bring clarity in some way. It wasn’t like I wanted them to touch me. They just did and I was shocked and horrified but I couldn’t stop them they were too big and to many. Once they started I couldn’t stop them. Could I? I was alone with them for two weeks.”

“So where did they touch you my dear. Tell me everything.”

“They touched me….everywhere. They laughed when I threatened to tell Graham. In the end I started making excuses to be out of the house all day but I just kept coming back and I know it was a sin but it made me feel…..wanted I suppose.”

“Do you mean wanted or do you mean that you were turned on, sexually I mean.”

I looked at Henry, shock written all over my face. “No. No I couldn’t have been, could I. Oh god I feel so dirty. Please say It wasn’t that please.”

“I think maybe that is enough for tonight my dear. You go to bed and we will continue this tomorrow when you have calmed down.”

I was a little surprised at him sending me to bed but, I was expecting him to pounce on me and try to fuck me but he was obviously playing it cool. I think he wanted more than a quick grope and a sly fuck. We would see what happened the following day.

The following morning I got up, put on my dressing gown and made my way to the kitchen to cook breakfast. It wasn’t how I normally dressed for breakfast but Brenda always did and then got showered and dressed once the meal was over.

Henry came down soon after and as he walked in the kitchen he said, “Now that’s a much more pleasant site than usual.”

The dressing gown was one of those with the tie belt around the waist and it had come slightly open. I pulled it together, “Sorry, I know Brenda usually showered after cooking so that she wouldn’t smell of cooking all day so I though this would be alright. I’ll go and get dressed.”

“Don’t be silly. You carry on. I’ll have a cup of tea if it’s made.”

“Yes of course.” I said rushing to pour his tea and set it on the table. He didn’t thank me, he just sat watching me and sipping at his tea.

We finished breakfast in silence which surprised me and made me decidedly edgy. I hated not knowing what was going on but decided that I would have to be patient. I didn’t have to wait long. As I was standing at the sink washing up he came up behind me to put his cup in the sink. “So, when you say that the builders rubbed themselves against you was it something like this.” He proceeded to push his groin into my behind.

“Henry! Please don’t.”

“Tell me Dawn is that what they did?” he said pushing against me again

“Yyy….yes.” I stammered, “Sometimes like that, please don’t, it reminds me of them and how I….felt.”

He didn’t stop. Instead he put his mouth to my ear and whispered, “And how did it make you feel Dawn, having a lusty builder rubbing his crotch against your behind. Tell me.” his hands were running over my buttocks now.

I turned round sharply to face him. Now his crotch was rubbing against my stomach, “No I cant. Please step back your scaring me like they did.”

“We have to bring this out Dawn. You have to get things off your chest and you wont do that until you admit how you felt, the feelings that went through you at the time.”

I pushed him away, but not too hard of course, “No I can’t please don’t make me.”

“Tell me. Now. Release it before it eats you up do it Dawn. Now.” I could here the lust in his voice as his eyes ran over my covered body.

“Alright.” I screamed, “It made me….lust….after them. There, now I have said it.” I pushed past him and ran upstairs to get away from him. Tears running down my cheeks. I was amazed how easy it was to cry on demand, but then I seemed to find all this role playing so easy.

Henry followed me upstairs. When he walked into my bedroom without knocking, as I knew he would, I was lying on my bed face down crying like a child. He sat on the bed and pulled me to a sitting position. He put his arm around me and pulled my head to his shoulder, running his hand over my face, “There there. Don’t cry. You know it had to come out in the end. You have let those foul men change you and you haven’t even realised it have you?”

I wiped my eyes with my hand and said, “I don’t know what you mean. I fought those wicked feelings all the time. I would never allow them to control me in any way.”

“No” Henry said standing up. “Come here my dear. He held out his hand to me and when I took it he pulled me upright.

“You have tried to control it my dear but you have given in to the sin of lust.” With that he took hold of the dressing gown and pulled it off my shoulders to my waist. I put up a tentative struggle trying to hide my body but knew that it was useless. Henry took my hands and held them to my side. “What are you wearing my dear, here in my house.”

I was wearing a very short almost transparent nightdress that did nothing at all to hide my body. I had no underwear on so he could clearly see everything, I put my hands to my face in shame. “And that’s not all is it.” He said as he moved over to the chest of drawers where I had put my clothes. He opened the top drawer and pulled out my sexy undies. “A whores accoutrements.”

I fell to my knees and said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t even realise I was doing it. What can I do. Tell me please.”

“We will put these items in a bag and after we have searched our souls for redemption we will burn them and pray to god for forgiveness. Now put all of them into your case. They are not to be taken out again till I tell you.”

“But I will have no underclothes to wear. Or anything at night in bed.”

“Would you rather wear the attire of a whore or come to be cleansed in front of god.”

“No, no I wish to be cleansed. Please forgive me.”

I slowly put all the underwear into the case and my spare nightdress as well. As I went to close the lid Henry said, “And the one you have on my dear.”


“Let us start your journey back to Christ from nothing. Put the last vestige of whoredom into the case and then we can go and wash away your sin in the shower. You can dress and we will spend the day in contemplation.”

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