Holiday With Mum Ch. 04

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The next stop was the grocery store where she teased me unmercifully by stroking the bananas sexily and asking me if I’ve ever had pussy flavoured banana sundae!

“Yes I think that one’s just about the right size” she giggled, picking up a magnificent looking specimen and dropping it into her basket.

It was the turn of the whipped cream next, reaching up to the top shelf, she turned and smiled at me as the short denim skirt rode up to reveal the underside of her sexy little bum cheeks,

“You can do a lot with whipped cream you know” she laughed and added the largest one she could find to the basket!

“Now let’s see, where are the strawberries I wonder?”

“I love strawberries mum” I said and she came out with that delicious little giggle again,

“Fresh cream, whipped cream or pussy cream?”

She bent over, squatted down with her knees apart, rubbed against me and generally did her best to be as outrageous as possible, even to the point of asking a male assistant if a particular brand of shaving foam was suitable for what she described as a delicate area of her anatomy!

“How do you fancy shaving me?” and laughed as I growled hungrily,

“Sure but on one condition”

“Ooh I like conditions, is this one sexy?”

“Mum with you around, everything is sexy, I want you to shave me in return”

“Oh God yes” she laughed, “I’ve gone all squishy at the thought of it”

We did shave each other, but as with everything else mum and I did together, it seemed to take a very long time, she sat in an armchair in the lounge, a leg draped obscenely over each arm while I rubbed the foam in gently,

“You look so horny like that mum” I said and she smiled sexily,

“I feel deliciously naughty darling” she agreed as I began wiping the razor carefully over her pubes, “In fact I’m starting to tingle all over already”

She seemed to be hovering almost on the brink of an orgasm as I carefully removed any stray hairs from around her sexy little anus and rinsed the remaining foam off tenderly with a warm, wet cloth.

“There all done” I said proudly and planted a kiss on the smooth hairless skin just above her slit, She gasped and I felt her spasm with pleasure, using both hands I gently pulled her labia apart and probed inside her with my tongue,

“Jamie” she hissed and reaching down, gripped my hair, pulling my face hard into the aromatic haven of her cunt. She was already cumming before my tongue found the tiny hole of her uterus and probed gently, but as I pursed my lips and sucked hard she literally exploded with a scream and my efforts were rewarded by a long stream of fresh urine spurting into my eager mouth!

A finger craftily inserted into her anus prolonged the exquisite sensations and her legs wrapped tightly around my neck kept me at my self imposed task until she’d calmed down enough to let me go.

I didn’t go though, I pulled her up into a sitting position and held her in my arms, she was crying and I didn’t understand why!

“Talk to me mum” I hissed worriedly, but she just gripped me and wept. All I could do was to hold her until her shoulders stopped shaking, then she kissed my neck gently and whispered, “I’m sorry Jamie, I’m sorry”

I put both hands on her shoulders and looked into her tear filled eyes,

“What’s wrong mum, tell me please?”

She shook her head and smiled, albeit somewhat crookedly,

“Nothing darling” she said softly and wiped her eyes using the back of her hands like a little girl, “There’s absolutely nothing wrong, nothing wrong at all, but I’m a woman and women cry when they’re happy, don’t you know that?”

I felt the relief flooding through me, I’d been convinced she was going to tell me something awful!”

“Aw mum, you silly woman, are you sure there’s nothing wrong then?”

“Nothing at all, except that I’m so happy, I’m sure something’s going to spoil it”

“Mum” I kissed her gorgeous little mouth again, “As far as I’m concerned nothing’s ever going to spoil it for us, nothing!” and we clung to each other as we both thought of hat would surely be the end of it in just under a month’s time.

As soon as she began smoothing urfa escort the foam over my groin, I began to harden rapidly, mum had been right, it felt really dirty in a very sexy way to be sitting with my legs spread obscenely wide and even my anus exposed to her lustful gaze, (not to mention her wandering hands!) She started with the area around my penis and it seemed to take an age, mind you, she did find it rather awkward shaving me with my cock in her mouth!

As she had, I found the sensation of the razor between my buttocks strangely arousing and by the time she’d finished I felt quite near to cumming!

After rinsing me off, she sat back and admired the results of her handiwork,

“You look incredible Jamie” she giggled and once again that deliciously dirty little laugh did things to my cock.

“Oh mum” I sighed as her warm, wet mouth engulfed it, “Shit that feels absolutely amazing”

Using both hands, she caressed my heavy balls, squeezing them gently, then taking one at a time into her mouth and slavering over them wetly.

“Gorgeous Jamie” she whispered as she lowered her head and I felt her tongue licking around my anus, prodding and poking as I squirmed with delight at these incredible new sensations.

Suddenly she pushed her tongue inside me and I stiffened, “Mum” was all I could manage, but she was more experienced than me and had anticipated the response she’d get from her kinky explorations of my anus, quickly she closed her mouth over my cock again and sucked hard, it was my turn to come then, losing control completely, I jerked and bucked as I spurted long streams of spunk into her greedy mouth.

Watching her swallowing my seed seemed to prolong my climax, my hips were jerking of their own accord, my hands balled into fists, even my toes curled as the waves of sheer pleasure overwhelmed me.

Unlike mum, I managed to control my emotions, but I certainly felt a tremendous surge of love for her, a love so strong that there and then I made a decision, no matter what happened at the end of our holiday, we were not going to be parted!

She chose a plain yellow sundress, sans panties of course and matching sandals for the short drive to the airport, she’d hired an open top, jeep type vehicle from a hire company in the village and she’d caught me smiling as I watched the thirty something receptionist looking at mum’s obviously bra-less breasts bouncing delightfully beneath the little dress.

She’d even held the door open and of course my sexy lover rewarded her by deliberately allowing the dress to ride up almost to the top of her thighs as she climbed in with a smile on her face!

“If you say just one word” she laughed as I leaned towards her, “Just one little word and you’ll sleep with the dog tonight”

“We haven’t got a dog mum”

“I’ll buy one” she giggled, “Mind you, she was a bit tasty wasn’t she?”

We stood side by side on the viewing balcony, watching as the passengers began to disembark from the massive jet, mum spotted her first but I was less than a second behind her, it was incredible, absolutely mind blowing how they did it, she was wearing a little yellow sundress with matching sandals and as she began to descend from the jet, a sudden gust of wind blew in from the sea and lifted the dress up around her hips, no panties of course and even from where we stood, we could clearly see the hairless little slit at the juncture of her thighs!

“Oh my God” I laughed and mum giggled as I stretched and yawned, “I’m tired already mum!”

Not only was she identical to mum in looks, but in temperament too, a lovely, flirty, sexy bundle of fun and I remember thinking, thank God she was wearing a diamond nose stud or I’d never have been able to tell them apart!

Mum had often told me stories of when they were kids, if one fell and hurt herself, the other one would, as often as not , fall as well!

Obviously I’d met Sarah hundreds of times, but this was different, she hugged and kissed mum while passers by did double takes, hardly able to believe what they were seeing, then she turned to me and said, with a wicked gleam in her eyes,

“Well balıkesir escort Jamie, how are you at saying hello these days?”

I couldn’t possibly ignore the challenge could I? Taking her into my arms, I kissed her lovely pouting lips, they parted to accept my tongue and I felt my erection beginning to grow as she ground herself against me.

Not caring that people were watching, I ran my hands down onto her sexy little bottom as I licked the saliva from her mouth, Christ if mum hadn’t have giggled, I think I’d have fucked her there and then in full view of hundreds of people!

I drove the jeep while they squashed together in the front seat and caught up on the gossip,

“How long have you and Jamie been…, you know?”


“Yes fucking” and they both giggled, sending a double dose of the shivers down my spine,

“How long is it now darling?” and I looked at my watch,

“Just over forty eight hours mum” I laughed and laid a hand on her thigh, We were just about to pass an empty car park at the rear of the main shopping centre when Sarah suddenly yelled,

“Jamie, quick pull in here”

I swung the wheel and skidded into the car park accompanied by shouts, curses and blaring car horns, not to mention the obscene hand gestures from the driver behind me,

“Well that was fun” I laughed, “Now what?”

“I just want you to do something for me”

Sarah smiled and taking my hand, placed it back on mum’s thigh, where it had lain before I did my lunatic driver impression.

“Pull your dress up Suzy” she said throatily, “I’ve been fucking myself silly since you told me what you were up to, now show me, touch her for me Jamie, let me see you touching your mum’s pussy”

Her eyes widened and a smile appeared on her pretty face as mum raised her skirt and slowly parted her legs. Little droplets of moisture clung lovingly to her labia, unwilling to leave the fragrant haven of her cunt.

Sarah leaned over to watch as mum turned to me and our lips met in a kiss as my fingers slipped easily in between the folds of her beautiful little cunt.

“Oh fuck yes” breathed Sarah as mum’s tongue snaked into my mouth.

Raising her own skirt she took hold of her sister’s hand and placed it directly between her own legs, long strings of saliva connected us and mum moaned around my tongue as my fingers went deeper into her body,

“That is beautiful” Sarah said softly and then gasped as mum rammed her hand upwards sharply, “Oh fuck yes you bitch” she hissed, “I’m cumming, fuck, fuck, fuck yesssssssssssssss”

During the minute or so it took her to recover, I brought mum to a quiet little orgasm on my fingers and as she sat back smiling, I licked her sister’s juices off her fingers!

Sarah giggled and did the same to my fingers while I decided that this was all a dream, I’d actually died and gone to heaven!

I saw mum looking at a couple of shops that were visible from where we sat and she leaned over to whisper in Sarah’s ear.

“Oh yes” said Sarah, that should blow his socks off all right”

“Jamie why don’t you go and get a drink in that bar over there while we just nip into a shop, I’ve got an idea that I think you might enjoy when we get home?”

“Only think?” laughed Sarah as she climbed out of the jeep, giving us both a fleeting glimpse of her sexy little bottom before smoothing her dress back down again, “I’ll bet everything I’ve got that he’ll like it!”

Yes, I decided I was definitely in heaven.

It was a bar I’d seen earlier in the day when we’d been shopping and as soon as I walked through the door, I knew I’d be seeing it again!

Loud, pounding rock music assaulted my ears and the sweet smell of marijuana hung heavily in the smoky atmosphere, mini skirted waitresses glided expertly between the tables carrying drink laden trays without spilling a drop of the precious liquid and three micro skirted dancers gyrated on the bar, roughly in time to the music.

It was quite difficult to order a beer without taking my eyes away from the pert little bottom jiggling provocatively just inches from my face, but I trabzon escort managed it eventually and the grinning barmaid blew me a kiss as I told her to keep the change.

“Big time Charlie potatoes, that’s me!)

“You looking to score?” said a voice in my ear and I turned to look into two big brown eyes belonging to a pretty Eurasian girl of about sixteen wearing a cut off pink vest top and a very tight, very short white mini skirt,

“Or are you just looking?”

“Oh I’m looking all right” I laughed and looked up again to where baby blue panties were just about visible between the dancer’s tight little cheeks,

“But as regards scoring, well dope yes, a girl, no!”

I saw a quick flash of anger in her eyes and moved hastily to redeem myself,

“But if I were looking for a girl, my search would end here, right here and now!”

It took a second or two, but eventually she smiled and named a price for the dope she was offering, to which I agreed immediately.

“Come outside” she said, “They call the cops if they see anyone dealing in here”

“You must be bloody joking” I laughed, “Keith Richards would get stoned after ten bloody seconds in here just from breathing normally!”

She laughed and turned to the door, it only took about fifteen seconds to get out into the rear car park, but never once did my eyes leave the delectable little bottom swaying seductively beneath the tight clinging skirt. The outline of a tiny white thong could be seen through the thin material and I remember thinking that if I was being set up to be mugged or worse, at least I’d be mugged with a smile on my face!

She stopped between two cars and I handed her the cash,

“You shouldn’t hand it over yet” she laughed, “Plenty round here would take it and run”

“Not you though, I can tell” and she smiled,

“No not me, I’m not really a pusher, I’m just trying to extend my holiday for a while longer, now here’s where I should tell you to turn away for a second”

“Why?” that bit puzzled me, or it did until she hitched up her skirt and dipped a hand into her thong!

“My regulars like this bit” she laughed, then laughed again when I informed her that at least one of her new customers quite liked it too!”

Her hand emerged all too quickly with a little wrap of tin foil which I took and held up to my nose,

“You fool” she giggled as she rearranged the thong and pulled her skirt down again,

“You need to take the foil off before you can smell the dope”

“Fuck the dope” I leered, “I’m smelling you!”

She threw back her head and laughed with genuine pleasure,

“Buy me a drink”

“I thought you’d never ask”

Her name was Paige, she was seventeen and had stayed behind after a row with her friend over a boy who’d ended up ditching both of tem.

“Where are you staying then?” I asked and pretended not to look at te girl on the bar, this was a different girl who obviously had a poor memory, because it seemed that she’d forgotten to put her panties on before coming to work!

“I’ve got a tent in a farmer’s field” she said, “There’s quite a few of us there living as cheaply as we can, what about you?”

“I’m staying at my parent’s villa, just up the hill there with…”

I thought quickly, “With two girl friends”

“Two? Wow I’m impressed!”

Looking up again, I felt my erection stirring as I gazed right up between the dancer’s legs and admired her sweet little cunt.

“She’s nice isn’t she?” she laughed, I nodded in agreement, “But not as nice as you”

“Hey flattery will get you everywhere” then she drained her glass, “Hope I see you again Jamie, but I’ve got to go”

On an impulse I gave her directions to the villa and asked if she could deliver some more dope there the next afternoon,

“Sure, but why tomorrow? I’ve got more here with me now”

I knew I was chancing my arm, but fuck it, why not?

“Well my girlfriends would love it if you delivered it in person… without the tinfoil!”

She held my gaze for a few moments, then smiled,

“I think I’d like that Jamie, yes I think I’d like that very much indeed” and she pecked my cheek as she turned to go,

“Oh I nearly forgot” she reached a hand out and stroked a leg of the dancer,

“Her name’s Claire and she likes a joint too, don’t you lover?”

The girl bent her knees slightly and Paige giggled at the expression on my face as she ran a finger right up between Claire’s glistening cunt lips!

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