His Turn

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I wrote this story a while ago, sometime in 2006. I didn’t submit it then, mostly due to shyness I guess. Now I figured posting it wouldn’t hurt. When I wrote this I got help in editing from honeywldcat, who I wish to thank for the effort. Better late than never, I hope.


Slowly I have gotten over my shyness and enjoy sex a lot more. It wasn’t that sex was ever bad, but if I had known this is how it felt to start losing my inhibitions I would have loosened up a long time ago. Having Mark to help discover this new sensual side to me was the best way possible. Being with him was full of laughter, even when we tried something new and it didn’t work. Sex was no longer serious anymore, it was experimental and fun. Just thinking about him brings a smile to my lips. Today Mark told me that it was his turn to try something new out.

“Baby, let’s get started,” he said walking towards me. He was dressed only in worn out jeans that hung loosely on his hips. Just looking at him drives me crazy. He is gorgeous in anything he wears. I could never refuse him, not that I actually want to, and lately he has been exploiting that fact to the fullest. I don’t mind that the least.

“Sure, ” I said smiling, “you can do anything you want to me and you know that”.

“I know,” Mark said. He had this devilish glint in his eyes that told me this was going to be a special night.

“We need to do something about this, you’re way over dressed. And that, my dear, is not an option you’re going to have for long.”

Mark started to help me out of my clothes. One agonizing piece at a time. There went my linen shirt, my skirt, and the woollen socks I had on. Not that great of a fashion statement, but oh so comfy. We were backing down towards the bed leaving a trail of clothes behind us. A part of me wanted to giggle and yet the situation was electric. His hands were caressing each part of my newly bared skin, making my skin hotter by the second. He made me feel beautiful, so wanted. That is what I love about him, the thing that made me fall for him in the first place.

“Go lie on the bed, love,” he said when the last of my clothes dropped on the floor. The black bra I had bought just a few weeks back.

I closed my eyes and did what he told me to. The sheets were satin, the coolness caressing my skin and making me smile in appreciation of his thoughtfulness. He took my hands gently, lacing his fingers with mine and pulled them over my head.

‘Oh my God, he is going to do it”, I thought. My heart was beating like a drum and I must have looked like a deer in headlights. Damn if I was going to let that stop me from enjoying this. I took a deep breath and tried to relax and keep my hands from trembling. I was exicted and nervous at the same time.

“That’s it, relax. Nothing you don’t want will happen to you tonight,” Mark whispered in my ear his hot breath bursa escort caressing my ear. He always knew what to say to me. He started nibbling my ear still keeping my hands up, making me get used to the sensation of restricted movement.

“I’m going to tie you up, honey. You knew it and you’ll love it. Just relax.”

His lips started to wander down my neck, kissing and nibbling. My neck was such a sweet spot for me and he knew it. My breath caught in my throat and I could do nothing but moan and start to surrender to him. His tongue was drawing patterns on my skin.

“Ohh, damn Mark.” I do love how he can make me forget everything but him.

Slowly his hands withdrew from mine still making sure I would keep my hands where he had placed them. Mark’s hands massaged my muscles, slowly going downwards. He took out a pair of hand cuffs from his back pocket. ‘How could I have missed those?’ my mind was screaming.

The cuffs felt heavy against my skin. The sound of them closing and the coldness of the steel gave me goose bumps and I shivered. Being at his mercy like this was making me lose my mind. His hands were all over my body, caressing my skin never letting me have a moment of doubt.

“Looks like you’re getting hot, honey,” he said. “I know you will love what I have in store for us. We’ll have a little feast. Now don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” He kissed me before exiting our room.

‘Don’t go anywhere,’ I thought, ‘as if I could.’

After only a few short minutes, which feel like hours when you’re cuffed to a bed waiting, I could hear Mark’s footsteps. Finally, he was coming back. He stood for a second at the door, grinning like a maniac.

“I could watch you for ages like that, cuffed and waiting for my return.” He stepped inside and now I could see he had a big bowl with him, filled with stuff. I couldn’t really see what was in there since he had covered it with a little kitchen towel but I was getting curious. My curiosity was notorious, I just couldn’t help myself. If I didn’t know something, I would imagine something much greater and grander. My toes curled at the thought of what he might have collected. I needed to know.

Mark sat on the edge of our bed and bent down to kiss me. I felt his hot breath on my lips before his tongue snaked out dipping inside of my mouth, tasting me. He sucked my lower lip between his teeth and nibbled it for a moment. Oh how I love when he does that. He was making me moan, capturing the sound in his mouth. I was hot all over. The frustration was making me shift my hips, trying to find some friction against him and his jeans.

“Oh no baby, I am in control, ” he growled in my ear before stepping back and leaving me panting on the bed. He saw me staring at his jeans where his cock was bulging. Taking advantage of the situation he started to unbutton his jeans slowly. With every button he snapped bursa escort bayan open, he whispered something new to make my head spin.

Dropping his jeans and underwear, he sat by the bed leaning towards the bowl that now laid forgotten by the nightstand. He took out a little jar that I recognized well. The chocolate body paint. I guess what goes around really does come around. He had warmed it up a bit and drizzled it down to my skin from my neck to my breasts making sure he did not miss my nipples. The hot chocolate felt amazing on my skin, slowly dripping towards my navel and my wet pussy. I closed my eyes for a moment from the sheer pleasure of it. Then I felt something different on my skin. Mark had taken out some strawberries and little pieces of pineapple from the fridge and he was dipping one berry into the chocolate on my body. He took a bite, his eyes now on mine, “Mmm, delicious.”

He took another strawberry dipping it too in the chocolate feeding it to me, causing some of the juice drip down my chin. He bent down to lick it off. Licking the chocolate off of me, every now and then coming back to kiss me, making me taste the chocolate and strawberries and the sweetness of the pineapple on his lips. His tongue on my heated skin was setting me on fire. I was twisting as much as the cuffs on my wrists would allow me. I could feel his breath on my thighs now, pausing for a moment to admire my glistening pussy before he dove right in. I was soaking wet.

“Ohh, God.” I couldn’t help moaning, it felt so good. “Please!”

His tongue was all over me, making me incoherent with the need he was waking in me. He started to suck my clit, scarping his teeth on it every so gently. My knees were shaking and I was close to cumming but I needed more. “Please Mark, more.”

Mark took out a banana from the bowl. I didn’t notice this until I could feel him pushing it along with his finger in my trembling pussy. He can be such a sneaky devil sometimes. It was hard and soft at the same time. He pumped my wet hole a few times making me squirm. Feeling the different textures was such a sensory overload I couldn’t help cumming hard. My head was spinning and it felt as though I was free falling. His finger and the banana continued to move inside me while my pussy contracted. He wouldn’t let me come down from my high as he kept moving it inside me, making me tremble and shake.

As I slowly started to come down from my orgasm, I could feel his hard cock against my leg. His lips were on my pussy. Evidently he wanted to give me a taste of myself, because he coated his fingers with my cum and began feeding it to me. ‘I don’t taste that bad,’ I thought.

Mark was starting to take me higher again as he began to eat the banana . “You taste so sweet, oh yes baby,” he whispered just loud enough for me to hear. I could feel him eating the banana inside me. His hands were trailing escort bursa patterns on me, pinching my nipples, making me tremble for him.

He still was not finished with me. He had a surprise left in the bowl. I heard only a little bit of paper rustling and had no idea of what was coming. He had a red strawberry popsicle in his hand that had started to melt. He started trailing it on my body. I felt it first on my lips letting me suck it, the cold melting into my mouth. Then his lips were on mine, changing the cold into hot again. The kiss was demanding. I started to think he was beginning to lose his calm but before I could finish that thought, I felt the ice cold popsicle on my nipple followed by his mouth. The alteration of hot and cold, cold and hot was incredible. I never thought such a simple thing could make me feel like this, so full of sensations.

The trail of cold went down my body, followed by Mark’s lips and tongue. Then I felt the icy feeling on my pussy. The coldness enveloped my lips and focused on my clit that was begging for attention. When it touched me I would have jumped to the roof. I would have if not for Mark’s strong hands on my hips keeping me in place.

“Whoa there! Keep still,” his voice rasped. My hands were clenching anything within reach. Anything I could to keep me sane. I was constantly bombarded with the feelings of hot and cold, the hardness of the ice and softness of his burning mouth, slickness of his tongue. All of my senses were focused on that one spot and it was burning and freezing at the same time. I was trembling and gasping for breath in between my moans and pleas. I didn’t think I could take anymore without losing my mind for good. He pushed what was left of the popsicle to my quivering pussy. Pumping me and spreading the freeze inside me. Mark’s tongue still kept working on my clit and making me climb higher and higher. I felt the first wave hit me with such force that I was sure I would pass out. I was screaming his name, seeing lights with my eyes closed. I surrendered to what felt like a tidal wave of sensations caressing me and keeping me afloat. Every part of my body was super sensitive to the touch. Everything felt like it was caressing me, the warmth that Mark radiated, the softness of the bed linen, the movement of the air around us.

I could feel Mark take the popsicle out of me and replace it with his hardness. He gasped at the sensation of my cold pussy enveloping him. Mark started fucking me fast and hard, gasping for air just like I was, lost in the sensation. I was cumming and milking his cock, making him feel how much he had effected me. I could feel his teeth biting my shoulder, muffling his cry when he came. Spurting his hot cum deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me, both of us sweaty and exhausted.

After a few minutes when I was almost in dreamland, I could feel him unlocking the cuffs and rubbing my wrists. I trembled in his arms totally spent. He tucked us both in and pulled me closet. This time no words were needed to declare our love to each other. Just having him there holding me was all I needed before sleep took us both.

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