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The line was tremendously long. Santa was visiting the local mall and I had promised my kids we would see him. I was a single mother trying to do everything by myself. I had my two daughters to raise. Jennen was 4 and Carra was 5 and I was thirty six. Their father left me 6 years ago when he found out I expected him to be a daddy. It doesn’t bother me any, I’m doing fine on my own. I just have no time for dating and I’m incredibly lonely. I’m not bad looking even after two kids. I have dark brown hair and light blue eyes. I am 140 lbs but very well proportioned. I have nice 36b sized breasts. Sometimes I wish that I had breastfed my children longer because I was really a looker when I was producing.

We were getting closer to the front of the line and both of the kids were getting restless. Carra had to pee and I was encouraging her to hold it just a little longer to avoid starting all over at the end of the line. We had been waiting for an hour as it was. I looked to the stage and saw a little boy sitting on Santa’s lap. He was taking his time with each child, listening to them and getting a picture. We were three or four people away now and Carra was hopping around like a rabbit.

“Mommy! There’s Mrs. Gardner!” Carra shouted. I looked to where she was pointing. Her Preschool teacher was all bundled up and had her kids with her. She came over to say hello. She was a sweet old lady. She offered to run the kids to the bathroom really quickly.

“Okay kids hurry we are almost there.” I told them. I stood in line to hold our place. I wished that the children had their father to help with things like that.

I guess the line for the bathrooms was as long as the line for Santa because I ended up at the front and the kids weren’t back yet. I walked up on stage a couple steps to see if I could see them at the elevated position. They were nowhere in sight and I was holding up the line. I walked over to talk to Santa and the elf who took the pictures.

“My kids ran to the bathroom and we really don’t have time to wait in line again. Is there anyway I can get a picture with Santa so I can tell them that I told him what they want?” I asked. I had a pretty face. I often got discounts and free stuff because wolf like me izle I know how to look at men.

“Sure.” said Santa with a chuckle that sounded like Ho Ho Ho. He patted his lap and I sat down. He was warm but that wasn’t the first thing I noticed. There was a bulge growing in his lap that was pushing against my ass. I liked it. Men usually find me attractive. I don’t think this is the kind of exception Santa usually makes but apparently he didn’t mind. Santa put a hand on my hip the same way he did with the kids. Only, he did that to the kids to keep them on his lap. He did it to me just to pose for the picture.

“So what do the kids want for Christmas?” Santa asked.

“Carra wants a Hug n’ Glow bear and Jennen wants a toy bakery set.” I replied. I owed that to my kids. The elf snapped the photo.

“What do you want for Chrismas?” Santa asked. I pushed against the bulge with my ass gently and subtly.

“You can give me more of this.” I said teasingly and then got up to go pay for the photo. I’m glad I didn’t ask Santa and the photographer to wait for my kids because they didn’t get back for another 20 minutes.

***PART TWO***

My kids were with their grandmother this Christmas Eve. They would come home in the morning with Grandma to open presents. I was wearing a red teddy with fuzzy white around the tops of the cups. It was like Santa’s outfit only it was very tight and sexy. I was relaxing on the couch sipping wine and carressing my shaven smooth legs. I would probably masturbate later. I had planned to but I was considering just going to bed. I was feeling sexy though. And God knows I was lonely. My hands found there way between my legs. I wasn’t ready to get started yet I was just enjoying letting my fingertips explore. I heard a noise on the roof. It scared me half to death. I first though that somebody had thrown something on my roof but then I heard noises in my chimney. Before I could set my drink down a man had quickly stepped out of my fireplace. It was Santa, the same Santa from the mall. My first instinct was to cover myself up but I gave up on that. For one, I couldn’t find anything. For two, I wasn’t showing off anything wolf pack izle that I didn’t show off in a bathing suit.

He didn’t say anything. He just took out the gifts and put them under the tree.

“Hello.” I said.

“HO HO HO.” he said. He stepped closer to me. I wasn’t scared. In fact I remembered teasing him at the mall. I remember how big his cock felt.

“Are you going to give me what I asked for?” I asked him innocently like a child.

“Have you been naughty or nice?” He asked.

“I have been nice. I want to be naughty.” I replied. He shook the bag indicating that it was empty.

“I forgot what you asked for and I don’t have anything else.” He said.

“You know what I asked for.” I said stepping closer to him. I reached under his belt and grabbed the front of his pants. “Do you remember now?”

“Yes. Can I watch you unwrap it?” He asked. His cock grew hard in my hand. It had to be at least 7 inches long and was just as fat as the rest of him.

“Sure.” I said kneeling in front of him. I undid the large black belt and set it on the floor in front of him. I unzipped his pants and reached inside. I pulled out his big warm staff. It was beautiful. I looked up at him and put the head to my lips. I kissed it gently. He inhaled as I slid it past my lips slowly. I don’t like giving fast and sloppy blowjobs. I like giving the slow ones that hit the back of my throat.

I pumped Santa’s cock in and out of my mouth for a while. At least 10 minutes. When his cock filled my throat with cum I wasn’t ready to let him leave.

“That wasn’t mine.” I said. “That was yours. I stood up and pulled the straps of my teddy off my shoulders. I slowly peeled the teddy down uncovering my breasts and my belly, hips, bush, pussy, and then down and off my legs. I stood there for him naked.

I turned away from him and bent over to pick up his belt, showing him my ass. I’m sure he could see my pussy too. I slowly stood back up and put the belt around my waist just above my hips. I turned to face him.

“This is for you to hang onto.” I said as I turned away from him again and got down on my hands and knees. The jolly fat man knelt behind woman of the dead izle me and grabbed my hips. I felt the head of his cock push into my pussy. He grabbed the belt and pulled me onto his cock.

“MMMMM yeah.” I encouraged him as he entered me. His cock filled my pussy. He was slowly pounding me with his strong arms pulling on the belt. It felt so good. He thrust his cock into me faster and harder.

He reached under me and fondled my clit. I moaned. He pinched it and then slid his hands up to my breasts and cupped them in his large hands. He pulled on my nipples as he rammed into my pussy as hard as he could. I started to cum hard.

It was the best fuck I had in six years but Santa wasn’t done. He was all hot and bothered again. I felt him pull out of me and I felt empty. I hadn’t realized how big he was until he left my pussy empty. It felt so stretched.

Santa touched his cockhead to my asshole and slipped his fingers under the belt again. I wasn’t sure about having anal sex because I had never done it before but I was willing to try it. Besides, Santa was very strong and I was all alone. I don’t think he would have hurt me but I was intimidated.

He pulled on the belt and his cock slipped into my anus. The head of his cock pushed against my G Spot. He was very gentle and gave me time to adjust to his size. After a minute or two he started thrusting. He didn’t start out slow like before because he was already worked up. It hurt a little as he pounded his cock into my asshole but I liked it.

“OOhh yeah. It hurts. Don’t stop. Fuck my ass.” I said under a few moans. I reached down and played with my pussy. He really stretched it a little. I guess the only action it got for six years were my two fingers. Santa pulled hard on the belt and rammed my anus faster and harder. I heard him start to grunt and moan. He pulled on the belt with one hand and his other hand grabbed a fist full of my hair. He seemed to know just how much pain I liked. He didn’t hurt me he just got a little rough. The way I liked it. His pace picked up a little more and he slammed it all the way in. His balls felt warm on my pussy and I could swear I felt them twitch against my clit as his cum shot into my bowels.

We both dressed and Santa took a little book out of his pocket.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m adding you to my list of naughty girls.” He said with a wink. I happened to glance at the book before he shut it. It had at least 100 names just on that page. I gave him his belt and up the chimney he went.

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