His First Gay Hall Pass

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His First Gay Hall PassI had a pretty amazing trip to Queensland and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you guys more of my selfies and more about some touristy things I got up to when not hanging out with Rachel and Taz.But for now, you guys are probably interested in more of the naughty stuff.If you want more of an introduction, swing by my blog and there is a link on the right “Rachel and Taz” under “Fuck Buddies”. Rachel, Taz and I spent three nights down the coast hanging out and we tried every position and combination we could think of. It was all supposed to be about Taz having gay experiences but I did get to fuck Rachel a bit as well.They left on Sunday to go back to Brisbane and I had the rest of the week at their unit/apartment on the coast. Rachel did however give Taz permission to play with me during the week if he got the opportunity. I think they call that a Hall Pass right?The opportunity for Taz to use his Hall Pass arose on Tuesday when he drove down to the coast for an early morning swim. I met Taz as he parked his car out the front of the complex and we walked over to the beach. We stripped down to speedos, Taz loves speedos and has no problems wearing them in public. I wish more guys would do it. The two of us hung out in the surf just body surfing and chatting… Of course the topic of what the three of us had done last weekend came up in conversation. Sounds like they had a great time and were stoked how everyone got on and how comfortable it felt.One thing Taz brought up in our conversation was how surprised he was that he enjoyed being fucked.Was that Taz telling me he wanted me to fuck him again?I asked him. Turns out, he drove down hoping I’d fuck him, again. That was the cue to go up to the unit I think.One problem though, I’m fully erect from our sex talk. I reached under the water and felt the front of Taz’s speedo and, low and behold, he was just as hard as I was.Now we were swimming between Main Beach and Narrowneck Beach which is north of Surfer Paradise on the Gold Coast (you can bahis siteleri Google Earth it if you are interested). It is 8:30am which means the beach is quieter than it would be during the day but there are still people about and going for their morning walk. From where our t-shirt and shorts are on the beach is a little short of one hundred meters (length of a football field) from the water. We were going to have to time our exit from the ocean discretely.It took five minutes or so before there was a break in the morning walkers when we could exit without surprising some unsuspecting grandma on her morning walk.That five minutes had not helped the blood drain from our cocks because I had been asking Taz how he had recovered from the pounding he had last weekend. He was sore but OK with it and we both agreed that our cocks were a little sore and needed a few days break.Finally there was a gap in the morning walking traffic, Taz and I exited the water.Then I had a naughty idea… I grabbed Taz’s shorts. He looked at me quizzically. I challenged Taz: if he would walk back (which involved crossing a pretty major road) in his (rather stretched) speedo I’d swallow his load. Taz wasn’t fazed at first, he knows I am OK with swallowing cum but I had something else in mind. If he chickened out and put his shorts on, I’d make him swallow my cum, and his own.I do not have the public confidence to do what I was asking Taz to do but if he did, I was happy to swallow my cum and his, only fair right?Taz was up for the challenge. I put my shorts on covering my speedo erection but didn’t put my shirt on. Taz put his shirt on, which I hadn’t though of because it did cover his bulge pretty well. We started walking up off the beach and as we got to the road it was really busy. Taz chickened out and put his short on. Ow, he would pay for that later.We make it up to the unit without being arrested for public indecency and we just got at it. We both stripped down to our speedos and started making out furiously. I managed to peel Taz’s speedos off, canlı bahis siteleri which was difficult because of his hard on.I threw Taz on the bed and picked up a condom and the tube of lube that I had left there before I left for the beach. Taz assumed the position, on all fours and his arse in the air begging me to fuck it. Ow, I was going to fuck it hard. I pulled my cock out the leg of my red speedo, slid a condom on my cock then squirted lube on my cock. I rubbed it all over with my left hand and then I wiped it on Taz’s hip. I got up behind him, guided my cock to his back door and paused.Taz was asked if he was ready and he said he was.With the tip of my cock touching, just touching his rear opening, I teased him faking my first stroke. He tried to get me to enter him by pushing his arse back towards me but I would have none of it.Then Taz began begging me to fuck him. It was so cute having a straight (used to be straight) guy begging me, Aussie Speedo Guy, to insert my cock in his arse.Without warning I did it. One thrust, all the way in and then all the way out. Taz yelped in surprise and pain. Anyone who has been fucked in the arse knows that a quick retreat all the way out can be as painful as entering. This was exactly what I had in mind. Taz’s poor arsehole was twitching from the one stroke assault I just gave it.The poor guy didn’t expect that. The previous weekend I had been very gentle when fucking Taz and he just didn’t know, or expect anything different. Until last weekend he was an anal virgin.After waiting a few minutes for his arsehole to recover, I repeated this one stroke technique. Each time Taz was wimpering after but begging for it before.As you can imagine, I was really turned on and enjoying messing with this inexperienced ex-straight boy.I think it was after four times sticking my cock all the way in and all the way out that I knew I was getting close. So the fifth time I rammed my cock inside Taz and instead of pulling it all the way out, I just started pounding his arse. Deep stroke, canlı bahis after deep stroke. Hard, fast and deep.Taz was moaning in pleasure and pain and I was grunting.Then I was cumming.Pretty intense orgasm I can tell you.I pulled out of Taz and flipped him over on to his back. He was breathless. I hadn’t forgotten our wager from earlier about walking across the street with a speedo boner. I peeled off my condom slowly, making sure I didn’t spill a drop. Then I tipped it upside down above Taz’s mouth and it oozed in a big glob into his waiting mouth. He didn’t like it but a bet is a bet right?With my cum now is his mouth I discarded the condom and started sucking him off.Those of you who read my previous stories will know just how pretty a cock Taz has, it is truly delicious.It wasn’t long until Taz was moaning loudly and his cock exploded in my mouth. Instead of swallowing his cum I kept most of it in my mouth and when his cock stopped spurting, I detached from his cock and went up to kiss him. He was the one who agreed to swallowing my load of cum and his own. Taz flinched when he realized what was about to happen but I grabbed him by the throat and he accepted my cummy kiss.We tidied ourselves up a little bit and then headed down to the pool to clean up. Taz couldn’t stop talking about how sore his arse was. After hanging out at the pool for half an hour or so we came back up to the unit and I let Taz fuck me. He tried to pull the same skills that I did to him but he was just too horny and after a few attempts he just started humping me like a horny dog. I was on my back and jerked myself off while he fucked me. When I started cumming it was either my arse tightening, or it could have been Taz seeing my cock spurting another load of cum but whatever it was, it triggered his orgasm.That was all the time we had to play that day, Taz had to get back to Brissy and back to work. I did receive a message from his fiance Rachel later that day saying she hoped Taz’s arse recovered before she received the strap on she had just ordered online.Taz got to use his Hall Pass later that week on Thursday when we met at the public pool I grew up swimming at. If you enjoyed me sharing this experience let me know and I’ll write about what we got up to at the pool.

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