His Fantasy Come True

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My boyfriend, Gray, and I have a very open, very honest, very trusting relationship. There’s nothing we’re afraid to talk about…hopes, fears, dreams, passions, and of course, our sexual fantasies. Gray and I have known each other now for over three years, and in that time we’ve made it a point to live out several of those fantasies. We’ve had sex in Yellowstone National Park, under a canopy of trees and the noonday sun, laughing afterwards about how geysers weren’t the only things erupting that day. We’ve fucked on a deserted beach, with nothing but the waves and seagulls as our witnesses. (Believe me when I say that there are some places you simply should NEVER have sand!) We’ve had sex freezing our asses off in the Pacific Ocean, the waves helping to establish a wonderfully wicked rhythm.

But we aren’t just outdoor enthusiasts. We enjoy indoor activities as well. I’ve sucked his glorious cock in the back row of a theatre, where thank God the movie was loud enough to cover the sounds of the moans he just couldn’t keep in. He’s fingered me to orgasm while I drove my SUV, and I sucked him off on numerous occasions while he’s been driving. We even made love one foggy morning on the balcony of our 8th floor hotel room, in plain view of anyone who cared to look up. We’ve made love in hot tubs, in the shower, in delectable bubble baths, and even under a waterfall at Silver Creek Falls. (He knows nothing turns me on quite like the feeling of hot water cascading over my body. It’s so sensual!) We made love in an elevator once, when the building was kind enough to lose power for just shy of an hour. We’ve been covered in every delectable food we can think of, with our favorites remaining (surprise surprise!) whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and strategically placed maraschino cherries. We’ve dabbled in edible body paint, drawing naughty pictures on each other, and spending long hours blissfully licking each other clean. Any sex toy that we found appealing, we’ve tried. Some have become regular staples in our lovemaking; others, we never really quite understood the point.

Some of our favorite sexual moments, though, have occurred in plain view of other people, without them even having a clue. While I wouldn’t exactly call us “exhibitionists”, we both like to live a little dangerously at times! I’ve gone panty-less to several society functions, with the sole purpose of knowing that it would drive Gray crazy and he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of me. There’s nothing quite like feeling his fingers in my pussy, covered in my juices, while a few feet away are people who would be aghast if they only knew what was occurring under the table. Of course, I also reciprocate. He likes to go commando occasionally, and it’s so easy to reach over and rub his glorious cock through his pants, making him instantly start to swell under my touch. Then, zipper down, and I’m holding throbbing steel velvet in my greedy little hands. Try carrying on a conversation with a couple that stops to chat at your table while you’re rubbing his pre-cum all over the incredibly sensitive head of his cock. Talk about living dangerously! As you can see, being willing to indulge in our fantasies has certainly kept the spice in our relationship!

Two nights ago, after a marathon fuck session, which included tremendous orgasms for both of us, Gray and I were lying in bed, trying to recover, and talking. I was delicately running my nails over his nipples, which are always hard as pebbles when I touch them. Before Gray, I never knew that a man’s nipples could be works of art, but his are glorious! Surrounded by dark hair, they simply call out to be caressed and sucked. I can’t keep my hands (or mouth) off of them. As we were lying there, he said something that took my breath away, and turned me on instantly. He said to me, “Babe, you know what I’d really love to see? You being ravaged by another woman. I’d love to watch her undress you, then watch her hands make their way down your body, stopping to play with your tits, then heading for your clit. I’d love to see bright red lips trailing kisses down your body, then disappearing between your legs. I’d love to watch her mouth on your pussy, eating you out. I’d love to watch as you cum for her, baby.” I had never considered that he would want to watch me with another woman, but from the way my body responded to his words, I knew it was something that would be happening…and soon! God, that thought was fucking hot! I loved the thought of Gray watching, unable to touch, as I teased and put on a show for him. He’d be watching, his cock rock hard and dying to explode. What a fucking turn-on!

Later that night, as I lay in bed, I kept thinking about this newest fantasy of Gray’s. It had come out of the blue, and although I knew I wanted to make it come true, I knew it could only happen with a person I knew and felt comfortable with. I needed a plan! I ran through a list of all the women I knew, wondering how each of them would feel about filling that role in the fantasy. I was getting wet all over again just thinking about Gray watching me with each of them! A few were too prudish or reserved and Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort were easy to rule out, while others remained possibilities. However, the one person who stood out in my mind was Eva.

Eva had been one of my roommates and closest friends in college. She was always ready to try new things, and always ready for an adventure. She also happened to like being with a woman almost as much as she liked being with a man. She had told me one hot summer night, back in our college days, that she had created some erotic fantasies starring the two of us, and she gave details! She told me exactly how she’d like to kiss me, our tongues slipping and sliding and dancing together, her hands tangled in my curls as she pressed our lips closer and closer together. She described in perfect detail the path she would take as her fingertips trailed down my body, and exactly where her fingers would linger. She told me how she’d suck my nipples until they were so hard they felt like they would explode. She whispered how her fingers would feel as they pumped in and out of my pussy, her mouth suctioned to my clit. She had told me in no uncertain terms that if I ever wanted to have a night of passion like I’d never known before, she was the woman to take me there. If I close my eyes and think back, I can still feel her breath on my ear as she whispered her plans to me that night. I can still feel her hand softly pressed against my upper leg, just under the short skirt I had on that night, as she waited for some sign from me to move that hand toward her ultimate destination.

At the time, I was a bit more reserved than I am now, and although I was flattered (and I must admit, intrigued), I never took her up on the offer. I never told her how tempted I had been, or about the dreams her words had caused me as I tried to sleep that night! As I thought back to those days, and the fantasies she had whispered in my ear as she tried to get me to give in, my body started to respond. Despite the orgasms Gray had given me just an hour or so ago, I was getting so turned on. As Gray lie in bed beside me, quietly snoring, I ran my hands over my breasts, making my nipples instantly hard. As I tweaked and pinched them between my fingers, I let out a moan. I never cum just from playing with my nipples, but God, was I ever ready! I ran my hands lower and lower, until they reached my clit. Coating my fingers in my juices, I brought one up to my mouth and licked it clean. Then, imagining they were Eva’s fingers, with Gray watching, I went to work on my clit. I was so ready that I exploded about 30 seconds later, waking Gray up.

“Having fun without me, Babe?”

“Nothing compared to the fun we’re going to be having soon!”

Since he was now awake, I told him about Eva. He had met her several times, but never knew that she had tried to seduce me. He had liked her, thought that she was fun, and liked how she enjoyed laughing and having a good time. Eva was pretty in the girl-next-door sort of way, but her outstanding feature was her smile. That smile, combined with her fantastic personality, never left her without companions, both male and female. To know Eva was to love her. After I told Gray the details of her attempt to get me in bed, he was more excited than ever. I hadn’t talked to Eva in about four months, but we decided right then that I needed to call her in the morning!

“That’s all of the information you get, Babe. No details! You’ll just have to live in suspense, wondering when the hell your fantasy will come true. Believe me though,” I said in my most sultry voice, “it will be SO worth the wait and SO worth the suspense!”

With that, Gray just grinned, rolled over, covered my body with his, and pressed his lips to mine. It wasn’t long before he was rock hard again, and feeling incredible as he pumped his thick cock in and out of my already wet pussy. We were both so turned on already that it didn’t take long for both of us to cum, and we drifted off to sleep soon after, arms and legs still wrapped around one another, totally spent. Totally satisfied.

I waited until Gray left for work the next morning, then dialed Eva’s number. Since she lived in Arizona, she was an hour ahead of us, and I hoped that she would still be home. We had continued to be friends after college, and generally talked two or three times a year, so she wasn’t surprised to hear from me. We spent some time catching up on our jobs, our families, and our love lives. I then seized the moment and asked the question I had been dying to ask since the night before.

“Eva, do you remember that night back at OSU when you tried to seduce me?”

“Well, let me think. Hmmm. Oh, you mean that night I finally told you that I wanted you hot and wet and naked, that night I would’ve done anything to get you outta your clothes and into my bed? Is that the night you’re talking about? I suppose I vaguely remember that night.”

“Smart ass!” I replied.

She laughed. It was truly a fantastic sound. “Hell yeah, I remember that night! I’ve fantasized about every possible way that night could’ve ended, had you said yes. I still look at you as the one that got away!”

After taking a deep breath, I asked, “So, you want to change that statistic? Make me the one who initially got away, but was finally caught?”

She didn’t say anything for a moment. I think my question had stunned her. “Holy shit, are you kidding?” she asked incredulously. “You’re the stuff my dreams have been made of for the past three years! Do you seriously, for even a second, think that I’d turn down the chance to turn the fantasy into a reality? Hell, I still think about how your hair felt tickling my lips as I whispered your ear that night. Every time I get a whiff of someone wearing Polo Sport Woman, I think of you and am reminded of how incredible you always smelled!”

Grinning, I said, “So I take it that’s a yes?”

We talked for about an hour longer, making both of us late for work, although neither of us really cared. I told her how tempted I had been that night back in Corvallis, and how close I’d come to giving in. She laughed at that point, and said, “Damn, if I’d known I was that close, I would’ve turned up the charm a notch and pushed harder!” I explained to her all of the ways that Gray and I had made it a point to indulge in our sexual fantasies, and the conversation turned to comparing our various “sexcapades”. I then explained Gray’s latest fantasy, and the role I hoped she’d play in that fantasy.

She laughed again. “I’ll have to bring that man a present! What does he like? You name it, and I’ll bring it! Does he have any clue what a gift he’s giving me by having this fantasy? By sharing you? You’ll have to ask him if you can also come wrapped in nothing but a big red bow!”

I explained my plan to her. Although Gray had never mentioned this specifically, I was really turned on by the thought of him watching, but not being able to touch. Not me, not even himself! I loved the thought of him being exquisitely tortured, at fever pitch, ready to explode the instant my mouth touched his throbbing cock when the show was over. He’s a man who likes intensity in his orgasms, and I knew this would make him cum like never before. And I knew he would love it! Eva agreed, and said that she was looking forward to being part of the torture!

I asked her when she thought she might be able to come out to Oregon. “Is tomorrow too soon?” Eva asked. Then, laughing, she said, “OK, so I probably can’t swing tomorrow without losing my job. Do you have plans for the 4th of July? Think of all of the different kinds of fireworks we could have that weekend! It’s only two weeks away.”

“Perfect”, I replied. I offered to buy her plane ticket, since we were having her come to Oregon, but she refused. “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this! A plane ticket is a really small price to pay for having one of your dreams come true!” We then said our goodbyes, and hung up the phone.

That night, when Gray arrived home from work, I greeted him at the door with the skimpy see-through baby pink negligee that he had given me for “no special reason” the week before. It left nothing to the imagination, barely covering my ass, and showed off every line and curve I had been blessed with. His eyes immediately darkened with lust, and he said knowingly, “You did it!” I grinned, letting the negligee fall to the floor, turned toward the bedroom, and motioned with my finger for him to follow me. We didn’t get to the dinner I had cooked until much, much later that evening.

The two weeks waiting for Eva to arrive seemed to take forever. Gray knew better than to ask for details, but I knew that he was thinking about when the event would occur. Our sex life continued to be great, anticipation heightening the excitement each time we fucked. Finally, July 3rd arrived, and I went to Portland to pick Eva up at the airport. Her flight arrived on time, and we stopped at the Olive Garden for lunch on the way back to my house. We started planning exactly how we would use the element of surprise in our favor tonight. Since Gray didn’t know that Eva was in town, he really wouldn’t be suspecting anything that evening. What a surprise he was in for! As we talked and planned, we got more and more excited, and it got harder to keep our conversation from the people sitting near us. When we left, we were both more than a little turned on, and looking VERY forward to that evening.

We arrived home and unloaded Eva’s suitcase from the SUV. As the door shut behind us, Eva dropped the suitcase, took my face in her hands, and urgently placed her lips on mine. The kiss was electric, our tongues finding each other instantly, our hands slowly roaming where they had long yearned to roam. As we came up for air, both of her hands cupping my ass, we grinned, then started laughing.

“Maybe we’d best save that intensity for tonight, huh?” Eva said. “We’d hate to be so worn out that poor Gray wouldn’t get to live out his fantasy!”

“I think his fantasy will be surpassed beyond his wildest dreams! He won’t know what hit him by the time we’re done!” I responded.

With that, we made our way to the guest bedroom to unpack Eva’s suitcase. She had brought quite the selection of outfits-I’m not sure when I had last seen that much leather and lace! I quickly ran and grabbed the teddy I had bought for the occasion, a sheer black number that left absolutely nothing unseen. The black thong made my ass look great, and emphasized my long legs like no other outfit possibly could. Only I knew how great my breasts looked as they tried to escape from the confines of the fabric, there being barely enough fabric to contain them. That would be my secret until that evening. Eva let out a long whistle as I showed her the outfit. “God help me, I’m salivating already, and you don’t even have that thing on!” she said. Holding up a red barely-there negligee, she said, “If you’re wearing that, I’ll have to go with this.” The red fabric looked fabulous against her tan skin, and emphasized her gorgeous eyes and her dark, almost black, hair. We were both getting turned on just from imagining the other in their outfit, so we decided that we needed to get out of the house and treat ourselves to manicures and pedicures. It was the one sure way that we knew we’d behave until that evening! Laughing, we grabbed our purses and headed out the door. By the time we returned, fingernails and toenails painted a wonderful shade of red, we knew exactly how we would work things that evening.

That night, when Gray walked in the front door, I greeted him wearing nothing special-just denim shorts and a white tank top. Grabbing one of his hands, I put one finger of my other hand against his lips, stopping him from asking questions. Without a word, I lead him to our bedroom, where I slowly took off his clothes. He tried grabbing for me several times, but I laughingly swatted his hand away and responded with one word each time: “Later!” When he was completely naked, I lead him to the shower, knowing that he likes to be clean everywhere when we make love. The only light in the bathroom came from the candles I had lit, and the scent was incredible. Slowly, still without a word, I soaped up my shower puff, and proceeded to wash his entire body, telling myself not to linger where my hands usually liked to linger. I can’t help it-he has a great chest with gorgeous nipples, and a cock that most guys would die to have (and most girls would die to have in their hot little mouth!) I took special care washing that glorious cock, lightly tickling his balls as I made him rock hard. I also made sure his back-door pucker hole was clean, and tested it out by slowly inserting one finger in and out until he went weak in the knees.

By the time I was done, he was panting and moaning, and anxiously awaiting what he knew was coming next. After we got him dried off, I led him to the bed, still without a word. Since I wanted him to be unable to touch himself while Eva and I out on the show, I had attached fleece “cuffs” to the bedposts. I knew that he could easily break free of these flimsy constraints, but I also knew that he was adventurous enough to play along. His eyebrows rose when he saw them, but he knew better than to ask. I got him all hooked up, my denim-clad cunt rubbing against his cock as I straddled his legs in the process. I slid off, gave him one lingering kiss, and told him “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back!” On my way out, I lit the candles I had stashed around the room, and a soft sensual light soon replaced the more harsh overhead light. The scent of sweet vanilla soon filled the room. I turned on the CD player, and the sensual music of Enigma softly filled the silence.

I went into the guest bedroom, where Eva was waiting, already dressed for the occasion. God, what a sight she was! Absolutely beautiful! I quickly slipped into my teddy and thong, watching Eva’s eyes darken at the sight of my naked body. Finally, it was show time. We walked into the bedroom, hand in hand. Gray had a huge smile on his face when he saw the two of us, barely dressed.

“Gray, you remember Eva, don’t you?” I asked with a laugh.

“Welcome to Oregon! I guess we’ll have to save the handshake for later…I’m a little ‘tied up’ at the moment!” he answered in a deep voice. “You two are absolutely gorgeous!”

Without another word, Eva and I wrapped our arms around each other, and our lips met. Our tongues instantly sought each other, my tongue feeling at home as it danced and played with her tongue in her mouth. Her hands cupped my face, and she deepened our kiss. I wanted more, and ran my hands slowly down her back until they rested on her ass. She had nothing on under her negligee, so my hands were glorying in the soft flesh they found there. Our lips still touching, our tongues still entwined, she lowered her hands, lightly tracing her fingertips down my neck, causing me to moan into her mouth. My neck is so sensitive, and her feather-like touch was enough to set me on fire. Her mouth left mine, and followed her hands to my neck, kissing me the entire way down. I leaned my head as far to the side as I could, allowing her ultimate access. She alternated between kissing, licking, and nipping at the incredibly sensitive skin, pleasure and pain mingling in perfect harmony. I was absolutely lost in the sensations she brought to life, and was moaning with pleasure each time I felt her hot tongue on my pulse point.

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