His and His Story

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Albert’s Story

The first time I saw him, I nearly dropped my glass. I turned toward the bar and in one gulp, swallowed the whiskey in my glass. Slowly, I turned back around. My eyes immediately focused back on the young man with thick curly blond hair standing at the table grabbing a bottle of water. With my head lowered, I watched him opened the bottle of water wishing it was my dick his hands were holding. When he lifted the bottle to his lips and the liquid began flowing down his throat, I wanted it to be my cum he was swallowing.

I again turned again to toward the bar trying to hide the hard cock in my pants. I signaled the bartender for another drink. What was wrong with me? Here I was visiting my son at my old alma mater, nearly fifty years old and getting the hots for a man probably not even half my age. I glanced over my shoulder and to my surprise, he was staring at me. I suddenly felt I’d been hit a by a bolt of lightning strong enough to turn me around plunged itself into my heart.

“Excuse me sir, your drink.” the bartender’s words brought me back to reality.

I took the drink and turned around just in time to watch, the young man walk out an open door. Leaving my drink on the bar, I quickly followed. What was wrong with me, I didn’t have to persuade any man, especially those young enough to be my son? Yet here I was acting like a blood hound, following a bitch in heat.

He was standing on the veranda. I don’t remember walking, yet somehow, Antep Escort Bayan I found myself standing next to him, and sweating like I had just ran a five mile marathon. For a few moments neither of us said a word. Finally, I heard him say, “My name is Connor Chambers, and this has never happened to me before,” than he touched my hand.

I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move. I just knew I wanted him right there and then.

He started pulling his hand from mine, and I quickly pulled it back holding it tighter.

“My name is Albert Manning,” I finally croak out.

He softly laughed and it was one of the most pure sounds I’d ever heard.

“My car isn’t parked to far from here,” he said causally.

“My hotel room isn’t that far away,” I responded.

Connor put his head down, than looked back at me, “Albert, I’ve never been …. I mean….This isn’t something I’ve ever done before.”

I understood what Connor was trying to tell me, and made a realization of my own. “Think about this Connor because your first time should not be with someone who only wants you that one night. It should be with someone who will want you for much, much longer.”

Connor squeezed my hand as he stepped closer and kiss my cheek, he then whispered in my ear. “I’ve thought about it, and I think we both know this will be for longer than one night.”

He took my hand and slowly led us down the stair case toward his car and into our unknown future.

Connor’s Story

I walked into the drawing room regretting I had come. A bunch of alumnus reliving their college days that’s all this was. I knew it was their money which helped pay for our house. But I still resented being there playing ‘Remember the Times’ while many of their sons were partying somewhere else. I would have much preferred to have been in my room working on my latest theory.

I walked over to the table holding the bottled water was and took one pulled one. Suddenly I felt I was being watched. I turned around, but didn’t see anyone looking in my direction and thought maybe it was just the fact I didn’t want to be there. I opened my bottle of water and began drinking it. Then, I saw him standing over by the bar. He was nicely built; look to be in his late forty, early fifty with greying brown hair. He turned quickly when he saw me looking, but I couldn’t stop the feeling of having his arms caressing my body with his lips pressing mine and our tongues clashed. A surge of excitement went through my body so strong, my legs began trembling. What was wrong with me? My head screamed the man is old enough to be your father, while my heart whispered; ‘he’s the one.’

I had to get away from whatever this force and quickly. I walked out the open door to the veranda and inhaled the cool March air hoping it would clear my head. A noise from the doorway caused me to look over and see him standing there. I wanted to walk away, but my feet would not move. As he slowly moved closer, I felt an invisible rope tying us together. We stood there side by side neither of us spook.

Finally my voice allowed me to speak. “My name is Connor Chambers, and nothing like this has ever happen to me before.” He said nothing, but his eyes told me I was not along in this feeling. When my hand reached out and covered his; a sudden chill went all through my body. I tried pulling my hand back, but he grabbed it holding it tighter. I think I he said something like, Albert Manning, but I knew my heart and body and soul were now all his. I wanted to taste this man, than have him take me and make me his over and over again. “My car is not park too far from here.”

“My hotel room isn’t too far away,” he responded.

I looked down at the ground. How do you tell someone you want them from this day forward, when the only experiences you had is what you’ve read? I took a deep breath and looked up, “Albert, I’ve never… …. I mean….This isn’t something I’ve ever done before.”

He looked at me, “I’ve never experiences anything like this before myself, and never expected it to be with someone so young. So Connor if you’re only want a one night stand for your first time, tell me now because I know I want you for much, much longer.”

I walked closer to him, placed my hand on his cheek than nibbled on his ear and whispered. I’ve thought about it and I think both us know this is much more than a one night. Slowly he shook his head. With his hand in mine, I descended down the stairs to my car and into a life I never knew could exist.


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