Hillbilly Hoedown

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INTRODUCTION: This is a satirical piece aimed at both ends of the social ladder. It is probably best to hang ones rational mind at the door before entering. It is intended as a fun, quick read without any great moral or message. However, I hope some may find it to also contain a kernel of mystery regarding true love and the sometimes unusual forms it may take. All characters are fictional and over the age of 21. As this is a Valentine’s Day Contest entry, your comments and votes are especially important ~ yukonnights

All copyrights reserved by the author, yukonnights and published solely on Literotica.com

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The twins were perfect, the pediatrician had given them an extra close examination in light of the unlikely pregnancy. Roger looked down on his wife and the two baby girls laying quietly in the hospital bed, and once again said a silent thank-you for this miracle. To make it all even more remarkable…actually, more miraculous, was the fact they now had two precious Valentine babies. Yes, Valentine’s Day would forever take on new meaning for both he and Martha, his wife.

Rodger, being a very analytical type, had worked backwards nine months from this date just out of curiosity. Well, maybe more than curiosity since the fertility tests they had taken several years ago had indicated that it was he who was the problem in conceiving. Low sperm count, of all things. He hadn’t admitted it to Martha, but that diagnosis hit him harder than it should…him being a scientist. The fact of him having a Doctorate in bio-chemistry didn’t mean his male ego was immune to such an implication. He was never what one would call a robust man. No, he was just an average man whose strengths lie more in his intellect than in his body. Perhaps that is why his thoughts had just naturally gone back the nine months to try and figure where he and Martha had been so blessed.

It didn’t take Rodger long to realize that Martha had most likely been impregnated on their trip to the States. Yes, last spring when they had spent three wonderful weeks roaming around in the southern United States. They had learned that some of their lineage had relocated there in the earliest days of the new country. They had no expectations of finding them, but were keen to simply wander the back roads to experience something new. It had been years since they had traveled far from Liverpool and life had become too routine, even for quiet people like them.

After landing in Washington DC and spending two busy days seeing some of the more well known sites, like the Smithsonian which Martha had to finally drag Rodger away from…they headed southeast and deeper into the rural areas. At first they had tried to stay with the plan they had carefully mapped out before leaving home, but after a couple of days decided to abandon all plans and just drive the smaller roads and see where they might end up. It had been like a return to the days of youth, free and wild…or as wild as middle-aged, middle-class Brits could be. Rodger, being a precise man, had worked the possible date of conception down to the exact day, even though, as a scientist, he knew that it was impossible to know for certain. But in reviewing his travel log, it turned out that particular day was indeed a memorable one…


“Oh, this is such interesting country,” Martha said as she held her hand out the window like a child, letting the wind lift it like an airplane wing.

“I had no idea it was so rugged, these roads twist around to the point I have no idea of the direction. But yes, I too had no idea it would be like this,” I replied.

“It’s the little hamlets I adore so much! They all seem so unique and almost like something from the past,” Martha said and the happiness in her voice made me happy too.

We were on our last week of vacation, and in our wandering had traveled far beyond our carefully laid out plan. ‘Phooey to plans’, we had said every day. It had become our slogan for the trip. With a tad of regret, we did realize that by tomorrow we should turn back east in order to make our flight back to England. It was that day, that special day before turning back toward our safe, but more boring life, that we saw the large sign, obviously hand painted on a full sheet of plywood; Annual Four Hollows Hoedown Tonight! Everyone Welcome!

“That sounds interesting,” I said. “Shall we stop here tonight and see what a hoedown is?”

“I think we should Rodger. I believe it’s a local dance and will probably have interesting local music…we’ll see some live hillbilly music! I just love the way one can hear the influences of the home country in their old tunes. We’ve been hearing some of it on the radio, but live is always so much better!”

We had to get off the main route as we followed the signs to Four Hollows…and as the roads became even smaller, we ventured deeper into an old way of life we hadn’t yet seen. We were both enthralled at the uniqueness of the place. Much like going on similar back roads in the remote parts of our own homeland…places where time had slowed almost to a standstill.

Finally we entered what was known as Four Hollows. There was a small grocer, a petrol station/garage, two knickknack Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort shops, a church and a large barn like structure with a banner on the front wall proclaiming…Four Hollows Annual Hoedown!

We pulled into the petrol station to top off the tank. Whilst the tank was filling, I asked the attendant if we might find lodging for the night, as we wanted to attend the Hoedown.

“Shore, Lidia Hunter has three rooms she rents at night. You keep going down the road there to South Holler and look for a pink house. Tain’t more’n a mile…y’all can’t miss it.”

After I had paid the chap, I was just starting the car when Martha asked, “Did you think to ask if there’s a place to purchase dinner?”

It had slipped my mind, so I walked back into the office to ask.

“No need to buy supper mister, there’ll be plenty of eats tonight at the dance. Food and drink is in the price of the tickets, and Lidia includes breakfast with her rooms. I’ll be looking for you and your wife tonight at the hoedown, shore hope you two have a nice eve’n here with us.”

“Thank you, we’re looking forward to it. This is all knew experiences for us, you know.”

“Well, I don’t think y’all is gonna be disappointed,” he said as I was leaving.

I told Martha we could get a bite of dinner tonight and commented that the attendant had almost the same color of red hair as her own. No doubt his ancestors once lived somewhere in our homeland.

Lidia Hunter’s home was not hard to find, and we were pleased to take the room as it was the last one she had! “Yep, town fills up on hoedown nights,” Lidia told us. “You’uns best leave that car here tonight and walk to the barn, ’cause folks’ll be coming in from all around tonight.”

We thanked her for the good advice and took out luggage to the bedroom. It was very dated but clean enough. We just agreed this was all part of the adventure, and we felt young and reckless again. Since it was still a couple of hours until the hoedown started, we thought a nice bath would be appropriate before the night out. It was then we realized that there was no bath in the room.

“Go ask Lidia where the bathrooms are Rodger,” Martha suggested.

When I returned carrying the bucket of water, she laughed and said, “I think we’ve gone far enough west Rodger! I can’t remember ever having to bathe in a bucket of cold water!”

“It’s not as bad as that dear, Lidia provides buckets half filled with warm and half cold,” I told her. “There should be a basin under that small table there.”

“What shall we do with the dirty water,” Martha asked.

“Lidia said to toss it out the window,” I told her as we both laughed.

“We’ll have stories to tell when we get home, won’t we,” she said happily.

“That we will dear, but I doubt our friends will believe us. Come, let me help you get that dress off.”

Martha was the attractive one, I reminded myself again. Her skin was a creamy white covering for her delicate body. Even in middle age she had retained the glow of youth. Her red hair had been the thing that caught my attention that first day. She sat several rows in front of me in our freshman literature class at university. I always blamed her for my poor grade in that class, and it always brought a laugh and fond memory to us both. We had dated steadily all through school after I had finally worked up the courage to ask her out on a date. Martha was intelligent and could easily engage me in conversation, but my defense had always been that I was distracted by her beauty when she won a debate. Unlike many students, we had waited until marriage to explore the sexual aspect of our relationship. It was that first night, when I saw her nude that I finally realized just how fortunate I was for her love!

Looking again at Martha, I was blind to any changes the years may have brought. Having had no luck in getting pregnant had left her body almost unchanged…and the delicate triangle of red hair recaptured me every time I saw her nude.

“It may be easier if I helped bathe you, what with no running water and all,” I said to her.

“That sounds lovely dear…and I’ll do you next,” Martha replied.

It was almost a form of worship for me as I gently caressed every part of her flesh. Starting at the top and working my way down, I eventually found myself on my knees washing her delicate feet. Working my way back up those perfect legs, the folds peeking through the ginger bush demanded a kiss…and then another. I knelt and licked her to the point she said, “Rodger, you must stop…or take me to bed!”

“I’ll stop for now…but later, I will indeed take you to bed, my love. But it is getting late, and I need my own bath before the dance,” I had told her.


Lidia had been right, the town was packed. But it was a wee town, and easily packed. Still, there were at least a hundred people milling about the entrance. They were all dressed in their finest, Martha and I, plus two other couples, were clearly out-of-towners. We were overdressed for the occasion, but it couldn’t be helped now. All the local folk were friendly and welcoming as they joined the queue for tickets. As we drew closer we noticed the ‘Twenty-one and Older’ notice, and were told it was required by law since alcohol would be available inside. After that, we saw at least three young couples turned away with a mild scolding and a smile.

Once inside the barn, another queue had formed and we took our place. As we drew closer to the front, it was to see that a portion of punch was being handed out in mason jars. How quaint, we had remarked. When we got our own jars, it was easier to see that one was pink for the ladies, and the other a clear amber for the men. We didn’t ask why, but had been told by the server that its best not to mix them or drink the one for the opposite sex. Again, we had accepted this as part of the local custom and just smiled and nodded our understanding.

The band was on a platform stage tuning up for the dance. There were red, white and blue banners on the wall behind them. The band members were all attired in faded work coveralls, and some had old straw hats on as well. It was marvelous! Like out of a movie, it seemed to both of us. What a fortunate happenstance in stumbling across such an event. Yes, this would be a great story to share with our friends back home, we had told one another laughing!

Noticing that others were already sipping their punch, Rodger said, “Well, we best keep up with the locals dear,” and opening his jar took a sip. “Not bad,” he said as he took a larger drink.

Martha sampled hers and smiled, “This might just loosen you up enough to have a dance or two.”

“You know I’m no dancer dear. But if someone asks, please feel free to enjoy yourself…I love watching you dance, you know that.” Yes, it was I who unknowingly offered her up to that which was to come.

Finally, the microphone crackled and a voice said, “Gents, grab your lady ’cause here we go!”

The band started off in a wild fast paced tune the like of which I had never heard. Even before I could say a word to Martha, a strong looking young man had whisked her away onto the dance floor. I tried to keep my eye on her, but she was soon lost in the melee of wild dancing. Around and around they all went, and each one had their own mason jar in one hand. I was still trying to find my wife in the midst of it all when a woman about my age grabbed my arm and we too were in the middle of it all. I did my best to follow somewhat in the moves others were making, holding my own jar tight. When the song ended my partner opened her jar, took a large drink and shouted over the din, “You best drink that down so you can keep up!”

It made sense to me and I swallowed several big gulps. Then just as the music started again, I was whisked away by another woman, a big bosomed lass with raven black hair and smiling eyes. She hugged me close and her full breasts felt soft and so different than Martha’s. For some reason, I enjoyed this new sensation and realized I was getting an erection…but the dance took us away and I let it go. Two dances later, and half my portion of punch gone, the same full bodied lass led me around the floor one more time. I noticed that somehow her blouse had come off and not having any type of slip or covering, her big ample breast swayed provocatively so near to hand. Not having seen many bare breasts in my life, I boldly feasted my eyes on them…and my erection was now full and very cramped inside my slacks! Then my partner let go of me and scooped her tits together in both hands, still managing to hold her mason jar, then she did some fancy dance steps back from where I stood watching her! It seemed her nipples alone were almost as big as Martha’s entire breast…I was mesmerized by those two brown eyes, puckered hard and beckoning me! The songs went on one after the other, and my eyes were following those big brown nipples while around the floor we danced!

Finally I looked away to try and orient myself…and to hopefully find Martha in the crowd, but was once again pulled away. Turning, it was now two women who had me in tow. And as the band played on, they led me away from the dance floor to a place where others had come…to take a break, I wondered. But in less than a second, I realized it wasn’t for a breather they had all left the dance…no, they were all in various stages of undress and dancing was far from their minds! My thoughts were once again interrupted by yet a third woman! I was trapped and could offer little defense as my clothes were stripped away! I had tried to hold my shorts up, but the ripping sound of cloth sounded my defeat. The ropes that bound my hands also convinced me that further resistance would be futile, and yet to this day I don’t know how I was tired up so quickly.

It was in that same moment as I was being guided to the floor, that I finally saw Martha again. I was bound, stripped naked and powerless as I watched it all. She was already stripped and was on her knees sucking the biggest penis I had ever seen! She had never sucked me, and she was working that tool like a red light district pro! There were several men gathered around her taking a turn, and then I lost sight of her again…I gulped down the last of my punch that one of the women held to my lips. I drank it eagerly, hoping it might steel me for all that was happening! In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the proper course. Regardless, the punch was finished off and I myself was pinned down to the floor by my own admirers. And all the while, the magic punch kept me has hard as an iron pipe…and as aroused as a sailor walking the streets in Bordeaux on his first leave in three months!

I lost all track of Martha as a fourth young woman joined my other three captors. From my vantage laying on the floor, I looked up and noticed this new one was with a man, obviously her man in the way he held her. I heard him say, “This is the one Matty, you get on him now and get the first seed!”

The other women seemed to cede to his will and watched as the man stripped his woman. I was somewhat mesmerized with my view fixed up between the young wife’s legs, but when the first woman with the large tits finished removing all of her own clothes…it was then my view of the sweet young bride was blocked out and I watched helplessly as the big girl put a foot on either side of my head and lowered herself down to my face. I can still see it like a movie, and as she squatted lower, the full thick thighs spread apart and the thick black hair parted to reveal a glistening pink treasure…and just before she made her landing on my face, I could smell the scent of aroused woman! At that point the punch must have taken over, because I had never felt the powerful desires of a man until that night! I was thrown back into some deep dark memory of an ancient past where mating was more violent and urgent! And this was indeed mating. There was no time for tenderness, the only thing important was to breed…to seed a woman…and for her to find an acceptable mate for breeding! I admit to myself that after that I was transformed into something wild that I had never known existed! I licked that red slit for all I was worth, and my tongue reached out as far as humanly possible exploring deep inside of her opening. She was drenched and I was drenched in our combined passion!

I forgot about the younger married woman until I felt a hand grasp my tool…I sighed into the wet pussy on my face as I felt the ecstatic pleasure of the young bride’s soft inner folds caress me as she sank down on my pole. She fucked me, it was a simple as that. I was just there for her, and her husband’s, use. But I willingly and gladly played my part! It was only a matter of a couple of minutes before she accepted my first offering of seed on this night. She got up from the floor but I heard her husband tell her, “Do it again Lizzy, suck him up hard and make sure!”

Smothered as I was in wet pussy, I could only wait to see if Lizzy did as she had been told. I needn’t wait long, the sweet lips encircled my still firm member and she sucked it back up to full strength in less than a minute or so. Her other sweet lips quickly took their place again and Lizzy started her second ride of the night. I was finally able to control myself with the edge taken off, and I made her work for the second gift I would give her. She too seemed to be enjoying this second ride better, she was all sloppy and wet from the first time and the way she was rubbing her clitoris on me was different too…I was actually pleasuring her and I worked even harder as this beautiful young woman abandon herself to me! When I felt her tense up and squeeze my cock deep up inside her pussy, we both orgasmed and I knew she had enjoyed that one as much as I had…her contented sigh confirmed it. She was laying on my chest as I stroked her hair. I wished I could see her, to say something…but my mouth was controlled by the big woman who was still riding my face! So as the soft warmth of the young bride lifted from me, I said to myself that the young wife was filled up now…too bad they didn’t know I had been diagnosed with low sperm count.

The big woman, whose name was apparently Tina, rode my tongue during all of this to a powerful orgasm. I hadn’t really realized that my tongue had been so busy until my cock was abandoned…but Tina sure knew it was busy if her squeals and moans were an indication. Then Tina also had her moment when she pressed down even harder on my mouth and shook as her release shuddered through her body. The soaked flesh and hair pressed over my face was like an aphrodisiac that subdued the last of my inhibitions and inflamed the man in me that I had never known was there! It was now I who was in need and I found the strength to roll her off and onto her back…I held my bound hands out and she untied the knots allowing me to roughly opened her legs and take my place between them, with eyes locked to one another I said, “Beg for it!” Some inner instinct had awakened and I waited with my hard cock in my hand for her to obey me. She dropped her eyes to the man flesh she craved. I didn’t have to wait long for it was obvious that’s just what she wanted to do and whimpered, “Please fuck me…I beg you.” Her submission was obvious as I impaled her! I had never fucked a woman before in my life…I had only made love to Martha until now…the punch…nay, the magic elixir, had unveiled a part of myself I never knew existed…and it gave me the endurance to explore that as long as I wanted! I fucked Tina hard and rough as she lay passive under me moaning in pleasure. Just before I came inside her, I looked up and saw my wife on her back…she was getting exactly what Tina was getting…our eyes connected and I mouthed silently; I love you. She smiled and nodded, looked back to her man and pulled him tight to her body as she too embraced this madness…the madness that somehow seemed so sane and normal!

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