High-School lessons.

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I tried out for the swim team every year in high-school and made it at the start of my junior year.

I’d always been pretty fast in all the strokes and they needed an IM guy so I finally made the squad.

Everyone made me welcome because nobody else relished the extra training the Individual Medley requires.

I was the only Junior there and coach asked John, one of the Seniors, to mentor me. He was really cool and didn’t seem to mind hanging with a younger teammate. He set up a training schedule for me and we spent a lot of time together in the pool in the evenings.

I was making big improvements under his guidance and looked up to him a lot. He was fun to be around and cool and well-liked. He always had the cutest girlfriends in school. I admired him, so I always tried my hardest to please him.

I didn’t yet have a driver’s licence so John usually gave me rides home after training. One evening we pulled up outside my house and he stopped the car. I was just about to thank him and jump out, like normal, when and turned to me in the seat.

Looking me straight in the eyes, he said “I like you, Billy.”

“Uh, thanks, John. I like you, too.” I answered.

I opened the car door and climbed out.

“See you tomorrow, then.”

I closed the door and he drove away. That was kind of odd, I thought. It’s not the kind of thing boys usually say to each other out of the blue. But then I got in and had my meal with the folks and finished my homework and played on the computer and didn’t think any more about it.

The next week, John made a suggestion about improving my times.

“Have you thought about shaving you body, Billy? Most of the guys on the squad do.”

I knew that top swimmers shave their hair for the sake of speed and I’d noticed in the showers that my teammates did too.

Even their pubic hair. They were all smooth all over.

But I didn’t have hardly any hair on me.

“Do you think I need to, John?”

“Well it couldn’t hurt.”

As usual I wanted to follow his suggestions and gain his approval, so I agreed.

In the shower at home I made tried my best to get off all the hair from my legs and arms. There was no hair on my chest. There was just a little line of hair from my pubes to my navel but I didn’t bother with that. It was a bit awkward to get it all and I missed a few spots.

Next day after school I was training with John again. We got into our speedos and he saw I’d done as he suggested.

“Good job, Billy.” he told me, and was looking me over.

“Oh but I think you missed a couple of places.”

He knelt down and started running his palms up and down my legs. It felt weird but I liked him touching me.

I felt my cock begin to stiffen.

It was embarrassing and I broke away and quickly turned and jumped into the water so he wouldn’t see. The cooler water helped my swelling penis to shrink back to normal size.

Now I was able to feel the water across my smooth skin. It was very sensual. And it really felt as though I was swimming faster.

The times were pretty much exactly the same though, when John had me doing laps. Oh well, it felt good.

We were in his car afterwards and he told me that he’d help get the few remaining hairs off me if I wanted. We could go to his place.

“Wouldn’t your folks think it was weird?”

“There’s nobody there tonight. They go to Rotary. I always have the place to myself on Tuesdays until at least midnight.”

“OK, I guess.” I answered.

I was pleased to be able to spend time alone with John. I’d thought about when he’d told me he liked me and realized I had some kind of crush on him. Not like the crush I had on some of the older girls in the swim team.

So sexy in their tight body suits with their tight bodies underneath. I had been thinking about them in my most intimate private moments since the first training session.

Or my French teacher… she was sexy and nice and all the boys in my year felt the same way. She knew it, too. Had to. There were times she’d drop something in class and bend over to pick it up… fuck… when she’d straighten back up half the boys in class would be fidgeting in their seats to adjust their hardons. No way she didn’t know it.

But she got the best out of her class. We tried hard to please her. Or we tried to please her hard.

And I was improving with my swimming because I tried so hard to please John. It was hero-worship I suppose. I called home to let them know I’d be doing extra training and John drove us to his house.

“Hey you want to see something?” he asked.


“Can you keep a secret?”

“Yeah, for you John. Absolutely.”


“Promise. What is it?”

He smiled a wicked smile. “A movie I made.”

“Yeah. Great.”

I assumed it was for media studies class. I expected it to be lame but John seemed proud of it so I was going to be positive.

“We’ll have to watch it upstairs on my computer.”

We went to his room and he got it set up. I sat at the workdesk and he stood behind me. It started and I saw Suzie who had been John’s girlfriend for a few months.

She was a sweet-looking blond Junior and I had the hots for her, so my interest was piqued. She was just walking through the park and smiling at the camera.

Then she was in this same room. John’s bedroom. And then she started doing a strip-tease. I turned round and looked up at John.

“You sure it’s OK to see this?”

“Yeah. I want you to.”

“She won’t taksim escort mind?”

“She won’t know. You promised, remember?”

I turned back and watched Suzie get naked and lay back on John’s bed.

She played with her titties and spread her legs. The camera angle was from the end of the bed looking up between her open thighs.

“Suzie’s pretty dirty!”

“Hey that’s my girlfriend you’re dissing!” he laughed “Yeah she’s a fucking slut. She’ll fuck anyone.”

I watched as Suzie’s fingers rubbed her bald pussy and flicked over her clitoris. I watched as her fingers went between the lips of her pussy. I watched Suzie masturbate. Watched her fingers going into her cunt. I could see the glistening juices on her fingers. Then she took those fingers and put them in her mouth, sucking them. Tasting herself.

All the while she was asking… ‘do you like that? Like my pussy? You want to taste? It tastes good.’ And then finally… ‘come on, I want your cock’.

The camera moved around a lot. The cameraman was climbing up onto the bed. He angled down and I watched the screen as a hard cock went to Suzie’s cunt and was pushed into her.

Suzie was moaning.

Then she took control of the camera and now the angle was from her point of view. I watched as she panned up and I saw John’s face for the first time.

John was showing me a video of him fucking. Fucking Suzie. I watched as John pounded Suzie until he was about to cum and then he pulled out and I saw his cum pulsing out of his cock onto Suzie’s sweet tits. And…scene.

When the movie ended I just sat there in silence for a minute.

“Fuck! That was hot. You’re so lucky to have a girlfriend to do that with.”

“You don’t?”

“Not right now.”

I was evasive. I’d had a girlfriend who gave me hand-jobs and let me finger her pussy, and another who had sucked me off.

But neither had let me fuck them. I was still a virgin in that department.

“OK well that was a little show for you. Now let’s get shaving.” he smiled.

He had his own en suite and he said he’d wait in the shower. Even though we’d used communal showers at school, it felt odd to get undressed in his bedroom with him next door. I pulled on my speedos, went into the steamy bathroom and stepped into the shower. John was naked in there. I nearly jumped right back out, but he said not to worry, he was just finished shaving himself.

“Come on, let’s get the last of your hair off.”

I stood under the water with my eyes closed and felt John soaping my chest.

“There’s nothing there, John.” I said.

“I know, Billy. I just…”

His hands moves over my pecs. I felt him linger on my nipples. It felt nice, but this was a boy touching me. A boy. Not right.


“Sorry. I don’t know..”

He went to his knees and his hands went to my legs. The soap made it easy for him to find the few stray hairs and he gently shaved them off. His touch made me aroused. I was ready to get out of there before he noticed.

“All done. Thanks, John.”

But then John asked “what about the rest?”

I looked down at him. “Rest?”

“You know.”

His hand reached up and he hooked the front of my swimming costume. Started tugging it down. I saw that his cock was semi-hard. My pubes were exposed and the palm of his hand brushed against my own hardening cock. I needed to get out of there.

“I’ll do it at home, John.”

“I could do it for you, Billy. I could shave your pubic hair off for you. I don’t mind.”

Later, I’d regret not accepting his offer, but I hadn’t had time to give it any thought.

“No. It’s OK. I’ll do it later. Honest.”

I’d pretty much shut him down. I turned off the water and John stood. He was very close. Naked and smooth and wet and I sensed his chubby rubbing against the front of my briefs. I moved away and out of the shower, turning my back to him to hide my erection. Although he was obviously aware I had one.

He slapped me on my ass and said “well now you’ll be swimming faster than ever.”

I guess he was trying to make light of me rebuffing his pass.

“Yeah. Thanks. We’ll see tomorrow.”

I was toweling myself dry and had to slip down my speedos. I could feel his eyes on me as I bent down. Then John said “Oh man, sorry Billy. I guess I slapped your ass a little harder than I meant to. There’s a big red hand-print on your cheek. It was supposed to be a friendly pat.”

“That’s OK.”

It HAD stung but I didn’t want to whine about it. Horseplay the showers was nothing new.

I felt him rubbing it gently. Caressing my ass. Making it all better. And he was. John took some oil and offered to rub it into my freshly shaved legs.

“It’ll make it feel better.”

I don’t know why I let him. He was still trying it on but I felt bad that I’d knocked him back in the shower. I stood there, letting his hands roam all over my legs, covering them with a soothing salve, from my ankles to the tops of my thighs.

He made me hard. My naked hard cock was there for him. And he looked at it but never touched it.

Now I wanted him to, or I wanted to touch it myself, but that would have to wait. I hurried up and got dressed and told him I needed to get home. He dressed too and drove me.

It was quiet in the car. I didn’t know what to say and I guess he didn’t either. We pulled up and he stopped the car. Like he had the other time. He turned to me and asked

“Can I tell you a secret, Billy?”


“It’s beşiktaş escort a really big secret. You have to promise you’ll never tell anyone.”

“Sure, John. You can trust me. I’d never tell.”

“I like you.”

“I know. You told me before.”

“No. That’s the secret. I like you. Like… like.”

“I like you too, John.”

“I like girls, Billy. You know that, right?”

“Yeah, I just saw the evidence at your place. I do too.”

“But I keep thinking about you. I like you… that way.”

“Ohhh. Uhh O…K…”

“I’m sorry about earlier. Making you uncomfortable…”

“No.. that’s OK. That’s fine. It was OK. Don’t feel bad.”

“You won’t tell anyone?”

“No John. I’m cool.”

We said goodbye and I went inside. That night I was thinking about all that had happened. I had showered before bed and had done as I’d promised.

Now I was laying on my towel, stroking my cock. And I was thinking about Suzie. Naked. Fingering herself. Watching her getting fucked.

And that should have been what got me off… but then I was thinking about John. My hero, John. And his touch. Feeling his hands on my body. Running up my legs. And his cock. I was thinking about John’s cock. Hard, thrusting into Suzie’s pussy.

Hard, wet, smooth, rubbing against mine.

And I started imagining what it would feel like. In my hand. In my mouth. Would John like it if I sucked him off? Would it please him?

I wanted to please him.

And I spread my legs as I masturbated. How would it be to lie under him, like Suzie had been? Would he like that?

I came while I was thinking about John. Not Suzie. And then I felt ashamed for a while.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again. But then within minutes I was stroking myself again, feeling my cum smeared all over the length of my cock and onto the smooth balls and the smooth place where a few hours before I had had pubic hair.

And I was thinking about John again. And now I was regretting that moment when I’d stopped him from pulling down my speedos in the shower.

What would he have done? Would I have wanted him to stop?

I knew I wouldn’t stop him next time. I thought of him touching me. Stroking my cock.

Thought of his hands touching my body. Touching my ass. I turned onto my stomach and lifted my ass up as I stroked my rigid cock.

I imagined John watching my ass… touching my ass… I spread my legs… fucking my ass.

John. Fucking my ass.

I wanted John. Wanted to please him. Give myself to him, if he wanted.

I came again. Shooting my cum onto the towel.

Next week came along and on Tuesday as John and I finished up our training session and he was about to drive me home I asked him…

“John, do you think it’s time for another shave?”

He understood.

“Yes, yes, Billy. It could be.”

“Will you help me?”

“Oh yes, Billy. I would love to.”

We said no more as he drove to his house. We got inside and went straight upstairs. When we reached his room I turned to him.

“John I have a secret for you.”

“What’s that?”

“I shaved last night.”


“and I have another secret. I like you. Like… like.”

“Oh Billy. But you like girls, don’t you?” …

“Yes John, like you do. But I like you too, John. More than just a friend.”

“What should we do about it?”

“I want to please you.”

He held me in his strong arms. I hugged him back. He leaned his head down to me and I turned my face up to him.

He put his lips on mine. Kissed me.

I kissed him back. Fervently. My hero.

Now I could admit it to myself. I had a crush on him. I wanted him to want me. And he did.

I melted in his arms as his tongue entered my mouth. Kissing me hard and hot.

We shuffled over to his bed, not letting go, not breaking the kiss.

We lay down and I was on my back. I spread my legs and John nestled between them. Kissing me.

I felt his cock rubbing mine through our jeans.

I bent my legs and lifted them up so he was rubbing his cock against the base of my hard cock and I felt his length against my ass.

With one hand still holding me, John started trying to pull off my t-shirt.

It was never going to work. We broke free and stood on either side of his bed. Watching each other as we both got naked as quickly as possible.

Hard cock pointing at hard cock, we stood looking at each other and then moved towards each other on the bed.

My hand went to grip his stiff member. Oh heaven. I was stroking him and felt his hand on me. We were kneeling, facing each other and our cocks touched.

He took both in his hand and rubbed them together while I held him tightly and we kissed again.

“Can I suck you, John?” I asked.

“Oh god” he lay back on the bed and I lay down beside him.

Leaning over his lap. Holding his cock in my hand, I lowered my head and took his beautiful penis into my mouth. It was hard and rubbery and wonderful.

I felt his hand on my head and he encouraged me sucking. Guiding me to a pace he liked.

With one hand I gripped the base of his cock, so it wouldn’t go in too deep, with the other hand I caressed and fondled his smooth balls.

All the while, my lips were wrapped around his hard meat, tongue exploring the length, tracing the flange of his engorged helmet.


John stopped me. Sat up and gently pressed me down onto my back. Now he was looking down at nişantaşı escort me. “Is there something wrong, John?”

“No Billy you’re wonderful. I don’t want to cum in your mouth though.”

“I wouldn’t mind.”

He chuckled… “You misunderstand. Did you mean it when you said you want to please me?”


“I could do anything?”

Now I understood.

“Yes John. Anything. You can do anything.”

He stood and went to his bedside table. Found a bottle of lubricant.

“I want to fuck you, Billy.”

I looked up into his eyes.

“I want you, John. I want your cock. I want to give my ass to you.”

I spread my legs. My hard cock was resting up on my belly but my hands went to the cheeks of my ass and I pulled them apart to show John what I wanted.

I looked up as he stroked lube onto his cock. Shining, gleaming. Slick.

And he bent down and his fingers found my anus. Covering my bottom with slippery lubricant. Pushing into my ass. Oiling up the walls of my anal opening. Making me slippery.

Nothing had ever gone into my ass before. His finger felt big, but I liked it. When the second one joined it, I winced a little and he pulled out again.

“Sorry, Billy, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s OK. I want it. Whatever it takes. I want to give my body to you.”

I grabbed the backs of my knees and lifted myself further off the bed. Presenting my ass to him. His finger went back to my ass, I relaxed. Felt him pushing in and out.

“Try a second one now.” I told him.

Felt a second digit going up inside me. Relaxed and began to enjoy it. Really enjoy it.

John was giving me fantastic sensations. He made me want him now, not just to give myself to him. I wanted to feel him fucking me for my own pleasure.

“Fuck me John. I want it.”

“You’re sure? I don’t want to hurt you, my darling boy.”

“No I want it. I want to feel your cock inside me.”

I let go of my legs and let them down to the bed, stretching them as far apart as I could. Being a slutty whore ready to take on a cock. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and knelt between my stretched-wide thighs. I looked down and watched as he took his hard dick in his fist and positioned it against my recently stretched anus.

His cock was fatter than the two fingers that he’d had inside me, but I didn’t care. The moment I felt the head of his cock begin to enter me I reached up and put my arms around his neck.

Pulled him down to me. Opened my lips and pressed my mouth on his. At the same time I hunched my ass up off the bed and felt his entire length slip into my bottom.

Oh bliss. A mix of pain and ecstasy. The ecstasy won. I moaned.

He thought he was hurting me and tried to pull away but I clung on tight. Shaking my head slightly and letting him know I was OK.

I was better than OK. I was loving it. Knowing I was giving him what he wanted. Loving his hard cock splitting my ass. He broke our kiss and leaned down, whispering as he drove his wonderful cock deeper into my willing bum.

“I think I love you, Billy” he whispered into my ear.

Now I knew what this crush was. I felt the same way.

“It’s not love, John. But no girl will ever be able to make me feel like this. Your cock is fantastic. Fuck me John. Cum in me.”

He increased his tempo and, since he’d lowered himself onto me, my cock was being rubbed between our bodies with each thrust of his cock up my ass. Inevitably I was close to cumming.

“You’re going to make me cum, John. You’ll make me cum by fucking me.”

“I’m close too”

He moved faster. Harder. Driving himself into my hole. Rubbing my cock between us.

Faster. Harder. Deeper.

And then I felt him tense up and he rammed himself as far into my ass as he could. Which hit something inside me that set off my own orgasm.

My cum shot out and covered my belly and John’s – all without being touched – my arms were still tightly around his neck.

At the same time I felt him cumming in my ass. Cumming and cumming. I’d seen John cum before in the movie with Suzie, but this felt like he was cumming twice as long.

He groaned and thrust and pushed and huffed and puffed and rammed my ass.

I met his every movement. In perfect tune with him. Taking it. Taking his cock. Feeling and loving every bit of his frenzied fucking of my virgin bottom.

And he filled me with his cum. Shot his seed into me until I felt it trickling round his shaft and down the crack and onto his bed.

Still he slipped in and out of me. In and out of my slippery cum-filled hole until finally he slowed… stopped thrusting and collapsed onto me.

I held him tight. My hands traced up from his neck to hold his head.

“Oh John. That was so good. You cock is so good. I love how it feels. I can feel you in my ass. I can feel your cum. You made me cum. While you were fucking me. Made me cum. And I made you cum. I’m so happy.”

And I remained happy for the whole of my junior year.

We swam and swam and swam and then fucked and fucked and fucked.

We discovered that he wasn’t exclusively a top and I wasn’t exclusively a bottom. When I fucked him, I wasn’t taking, I was still giving. I was honoring his wonderful personality and our wonderful bond as well as feeling the wonderful sensation of having my cock buried in his wonderful ass.

He went off to college but we’d still get together from time to time and fuck. I’ve never been with any other man. Neither has he. It’s thirty years later and we are both happily married now, but once a year or so we manage to get away together for a guy’s weekend. Our wives think we go golfing, but really all we do is fuck each other’s brains out for two days.

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