High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 41

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Since my afternoon was now freed up, I decided to give Kay a call and find out when she’d be available for me to stop by and set up the GoPro. I pressed her contact on my cell phone and waited for her to answer. It rang three times and I was expecting to get her voice mail when she answered the call. “Hi Allen,” her words sounding somewhat labored.

“Hiya Kay, are you okay?” I said.

“I’m a little out of breath, I had to run from the front of the store to the stockroom to grab my phone,” she answered.

“Sorry about that, you could have let my call go to voice mail and called me back,” I said.

“I might have if I knew it was you calling,” she replied.

“So, what’s happening at the store?” I asked.

“I had a busy morning, the auctioneers came by to pick up the last of my stock that is going to be auctioned off, and I had a call earlier this afternoon from Mike Greth which is why I was running to get to my phone,” Kay explained.

“Are we still on for tomorrow night?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, Mike feels it would be better to review his plans here so he can point out the changes he’s suggesting,” Kay answered.

“Oh shit,” I said knowing that capturing her planned seduction in the store would be difficult if not impossible.

“I gave him a song and dance about not wanting to spend any more time here than necessary, and said I’d understand the changes without actually looking where he’s planning on moving things around,” Kay said.

“Okay, so why was he going to call you back?” I asked.

“I suggested that he bring a copy of the drawing of the store as it is now, and we could refer to that when looking at his other plans,” Kay continued.

“That should solve the problem,” I replied.

“I thought so too, but Mike said he’d have to make a scale drawing from his rough notes and wasn’t sure he could get it done before Tuesday afternoon, he’s going to call me to let me know if we’ll need to postpone our meeting to later in the week,” Kay explained.

A change of plans like that would throw off my entire sexual dance card for the week, but rather than admit to her what a pain in the ass it would be I said, “I hope tomorrow will work, Ginger and I are looking forward to your show.”

She giggled, then said, “I am the paying client so if I tell him I can’t change my plans to another night I’m sure he’ll deal with it.”

“That’s my girl,” I replied.

Kay laughed and answered, “At least one of them, huh Allen.”

I let her comment slide and asked, “I’d like to stop by to set up the GoPro, when do you think you’ll be home?”

“I’m about finished here, but I’m all sweaty and I need a shower,” she said.

“No problem, I have to stop by my place and pick up the GoPro,” I answered figuring she grab a quick shower before I got there.

“Tell ya what Allen, I’ll leave my apartment door unlocked, my access code for the lobby door is 1962, the year I was born, so when you get to my place if I’m still in the shower you can just let yourself in,” Kay suggested.

“Sounds like a plan,” I remarked, then added, “see you in a little while.”

“Okay hun, bye for now,” Kay said before disconnecting our call.

Forty-five minutes later, with all the video equipment carefully packed in a backpack, I punched 1962 into the keypad, it buzzed that obnoxious sound signaling the lock was deactivated and I pulled the door open.

As I rode the elevator to Kay’s floor I wondered if she’d still be in the shower or greet me wearing her favorite fluffy, white terry cloth robe. I opened the apartment door, stepped inside, then closed and locked it. Kay was nowhere in sight. I placed my backpack on the coffee table and walked toward her bathroom hearing the water of her shower still running. The door was ajar and the light from inside along with puffs of steam confirmed Kay was waiting for me in the shower.

“It’s me,” I said as I pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The condensed steam on the glass shower door obscured my view of her lovely mature body, but Kay opened the door enough to stick her face into the opening and said, “Hiya lover.”

Her long, red hair was soaking wet and it appeared that just before she slid the door open, she let the shower water cascade down her face, droplets of water glistened on her smooth complexion.

“Need any help?” I asked hoping she’d invite me to join her.

“I saved my hair for last; I’d enjoy having you shampoo it for me,” Kay replied just before she pulled her face from the narrow opening of the shower door.

“Love to,” I answered as I started stripping out of my clothes.

As I was undressing, I noticed her move inside the shower. Even while showering Kay seized the opportunity to show off her body, she pressed her soft D-cup tits against the door letting me see their firm fullness, the pink areolas and erect nipples inviting me to join her. When I was naked, I opened the shower door and stepped inside. Kay was standing with her wednesday izle back to me, steamy water cascading onto her large breasts and running down over her flat belly and shapely legs. Her perfect, round ass greeted me almost inviting to be caressed.

“I like the strawberry shampoo,” Kay remarked as she moved her head forward wetting her hair again, then pulled it over her shoulders.

I took the bottle of strawberry shampoo off the shelf and squirted more shampoo than necessary into her hair. After replacing the bottle, I started lathering her hair.

“I just love having my hair shampooed,” Kay softly said as she stepped back a little, so the cascade of shower water now splashed onto her pubic mound.

Her hair exploded in strawberry scented bubbles and I slowly massaged her scalp moving my fingertips through her long, red hair.

“That feels so wonderful,” Kay said as my fingers combed through her hair and the froth of bubbles covering her head.

I could tell my gentle movements were relaxing her, but on the other hand, her soft, sensuous body on display before me was having the opposite effect on me, my cock began to rise and stiffen.

“You’ve done this before,” Kay remarked.

I continued shampooing her long, red locks as I replied, “A time or two.”

As I started squeezing the excess bubbles from her hair, Kay took another step back causing my stiffening cock to touch one sexy, round ass cheek. “What do we have here,” she said as she reached behind and found my cock with a delicate hand.

I abandoned all pretense of only shampooing her hair and moved forward pressing my loins against her soft, round ass. My hands circled her body and I cupped both big tits, lifting them higher on her chest. She released my cock and reached behind with both hands drawing my hips forward pressing my erect cock between her ass cheeks. I slowly moved my hips up and down sliding my cock between her slippery cheeks.

“Don’t forget to shampoo my pubic hair, I love when my loins smell like strawberries,” Kay commented.

Before I moved my hands down, I gave both erect nipples a gentle tweak, then slowly slid my hands down over her smooth, flat belly and pubic mound until my fingertips reached the perfectly trimmed triangle of curly red hair just above her pussy.

“I love how you touch me,” she said.

As my fingers worked through her pubic hair Kay pressed her hips forward against my hands in anticipation of my fingers finding her ultra-sensitive clit just below the bottom point of her sexy triangle.

“Oh yeah,” Kay softly said, as my middle finger reached the hood of flesh covering her clit and pressed against the erect nub it protected. I circled her clit several times with my fingertip caressing it softly and spreading the hood open.

“OH GOD ALLEN!” Kay exclaimed as I continued pleasuring her with one middle finger.

“Please finger me,” Kay pleaded.

I lowered my hand further and used three fingers, two slid along the outside of her wet labia, while the middle slid between her lips.

“Hmmm…,” Kay said as I softly caressed the outside of her cunt.

I kissed her ear, then whispered, “Turn sideways.”

Kay turned so I could step into the stream of steamy water facing her, the shower now spraying both our chests.

“You’ve got me so turned on,” she said just before I dipped my middle finger deeper into her sultry, wet cunt.

Kay pressed her loins down trying to force my finger deeper, her eyes fixed on mine almost begging me to kiss her. With my free hand, I reached around her waist and pulled her body tight to mine, our lips touched, a soft sensuous kiss which rapidly intensified into a deep, soul-searching, passionate kiss, our tongues performing a sexual tango. Without breaking our kiss, Kay moaned as my finger probed even deeper inside her wet cunt. I love the way she reacts to our foreplay, the way she kisses me, strokes my cock and especially the way her mind and body slowly react to my caresses.

She broke our passionate kiss, moved her lips close to my ear and said, “If you continue fingering me this way, I’m gonna cum.”

Which was exactly what I wanted, I added a second finger to her soaking wet cunt and began finger fucking her more quickly. Kay reacted by starting to grind her loins against my hand.

“Oh god YES!” Kay exclaimed as my fingers probed deeper inside her quivering cunt.

Kay reached up with one arm draping it over my shoulder to steady herself as my fingers brought her closer to the edge.

“Make me cum, Allen,” she pleaded as her body began to convulse against my hand.

“YES!” she screamed as her orgasm slammed into her.

I felt the flood of juices bathe my fingers as her climax built, her loins bucking against my hand, her breathing coming in short, orgasmic gasps. I slowed the pace of my hand wanting to extend the pleasure she was feeling, and as her climax subsided, she reached between her thighs weekend family izle and held my hand firmly in place with my fingers as deep inside as they could reach.

“I came so hard,” she said once the pleasure began to wane.

Her arm slipped off my shoulder and I removed my fingers from her swollen cunt, then wrapped both arms around her and pulled her tightly against me. Our mouths came together, and we passionately kissed as the shower cascaded over her back. Kay broke our kiss and looked up into my eyes, a lustful, sexy stare before she said, “I needed that so badly.”

I just smiled, happy that I could give her what she needed.

Kay arched her back and tilted her head, so the shower spray splashed on her head, and I released her body sliding my hands up to help rinse the shampoo from her sexy, red hair.

“Did you bring the camera?” she asked as we finished rinsing.

“I did,” I replied.

Kay smiled and suggested, “I’d like you to get everything ready for tomorrow night, then take me to bed and fuck me properly.”

I reached around her and turned the water off before I replied, “It would be my pleasure.”

We stepped out of the tub together. I grabbed a large, bath towel, handing it to her so she could squeeze the excess moisture from her hair. I grabbed another large, bath towel, dried myself and wrapped it around my waist twisting it tightly.

Kay grinned and said, “I can’t wait to pull that open later.”

I used a dry towel to pat her dry but as I tried to wrap it around her body she said, “I have my robe right there,” pointing to the back of the bathroom door.

As I hung the wet towel over the bar on the shower door Kay removed the towel from her hair and handed it to me as she stepped past and slipped into her favorite fluffy, white, terry cloth robe.

“Meet me in the living room,” Kay said as she walked out of the bathroom.

I knew exactly where I wanted to hide the GoPro and asked Kay to sit on the sofa so I could center the image and adjust the focus.

Kay sat down and let her robe fall open, lifted her feet and placed them on the edge of the coffee table spreading her legs open. She continued her seduction by cupping both big, soft breasts and said, “Look at my sweet, little cunt Allen.”

I watched as her hands moved down from her breasts to between her thighs. She used the fingers on both hands to spread her swollen labia open, the pink flesh beyond couldn’t have looked more inviting. As one delicate finger dipped inside, she said, “I’m so fuckin’ horny for your big, hard cock.”

I finished with the GoPro quickly, then walked across the room standing before her with my shins against the coffee table.

“Show me that big, beautiful cock,” she said.

I smiled and said, “Didn’t you just say you couldn’t wait to pull the towel open?”

“I did, but what I can’t wait for is to watch it swell, get rock-hard and slip between these tight, wet lips,” she replied as a second finger plunged inside her swollen cunt.

I hooked a finger into the twist of my towel and pulled it open the moist towel fell to the floor behind me.

She smiled and said, “I see it’s already getting hard.”

“Yes, it is,” I answered.

She looked so sexy half reclined on the sofa with her robe spread open while those passionate blue-gray eyes stared at me. Kay removed her fingers from her wet slit and slid her hands up to again cup her soft, lovely tits, then said, “I want you to take me to bed and make slow, passionate love with me.”

I moved around the coffee table, bent down and picked her up in my arms. Kay wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me an impassioned kiss. I carried her across the living room, used my shoulder to push the bedroom door open, then gently placed her on the bed. Kay slipped her arms out of the fluffy white robe, then spread her legs open as I walked to the foot of her bed.

“You are so fuckin’ sexy,” I said as one of her hands moved down to her loins where her fingers spread her moist cunt open, exposing the moist pink inside.

She lifted her free hand, turned it palm up and curled her index finger as she said, “Come to me, lover.”

I crawled toward her knowing that our lovemaking would be heightened by lengthy foreplay and began by lowering my lips to one foot. I softly kissed the instep of that foot, gently sucked on her big toe, then moved up to begin kissing and licking along her calf.

“I love that,” Kay said as my kisses reached her knee.

Looking up toward her, those sexy eyes sparkled, and her brilliant white smile told me this was what she wanted and needed.

As my lips traveled along her inner thigh Kay moaned softly in anticipation of what we both knew would happen next, but I delayed the inevitable by moving my mouth to her other thigh slowly kissing down to her knee. My kisses traveled back up that thigh and Kay again moaned as my lips approached the confluence of her legs. welcome to chippendales izle

I lifted my mouth from her to study the moist folds of her cunt, the tiny triangle of red hair just above and the erect clitoris between the two. “It’s so beautiful,” I said as I looked up at her face again.

Kay just smiled.

Her hands rested on the top of her thighs as I lowered my mouth toward her loins, first planting a soft kiss on the tip of her erect clit. She moaned again, then said, “Lick it, lover.”

I flicked the tip of my tongue across the sensitive nub several times, then drew it between my lips softly sucking on her clit. I inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of strawberry shampoo and the aroma of her moist cunt.

“You’re driving me insane,” Kay said as I lowered my mouth and licked between the swollen folds of her labia.

I moved incredibly slowly pleasuring every part of the rose blossom before me. Kay lifted her hands to my head and began guiding my lips and tongue to her most sensitive parts.

“I love how you do that,” Kay remarked as I continued my oral foreplay at a pace intended to heighten her arousal rather than draw her toward orgasm. She began lifting her hips and pressing my head firmer against her loins trying to drive my tongue deeper inside, but I lifted my face from her wet cunt and said, “You’re not allowed to cum yet.”

Kay just smiled and removed her hands from my head. I licked her sensitive clit several more times, then moved my kisses up and through her pubic hair and onto the silky-smooth flesh of her abdomen above.

I think she understood what my intentions were and moved her hands again to cup her lovely big, soft tits, sliding her fingers and palms up, over and down again slowly. She knew that sooner or later my soft sensual kisses would climb to her tits and once there I’d worship them, but before my lips would touch her breasts, I had lots of smooth, sensitive flesh to cover. I began by planting very light kisses just above her curly triangle of red hair and slowly started increasing those kisses to include the tip of my tongue and occasionally lightly nibbling on her skin with my teeth.

Kay moaned softly as my lips approached her belly button which I teased by inserting my tongue into and swirling it around.

“Your teasing is working,” she remarked as I noticed her muscles react to my slow, oral foreplay.

I began moving my mouth in a random pattern, kissing, licking and nibbling her soft, smooth flesh. Kay continued playing with her tits patiently waiting for the time that my mouth would replace her hands.

Once I’d completed moistening her belly with wet kisses and I reached the bottom of her lovely D-cup tits, she moved her hands off to her sides knowing that I’d finally reached another of her most sensitive parts.

I rose some and gazed into her eyes, those blue-gray eyes which sparkled with anticipation and passion. She smiled and said, “I want you so badly.”

Up until now, my rock-hard cock had been pressed against the bedding between her legs, but now that I was climbing higher on her sensual body my cock touched her loins. I lifted my hips higher, so my erection slid above her body and rested where my lips had started their sensuous climb.

“Oh god, Allen,” Kay said when she realized that I intended to make her wait to feel my cock slip inside her.

I smiled at her just before lowering my mouth to her awesome soft breasts. As I’d done below, I moved haphazardly from one to the other covering them with soft, wet kisses, before focusing on her erect, pink nipples. Starting with her right tit, I used my tongue on her pink areola before capturing the taut nub and licking, sucking and biting it. I moved to her left tit, giving that nub the same sensual treatment and equal time.

Kay moaned repeatedly while I worshiped her big, soft tits. Once again, she began moving her hips trying to entice me to enter her. As my oral foreplay moved up to her neck, then around to one ear, she finally pleaded, “Please Allen, dear god, please.”

“Tell me what you want,” I whispered.

She instantly replied, “You know what I want, your big cock deep inside me.”

I covered her mouth with mine offering my tongue to my mature lover, which she immediately accepted sucking hard on it. Kay felt me raise my hips and slipped one hand between our bodies grasping my rock-hard cock and guiding the head to the wet, swollen entrance of her cunt.

Sometimes when I first enter her, I’ll slam my cock deep inside slapping my balls against her ass, but this time I knew Kay wanted my first thrust to be a slow, sensuous plunge to her very core. She lifted her feet off the bed stretching her legs straight toward the ceiling, which caused her pelvis to rock upward and the tip of my cock to slip between her swollen lips. Our mouths were locked together, a kiss as passionate as our love making would become once my cock was totally embedded inside her. My sensuous plunge began, and Kay moaned, a throaty moan, followed immediately by a gasp as my cock head slipped into her wet, swollen cunt. I could feel it grasp my cock head as I slowly plunged deeper. Kay gasped once again when the flare of my corona slid over her G-spot for the first time.

I momentarily broke our passionate kiss to say, “I can feel every part of you.”

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