Hey Professor! Ch. 09 – Conclusion

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I looked up from the paper at a ping from my phone. 9PM. Tee was kneeling at my feet, the dildo almost entirely down her throat, stripped, her knees spread wide. She was trying to do some homework. The forum. Opening the app, I saw GateKeeper had a message for me.

She’s ready. Cocktease98. She will be contacting you shortly.

I shook my head. Fucking Larry. I sent him a fuck you and left the app open, returning to the news.

About 15 minutes later she pinged me.

It was a video file. I put in my ear buds and started it up.

“Hey Professor.” It was Carolyn, naked on her bed, her healthy American body, so pale and pink compared to Tee’s, her breasts hanging but not pendulous. Full, youthful, but so much larger than I preferred. She was sitting on her bed, back to the headboard, legs spread open, a vibrator plunged into her. “Angel told me I had to do this.” Her face looked like she was in pain, or conflicted, or maybe she was just turned on. “She is gone. She told me you had sent her to punish me. I thought I knew what I was doing until she came into my life. Now I realize I am nothing compared to her. And she told me you are so much more than she is.”

She closed her eyes and made a noise, holding the vibrator still, her breathing pushing those breasts out toward the camera. “I…I didn’t know what you are doing to Tee. I hadn’t heard from her since Angel took me away, and when I saw her at the apartment I was so exhausted I couldn’t even kiss her properly. But just today I got a link to all of the pictures and videos and I couldn’t believe what you have her doing. Now I know what you are doing, Professor, and I…I want to be there when it happens. Angel told me what I needed to do. I…I…I don’t know if I can, but if you…if you would consider…I know I was a stupid ass for sending that sext to you. And I know what you told Tee: that we’d be expelled, or worse, if we said anything. But after Angel…” She pulled the vibrator out, rubbing its tip against her clit, then slowly pushed it back in until her fingers were pressed against her lips, spreading them out. “I know that I need to learn a lot more than I know.” She paused, looking straight at the camera and stroking the vibrator in and out until she stiffened and screamed out in a brief climax. “I will be whatever you need me to be, Professor. Please train me.” She reached forward, her breasts hanging down, and clicked off the camera.

The file had a note attached.

She’s yours for the taking. Fucking beautiful thing. Two for one.

Fucking Larry!

I looked down at Tee, my cock swelling in my briefs. “Cunt.”

She looked up seeing the bulge and looked at me, eyebrows up.

I slipped my underwear down letting him spring out. A soft-on, but hardening as she stared at it. Her ass and mouth were filled, the implication was obvious. Pushing herself up, she faced me, spreading her legs, but we both realized the harness would be a problem. She turned around to face away from me, spread her legs again, reached down and positioned my head at her pussy. She was wet. As usual. Since the day she arrived I had been edging her, mercilessly, her nervous system was frayed from being keyed up. As she slipped down on top of me, my cock sliding into her velvety, wet channel, I pulled her back against me, my fingers sliding up to play with her nipples.

It was a beautiful torture, playing with her nipples. Since the night at the club, they had been engorged and hot to the touch. The circle of tiny puncture wounds left by the loops at their base didn’t do justice to the nerve endings that had been fired up that night. Whenever I saw her, I would reach over and stroke them, watch them swell and deepen from pinkish tan to deep purple. She would moan and then cover her mouth as if she had burped in public, concerned I would spank that gorgeous pussy. Sometimes I would. “Present,” I would demand, and watch as she struggled to stand, spread her legs and push her pelvis forward, her eyes looking at my face, or my hands or her cunt, bracing for a slap.

Tonight, her tight ass cheeks rubbing along my thighs, her cunt, a slippery cuff on my cock, and her butt-plug brushing the insides of my leg, I knew she would be crying in frustration. I took each nipple between my thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed until they stiffened so hard they were like small rubber balls. I rolled them, and with each motion she squeezed my cock, her muscles struggling to keep from going too far. The cock in her mouth was almost buried to the hilt; she had learned to control her breathing, as long as she was staying still. Moving, like this, was a new challenge: all of her holes were filled, it was true, but only one was in motion. Soon she would be ready for all three to be moving inside her, and I knew the frustration she was feeling was conflicting with the pain and cramping caused by the cock down her throat. walker independence izle


I dropped my hands, leaving her nipples exposed to the air. I could feel her pussy pulsing; she was struggling to not move.

“Pwofessoh? May uh pwez mhn?”

I couldn’t quite make out what she was asking at first. “Yes, cunt,” I relented, after figuring it out. “You may moan, but you cannot cum under any circumstance. Do you understand, cunt?”

“Ysh, Pwofessoh. I mah nt cm undr any shrcmshtncs.”

I felt drool spilling onto my thigh as I reached up to twist and roll those sweet nipples, brushing my thumbs down her warm breasts and then up to squeeze them again. She squeezed my cock and moaned, long and hard with each exhale, melting into the small freedom I had granted her. She slipped her hands under my naked thighs, her fingers stretching and pulling on my cheeks until they reached my hole. She pushed a fingertip against it, even as she bore down on my erection, trying to make me cum before she went over the edge herself. I pulled out on her nipples, forcing another moan from her, forcing her to push her finger harder into me and then I couldn’t stop, my semen bubbling up from my balls, pulsing along my shaft until it splurted into her, my eyes rolling back from the sheer pleasure, from my fingertips on her nipples to her fingertip in my ass.

She was panting and drooling and pulling her hands back out, pushing against my thighs to lift up as quickly as she could to stop her own orgasm, and then she was kneeling in front of me, the dildo deep in her throat, begging me to let her clean mine off. I snapped the harness open, sliding the dildo out and she leaned forward, hungry for real flesh, gobbling my softening member into her mouth, her tongue cleaning our juices from its base to the tip.

I rubbed the back of her neck, when I announced the news. “Car will be joining us. She’s asked to be a trainee.”

She stopped, mid-suck, stretching my shaft as she looked up at me, keeping my dick in her mouth. “What???” I looked down to see my head on her tongue, her mouth open, her expression a mixture of fear and wonder. “Crème pie. What, Professor? Car will be training with us…er…with you…what?”

I nodded, slipping out from her mouth and lifting the harness up to her face. “Crème pie, Professor? Can we talk for a little bit before I go back to my homework?” It was clear what she meant: her schoolwork and the home training. I set the harness back down.

“What would you like to chat about, Tee?” I felt something shift in her when I used her vanilla name, as if I had released her in some small way from her submission.

She knelt, keeping her legs spread open, our juices seeping onto her thighs. “I still don’t understand what that club is all about.” She stopped, closing her eyes and starting again. “I mean, I get it. You explained it that first night: You all are providing a way for people to get off on their wildest fantasies, and you get off on yours. And then there’s the whole apprentice thing.” I could tell from her tone she was trying to downplay it, avoiding the topic by making light of it. But that just told me what she was really interested in.

“I can’t figure out the angle,” she finished.

I raised my eyebrows. “The angle?”

She nodded, “Yeah. It costs money to run that place. Members, like you, pay dues, I figure. But then, you’ve got these little sex slaves,” she paused, “like me who get their sex fantasies. I’m not paying for anything and I get my heart’s desire? That seems expensive to me. Like, why do you need the club to do this? What do you get for all your dues?” She paused again, “I mean, aside from as much sex as you want whenever you want on your own terms.”

I looked at her, waiting. As if that wasn’t enough?

“C’mon, you can’t be serious. Some slit whenever you need it? That’s all you ask of your playthings? I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop, Professor. When are you going to send me the bill?” She got that expression she’d had when she first walked into my office: all bravado and street-wise. “The club’s got to have some other way to make money,” she paused again, “other than from member dues, yeah? And now you tell me Car’s going to sit on that stool? And what the fuck is going on with all those apprentices? Do they all graduate up into members? Like, Martha at the clinic? She was an apprentice. And Shirley…at the bar?”

I smiled and reached for the last of my drink. All good questions and a little late, or early, depending. Some trainees needed to know right away, others didn’t think about it until we got close to their date. But nothing about this arrangement had gone according to plan…except Tee training to be my sub. At least that was going perfectly.

“Okay.” I held up my hand to stop the flood, waterloo road izle laughing a little. “That’s about six questions. Here’s my answers, in reverse order: No, some decide to apply for membership, some, like Martha and Shirley, choose to move on, happy with what they achieved, but not needing to pursue it any further. Yes. Car has asked to be my sub.” I paused, an image flitting behind my eyes. Our sub. Shit! Our sub…? I focused back on her. “She understands how little she knows about domination, and she came to the right conclusion: by truly submitting, she can understand the nuances of domination.”

She rolled her eyes, but she also licked her lips. I smiled. She was so caught in this web. She really wanted to know about apprenticing. “The club has a few sources of income, other than members’ dues, but I’m not at liberty to discuss those. There is no ‘bill,’ Tee. And yes, ‘some slit,’ as you graphically put it, is what I’m all about. I’m enjoying your holes; I’m enjoying the pleasure the pain causes you.” She shook her head slightly, her thighs pressing together unconsciously and then opening again no doubt reacting to the sticky mess that shined there. “That’s all I’m asking of you. But other members train differently.” I shrugged, looking at my glass. More? No. It was a school night.

“Let’s see, what else? I think that about covers them. As we discussed the first evening in the bar: one step at a time. Let’s get you trained so you can take those cocks. If you want to keep going after that milestone, we can discuss your options.” I saw emotions flicker across her face: anger, lust, hope? My own feelings flickered at the memory of those images of Tee and I working together on Car.

I reached for the harness and brought it to her face. She shook her head slightly, but didn’t stop me, opening her mouth to accept the ring, and eventually the cock, now positioned fully into her throat. She gagged momentarily and then got herself under control, her eyes tearing.

“Yes, cunt. Your BFF will be joining us here as she has learned how little she really knows about submission. It will make for an interesting summer, don’t you think?”

She laid her head sideways on my thighs, her hands stroking my legs, her words a garbled mess. I wasn’t sure what she was saying, and I didn’t really care much. I had to figure out my next steps: moving Tee into something else, and starting the process all over again with Car. After I made their fantasies come true. Without losing my job. It was more than I could process so late in the day, but with a little sleep, I was sure I’d find the path through Larry’s puzzle.


She lay awake. She had been sleepless a lot lately. First the constant pulsing of the butt plugs when she’d relax her jaw and the mouth-cock, as she’d come to think of it, fell away from her tongue. Only now it was truly a throat-cock. After a while she’d grown used to the pain in her rectum, until the Professor turned up the torture some other way: edging her until she was a bundle of nerves, pushing the throat-cock deeper, increasing the size of the plugs, pulling on her nipples! FUCK! She could feel them tingle even as the thought bolted her awake. Whatever it was, she hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in the two weeks she’d been here. Tonight it wasn’t the harness, the cock buried into her throat. As uncomfortable as it was, she was more buzzed from the crazy thoughts whizzing through her head.

“Fugh,” she moaned around the throat-cock. Her stomach churned a little, but she had almost mastered keeping it in her throat without gagging. An apprentice? Do I really want to be an apprentice? She thought about what she would do after her training was over. FUCCKKKK. This Saturday! And then she didn’t know which was more worrisome: the actual thing on Saturday, or come Sunday, back to her apartment and her old life. Only it wouldn’t be her old life: Car would be here, or at the club with a cock up her twat…and that thought made her smile. Imagining her ex-…shit, she really is becoming my ‘ex.’ We can’t get back together! And that thought brought tears. She’d be back at her apartment, alone, and now, because of the fucking Professor…now she was so hooked on a new level of humiliation and pain she was ruined. The tears flowed down her cheeks, dampening her pillow, the snot tickling the back of her throat, which made her want to cough, which was impossible with the throat-cock so deep. She breathed quickly, focusing on controlling her cough. She couldn’t bear to take the thing out and suffer the pain from the butt-plug. Which only made her want to cry more.

She was miserable, but not because of the immediate predicament. Fuck. I don’t want to be alone. I…And the thought occurred to her that what she wanted, after this fantasy was fulfilled on Saturday, was to be the Professor’s sex slave forever. wayne izle For-fucking-ever. And as soon as she said it to herself, she felt everything relax. Her heartbeat slowed and her thoughts drifted to what it would be like to be his submissive for the rest of her life. As she chased the thought, her fantasies shifted into more and more ridiculous scenes. She drifted to sleep.


Lying in bed later that night, I felt the world collapsing on me. Two young women? Both my students? What was I doing? And then the images of Tee, in my bed, shopping, doing homework naked in the living room: just normal day-to-day activities. Holy fuck. I was actually falling for her! Fuck no! But my cock stirred at the thought of Tee living with me. It got worse: I imagined her living with me for a long, long time. But in none of my thoughts could I imagine her as a vanilla house-wife. She knelt at my feet, a beautiful hand-tooled collar around her neck. Her screams, as much from wanting the pain to stop to wanting it to go on, echoing through the house.

I woke up the next morning, the shreds of dreams and the memory of my feelings mixed into the usual morning fog. Tee was already up, fixing herself breakfast, the throat harness set aside, the system temporarily disabled.

“Good morning, Tee,” I reached for the pot of coffee. “Last week.” I realized she might have misunderstood me. The night’s dreams and feelings lingered; I was expecting to continue with her, even after Saturday. Pleasure flooded down my spine at the idea we would stay together, but I wasn’t ready to deal with that. “…of the school year.”

She looked up surprised. Standing naked in my kitchen, the belt around her, the buttplug visible between her ass cheeks, her bush neatly trimmed and those gorgeous nipples standing at attention, I could feel myself harden again. The passing thoughts from last night continued to flit through my head like a swift – could I take her as my wife? Would she even consider it? I stared at her, wondering why she was surprised.

“Umm hmmm. Except for your class, I’m pretty much done.”

Oh. Right. I had called her ‘Tee.’ Fuck. I sipped my coffee, scanning the headlines but not really paying attention. I thought: It was Monday. Car would be finished with her physical by Wednesday, perhaps here by Friday. I wouldn’t let them sleep together in the trainee room. In the past, the only other time I had two trainees, I set up the living room, but I wasn’t interested in losing that space this time. The thought of Tee in my bed, at first foreign and impossible, quickly morphed into a possibility. And then another thought pushed the first aside: would she consider it willingly? I stopped reading and looked up at her. She had been sipping her coffee, leaning against the counter. Her light brown skin almost glowed in the morning light.

“Tee,” I wasn’t going to wait. “Could you come here a moment?”

She knew something was up, looking at me curiously. I had never broken my promise to her: whenever she used her safe word I had stopped. Whenever I spoke her name, she knew I was talking to her as my student. Now, however, I was entering completely new territory. She stood in front of me, sipping from her mug.

“Wassup, Professor?”

I reached for the belt and undid it, slowly turning her until it was just hanging by the plug. “Help me out here, Tee.” She gasped a little as I started to pull it from her, and she quickly set down her coffee to reach back and spread her cheeks. I popped the plug and set the belt down on a chair. “Let me see you.”

She looked at me as I turned her around, staring at her like I’d never seen her before. Would she? Could she imagine being my wife? I shook the thought out of my head. You’re getting way ahead of yourself, Jim. “You know Car will be here this week.”

She stood, reaching for her coffee, as natural in her nudity as if she were fully dressed. I had stripped her completely bare, and she had long stopped being self-conscious in my house. She nodded.

“What are your feelings about that?”

She blinked at me in surprise. I hadn’t ever considered her feelings in the past month of her training. As far as she understood, I was her trainer and she had one job to do: get ready for her fantasy. “I don’t know,” she answered slowly, studying my face to see if it was a trick question. I raised my eyebrows as I often did in class, waiting for a real answer.

“I’m pretty confused about her right now. I don’t understand what happened and why she stopped talking to me, or how she got hooked up with that bitch, or why, now, she’s going to be your trainee…”

All good questions, none of which I had great answers to, thank you very much, Larry. Prick. It was the next part of the game, but I knew he had lost control that night with Angel and was just improvising. I had considered he had been planning this from the beginning, a brief comment he had made that first night in the club echoing in my memory, but this was so much more than we’d ever done before. I nodded, still thinking about how to broach my question.

“How do you feel about her?” I was deflecting. Fuck it, Jim. If she’s not interested in you, get over it as soon as possible and move on.

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