He’s My Brother-in-Law Ch. 03

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This story contains gay incest.


When I got back from my adventure at the park with Thad, dad was still on the sofa where I’d left him. I went into the living room and saw that he’d fallen asleep in front of the TV. I switched off the set and shook him awake.

“Time for bed, dad.” I told him.

It took a minute for him to wake all of the way up, and then he stood and stretched.

“Are you just getting back?”

“Yeah, it’s barely even dark yet.” I replied.

He sniffed the air, then closer to me.

“You’ve got that funny smell again.” he said.

“Because I’ve been fucking butt again.” I wanted to say, but instead I said, “I guess because it’s so hot. See you in the morning.”

I turned and went upstairs and took a shower and then afterward sent Thad the links for some of my favorite blowjob videos. Then I promptly fell asleep.

The next few days passed quickly. I couldn’t wait for the fuck session that I knew would happen at Thad’s house on Saturday after we finished his yard work.

On the appointed day, Mom was eager to get on the road and kept hurrying me to get ready. Dad was already up and preparing to clean the garage, he had on an old tee shirt that was torn at the shoulder and a pair of old beat up khakis. I could see the outline of his cock through the fabric which made me wonder if he had skipped underwear that morning.

I put on an outfit identical to the one I’d worn the previous weekend, a tee shirt and old gym shorts with a jock underneath.

When I came downstairs dad said, “You look like you’re going to the beach instead of to Sue and Thad’s.”

“Well, I’m not waiting for him to change.” mom said. “I’m already late picking Sue up.”

She hurried me out to the car and as we pulled away, dad waved from the lawn. In the strong sunlight I could actually see the shape of his cock head. If I were mom, I never would have left him out in public with all of that meat on display. If I hadn’t been wearing a jock, my hardon would have been just as public.

When we arrived at Sue’s, I was barely out of the car before she was climbing in.

“You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve been looking forward to spending some time with another female.” she said to mom.

“Oh, yes I would.” mom replied. “You forget, I live with 2 men instead of just 1.”

Thad was standing on the doorstep and he and I watched them pull away before I walked over to him.

“Time to get to work.” I said, squeezing by him to go inside.

He followed me and as soon as we were indoors, his fingers were up my shorts leg probing between my ass cheeks and fingering my hole.

“The sooner we get finished, the longer we’ll have to play.” he said.

He was wearing an outfit similar to mine and I could see his cock head starting to creep down his leg and poke out under the hem of his shorts.

The next couple of hours, we worked like field hands. Of course, I had motivation. Thad was almost immediately soaked in sweat and his clothes molded to his body showing off every inch. Once he felt me watching him from behind and he slipped his waist band down over his ass so that I had a clear view of his hairy buns. That made me work even faster.

We were almost finished, probably another half hour ahead of us and I was so thirsty I felt like I could spit cotton.

“I need water, I’ll be right back.” I told Thad.

“I could use a cold drink myself.” he replied and followed me indoors.

I went to the sink and ran a cold glass of water and just as I was about to drink it, I felt his hands kneading my ass. I took a gulp and at the same time he peeled my shorts and jock down to my feet. I could feel his hot, hard cock pressing up against the crack of my ass as I swallowed more water.

“I thought you were thirsty.” I said.

“First things first.” he replied, pressing his fingertip into my ass.

There was a bottle of olive oil on the counter and he reached for it, then poured some into his palm and massaged it into my ass crack. First one finger and then two slipped inside my tight ass ring. I leaned forward and spread my legs a bit to give him better access and when I looked over my shoulder at him, he was lubing up his big stiff prick.

I felt the hot head poking at my hole, then slowly starting to force its way inside. It hurt, but not as much as the first time. In another minute, it felt really good. The long shaft of his dick was all of the way up my butt.

I braced myself against the counter as he began to fuck in and out of my hole. He was going slowly and I could actually feel the prominent veins on his shaft as he fucked me. I rested the top of my body on the counter and just stood there, enjoying the feeling of his big cock in me. He reached around my hip and grasped the shaft of my swollen cock in his hand.

“It’s really flattering to know I have this effect on you.” he said as he stroked my dick.

After another minute, he began to ease his cock back out of me. When the head popped out of my ring he said, “I don’t want to take a chance on cumming. We’ve got the whole afternoon ahead Şişli Escort of us.”

While I pulled my shorts back up and tried to stuff my swollen cock back into my jock he drank two glasses of water from the tap.

“Let’s go.” he then said. “Whoever finishes first gets to fuck the other one’s ass first.”

“In that case, you cheated.” I replied.

“I didn’t hear any complaints.” he said.

The remaining work was done in less than half an hour and I finished first.

“Looks like your hole is mine.” I said.

“I cheated again.” Thad said. “I purposely took my time so that you’d finish first. Let’s leave the tools out to put away later, I need to get fucked.”

With that, he ran past me and disappeared inside the sliding doors of the back of the house. When I got inside, he was already naked and laying towels on the big sofa across from the doors in the family room.

“I got everything ready earlier so that we wouldn’t waste any time.” he told me.

“Don’t you want to shower first?”

“Hell, no. I want to smell your sweat when you fuck me.”

My cock was already rock hard from the sight of Thad’s body and as I shucked off my few clothes he was already lubing up his fuck hole.

He handed me the jar of lube and watched as I slathered a coating on my dick. Then, he lay down on the sofa and pulled his legs up so that his knees were on his shoulders and his hairy ass crack was spread wide open.

“The last time you fucked me my hole throbbed all night and the next day. I expect you to do even better today.” he said. With his legs wide spread, he had his hands on each ass cheek and was spreading them even further so that his hairy little hole was on view.

I climbed onto the sofa and crouched between his legs with my stiff dick in my hand.

“Stop looking at me like I’m a baked potato or something and put your dick in me.” he said.

I positioned the head against his hungry hole and pressed forward. The little pucker began to expand and I watched as the entire length of my dick sunk inside of him until my pubes were against his taint.

“Now, wear my hole out, fucker.” he growled.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled my body down on top of his and began to kiss me. He was really hungry for sex; his ass hole throbbed around my dick shaft and almost felt like it was milking it while his tongue was exploring the back of my throat.

I could smell his sweat and his musky male odor and it turned me on even more. Perched on my knees over him I was able to deep fuck his ass, drawing my cock almost all of the way out of him before slamming it back up into his guts. He was breathing like a steam engine and every time my dick head hit the back wall of his ass he let out a little grunt of pleasure.

His arms were around my body so tight that I could barely move and his legs were wrapped around my waist. But nothing impeded my hips and I fucked in and out of his hole with all of my strength.

I lost all sense of time; the only thing I was aware of was his hot mouth on mine and my stiff prick sliding in and out of his tight hole.

That is, until I heard a voice say, “WHAT THE FUCK?”

My hips stopped moving and Thad and I both turned our heads to the sliding door. My dad was standing outside looking at us, a six pack of beer in each hand. He stepped inside and I drew back from Thad to sit up. I could see dad’s eyes focused on my cock as it slid out of Thad’s hole.

He was clearly angry, I thought at me, but he said to Thad, “How long have you been molesting my son?”

Both Thad and I were thunderstruck, with Thad only managing to say, “What? What?”

“I asked how long you’ve been having sex with my son.” dad replied. I’d never seen him so angry.

“It’s not like that, dad. The first time was only last weekend and it was my fault. I came on to Thad after he asked me if I’m gay.”

I saw Thad shoot me a grateful look.

Dad stood and looked at us for a minute, his eyes going from Thad’s still gaping ass to my rapidly softening cock. I pulled one of the sofa pillows over and covered my dick with it.

“You came on to him? You’re gay?”

“Yes, dad. Don’t be angry at Thad. I seduced him.”

I couldn’t tell what was going through dad’s mind but he was a lot calmer.

“I sort of figured that you’re gay but I wanted to wait until you brought it up.” His eyes went again from my covered crotch to Thad’s ass. “It looked like Thad was really enjoying that big dick in his ass.”

“You’re not going to tell Sue, are you?” Thad asked, panicking.

“Or mom? You’re not going to tell them what you saw?” I asked.

Dad stood looking at us with an odd look on his face and then he said, “I guess there’s only one way to make sure.”

Thad and I looked at each other and then back at dad, who was now grinning. He bent over and set the beer on the floor and said, “The only way to make sure I don’t say anything is to invite me to join you.”

Once again, Thad and I glanced at each other, speechless, while dad waited.

Finally, Thad grinned and said, “Oh, hell Şişli Escort Bayan yeah.”

“Are you okay with this, Brent?” dad asked.

“You heard the man, oh, hell yeah.” I replied.

In those few previous instants I had imagined my dad nude, fucking Thad in front of me. That was something I really wanted to see.

Dad was still in his work clothes from the morning and was just as sweaty and ripe as we were. His tee-shirt was soaked through and his old khakis clung to his body from sweat. Even dressed, I could see his big dick stiffening down his leg.

He skinned his tee shirt over his head. He was even more muscular than I had guessed and he had a thick mat of hair in the center of his chest, covering his hard pecs. He loosened his waist band and slid his pants down over his hips. I had been right earlier, he wasn’t wearing underwear and his cock popped free, almost totally stiff. I was surprised at how big it was, even bigger than Thad or I and as big around as a beer can. Now naked, he stood facing us.

“Holy fuck, that thing is a monster.” Thad said. “Get over here and fuck me.”

I removed the pillow that had been covering my once again stiff dick and I saw dad appraise it.

“Glad to see you got the family heirloom.” he said and then laughed. He stepped across the room to stand before us and Thad reached up and wrapped his hand around dad’s cock.

“Goddamn, I’m glad I married into this family.” Thad said. “I’m going to be sore for a week after getting fucked with this thing.”

He struggled to sit up and then, still grasping dad by his big dick, he pulled him across the room to where a big wooden dining table stood. He turned around, sat on the edge and then lay back and raised his legs.

“Bring that grease over here for your dad.’ he said to me.

I grabbed the lube and carried it over, my cock swaying upright in front of me. I handed it to Dad who was smiling, looking at my cock.

“You were telling the truth, you sure aren’t a kid anymore. Not many men have a dick that big.” dad said to me.

Dad scooped a big gob of grease out of the jar and began smoothing it over his dick. He could barely close his fist around the shaft and the big head looked like an apricot. I couldn’t wait to see it stretch Thad’s hole.

Thad grabbed his legs behind the knees and raised his legs higher so that his spread ass cheeks overhung the edge of the table.

“Let’s see if you’re as good at fucking butt as your son is.” he told dad.

Dad stepped forward and positioned the massive head of his dick against Thad’s greasy hole and began to push. The opening stretched so far, then began to resist. Dad kept pressing anyway until the hole finally stretched enough to allow the fat meat to enter.

“Fuck, that felt like I was a virgin all over again.” Thad said. I could see sweat on his brow. “Climb up here and let me suck your big dick while your dad fucks my ass.” he said to me.

Even though I wanted to watch dad fuck, I wanted to get my cock sucked more. I climbed onto the tabletop, my back to dad, and slid my stiff meat between Thad’s lips. He started sucking immediately, taking it almost to the root, while his body bounced from dad’s dick sliding in and out of his hole. I looked over my shoulder. Dad was watching me fuck Thad’s mouth, looking between my legs.

He felt me staring at him and he looked up at me and said, “That’s looks so fucking hot.”

I rose up on my toes and hands so that he had an even better view of my dick down Thad’s throat. I looked back at him again and this time he was staring at my wide spread ass and my pucker.

Thad was moaning each time dad thrust his cock up his ass while slurping at my dick. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and moved forward so that my hole was above his face. He grabbed my hips and pulled me downward so that his hot tongue speared my tight opening, then began to tongue fuck me.

The tempo of dad’s hips slapping against Thad’s ass cheeks increased, so did the power of his thrusts.

“You two are unbelievable. Eat my son’s sweet little ass, boy.” he said.

I looked down at Thad’s face and I could tell that even though his mouth was buried between my ass cheeks, he was wearing that same old grin. He kept flicking his eyes downward until I finally realized what he was signaling.

I pulled my body up and then started to inch backward on my hands and knees, Thad grinning the whole time. When I felt my cock against Thad’s stiff dick, I stopped, my spread ass inches above Thad’s cock filled hole. I turned and looked at dad, who looked back at me, and I nodded.

I felt dad’s thumb graze my hole and then enter inside of me. I almost shot my load right then. I glanced over my shoulder again and dad was drawing his huge dick out of Thad’s wrecked hole. Thad grabbed my head at that point and began kissing me the way he had earlier.

Dad’s thumb slid out of my hole and then I felt something smoother and hotter butting up against the opening. The pressure of it slowly increased, spreading the furled flesh and forcing its way in. Thad’s dick was Escort Şişli big, this felt like a telephone pole. If Thad hadn’t had his arms wrapped around me and his mouth glued over mine, I might have screamed and jumped up. As it was, all I could do was try to relax and let the gigantic meat into my almost virgin ass.

Dad was stretching my ass cheeks apart and I’m sure that helped stretch my hole. When the enormous cock head finally popped through my ass ring I was almost in tears.

Dad hesitated, his dick head inside my ass and asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

I pulled my mouth off of Thad’s and said, “Fuck, no. I want all of it.”

Thad smiled up at me and watched my face as the thick length of dad’s cock slowly spread my fuck chute and inched its way into my guts. Even though it hurt some, it felt fantastic.

“Do you think you can handle the kind of fucking I was getting?” Thad asked.

“Let’s make a bet on whose ass wears out first.” I replied.

At that point, dad’s big cock bottomed out inside me. I could feel the giant cock head poking against the second ring at the back of my ass, trying to open it for fucking. I must have made an involuntary groan because dad, again concerned, asked, “Am I hurting you?”

“Dad, stop freaking out. Fuck me or forget it.” I said.

“Okay, smartass, you asked for it.” he replied.

He slid the slick length of meat almost all of the way out of my hole and then slammed it back into me. Remember those old cartoons where someone gets hit on the head and has stars circling their head? That was me, only because of the pounding my ass was taking. I know that I was groaning like a cow giving birth (and it felt sort of that way, too) and that I was drooling because Thad said, “Stop slobbering on me.” I’d forgotten that he was beneath me.

By now, my ass hole had stretched and the only thing I was feeling was sheer pleasure. Dad’s dick was going places and doing things I had never even imagined. My cock was so stiff that it felt like it might explode.

And then, dad began to back his cock out of me. When it popped out of my hole I started to protest but Thad started squirming beneath me and I knew that he was getting his ass refilled. After a moment, he started mooing the way I’d been doing, so after having a little bit of time free, his ass must have needed to be stretched all over again.

“You two sound like sound effects from the zoo when you’re getting fucked.” dad said.

“Yeah, the sound of having an anaconda stuffed up your ass.” I said.

Thad was zoned out and absorbed in the big meat sliding in and out of his ass, he didn’t say anything. I glanced over my shoulder again and saw that while he was plowing Thad’s ass hole, he was staring at mine. I flexed the ring, making it pucker and then relax, and dad fucked Thad even harder.

I went back to Thad’s mouth, sliding my tongue down his throat almost as far as the cock was up his ass. He was making little noises of pleasure in appreciation of the deep-dicking he was getting. After a few more minutes, he stopped and I felt dad’s monster cock head pressing against my hungry hole again. This time, it slid in easier and I was soon making similar noises to the ones Thad had been making.

Dad had a lot of stamina. Every time he seemed to feel close to cumming, he’d slide his cock out of the ass it was currently fucking and transfer it to the one that was open and waiting. I lost count of the number of times he alternated holes and just decided to enjoy the ride. Thad and I both were totally limp, fuck meat for dad’s dick.

After what might have been hours as far as I knew, I felt dad speed up the tempo of his dick in Thad’s hole. He was slamming into his ass like he wanted to demolish it, his hips slapping against his sweaty ass with a loud crack each time. Thad looked like he was in another world.

Finally, after shoving his cock as far as it would go up Thad’s ass, dad began grunting. Thad’s eyes flew open and he stared into mine as dad’s hot juice exploded in his guts. I glanced back at dad and his back was arched like a bow and his eyes were closed with a look almost of pain on his face. I felt a little jealous that he hadn’t cum inside of me.

Dad fell forward onto my back and I was the filling in a sandwich made of three sweat soaked men. Dad was panting in my ear and Thad was panting beneath me.

“Man,” Thad said, “that felt like a fire hose blowing in my ass.”

“It’s been building up for quite a while.” dad said and chuckled.

I lightly slapped Thad on his shoulder and said, “No fair, I’m the son, I should have gotten the cum.”

Dad stroked my back and said, “I’ll make it up to you. Next time, I’ll shoot two loads up your hole.”

“I’m going to keep you to that promise.” I replied.

“So, this wasn’t a one time thing?” Thad said.

“Not on your life.” was all dad said.

We lay there, glued to each other by our sweat, until we were breathing normally again. Dad’s cock softened and I saw the look on Thad’s face when it popped out of his hole by itself. Finally we started to untangle our limbs to stand up. Dad had no problem but both Thad and I were wobbly on our feet and dad had to support both of us. I reached my hand over and slid my fingers between Thad’s cheeks until they found his fuck hole. It was wet with cum and loose enough to slide a finger into.

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