He’s Coming in a Half Hour or So!

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He’s coming in a half hour or so!

Crap! I quickly cram everything in one of my closets, I guess I have time for a little check up.

Legs are hideous, a quick sniff to see if I smell alright, where’s my deo? Perfume will do, neck, elbow and the places he’ll be… He’ll want some, so I better not scare him off.

Now to the bathroom, can’t have that stubble on my legs and pussy. I almost fall when undoing my pants. Shaving cream and razor, okay let’s do this. I have to pee, I’ll do my legs while I am on the toilet.

I have no time to find panties that match my bra.

Oh God, something died in my mouth and I can’t reach the mouthwash from here. Ouch! I’ve cut my knee and now I’m bleeding all over the place. I’m going to have to clean it up later if I don’t bleed out. Okay, the bleeding stopped, I will live.

For the next part I better not move too much. This is arousing me.

I have to stretch my labia to be able to get everything. Just a tiny bit more. I guess I am good. Smooth and no stubble and it feels like a peach. A bit of moisturizer and that is that.

Mouthwash! If I drank it all, would I get drunk?

Crap! My hair is a mess, I’m a mess.

The whole bathroom is a mess, I’ll declutter it a bit but it will have to do like this. What will he think?!

I’m a slob. I want to cry.

Wait, what is this? This bra matches the panties I’m wearing! Woot! Life is great, better quickly change them.

My boobs are too small and my nipples too pink. I should go topless when I get to the beach.

Oh my God I love it.

Oh no! I forgot all about my armpits. Where did that razor go? Okay here it is.

Just a tiny bit of hair.

Where’s my right earring? It was here a minute ago?! No earrings then. Ah, here it is, got stuck in my hair.

I hope he’ll be late. He better be late.

My make up is in desperate need of a bit of refreshing. My nails are perfect!

I’m done with this. Do I have something to eat and drink?

Coke, water, orange juice, okay wine too.

I’ve got chips and other stuff too so that’s also okay.

All set.

Now wait for him. He’s late…

My pants! I can’t open the door in my panties and socks!

I’m stressing out about this! Shoot! Where are they? Oh, in the bathroom where I left them.

Shoes! Which pair? These look good on this top but they don’t look good on these pants.

A skirt will be better. This one will be good.

My knee! I need a bandage for it.

Did I take my pill? Okay I guess so, Thursday is gone and it’s Thursday, so yeah, I’m safe?

Here’s a bandage. Better wear these kneesocks to cover it.

Okay, I look good, I hope I look decent enough.

Now, for “that”, I know I have condoms somewhere. Here? No… Maybe, no…

Here then, no again… Aha, next to you my purple little friend! I have two!

The remote control for the TV? Next to the TV, practical.

Now a little bit of incense to get rid of any bad smells.


He’s here! I feel that Im turning red again.

“I’ll be right there!” I shout happily towards the front door.

I quickly walk to the door and look at my reflection in the mirror and I look terrible! Too late now.

“Hi, come in, did you miss me?” I try to sound happy and bubbly.

“Hi, yes of course I missed you, did you miss me?” he says.

“Maybe?” I tease.

“What’s up?” He goes.

“Oh nothing much, just chilling and I was getting sakarya escort a little bit bored to be honest.”

“You look great in that skirt and I love the long socks”, he says when he is checking me out.

“Thank you!” I reply, “I wear them especially for you” I hear myself lie and pull him closer when he kisses me.

My boobs are pressing against his chest. It feels good.

I run my hands over his back and go down to his butt that feels strong and firm.

His hands go to my butt and he squeezes my ass and says that he has been thinking about me.

“What have you been thinking then?” I whisper in his ear in a naughty soft voice.

“About how much I like you and that we ought to spend more time with each other” he replies.

“And do what?” I ask and look into his eyes and bite my lower lip.

He tries to avoid my eyes and says, “you know, spend some quality time together and such?”

I run my hand on his chest and go lower, “you have something in mind?” I say as my hand goes lower towards his lower belly.

He comes closer and kisses me again, this time he opens his mouth and slips his tongue between my lips. I feel his hand wondering from my back towards my boobs and I feel his thing growing against my stomach.

“Someone is awake down there” I say as I go lower with my hand. I unbuckle his belt so I can reach inside.

It’s not exactly hard yet but not small either.

He lifts my skirt and goes inside my panties. I feel him massaging my butt and he goes towards my pussy, I make a little moaning sound to approve of this.

I step back a little and take his hands and guide him to my couch and I push him gently down.

When he sits I kneel in front of him and open his legs. I undo the button and open the zipper of his pants.

My hand goes in and then inside his boxers to find out if it’s still getting harder and bigger.

I take it out and pull his pants and boxers down. I gently stroke it up and down, I look up and meet his eyes and I lick my lips.

I pull his foreskin down and go closer and I lick the top of his glans. As I do this, it jerks a little and I can see a little bit of clear liquid coming out of it. I lick it up, it tastes salty but good and I open my mouth to do something I know he likes.

After some time, going up and down licking and sucking and kissing him there, he asks me to stop because he will come if I continue like that.

“Okay,” I say as I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and I give his thing a little last lick before I get up and sit next to him.

He turns to face me and grabs my top to undress me.

He starts kissing my neck and shoulders and goes down to my boobs and opens my bra, it opens up on the front and then he goes on to kiss my naked boobs and gently squeezes them.

It feels delicious and I start to feel really turned on.

He goes on with this and sucks and kisses my hardened nipples. This feels so good and hot. I undo his clothes and shoes so we both can enjoy each other’s naked bodies.

My hand goes down to caress his penis and balls, I know he likes it when I wrap my hand around his balls and softly massage them.

Then he asked me to stand up.

He tries to undo my skirt, after fumbling around to find how it can be unzipped he pulls it down together with my panties.

He gives a kiss on both sides of my hips and kissed further down and towards the middle.

He samsun escort went down but stopped and got up to lay me down on my back on the couch.

When I laid down, he opened my legs and sat between them and then started to kiss my naked inner thighs. After what seemed like a couple of delightful and also agonizing hours he reached my special place and kissed me passionately, by then I was so wet from desire that I immediately came when he licked my lips and clitoral area.

I shook and trembled with each kiss and lick.

“Stop,” I said, “I need you inside me, I want to feel you”

His member was fully erect and I told him I still had two condoms from the last time and that they were in the drawer of my nightstand. He was already up and opening the drawer before I realized what he would see in there.

“What’s this?” He asked, waiving my bright purple u-shaped vibrator in the air.

“You are not always here,” I said in a faked apologetic tone, “and it helps me when I get too hot.”

“How do you use it?” He asked very interested and a bit too eagerly.

“If you bring it, I can show you,” I teased, “but don’t forget the other things?”

He handed me my toy and I started, “So, this goes here,” I said, putting the smaller end against my butt, “and this is for the front, it isn’t hard to figure out, you know.”

“I didn’t know you liked that.” He said pointing to my butthole.

“Well, not always but sometimes it feels good to play with it?” I kind of asked unsure of the reaction I would get.

“Oh, I see,” he answered back “and do you put it inside?”

“You want to see?” I asked, already knowing what the answer would be.

“Maybe?” He said cautiously.

“I know something better,” I handed him my toy, “here, see if you can do it.”

He took the purple into his hand and he pushed it gently on my pussy, not entirely sure what to do with it and afraid that it would hurt.

“It’s meant to go inside, and this,” pointing to my cupcake, “is meant to have something inside,” I went, taking hold of his hand and guiding the toy towards my aching entrance. I felt it entering between my lips and then placing his hand on the smaller end, “go on, it won’t hurt.” I smiled and gave his hand a soft nudge.

I felt the other end poking at my butthole, he stopped again and looked at my face, to see if I really liked it and to see what he should do.

“Put it in, it feels yummy,” I said with a trembling voice, pushing my butt against it so he would know that I wanted him to push further.

I relaxed myself and felt it passing my sphincter and going inside. It was making me wetter than I already was.

“There’s a little button on it in the middle,” I explained and immediately felt that he had found it.

“Oh, mmmm,” I gasped, “yes, like that, like you would do with yours, it feels good.”

“Err, I don’t use that?” He sounded a bit awkward.

“Your thingy, I was talking about that,” I smiled at him, “you know, slip it in and out of me?”

“Right, Okay, I can do that.” He laughed.

“If you want, you can play with the other side too?” I tried to sound casually but I needed him to play with me. I longed for it, I was on the verge of doing anything, anything at all.

It felt good to be played with.

He gently pushed it inside and I relaxed myself and I felt it going in.

I guess he was noticing the expression on my face.

“Are you okay?” He asked şanlıurfa escort concerned.

“Yeah don’t worry, keep going, it’s the tip, it’s not that painful and once it’s all in it goes away and becomes really good.” I told him.

When he had the broader part in me I was able to enjoy it again. It was coming from deep within me this time.

I took his free hand and placed it on my left boob,

“Hard, squeeze it as hard as you can,” I said.

He squeezed my boob as hard as he dared to, so I placed my left hand on his and squeezed together with him,

“like that, really hard” I said, “it feels delicious.” I arched my back and started to come again.

“I want you. Don’t bother with the condom, I want to feel you,” I asked, slightly out of breath and full of lust.

He didn’t have to be told twice and he on top of me in no time.

I took him in my hand and helped him inside. I took advantage of the opportunity to rub it against my pussy before he entered me.

“Oh God, you’re so wet,” he said and started to kiss me.

When he was inside, he started slow, I could feel every inch of his member going in.

“Do it again,” I said, “take it out and enter me again, I love how that feels.”

He did. He slowly re-entered, it was heavenly. I enveloped him smoothly and he filled me almost completely, he went back and forth in me and I was so slippery and he was so hard.

I leaned in to kiss him.

He was slowly going faster so I encouraged him to come. He was kissing me back and went down to my collarbone and then he eagerly kissed my chest, my boobs, sucking my nipples that needed to be fondled.

I asked him to bite them, not hard but hard enough.

I thrusted my hips towards him to meet his movements and to feel him going deeper in me.

I felt him so good and then I felt his shaft getting ready and grow a little bit bigger.

That sensation got me higher, I would surely climax when he would come.

“I’m gonna come, I’ll pull out okay?” He panted.

“You can come inside me,” I whispered in his ear, “I want to feel you coming, take me faster and harder, come deep inside me. I want you to come inside me” I sighed.

He went faster and deeper and harder and bigger, he was almost there, I was almost there.

He was exhausting himself and then suddenly I felt it, he came, it twitched.

I had a really luscious feeling inside, I felt creamy and delightful and he made me come by doing the same.

He pushed himself deep inside me, I could feel his penis touch every nerve inside of me.

I felt him shooting.

He had come and my vagina was still contracting with pleasure of meeting his orgasm in me.

I felt him become smaller.

“Thank you,” I said a bit unaware of what was going on, “that was so good.”

“Did you come?” he asked.

“Oh God yes, I still am,” I said in a small voice, “don’t pull out yet, I like how it feels when you get smaller.”

He kissed me on my lips again and went down to my boobs.

I moaned, “mmmm, I like that.” He was still inside but not for long, his thing was soft now and his fluid was leaking out of me.

We dozed a bit and when we were recovered from our exercise we turned on the TV and watched a movie.

The end.



Guys have this kind of primal expression on their face when they are ejaculating, it’s funny how men change when they come.

At first they are polite and respectful and so but when they come, they get almost animalistic and raw, even looking a bit angry sometimes(and not all of them (not that I have been with that many boys…)).

I kind of like that, don’t get me wrong but it’s also incredibly funny, cute but strange or weird.

I hope you have enjoyed this story.

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