“Here?!”…”Please don’t stop!

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“Here?!”…”Please don’t stop!Hello boys and girls!This is my first adventure I’ve uploaded here on xhamster or anywhere for that matter.It’s a true story and maybe because it’s true, you’ll enjoy reading it.I was seeing a girl, around 2 years younger than me.She had dark hair, big brown eyes, a beautiful smile and a look in her eyes that would make you think she is innocent and pure.The type of girl that could make you move mountains.We were in a normal relationship and had sex plenty of times.In fact, we had all kind of sex a couple could have.Always with passion.We loved to role-play, even if it was only a simple “sucking a stranger” to “blindfolded” or as far as more detailed fantasies.We even tried some kinky stuff.Now keep in mind, she didn;t had sex with anyone else before me, except with her first boyfriend.It was the kind of girl that was shy and didn;t talked that much, letting a guy be a guy and remain submissive.This week started as a bad week.We haven;t seen each other,only talked for a few min per day, a lot of stress from work, busy days.So, we decided to go out on Friday, straight from work.The idea was to meet a the mall, which it was closerto her house and all the way across the city for me.But, a guy has to do, what a guy has to do.Plus, let;s face it, who passed on the prospect of getting some cause the distance was a little bit longer than he would wanted, or he was too lazy to go.All week i had in mind how we gonna kiss,touch, play with one another.At work i was leaving every day with a hard on, going home, beating my chest with my dick.There was a game that we always used to play.When more than a few days have passed and we didn;t met, we didn;t even kissed, not to mention sex(in any way), we could play alone, but neither of us was allowed to cum.I don;t know how it is for girls, but you guys know what i;m talking about:having all that sexual tension in your balls, waiting for that türbanlı mersin escort girl to fuck, but the days are going too slow.You start touching a little bit, but not being allowed to cum, my fucking balls were hurting, my stomach was in pain.My dick was hating me, all day going semi-erect thinking of anything else, not to remember her tight, moist pussy and her full lips around my dick.I was like a fucking volcano about to explode.FINALLY, Friday 5pm, fuck you work, fuck everyone at work, fuck my boss and his fucking reports, i am a bear sprinting for that honey.And damn it, if i was not going to get all up in there.Now….the “best” part is that i had to take publictransportation to get there.Not only that the cars where like ants, one next to another as far as the eye could see, but,i was in the buss with my dick semi-erect, trying not to look like a fucking creep.Yeah, i know how this looks, but fuck you, i am young, horny and in a rush.6pm, one hour left until we meet, and i was half way there.The last mile i got off…of the buss that is, and walked there.You should try walking when your dick is pressing against your body, in so much pain, that you only think of the moment you about to go inside a nice, young pussy.I was like that bunny on batteries, power-walking.I arrived at mall, she got there 5min later.We went inside, “Maybe we can catch a movie”, she said.I replied “Yes, i am in the mood for a…movie”.At this point my balls were swollen, full of cum.We are at the ticket line, when i whisperin her ear “Baby, i dunno about you, but if i don;t fuck you now, my balls will start floating”. She laughed saying”I am so horny myself, but i didn;t want to tell you, so you wouldn;t think less of me”.My blood was all in my dick, soi can;t have any thoughts or opinions now; i acted on instinct.Grabbed her hand, told her that we gonna do it NOW, türbanlı mersin escort bayan here.”I don;t care where, we can find a place and go there”.She was surprised, “Here, at the mall?!But what if somebody will seeus?”.”Do you really care?”, i replied.She said a simple “No”.My heart was racing, i looked at her, she had a little smurf, that turned into a smile when i put my hand on her firm ass.The nearest place we could find were the toilets.Inside, it had a common hallway;, at the end of it, on the left it was for females and on the right for males.People in both of them.We waited a little longer, maybe we could finda way so we can go in.We started to kiss, i came very close to her and placed my hand between her legs.She moaned ever so slightly.Hearing that i went in the M toilet, she stood behind, was very shy.”If you wanna fuck, you comehere now!”. Went straight in a booth, pushed her against the wall, she arched her back, sticking that round ass out.It was like an apple that wanted to come out of her jeans.I took hers off and she remained in her black panties with the string going between her meaty cheeks.I could smell the scent of her pussy; full-on erection.Took my pants off, my dick by now was like a caged b**st that breakthrough and was finally ready to ravage.She saw it, turned her head looking at the wall, her palms were on the booth, her ass pressed against my dick.I took the Dragon and slapped her a few times over her pussy.Her perky tits were near the booth;s wall, it was the perfect setup.I start to rub my dick against her wet cunt up and down, getting my cock full of her juice.She said “Please, be gentle”. As much as i wanted to stuff my dick inside her, to bury it in her already white, oozing pussy, i tried to do as she asked.My head slide in her easy, then the rest of my shaft.She may have said “gentle” but her opened horny türbanlı escort mersin pussy wanted all of me.Grabbed her by her waist, lean a little bit on my back, sticking out my dick, going deeper.She was moaning so sweet, like she was taking it for the first time in her life.The rhythm went up, faster and faster.I was pounding her while she was swinging her ass back and forth.She wanted to scream, her pussy was wrapped around my dick, my balls were slapping her clit.I stopped for a second, asking her not to moan so loud,”people can hear us, if they haven;t already”.”I don;t care, don;t stop, PLEASE fuck me i am about to cum!”.I said “Fuck it!”, pulled her hair with my right hand, grabbed her panties line with my left hand and went balls deep, without any thoughts of were we are.Moved my hands around her waist, opened my palms so i can feel more of her meatyass and pushed her back and forth.Her tits were hitting the booth’s wall while her pussy was dripping wet.I felt her cuming, she tried not to scream, scratching my hands and closing her legs.Her knees melted, the juice was sliding down my cock,all the way on by balls and from there dripping on the floor.Everyone could hear the sound of my dick going inside a sloppy cunt.”Cum baby, fill me up, I want you to release everything you got inside of me!”. Couldn’t help myself, i exploded inside of her, it was so intense; i bite her on her shoulder, while she was kissing my hands that palmed her perky 25 years old tits.She was so excited by the fact that we played our game of not cuming, and the rush from fucking in a public place, behind a door, knowing people on the other side hear her moans and her words, that she came again on my pulsating cock.At the end, we got dressed, she let my cum mix with her juice on her panties.Smiled at me and said this was the most intense experience of her life, with a first orgasm that made her tight pussy squeeze my dick like she was a virgin.Got out of the booth, a few guys where there, washing their hands (as if they just got there), she put her head down, got closer to me, kissed me on my lower lip and we left together.This is a true story, the first time me and her had sex in a public place, but not the only time.Let me know if you liked it or disliked by commenting below.

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