Here a squirt, there a squirt, everywhere a squirt

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Here a squirt, there a squirt, everywhere a squirtNo shit there I was,I was 16. My girlfriend Laura was 15. She had dark black hair, green eyes, size C breasts and beautiful white skin. She was a shy girl, but real cute. I was her first, we fucked for the first time in the back of my ’64 Impala parked outside her house while her mom slept. Needless to say we had been dating for a year or two by now. She loved to fuck. We used to ditch class and hang out at her house all day while her mom was at work. We would eat, fuck. eat. fuck, watch TV, fuck outside. This day was special. She was walking around the house with boxer shorts on but no panties, and a wife beater no bra with her beautiful pink nipples showing through. Flashing her under smile to me every so often. Making sure I could see she was anticipating what was about to happen. She was so wet today. I could only wait so long before I pounced on her. I türbanlı kastamonu escort lead her to the bedroom. We ripped off the sheets. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my tongue as far down her throat as I could. I could feel her hips leaning forward, aching for attention. I slid my hand down between her legs and cupped her soaking wet pussy. I couldn’t believe it, she had never been this wet. I threw her down on the bed. I ripped her shorts down, without a second going by I grabbed her hips and lurched inside her with my tongue, so deep my nose was rubbing all over her clitoris. Just as quick as I started, I stopped.I grabbed the baby oil out of the bathroom. Starting at her toes. I worked it all over her body; breasts, arms, stomach, then her tits, and her thighs. Finally massaging her ass gently letting my fingers graze the sides of her türbanlı kastamonu escort bayan pussy. She was soaked.Now the real worked begins. I started working on her clit softly pinching it between my fingers, flicking it with my tongue until all the blood was making it sick out farther than my dick. I put my face right up to her slit just letting her feel my breath. Every time I would exhale her lips surge full of blood and glisten with her wet goodness. I noticed the sheets underneath her were wet, really wet. That was the only sign my fingers needed. I worked them in slowly at first she was hyper sensitive. After a few penetrating strokes she really started to lean into me. I leaned down to start teasing her clit with my tongue, she started to moan. Laura loved to get her pussy eaten. She was just barley 15 the first time I went down on her. türbanlı escort kastamonu As Laura got hornier, she flipped me to my back, pulled my shorts down. She eased gently on to my face, my nose teasing her asshole giving it little eskimo kisses. Every time it did I could feel her mouth tighten around the head of my cock as we 69’ed . Her pussy wasn’t just wet it was soaked with in no time my side burns were wet. This time I flipped her on her back and pulled her to the side of the bed. I thrusted two fingers inside her with my palm up really working against her g spot. Laura was going wild, her moans almost becoming screams. I changed how I was finger fucking her. Instead of thrusting in and out, I started to pull up and down against her g spot. I leaned in to give her a nice deep french kiss, with my tongue down her throat her muscles started to tense up, especially her abdomen. Her pussy tightened so much that she pushed my fingers all the way out. Following them out was a massive amount of liquid and a screeching moan. It was like she was pissing all over my stomach and my dick. It lasted for a few seconds. Then her whole body started to convulse, she couldn’t control it. It was like she was drunk on sex, she could stop giggling for almost five minutes. continued in part 2

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