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It had been a rapid introduction through an internet dating site. They’d both said the right things and there was some teasing. An exchange of pictures was enjoyed. She requested a picture of his cock. She added the word “laughing” after the request. He had refused.

“What about your balls then!” she wanted to know. In high dudgeon, he had responded. There were no pictures and she would have to look for herself. He added “lol” after and mentioned he was waiting for a picture of her pussy. She responded with “No chance!” and added “Laughing!”

“What about your tits?” he replied. The bikini she’d been wearing in one of her pictures had been extremely brief and there wasn’t much he hadn’t seen. Nipples would have been nice though. Her skin was smooth with a golden luster of summer and the rounded flesh other bikinis might have covered was fulsome. He knew it was part of the tease. He had become her challenge and she was determined to be thorough.

Next time they were on the site they didn’t tease- there was a tension that was mildly difficult. Both seemed to be waiting.

“I don’t know what I’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day,” she wrote, “I have nothing planned.”

“Would you like to meet?” he responded. The date was quickly set for Saturday at one in the afternoon.

“You should send me a pic of your cock so I’ll know you!” she wrote and added “Smiling” after.

“Ha ha.” he returned.

They met in the coffee shop at the local shopping center. He gave her a bunch of roses. She admired them and with her nose in the flowers inhaled the scent. She admired the setting, among maidenhair fern wrapped in soggy paper and with plastic around. Obviously it was his work and the flowers were from his garden. She put them on the table.

Both had big smiles as they gathered each other in their arms for a tight hug. He felt her breasts and she thrust her pelvis forward to feel his cock. After a long kiss they sat, held hands over the table and said nothing for some time as they looked at each other. Eventually they ordered coffees in big mugs. In low voices they marveled at each other.

“You’re beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day,” he told her and squeezed her hands. She squeezed his hands and told him he was very handsome. They smiled at each other as they drank their coffee.

“Seems silly having coffee here when I’ve got coffee at home,” she whispered, as she leaned forward and allowed him a look down her shirt. He agreed.

“Shall we go?” he asked, when they’d finished their coffees. She picked up her roses and together they walked to his car. He opened the door for her and she reached to him for a kiss. She took his lower lip in her mouth and sucked it. When the kiss ended she got in the car and flashed her panties as she moved her knees around. He closed the door, quickly went round and got in the driver’s side. She was waiting with a kiss, having put the roses on the floor to be safe.

They pulled each other in, close and tight. She ran a hand up and down his arm. Her hand moved away from his arm and slowly extended the area of her exploration. She felt the definition of his muscles and found the nubs of his nipples through his shirt. Her strokes extended to his neck and down his belly. She cradled his face in her hand and as she pulled from their kiss she whispered.

“I can’t wait.” They gathered each other into a kiss again as her hand went to the top of his pants and her fingers slid inside. His belt was too tight. She reached up to kiss his eyes closed and not let him see what she was doing. Her hand quickly had his belt unbuckled and pants open. Her cool hand wrapped around his heat and she felt the hardness. They both moaned as she stroked.

He unbuttoned her shirt and pushed his fingers under her bra. Her nipple was large and his fingers rolled it. They sighed. She looked at his cock, its head large and purple, its shaft long and hard. She lowered her head and his fingers came out of her bra as she took his cock in her mouth.

He unclasped her bra as she explored him, her head slid up and down as she held his cock in place. He cradled a breast in his hand as she worked. It didn’t take long. When he groaned she quickened her pace. The tentative thrust of his hips encouraged her more. The taste of some fluid and suddenly his hips jerked. She held on as she trapped his juice in her mouth. When she caught up with the flow she sucked the last from him and sat with her mouth open to show him her catch. She giggled and he watched as she swallowed.

“Got it,” she said, “got you! Happy Valentine’s Day!” and she giggled louder. “Lovely,” she told him and wiped her tongue around her lips. He reached to her belt and she took his hand in hers.

“Coffee,” she whispered and kissed his lips. As he turned the key they looked around the car park, Surprised, he hadn’t thought about where they were but they saw faces looking back. Obviously their audience had been large.

He trod on the pedals gaziantep escortları and quickly they were on their way. They both laughed. He saw her breasts ripple and gave little thought as to whether any one had taken the car’s number. She left her breasts uncovered and his cock shrank as she watched and pointed with her finger where to turn. He guessed the next turn would be his. He exceeded the speed limit in anticipation. He wondered about what he would do.

She pointed to a drive way beside a red brick house and he pulled the car in. He quickly shut the motor down and wrenched at the handbrake. They were quick to open their doors. He watched as she ran, her breasts bounced and she fumbled in her bag for a key. The door opened and they both ran inside.

He caught her for a kiss and held her. She returned his kiss as he held her breasts and gave them friendly squeezes. She pulled him, her hand around his, into the kitchen where she organized coffee. He kept reaching for her, tried to hold her to him so he could take off her pants. Instead, she put her bra back on and buttoned her shirt. He too tidied himself and pulled up his zip.

The coffee seemed to take forever. He didn’t expect her to put his coffee in his hands. Laden with an over filled mug he followed and she led him to her bedroom. He’d been planning to strip her on the way to the bedroom, leave a trail of clothes and tumble her into bed for a busy Valentine’s fuck.

They put their coffee down and he took her in his arms. She extricated herself from him and attended to her computer. There was just a little to do she explained and he waited patiently for the minute or two. He looked around the room. It was tidy with a deep red quilt on the king size bed. She had a lot of computer stuff and he’d been told she needed it for her job. He sat on the bed, uncertain as to what was happening. With the computer work finally finished she walked to him on her knees, hugged and pulled him to her.

“Thank you,” she said. He turned to her and kissed. They kissed for a while, sucked in each others tongues and bottom lips and her hands went to the buttons on his shirt. She pulled it off and went to his belt as he reached for her shirt.

“Not yet,” she whispered, and tugged his pants open. She took his cock in her hand and kissed it. With a few strokes she had it tumescent. He reached for her and she took his hand, put it by his side and pulled at his pants. As one, she took off his pants, jocks, shoes and socks.Her cleavage was tempting. Naked, he lay before her, waiting for his opportunity.

She stroked his cock, kissed it, held it up to examine it and spread his legs wide. She handled his balls, separated them in her hands and around each she stretched a hair tie. She kissed them and took each in her mouth.

“You’re hairy.” she told him as she took off the hair ties. “Wait here.” He could hear a clatter of things and she returned. He felt the cold of shaving cream hit his skin and she smoothed it around. She leaned to him, kissed and with her arms around his neck held him tight. Under her kisses his eyes closed and she whispered he should keep them shut.

With her attention on his sex and razor in hand she drew it through the thicket of hair. He’d never been shaved before, the cut throat razor would have been an extra surprise had he looked. As his scrotum was stretched it was cleaned quickly. With her hand under his knees he lifted them to provide greater access and she pushed them to his chest to finish. She toweled him and with a permanent marker wrote “mine” across his balls.

When her finger was pushed up his bum he was surprised. She took his balls in her mouth and sucked them. He enjoyed her playing with them. Then she went to his cock, cradled it in her hands and licked it. He felt so special as his cock throbbed. There was no hurry.

A pinging sound frequently came from the computer and he guessed it was still doing some thing for her. He watched her cleavage as her breasts, loosely fettered, rolled with her movement. She stroked his cock gently and teased its head. Every so often she walked on her knees to kiss him and she batted his hands away with hers when he tried to unbutton her shirt.

“Your turn will come, but first, I want to make you cum.” She giggled and pulled his shirt off. With his cock in her mouth she teased the head with her tongue. The sensation was almost overwhelming as she pushed it to her palate and sucked.

Slowly her lips descended the shaft and he felt her warm breath on his skin. She held his balls as he felt her lips touch his newly shaven skin. Several times she took his whole cock in her mouth and held it there for a few moments before sliding her lips up again. Then she stroked it with her hand, unhurried as she pulled his pee slit open to look at the red inside. His cock throbbed and drooled. She put her finger in the drool and stretched it into long strings before she cleaned up with her tongue.

On her knees she walked to the end of the bed and checked the computer. She studied it a moment and returned to kiss him. Then she went to his sex and took his cock in her mouth. She dragged her teeth up it, made him squirm and began to bob her head up and down as she blew him.

He shuddered as he came with large gobs her mouth could barely contain. She obtained the last by hand as she sucked it out of him. With her mouth full and semen escaping from the corners she giggled.

As he lay immobile on the bed, thoroughly drained, she walked on her knees to the computer and with her back to him opened her mouth to show her trophy. He was too exhausted to think about what she was doing and had no interest in computers any way. His own was headache enough. The digital age had largely eluded him. He had no interest in fingers and toes. With her head forward she swallowed several times and showed her mouth empty.

She went back, wrapped her arms around him and showered him with kisses. She whispered about his beautiful cock, so big and hard and so much in it. He sighed and held her. He had to void.

His clothes were under the bed and before he began to panic she held his hand, took him to the toilet and held his penis as the urine flowed. She offered coffee. He was very mellow after having just ejaculated.

Together they returned to the kitchen and she gave him fruit juice as well. He felt strangely comfortable being naked while she was fully clothed. She kept handling his cock and feeling his balls as she complimented him on the shave he’d been given. It felt odd being hairless, being able to feel every slight breeze on his skin.

She led him out to her patio and they sat. When his energy returned he made her laugh as he expressed his surprise about what had happened so far. She laughed because he didn’t know half of it.

“Hey,’ he exclaimed, “I haven’t seen your pussy yet!” and she laughed again

“Don’t worry. Your turn will come. It’s Valentine’s Day, I want you to suck it, make it red with so much use and make me cum. Soon, it will all be yours.” and she rubbed it with her hand over her jeans and showed him the wet spot. He grinned. “You want my tits too, don’t you?” she asked as she smoothed her hands over them, hefted them in her bra and reshaped her shirt. She leaned to him and kissed as his hands displaced hers to hold her breasts. They giggled.

“After you’ve made me cum I want a Valentine fuck.” she teased, “I want to be banged so hard!” He laughed a little, and hoped he was still able. But, if he took his time…

With the drinks gone she stood and led him back to the bedroom. She tended to the computer again as he waited, then moved to the middle of the bed and lay down. He kissed as he ran his hands over her, felt her breasts and cupped her mound.

She held his cock as he undid buttons and lay her shirt to the sides. Her small, black, lace bra barely contained her breasts. He slipped his fingers under it and pulled it up over them. Her nipples were large, neatly defined and he closed his mouth over one as his fingers played with the other.

She sighed as he sucked and lashed with his tongue, first one, then the other and sucked them so hard she thought for a moment they’d pop. He was enthusiastic but a little rough. She asked why he was in such a hurry and suggested he slow down, titillate, don’t eradicate she implored. He settled into a better rhythm, a little slower and watched how she responded.

He rolled her on the bed as he removed her shirt and bra. He shaped her breasts in his hands and moved them around, kissed them, licked and sucked. The bumps on her areolas fascinated him, their chaotic placement and strange prominence. He lifted her breasts to feel their weight and examined their under sides. She giggled and hoped it was all on cam.

He progressed down and undid her belt, button and zip. She lifted as he slid her jeans and panties down and found her slit. She couldn’t help but think how good it would look on cam as he pulled her apart and examined. His fingers delved and he licked and sucked.

“I wish I could have a picture,” he whispered and she laughed. If only he knew, and the computer went “ping” again with more money. She spread her legs as wide as she could and with two pillows under her head she watched. She gave him hints as to what he could do. She was so wet and he discovered it to be viscid as he stretched strings and watched them snap. “Ping!” The dollars were coming in.

He stretched out her labia and watched them as they retracted. Two fingers, three, inside her, thank goodness he didn’t try four. She told him to gently stretch it and soon he’d fit five- but not his whole hand. His hands were big, like his cock.

He licked and sucked. She could feel the rasp of his tongue on the shadow of pubic hair, and was glad he wasn’t shaving her. Next time, perhaps she wouldn’t shave before they met and she reflected on her luck. The pings had been rapid while she shaved him and the cut throat razor always added to the thrill.

He started on her clit. She was hoping he’d leave it a little longer, the audience was still growing. His touch made her reckless and she lifted her pussy to him in encouragement.

Lubricant was needed and she squirted some in his hands. He pushed in three fingers and went to four. Slowly, gently, he managed and she could feel him cradle her cervix with his finger tips. She could barely stay on the bed. She loved having her pussy full.

He went to her clit and teased. She felt him pull back the hood and expose it. He touched with a finger and soon his tongue. She wished she could watch on screen but would roll the recording when he’d gone. “Ping!” The lubricant was helpful as he rubbed her clit and she responded with thrusts that encouraged him. He had four fingers in her again, greedy pussy, and she reached for his cock to hold. He carefully rubbed her clit. She moaned as the spasms started and she bucked and quivered, screamed and grunted as she came. She knew she was on a winner. How often was it all this real? “Ping.”

He was still excited, more to come, more cum and she giggled with the thought, his cock was almost bursting with promise, so hard and stiff. She gave it a gentle squeeze. So far, her lucky day! How appropriate for Valentine’s Day! She wondered how much she’d earned. She’d almost exhausted the potential from the dating site. So many men had shared her. None had been this good though.

They went for another drink. Coffee and juice again, together, naked on the patio. They looked at each other with a strange satisfaction. Next time, she thought, she’d show him how to make her squirt. That would be fun. For now, a solid fuck was all she wanted. How wonderful to be satiated.

He wondered how he could get a picture. He’d forgotten his camera. Film was so expensive now but he wasn’t wanting pictures of fingers and toes. Digital wasn’t for him.

As they drank and sat with their thoughts it seemed to be getting cooler. She remarked about it and he agreed. They drank quickly and made their way inside.

She lead the way and as they passed through the lounge room he lunged and picked her up. She screamed with laughter as he carried her to the bedroom with her arms around his neck. Beside the bed he threw her and the bed squeaked as she landed and bounced.

She was laughing, her tits bobbled and she quickly inched herself to the middle of the bed. Neither were certain what to do next, one if those strange moments of indecision but she drew up her legs, dropped her knees and held her arms out to him. He was quick as he knee walked between her legs, his cock so rigid and huge.

“Wait! Wait!” she said and he watched as she put two pillows under her bum to present her pussy as a better target and provide her audience with a bigger thrill. She stretched her arms towards him and he came to her, kissed her pussy, each breast and then full on her lips as she took his cock in hand and guided it home.

They lay for a while, adjusting to their coupling before he rammed it all the way in. Her tits bounced with the impact and she imagined the audience being able to see the precise moment he entered, the way she opened for him and the shake of his balls. She couldn’t have choreographed a better beginning and she sneaked her hand down to hold his balls. She liked them to know who was in charge.

He sawed it in and out until she held him to her and rolled so he was on his back and she was riding him. She kissed him as she showed them her pussy with his cock inside. She rode him like a bucking bronco as she slammed her pussy onto his cock. There were so many pings from the computer.

She kissed him, her breasts hung as she bent over and he held them, swung them round and gave them a gentle squeeze. She knew some would see it though wished she was facing the other way for a moment. He let her breasts go and she started to ride him again. As she was building the momentum he rolled over and contact was lost. He quickly lifted her hips.

His cock was inside again, he fucked fast and with his hands pulled her towards him with every thrust. She wailed with the exquisite touch of his cock each time it probed deep inside. So good. So bloody marvelous! Ping. She touched her clit and felt her flesh shudder.

He was fucking miraculous! She wanted to shout about her discovery. Most of the men she’d had prompted comments of mirth about their inadequacy. Not this one. He was aiming his cock high in her pussy so the head dragged the front wall. He had to know about the G spot! She was wide open and inside, every thing was touched as he plundered. She laughed with the joy, wailed with the exquisite sensitivity and breathed with huge droughts when she could.

The tension built and suddenly exploded as she trembled and screamed and her whole body twitched with such discordance she would have fallen if he hadn’t held her. He continued to plow her and she juddered from one orgasm to another in quick succession.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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