Her Unexpected Shadow

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Feeling the cool breeze in my lungs, and the comfort of wearing jeans and a T-shirt as I walk through town is intoxicating. I feel alive for the first time in weeks. She only got back in town last night. I knew she would want a drink after work, and I knew where she would go for it.

She hadn’t seen me, but I saw her hours ago, it already feels like it has been days, but every time I look down at my watch, I know it has only been a couple of hours.

The curve of her body is revealed every time the breeze blows, and her smooth black dress blows against her as the wind caresses her lithe body. Her heels clacked against the smooth pavement as she glided down the street. Her long brown hair, blowing in the wind like her dress, with her intense emerald eyes tucked behind those long thick lashes. Every man glances, and glances again as she walks by. My lust for her is overwhelming. It can no longer be denied.

I followed behind her at a short distance, keeping my presence hidden, as she walked along oblivious to her new shadow. It’s getting late but still she escort ataşehir walks past bus stop after bus stop towards her home, her haven. Only a few more blocks left to go before she reaches the staircase to her apartment.

Time passes slowly, when I finally see my opportunity arise, I walked faster closing the gap between us. I was only a few feet back when she reached the alley. I stepped forward and grabbed her waist, pulling her against me as we backed into the alley. She released a gasp of surprise as I grabbed her, and then inhaled to scream, but I clamped my hand over her mouth and kissed her neck in front of me.

I whispered in her ear “No more waiting.” She pushed me off her and slapped at my chest. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t wait untill we got home. That dress is driving me crazy,” I told her.

I pushed her up against the cool brick building. We were tucked away in an alley where no one could see us. I grabbed her wrists and pinned them up against the wall, holding them above her head with one hand. I leaned forward, exhaling as kadıköy escort I pass the deep “V” in the dress.

Warm breath passing over her skin, I can see her arousal as she arches her back pressing against me. I kiss her collar bone and give it a light nibble, before looking her into her eyes “You are so beautiful.”

I immediately moved in for a kiss. My body molded against hers, hips grinding against each other as the well known comfort of each others’ bodies is remembered, all too well. I reached down with my free hand and slid her thong down to her knees, and immediately unbuckled and unzipped my pants, my throbbing cock sprang eagerly forth in insatiable desire.

I slid my body up against hers and rubbed the tip of my cock against her clit. I teased her with my cock, and said “I won’t even make you beg for him tonight,” still rubbing the tip against her clit my cock was slick with her arousal.

I positioned myself and thrust forward, burying myself inside her, I let go of her hands and grabbed her thighs and lifted her against me, maltepe escort bayan her body pinned between mine and the wall. Her legs wrapped around my waist pulling me inside, as I slid deeper and deeper. We kissed once more as our bodies continued to grind and thrust, our desire evident in the subconscious responses.

Our eyes are locked, wide open in the throes of lust, as we thrust, wisps of moans escaped our lips. Not wanting to draw attention, but enthralled by our desire and the added intensity caused by the openness of this seduction, I paused inside of her as she spurred me on. I could feel my orgasm already creeping up. The anticipation had affected me, long before I pulled her into the alley. I’m so close, I moaned as I thrust deep inside of her, one last time, feeling her body writhe and convulse against mine as we share that brief moment of bliss.

Leaning more and more against the wall and her, as her feet lowered from my waist to the ground, standing together, I kissed her once more. A look of satisfaction and smiles were on both of our faces. She slid her thong back up, adjusted her dress, and we leisurely walked out of the alley. My arm wrapped lovingly around her shoulders, holding her tight. We walked the last two blocks to the apartment, a smile of satisfaction still on her face and a knowing smirk on mine.

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