Her Petite Possession Ch. 04

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“Now you’re absolutely sure you’re happy to be transformed into these?” Kate checked as she pulled open her intimates drawer as started to lay them out, “There’ll be no going back once I’ve transformed you.”

Kate’s one inch tall boyfriend nodded his head.

“OK then, which ones would you like to be?”

Kate was in a strange mood and wasn’t sure how to feel. The obvious feeling was remorse, she had done something stupid, something reckless and now Brad had to pay the price. He was effectively losing a month of his life, but it wasn’t as simple as that.

Brad was the perfect guy, the guy she’d always dreamed of, and of course she wasn’t the only girl who thought that. Yes, she and Brad were great together and yes he seemed to love when they were intimate, but a guy like Brad had options, but not anymore, not for the next month.

For the next month, he would be turned into a pair of panties that she would keep on her body at all times, hidden away in her jeans, her shorts, under her skirts and dresses. She would start to wear pantyhose to create yet another barrier between Brad and the other women in the world. For the next month he would have no option but to worship her pussy. With her back turned, a big smile crept across her face, maybe she did know how she felt about this.

Kate selected three pairs of her favourite underwear and then chose two more from the washing basket. She held them up one by one and laid them out neatly on the bed. “These are nice,” she said as held up a pink silk pair, “they’re quite snug on me.”

Brad walked back and forth on the bed, finally stopping at the pink pair.

“OK then, this will be you for the next month,” Kate reminded him as she held Brad in one hand, her panties in the other and kissed him.

Almost immediately she was holding two identical pairs of underwear, with the pair that was now Brad twitching slightly in her hand. The magic woman had said they’d be able to communicate when Kate was wearing the garment and Kate was desperate to hear his voice.

She ripped of f her jeans and underwear and then, stepping ever so gently into him, eased him up her thighs.

“Can you hear me?” she asked nervously.

Nothing, she pulled him up further and eased him over her round butt and shaved pussy and fully into place between her legs.

“Yes I can talk!” Brad cried in a voice that wasn’t audible in the room, but that Kate could hear clearly in her head.

“Yes! We can talk!” Kate beamed, happy to hear his voice again, before feeling compelled to add, “I’m so sorry to have done this to you.”

Brad thought about telling her the truth, about how Emma deliberately done this to them, but decided that could wait. The last thing he needed in this vulnerable position was a fight between the two girls. Anyway, it felt wonderful being so close to Kate’s body and while a whole month as her panties was a long time, it was better than eternity locked in Emma’s safe, which had seemed a real possibility a few days ago.

“Thank you for being so brave,” Kate said, “I promise I will take such good care of you.”

“This feels sexy as hell, I’m sure I can handle a month of this,” Brad replied.

“So can I!” Kate was now giggling on her bed.

“I can move as well,” Brad said as he shifted his transformed body which resulted in slight twitching and tightening of her underwear.

“Oh fuck, that’s lovely!”

Kate moaned in pleasure as her pink silk underwear tightened around her and moved against her clit. “Oh you have just the right spot,” she breathed. The panties then hugged her butt a little tighter, much to Kate’s delight, “Oh my god, this is too nice, you are definitely my favourite pair!”

“What about this?”

“Oh!” Kate panted, “How the hell…”

She lay back and opened her legs as he tightened and touched her in all places at once. Her breathing increased making her pert breasts heave up and down. Still her underwear hugged and caressed her and within seconds they brought her to orgasm.

Her panties stopped moving, allowing her to regain composure. She sat up with a bewildered look, her long dark hair lying wildly around her head. She touched her underwear which was now damp.

“Opps, you’re wet,” she said, biting her bottom lip, “sorry.”

Brad continued to explore his new reality, “I can see out between your legs.”

“And now?” Kate asked, sitting up and crossing her legs.

“It all gone dark!”

Kate giggled, as she uncrossed her legs and then quickly recrossed them tightly. “Shame I’m a girl who like to cross her legs. What can you smell?”


“Guess alsancak escort so.”

“And taste?”

“What do you think?” he asked, her scent all pervading.

Kate was relieved that Brad was taking this so well and rewarded him by wiggling into her flowery pencil skirt as opposed to her jeans. In a perverse way she still wanted to make an effort for him and so put on a tight black top, let her hair hang loose and applied lipstick.

“What would you like to do?” she asked as she tried to ease her tight skirt up so she could see him.

“I’m not sure you can always look at me when we speak.”

“Guess not, you’ll have to spend most of your time in the dark.”

“Yes, well you have chosen your tightest skirt.”

“Hey, it could have been jeans!”

Kate started to giggle as she felt Brad moving inside her deliberately tight skirt. “You really can’t get off me, can you? Once I put you on, you stay on.”

“True, that’s one thing I can’t do.”

Brad was still tightening and moving as much as he could as Kate unzipped herself from the pencil skirt and turned to admire her twitching panties in the mirror.

“Why hello sexy,” she said as she twirled around.

“Me or you?”

“Mmm, both of us. You’re just part of me now.”

She pushed up against her butt and watched as her cheeks bounced up and down, “Show me how far you can tighten,” she asked, before playing with her butt again.

“I didn’t know you were so turned on by your own butt,” Brad joked.

“Hey, don’t watch! It’s my butt I can do what I want with it!”

Embarrassed that Brad could see everything she did, Kate took her blue jeans and eased them up her long slim legs. She squeezed them over her ‘Brad-clad’ butt and buttoned them around her slim waist.

“What do jeans feel like then?” Kate asked as she again admired her own figure in the mirror, but this time confident that Brad wasn’t watching.

“Tight and I can’t see anything.”

“Shame,” Kate giggled as she sat down on her bed.

“Hey, you’re sitting on me!”

“Yeah! If you don’t like it then leave!”


With her jeans still tightly buttoned up and wearing boots and leather jacket, Kate left the flat and walked to the train station. She paid for one ticket and took a seat at the back of the almost empty carriage.

Brad tried to see where they were, but only tiny specks of light were coming in through the denim that surrounded him. When he looked inwards all he could see was Kate’s hips and butt and shaved pussy. Her pussy in particular was warm and vibrated a little. Her butt was amazingly soft and still had the scent of her shower gel.

“Touch me panties,” she whispered quietly.

“You can’t call me that!”

“Do you really want to pick a fight with me,” she whispered, “I’m in a position of power… I can fart!”

She looked down at her jeans as if expecting an answer, but the only response was small movements deep inside. She could control the feeling to start with, but then had to hide behind a discarded newspaper to disguise her growing arousal.

“Okay, that was good,” Kate conceded as she straightened her clothing and stood up to leave the train, “but you must stop now!”


Brad and Kate talked and laughed for the next hour as Kate walked slowly through town and then along the river. They planned a cover story for Brad’s one month absence, he would be visiting friend in Europe, and talked about holidays and houses. Brad discovered that he could pull himself in between her butt cheeks and teased Kate with his new trick, forcing the girl to try and straighten her panties without anyone seeing.

The only problem was that Brad couldn’t see and so couldn’t join in when Kate commented on things they were passing. “She’s cute,” Kate commented as they passed a particularly attractive woman.

“Who? Can you unzip your jeans?”

“No!” Kate replied as she broke wind and walked on with Brad still very much zipped up inside.


They returned home and Kate walked to the kitchen and started to cook dinner for one. Emma walked in gingerly, unsure of what had happened with Brad or what he’d been able to tell Kate about his experiences while small.

“How is he?” Emma asked nervously.

“He’s gone away for a while,” Kate replied as her underwear twitched slightly.

“Is he OK?”


Kate replied and then turned away before a smile creased across her face. She then disappeared back into her room and locked the door behind them. She ate quickly and then pulled ayrancılar escort off her jeans and sat, legs apart, on her bed.

“What shall we do?” she asked her pink underwear.

It immediately responded by twisting and tightening around her. “Can you touch yourself here?” Brad asked, twitching himself at the base of her butt.

“Here?” Kate touched herself.

“Oh yeah!”

“So that’s how you turn on a pair of panties.”

As Kate touched the back of her underwear, her underwear touched her clit. As she cried out in pleasure, she could hear Brad’s cries in her head. Her crotch was now Brad’s complete world and he expertly brought them simultaneously to orgasm.

She grabbed her pillow and hugged it. Usually at this time, Brad would try and get up to shower or watch television, leaving her alone. This time however, Brad was trapped and even seemed happy to talk.


One month later, Kate returned reluctantly to the magic woman and sat down on the empty chair. It had been an amazing month, with incredible sex and incredible talks with an incredible guy, even if he was only an item of clothing. She did miss his body and his kisses, but she would also miss this amazing relationship.

“You’d better take him off first,” the woman whispered.

“Oh yes,” Kate blushed as she stood up and pulled Brad out from inside her skirt.

The woman told Kate the spell which Kate slowly and carefully repeated. In less than a second her pink underwear had turned back into a full size, naked and very sexy guy. The woman discretely looked away as Brad quickly grabbed a pair of trousers.

They were both laughing as Brad leaned over and kissed Kate while belting up his chinos. Everything felt normal, as if he’d never been shrunk or turned into underwear. With his cock at least covered, he properly wrapped his arms around his girlfriend, hugged her and lifted her off her feet.

“Thank god for the spell!” she cried with delight as she repeated the all important words.

But no sooner as she said the words, she dropped to the ground, almost stumbling over with Brad nowhere to be seen.

“What happened?” Kate cried, “Where is he?” but then the feeling from inside her skirt answered her question, “Oh my god, he’s turned back into my panties and I’m wearing him, I mean them!”

The woman put a reassuring arm around her shoulder, “Because he spent so much time as your underwear,” the woman explained, “whenever you say those words, he will switch back and forth between the two shapes. When he switches from ‘man’ to ‘underwear’ he will also move from wherever he is in the world to your body.”

Kate was stunned and sat still as her mind whizzed, trying to understand what this meant. Her legs were crossed tightly and she was picking nervously at her nails.

“Umm, he’s back in there,” the woman reminded her, pointing discretely to Kate’s blue knee length skirt.

“Yes, can you turn me back?” Brad’s desperate voice echoed in her head, “Please Kate?”

“Oh,” she replied before repeating the spell once more.

Kate gasped and almost fell off her chair as Brad suddenly appeared beneath her and she had to stand up and step over his head to avoid them both crashing to the floor.

“Probably best to strip first,” Brad panted as he picked himself up from the ground and for the second time in as many minutes pulled on his trousers.


Brad kept looking nervously across at his grinning girlfriend as he drove them home. She now had immense power over him, able to retrieve him from anywhere in the world and turn him into an item of her lingerie at any time. One wrong word from him and he could spend the rest of his life inside her jeans.

“You must promise not to use the spell again,” he said seriously as he pulled into the underground parking.


“Because it’s against my human rights?”

Kate smiled.

“No, I’m serious.”

“Well, we’ll certainly use it whenever we travel by plane, we’ll only need to buy one ticket.”

“Well, yes.”

“And maybe at other times…?”

She reached over to the driver’s seat and wrapped her arms around him and kissed. He kissed her back and reached around her waist to pull her towards him. With Kate now kneeling up on the seat, he slid his hand down to her butt and tried to unbutton her jeans, knowing full well that she was naked underneath.

“No, not here!” she whispered.

“There’s no one around.”

“There’s only one way you’re getting inside these jeans,” she replied before thrusting her tongue back balçova escort into his mouth, “and you know what that is…”

Brad looked longingly at her perfect, slim body with her drop dead gorgeous butt.

“You know you want to,” she purred.

“When would you turn me back?”

Kate shrugged, “Maybe never?”

“You’re not helping!”

“OK, OK,” she giggled as she rubbed her crotch, “It’s just that I’m getting so hot inside here…”

She now had one hand between her legs, while the other hand undid her ponytail to free her long dark hair.

“OK, just do it!” Brad cried out of pure frustration.

Kate clapped her hands together with excitement as she quickly repeated the spell. Brad was gone, with just his clothes scattered on the driver’s seat, and she was again wearing tight sexy underwear. She collapsed back into her seat and felt her panties grind themselves against her. Fuck, they wouldn’t stop, working both her front and back and driving her crazy. She was about to unbutton her jeans and give them a slap when they finally relented. She composed herself, picked up Brad’s discarded clothes and climbed gingerly out of the car.

“Your rule about no more transforming didn’t last long,” she gasped.

“That was just a one off.”


“Can you turn me back now?”

Kate laughed out loud as she sent a text and then walked off to the cafe to meet her friend.


Two weeks had passed and Brad and Kate were now regularly using their trick as a precursor to lovemaking. They would strip naked and then she would transform him so they could warm up together. Once she was ready, she’d turn him back and they’d make out as normal. Other than that though, life was back to normal apart from Brad being a little more careful not to annoy her.

Then on one Friday evening, after a long week at work, when they were both tired, they started to argue about who should cook dinner. Kate had arrived home late after two hours of yoga and Brad hadn’t felt like moving from the sofa.

“What have you been doing for the last hour?” Kate complained.

“Give me a fucking break Katie!”


Kate stared at him angrily and he returned the glare. Then, very deliberately she started to recite the magic spell. Brad immediately stopped arguing and looked pleadingly towards her. “Don’t please.”

Kate looked even more determined as her sexy lips continued to form the words. Brad was now off the sofa and on his knees in front of her, looking up hopefully. “No, no, I’m sorry…”

She didn’t stop and, for the first time against his will, Brad transformed into pink panties now buried deep beneath both her tight black yoga pants and the white cotton underwear that she’d been wearing all day.

Kate stood there in silence, neither knowing what to say.

“I can’t believe you did that to me!” Brad’s voice was indignant as his form was crushed tightly inside her figure hugging yoga pants, “I thought we agreed you wouldn’t use your power like that!”

Kate was still pissed with him, but as she calmed down she was starting to regret what she’d done and starting to feel embarrassed.

“Katie?” the voice in her head implored.

This was the one thing Brad feared more than anything else, Kate transforming him without his permission and now she was giving him the silent treatment. He tightened himself around her butt and then gently rubbed himself across her clit in the hope of winning her back. She ignored him completely.

He tentatively rubbed across her clit again and this time was rewarded by Kate rubbing her hand across the back of her underwear to stimulate him. He went again and so did she. Within a few minutes, Kate was writhing around on the sofa, moaning with her legs apart. The voice in her head told her that her panties were also about to climax as Brad’s sexy cries brought her even closer.

“Wow, you were amazing,” Kate panted.

“You too,” her underwear replied

There was a long pause before Kate finally whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Her panties gave her a reassuring hug. “Forget about it,” Brad said, “just turn me back and I’ll cook dinner.”

“Can’t you cook like you are?” she asked.

“Bit tricky!”

“Shame, cos I’m not changing you back until the morning, I’d forgotten quite how much I like you like this.”

“Katie, please,” Brad started to squeeze her butt with all his strength.

“That won’t work!”

“Please Katie, I want out.”

“Won’t you stay in there tonight… just for me?”

This was new territory with Kate as good as refusing to let him out.

“If you’re good I might change out of these yoga pants later on, so you don’t have to spend the night in this smelly and confined jail.”

Kate was now getting off on the power she had over him and on the feel of her yoga pants as she rubbed her hands over her silky butt.

“OK, Katie, until the morning.”

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