Her Night of Pleasure

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The day started off like any normal day, I had gotten up to go to work, when my wife woke up just before I left. The weather outside was stormy and she approached me with a glow about her. She whispered in my ear that she enjoyed our fantasy last night and looked forward tonight when I got home. She then kissed me and grabbed my crotch just as I was walking out the door. She called out and said that dinner would be ready when I returned. Needless to say the day started off with me getting a hard-on and thinking about what she had said.

Many times during our marriage we have shared our different fantasies about what we’d like to do and who we’d like to be with. But as most, these are fantasies just in our minds. We always joke that if the situation was right we might take it to the next step. So image my thoughts as the work day went by. I couldn’t wait until it was time to go home.

On the drive home I was filled with anticipation not knowing, but thinking about what she had said that morning. Although the drive was a short one, it felt like hours before I got home. When I arrived I noticed that another vehicle was in the driveway and it looked as though we had company. Hopefully this wasn’t going to interfere with the plans that my wife had made. And just what did she have in mind.

I entered the house and was greeted at the door by my lovely wife, 5’4″, ample breast, pale skin, nice ass, maybe weighing about 140lbs. She was not wearing her usual cotton leopard skin night pants with her fuzzy gray house coat like usual. No today she was wearing a short silky white house gown with red flowers and butterfly print. It came to about her mid upper thighs. I could tell that she had just recently shaved her legs and washed her hair. She kissed me and welcomed me home and said that dinner was ready and we could eat as soon as I was ready.

I went to the kitchen table and was greeted by a man she worked with. He told me that she had invited him to dinner with us. He stood up to shake my hand, 6’1″, maybe 225lbs, muscular looking body. He introduced himself and sat back down. My wife came into the kitchen and starting fixing us our plates. Dinner was a rib eye steak, baked potato and baked beans, she served each of us a plate, made us each a glass of wine and fixed herself one and sat down at the table. She made a toast to great friendships and we sat and ate. While eating she took my hand and placed it on her leg, so that I could feel the escort smoothness, which I have always commented on. I told her it felt nice and she smiled. She told me that her friend also like her legs.

It was then I thought that she probably didn’t have anything on under her house wrap, so I reached up under it and sure enough nothing. She just smiled and told me to get a shower and join her in the bedroom. I excused myself from the table and headed off to the shower. While showering, my mind covered all the different things that seem to be happening at the moment. I was excited to say the least and my hardness would have given that away. It didn’t take long before I was done drying off and heading to the bedroom. I hesitated for just a moment, because I wasn’t sure exactly what I would find when I opened the door.

I slowly and quietly opened the door and looked in. What I saw both excited and surprised me. My wife was lying in the middle of the bed on her side facing the door naked with her leg lifted over her friend’s leg with his back to the door. They were embraced in a kiss. His hand was over her leg feeling her ass and I could see that he was rubbing her clitoris. By the look of her body language and the moistness of her pussy, I could see that she was hot and horny. As I approached the bed I could also that she was slowly stroking his erect cock, slightly larger than mine and thicker. She felt my presence, releasing her grip on him and tapped the bed on the other side for me to join them. I went to the opposite side and climbed in the bed. She rolled over and began kissing me, while smiling and telling me that she was ready to make a fantasy a reality if I was. She grabbed my now erect cock and said that it appears I did too.

As she’s kissing me, he reached over and began to play with her breast, while pressing his cock against her back. She giggle and said to take it slow, she wanted this to last a while. She turned on flat on her back and instructed us to suck and lick her breast at the same time. She positioned herself where we could fondle her at the same time. Our tongues were flicking away at her nipples in between sucking and lightly biting them which she likes, as we each took turns rubbing her clitoris and fingering her. It didn’t take long before her breathing got heavy and she started to have an orgasm. She thrust her hips forward and let out a scream as she reached climax, before her body went limp.

After a few minutes of lying there she sat up and told use to move closer together. She placed each of her legs between ours and straddles our thighs. This position opened up her pussy for us to see that she was pleased with the events so far. She took our erect cocks into each hand and began to slowly stroke them. Needless to say we couldn’t keep our hands free, so we each started playing again with her breast and moist pussy. After a few minutes, which I think she used this time to regain her strength, she slid down a little and starting licking her friend’s cock, not losing her grip on mine. Within a few minutes she was sucking and stroking his cock, but pulled off telling him to rest a minute. She then started sucking my cock while stroking it, but she knows when I’m close, so she stopped and sat back up. Looking at us she smiled asking if we wanting more, which we both shook I head in agreement.

She says to us, that what she wants next is for each of us to eat her pussy, one minute at a time, rotating until she comes. Whoever is eating her when she starts to climax can finish her off. She lays back and spreads her legs, her friend goes first, sucking, kissing and licking her clitoris while she hold his head tightly into her pelvic area. I could see her hips thrusting as he continued. Time was up, my turn, I attacked it like a hungry lion, my tongue probing her pussy, tasting both her wetness and his salvia. She was thrusting harder now, but time ran out. He’s back at it, but this time didn’t take long for her to start screaming, grabbing and holding his face to her pussy, she bucked violently until she finished. His face covered in her juices. While still in that position, we knelt next to her face and she alternated sucking our cocks, going back and forth, keeping us hard for her next pleasure.

She told us again to lie side by side; she was going to experience us separately for a while. She threw her leg over me and grabbed by cock, rubbing the head against her wet pussy. She slowly lower herself on me and began riding my cock. Slowly she made love to me, while leaning forward so that I could suck her breast. She did this for about two minutes. She then got off of me and climbed onto her friend. His cock being larger, she bent over and sucked it, wetting it, she then placed it at the entrance to her pussy and lowered herself down. I could tell by the moan that it was something she was enjoying. She continued to ride him for a few minutes while he played with her breast. A couple of times she bent over and they kissed probing each other with their tongues. This was making my cock harder, watching them fucking. He then sat up and rolled them both over so that he was now on top driving his cock into her pussy while she wrapped her legs around him. I could see her began to come and she thrust herself up and climax with him inside her. As her body again became limp, she pushed him off her turn her body so slightly and asked if I’d like a little. I mounted her driving my hard cock deep into her pussy, she gripped my body tight, then she told me not to come, she wasn’t done just yet. I slowed my pace allowing her to rest a little.

When I moved away, she rolled over facing me and began sucking my cock, offering her pussy to her friend, who position himself behind and entered her pussy. She began to get a rhythm going has she sucking and getting fucked at the same time. She then turned and starting sucking her friend, while I continued fucking her. She then stopped us and said she wanted to be double penetrated. She grabbed us both and she began sucking us while trying to decide the next step. She then told her friend to lie on the bed, she mounting him and was slowly making love him. She told me to lube up her ass. I lubed up her ass and my cock and position myself to enter her ass. They stopped fucking long enough for me to get in her ass. She then slowly began to fuck us both. I’m holding on to her hips driving my cock in her ass. He’s fucking her pussy and sucking her tits. I can feel her starting to climax and she tells us she wants us to come in her. Our thrusting picked up and she scream she was coming, as I unleashed my load into her ass. Her friend tells her he was about to cum and he gripped her tight thrusting his cock deep inside her. After a few moments our spasms stopped and we all just lay there together.

She then got out the bed, took her friend’s hand and they went off to the bathroom. I heard the shower going and a few minutes later her friend came out and told me she wanted to see me. I went into the bathroom where she was waiting in the shower. We embraced, she kissed me and told me she loved me. After we came out her friend had gotten dress, thanked us for the evening and told us he had to get home to his wife. He said he had a great time. As my wife kissed him goodbye she turned to me and said that she had the best time ever and thanked for helping her live out one of her fantasies. She smiled and said you never know what tomorrow will bring.

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