Her Idea Ch. 02

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If I started this story with my girlfriend tapping me on the shoulder telling me to wake up, you would probably find that pretty boring. So what? you might ask. Maybe she was hungry, maybe I overslept, maybe she was even a bit horny- but what’s so special about a regular morning quickie?

But what if I told you she was waking me up because the guy who was fucking her was getting close to cumming, and she me to take him into my mouth to finish him off? Would that get your attention? Well, it wasn’t just her who wanted him to cum in my mouth, though she loved to watch that. Our new friend and I did, too.


For those who didn’t read the first story, our lives had changed quite a bit recently. I had the perfect girlfriend, thick with huge tits and a round ass she sometimes complained about but I demanded she keep. If you work that ass off, I’m gone I threatened (joking, obviously). She finally started to realize how sexy curves were, and became much more confident. And our sex live became awesome.

I was also curious about cock. More than curious, actually. I wanted to try it. I had reached out to some people on Craigslist and Manhunt, but nothing worked out. I found one guy who lived near us, but our schedules never matched. He was married, and I lived with my girlfriend. We would exchange messages, but never connect. He had a perfect cock though, so I didn’t give up. It was worth going to his profile just to check out his pictures.

Long story short- one night I left my email open, and my girlfriend read our messages. I was shocked she wasn’t mad, she just asked a lot of questions. She then dropped it, until one night she had a few drinks and asked about it again. (She got very adventurous with a little alcohol.) She had read about that I fantasized about trying oral, but also about someone fucking my girlfriend with me.

“Ask him to come over,” she demanded.

I didn’t think she was serious, but she was. I figured what the hell, the guy is married and there is no chance he was available. Despite my curiosity, I was relieved he probably wouldn’t even answer. There is a big difference between emailing and doing.

I was shocked when he said yes, and asked for the address. He came over, we fucked my girlfriend all night and, well, I sucked a dick. I swallowed his load with my girlfriend cheering me on, and it was great.

It wasn’t at all awkward, and we all enjoyed it. We even met twice more, but it was frustrating that we could only get together once a month.

Then everything changed.

His wife found his email open too, and there was a picture of my girlfriend laying on our bed with a load of cum leaking form her. I had fucked her, and we sent it to him.

He figured it was better to tell her that he had fucked her as opposed to the real situation.

She threw him out, and he came over that night. We did our usual- we fucked her, then I blew him. We had an unspoken role that I only I cum in her, and her butt was mine to enjoy only. At the end of the night we all agreed he could stay there for a while.

I have to admit, while we felt bad for him, it was awesome. Halkalı Escort We fucked every morning and every night. We had a fun “no pants” rule, as soon as you walked in the apartment you took your pants and underwear off and stayed that way until you left for work in the morning. We would be sitting in the living room watching TV, and inevitably someone would get frisky and start playing with her ass, or slip a finger in her pussy, or he would walk by with his dick at eye level and I would reach out. Then we would go to the bedroom.

It was perfect. No jealousy. No awkwardness. Just a lot of cumming. Weeks had gone by, and I had gone from someone who tried his first cock to someone who swallowed at least one load a day.

Life was good.


Back to that morning.

I hadn’t really been asleep, but was licking my lips and listening to his hips slap into her thick ass as he pounded her pussy from behind. My cock stretched its own skin to the breaking point as I listened to her moan with each thrust. I rubbed my sack as the bed rocked back and forth, I didn’t want to touch my own cock because I would have nutted right away, and I wanted seconds.

“Wake up,” she said. The two words were separated by a moan as he slammed his thick cock into her.

“Yeah, you’ll like this one. Two day load, you guys didn’t get me off yesterday.”

I rolled over and saw my beautiful girlfriend getting fucked doggy style. His hands grabbed her hips and pulled her plump, tan ass against him with each thrust. Her big natural tits swayed wildly, and she arched her back and lifted her head like she was howling at the moon.

Which, she pretty much was. She was a screamer, and there was no acting here. Our new friend’s dick was huge, and he knew how to use it.

“Oh, I wasn’t sleeping, just waiting my turn,” I said.

He was tall and lean, but muscular. His arms bulged as he slammed their bodies over and over again. He picked up the pace even faster, and fucked her as hard as he could. He had been in her enough now to know when she was about to cum. Her moans got longer, and deeper, almost like she was in pain. I also pointed out to him that her ass hole winked when she was close. It would relax, then tighten over and over again like it was blowing me kisses. He had a perfect view of her hole with her round ass up in the air and cheeks pushed apart.

She came in a furry of flinging hair, yelps and a wet slapping sound as her pussy released all of its juice all over him. Her body went limp and fell forward, leaving our new friend standing at the side of the bed with his dick pointed towards us.

I gasped a little. Over the past few weeks I had seen plenty of his piece, but it was still impressive every time. After an hour of fucking my girlfriend, it was fully engorged. His head seemed as big as a baseball, and veins popped out of his rock hard shaft. He had to be at least 8 inches, with a perfect sack to match.

He was still breathing heavy when he looked at me and said, “Well, it’s yours.”

My girlfriend, still panting with her eyes closed, said, “take Halkalı Escort Bayan it honey.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. The apprehension, and false modesty, of our earlier meetings was gone. I rolled over my girlfriend and lay on top of her as he grabbed his dick.

My finger didn’t reach my thumb as he held his base, he was too thick. It was soaked with her cum, and the scent of her perfect pussy on another guys cock almost, mixed with the musty odor of his crotch almost made me cum. I leaned further forward, and opened wide. I had been warming up my jaw, stretching it and preparing for him. My tongue reached him first, and played with his slit. It was covered in precum, and the familiar test made my cock even harder. He twitched, then settled and moaned.

I pushed my face forward, and his hand laid against the top of my head. Despite my warm up routine, my mouth ached as he stretched it. My lips slid easily down him as her pussy juice glistened along his length. She had taken him inside her all the way to his balls, and so would I.

About halfway down, his head reached the back of my mouth. I closed my eyes and pushed on. He reached my throat, and I winced as I kept going. I had to get my legs involved, using them to push forward. He held on to my head with both hands to balance himself, and also helped by pulling me in.

I breathed through my nostrils as my mouth was completely full of dick. His thick sack hit my chin, and I gave one last surge forward. My nose was now pressed against his bladder, and I couldn’t breathe.

I had all eight inches inside of me. My girlfriend turned over and gasped, “God you are good at that.” She reached over and grabbed his sack, scooped her juices from it and licked her fingers.

I started to back off, but kept my hand wrapped around his base. I dragged my lips slowly up his cock, and he shook with pleasure. My girlfriend’s soaked pussy had left him close to blowing his load, and it wasn’t going to take much to put him over the edge.

I got to the tip and gave it a kiss, then put it back in. I started a rhythmic motion of cork screwing my hand and sliding my mouth up and down. Nothing fancy, just a great, eager blow job like I had done so many times in the past few weeks.

My girlfriend kept rubbing his sack, then said, “oooh, they’re tightening, get ready baby.” Nothing like your girlfriend warning you that a guy is about to cum in your mouth, then starting to finger herself in anticipation. That was our relationship now, and we loved it.

He threw his head back and thrust his hips forward, then with a roar unleashed the biggest load I had ever seen him shoot, and his were usually huge. He filled my mouth with stream after stream of hot, salty cum. I kept pumping my hand as I kept every drop in my cheeks, and ran my mouth over it to savor the taste.

After he unleased what seemed like a gallon, his dick finally softened and he pulled it back. My lips quickly closed so I didn’t waste a drop. I looked down at my girlfriend, who was still lying on her stomach with her head twisted to watch, and heard her fingers Escort Halkalı pulling in and out of her sopping pussy.

She took her fingers out of her cunt, and grabbed my cock. Her pussy juices lubed me up and she pulled me forward. She pressed my head against her pussy, then smiled. With a wicked look in her eyes, she moved my dick up and pressed it against her tighter hole. I leaned forward more, simultaneously pushing against her sphincter and reaching her lips with mine. She stuck her tongue in my mouth, tasting the first drops of our new friends cum. I felt her hole twitch at the taste, and rammed my cock in.

She gasped, and with her mouth open I opened mine. At the same time I was ripping open her ass, our new friend’s cum was flooding her mouth. She moaned as I started fucking her and we swapped his juice back and forth. The taste drove us wild and I pounded into her, her ass hole lubed from the orgasm another guy had fucked out of her. We each swallowed bit by bit to satisfy our cravings until the load was gone and only the salty taste remained. I couldn’t take any more, and shoved my cock into her so my balls slammed against her pussy and released my own load.

I collapsed onto her and we lay there, soaked and spent. Our new friend had already stepped away and started to get dressed. “I guess I’ll leave you two love birds alone.”

My girlfriend gave a halfhearted wave and asked, “What time are you back tonight?”

“About 6,” he said. “I should be reloaded by then. And also,…” he trailed off.

“Yes, like we talked about,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“Just a special treat for you, you’ll see.” She giggled, and laid her head back against the pillow.

My cock stayed rock hard despite my getting off, and I kept it deep in her ass. We lay like that for a few minutes, our bodies covered in our own and our friends sweat. My cock would not settle, and I nudged I just a bit forward.

“Ugh,” she groaned as she grabbed the pillow. “Round 2? Really?”

“I’m sorry, it’s got a mind of its own. Are you sore?”

“Yes, but it’s already in, that’s the hard part, you might as well go ahead.”

She reached forward and grabbed the headboard, then closed her eyes.

I rocked back and forth, my previous load giving us plenty of lube.

“Ugh,” she moaned, but pushed her ass back with each thrust.

“OK, baby?” I asked.

She struggled to talk, but said, “Anal isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to feel intense. You’ll find out soon…” but she trailed off as I pushed in deeper.

“What?” I asked.

“Just shut up and fuck my ass,” she laughed and buried her face back in the pillow.

I happily obliged. I picked up the pace and the room filled with a regular slapping sound as our bodies met over and over. I looked over into our mirror, and saw waves rippling through her body as pounded my hips into her plump ass. I ran my tongue through my mouth and lips, tasting sweat, pussy juice and cum from the most perfect cock on earth.

I thrust my dick all the way into this perfect ass and let go of my second load of the morning.

I looked back into the mirror, and with throat and mouth still warm from our new friend’s load, I thought, “Goddamn I’m a lucky man.”

As I pulled out and watched the stream of semen flow from her opened hale, I started to wonder. What did she mean by I would find out soon?”

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