Her first bi MMF

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Her first bi MMFBack in high school I dated this woman and over the years (20+ years) we kept touch. We never did anything over the years other than maybe alittle online pleasing each other via chat. As time goes on we slowly learn about each other fantasies and craving. I told her I was into swinging and swapping partners. One day she ask me if during any of my threesomes if I have ever had the urge to touch a guy. Thats when I reveal to her that I was bi and have done much more than just touch a guy. She tells me guy/guy action is such a turn on that she even masturbates to online guy/guy porn.  Well after several years, both of us were single and I made plans on visiting her in her home state. Making plans for my visit I ask her what we are gonna do. Other than the obvious (lots of hot sex) what else are we gonna do. She lays out her plans on visiting sights in her state. Then in a shy, coy voice she ask if I would be interested in fulfilling her fantasy. Not sure what she was wanting to do, I told her sure. That’s when she tells me when I get there she wants us to find a guy for a 3way and that she wants to watch us play with each other. So the weeks prior to my visit I searched craigslist in her local area, looking for a guy to join us. I even answered several posting. Jumping forward my lady friend is picking me up at the airport. Right after I landed, the hello’s and hugs were out of the way. My lady and I were in the parking lot, full on making out and fondling each other. When she pushes my into the car, pulls out my cock and gives me one hell of a BJ. Well needless to say we had raw and wild sex that day and night. In the morning, acting shy she ask if I would be interested in surfing an adult web site for a bi guy. So we sat at her computer looking over guys. Before we finish, my lady got so hot that she sat in lap and worked my cock deep in her and slowly fucked us as we go thru the site. After several orgasm we emailed several guys. That evening we had several emails from guys. But one guy caught my eye, divorced, our age(40’s), chubby, white, bi experience, a bottom (likes to be fucked) and lived alone. We asked for a picture, his next email he added a few. First one was a face, then a clothes body pix and the last one was of his cock. It measured out 7″, not thick but not skinny and some rather large balls. Then he asked for ours. My lady jumps up and leaves the room. She returns only wearing a bra and a thong, carrying a camera. Quickly she sit on an over stuffed chair, posing. I take picture after picture and soon take off my shorts. I stroke my cock between taking pictures and my lady sucking my cock. I take a few of her sucking my cock, she even take the camera and take a few of my cock. Before long we both forget the camera and end with her bent over the puffy chair and me fucking her deep. After cleaning up we down load the pictures, pick out a few and send them to our new friend. Later that night we get back online, load up a swingers website and check our email. Our new friend sent us an email. Telling us he likes my thick cock and thinks my lady has some big beautiful tits. Before we even finish his email, here pops up an instant message from our new friend. My lady chats with him for a bit while I make us some drinks. When I return she is watching him stroke his cock on his webcam, typing dirty chat, getting him off. I sit next to my lady teasing her nipples as she has her hand down her shorts rubbing her pussy. Our friend is jerking off fast and hard. When my lady told our friend I was there now and how I liked his cock he held the base of his cock as cum shot from his cock landing on his stomach. I told my lady damn what a waste. She tells adiosbet yeni giriş me her pussy is dripping wet and would love to see me try deep throating his cock. I told her I will not try deep throating his cock but I will get it all down. Really?! she replies. She turns to the computer and quickly types to our friend. Then she pops up, telling me we need to go shower real quick. What are you talking about? I say. She tells me she wants to see me deep throat that cock and can’t wait. We are getting cleaned up and heading to that guys place. I was around 11pm when we get near his place. My lady dials his number and he guides us the rest of the way in. Knocking on his door, he answers the door wear just a t-shirt and gym shorts, shorts that bare covered his stiff cock. First he leads us into his kitchen and made us drinks. I could tell my lady was nervous she was already asking for an other. When she has her second the guy have a little smoke. Standing next to me sharing a “J” I see his cock getting harder.  My lady sees it too and says maybe we should get comfortable. Then our friend leads us to his den where he already has a tgirl porn playing on his big screen TV. Embarrassed that he still had that playing he goes to turn it off when I told him I love tgirls and leave it playing. Feeling alittle high I start taking off my clothes and the guy follows suit. His cock is rock hard and throbbing. I couldn’t help myself, it had been so long since I’ve sucked a cock. Sitting on the sofa I take his cock in my mouth first just sucking the head and slowly sliding my mouth back and forth I quickly work 2/3 of his cock in my mouth. I slid his cock out of my mouth, kissing it on my way down to his balls. He moans out, that he likes his balls sucked and sucked roughly. I take one if his balls into my mouth, running it around my mouth, dancing my tongue across it too. The guy is moaning good it feels, then I take the other one into my mouth. Sucking it, teasing it with my tongue when he start pushing my head back telling me to keep sucking and hold his ball in my mouth. I slide his hand away as I start pulling back, stretching his sack as I suck harder and dance my tongue all across his ball. His ball pops from my mouth and tells me he can’t take it he wants to taste my cock now. He kneel before and doesn’t waste any time and starts bobbing his head. He is sliding his mouth up and down my cock   Every once in a while he would slide up and holding the head if my cock in his mouth. His tongue is dancing all over the head of my cock, while his hands has a firm grip around my cock, sliding up and down. Then he would start again working my cock in and out if his mouth. Taking more and more each time, only stopping when he would gag. The next time he gags I pull him off my cock telling him, I’m not ready to cum and I want to suck his cock now. He sits next to me and we stroke each others cocks. I look over at my lady and she is naked, sitting on a love seat, one hand rubbing her pussy and the other caressing her big titties. The guy is kissing my neck when I ask my lady if she is enjoying the show. She tells us that is one of the hottest things she has seen. Then tells us don’t stop, she wants to see me deep throat his cock and make him cum. I slip down to the floor and get between his knees. Holding the base of his cock, I start licking the head of his cock, tasting is salty precum. I roll the head of his cock around in my mouth, dancing my tongue around it. Slowly I slip more and more of his cock in. Then I pull up while my hand slides up. When the head of his cock slips out if my mouth, my hand wraps around the head of his cock. Sliding back down, I take his cock adiosbet giriş back in my mouth. I working his cock deeper in my mouth, bobbing my head. Then again I slide up and wrap my hand around the head. I hear my lady moaning, asking me to deep throat his cock. The next time I take his cock, I working his cock more and more in my mouth. I push my head down till I feel the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat. Holding his cock deep, I bob my head forcing the head of his cock down my throat. I keep forcing, gagging but keep trying till I pop up and catching my breath. I’m jerking his cock and spitting all over his cock for lube. I open my mouth, take is cock deep and force the head against my throat. I push down, relaxing slipping back and then push back down. I keep doing this till I gag and pull up, spitting on his cock and jerking him off. Sliding back down again I take his cock deep, bobbing my head up and down. Once again I start forcing the head of his cock down my throat. Pumping my head up and down I work his cock down my throat. I feel the guy holding my head forcing his cock down my throat. When I start gagging he holds my head forcing more down my throat. Suddenly he lets go and I pop up to see my lady sitting next to the guy and she was the one holding my head. I catch my breath and lower my head again and taking his cock again. Pushing the head against my throat I try forcing more in. Again my lady pushes down but i pop up telling her just watch. Taking his cock I work my mouth down, feeling his head swelling in knew he was close to cumming. Pushing down I force his cock down my throat, gagging but I keep going. I could feel my throat relax and the head of his cock slide down my throat and my lips bottom out. I can hear my lady moaning loudly. I quickly bob my head up and down popping the head of his cock in and out of my mouth.Suddenly I feel some hold my head and knew it was the guy because I could feel the head of cock pulse and the shaft thicken. He was about to cum, his hips pump up, forcing his cock down my throat pumping cum down my throat. I bob my head working his cock in and out of my throat. I can hear my lady breathing heavy and moaning, how hot that was as she makes herself cum. The guys cock slips from my mouth. I sit on the coffee table stroking my cock watching as my lady masturbates and the guy cupping and sucking her nipples. I stroke my cock as I watching the guy slipping down on his knees, getting between my lady’s legs. Ahe spreads her lips open for him, expose a very swollen clit. He quickly buries his face in her pussy, she is leaned back on the couch cupping her big titties, teasing and pulling on her nipples. The is going to town on her, quickly she starts breathing heavy and softly moaning. I kneel behind the guy so I could watch him eat my lady’s pussy but I also reached around and started stroking the guys cock. Plus I started kissing and biting his neck. My lady starts leaning over to the side of the couch and tell me to come feed her my cock. I stand, holding the base of my cock, feeding my cock into my ladys waiting mouth. She is moaning all around my cock as u watch the guy finger my lady and flick his tongue all around her clit. My cock slips from her mouth when she reaches down and holds  the guys head as she starts cumming. Gasping for air she is moaning and bucking her pussy into the guys face. Before my lady could come down from her orgasm the guy sits up, holding her legs slips his cock into her pussy. My lady moans out, god yes. She grips the guys hips tell him to fuck her hard. The guy pushes her legs to her chest and stand before burying his cock balls deep in her pussy and starts fucking adiosbet güvenilirmi her with long deep thrust. I sit in the coffee table again and watch the guys cock piston in and out of my lady’s pussy. My lady moans out, fuck me harder, fuck me hard, I’m about to cum again. A few more pumps and I watch and hear my lady cumming, having a big orgasm. Slowing down to a slow stroke the slowly fucks my lady as she comes down from orgasm. The guys stands, turn towards me and pushes me back onto the coffee tables, straddles me and the table in the 69 position. He leans down taking my cock as I take his. My lady get behind the guy and starts rimming his ass. He moans out but I reach down and push his head down forcing my cock in his mouth. After several minute he pops up and off the table telling us he is to close to cumming and isn’t ready too. My lady is so horny she straddle me and starts riding me slowly and easy. The guy stands over me, making out with my lady and fondling her big tits. His balls are inches from my mouth so I take one then the other while stroking his cock. This goes on for several minutes when the guy suggest we take this to his bedroom. Once we get into his room, my lady tells me to lay back as she climbs on top and sits on my cock. Grinding slowly she has to guy stand on the bed as she takes his cocking her mouth. My lady rides me slow as I watch this guy cock slide in and out of my lady’s mouth. Holding her head he starts fucking her mouth and her hips match his pumping. Getting close to an orgasm she slips off his cock and leans down on me grinding her hips into me as she cums. As she starts coming down from her orgasm she leans close and whisper in my ear. I want to see if I can take both your cock. Is it ok if he tries fucking my ass. I tell her if she wants that tell him.She pumps her hips a few more times, sits up, looks over to the guy and says. If you have a condom and lube I want you to work that cock in my ass. He quickly slips a condom on and gets behind my lady but he first started off licking her ass, I know because he also licked my balls. My lady moans out, I’m beyond foreplay, I want your cock in my ass. He pops up, lubed her ass and started pushing. I grab a hand full of her hair, jerking her head, I telling her to look at me. Her eyes are closed tight as she groan, telling the guy, easy, easy, easy. Slowly I can see her face turning frompain to pleasure. I have my cock deep in her and I can feel the guys cock sliding in and out. My lady tells the guy to hold still. With both our cock deep she starts rocking her hips. First sliding forward as both our cocks slide out ward then she pushed back biting both our cocks. I’m just watching my lady face and she fucks our cocks. She is moaning loud and gasping for air. Harder and harder she starts pump her hips back fucking us. Her legs start shaking, I know she is close to cumming so I start pumping my hips and the guy does the same. My lady is holds still as the guy and I pump our cock. She starts moaning, don’t stop, don’t stop here I cum. Her body starts twitching as the guy and I bury our cocks in her pumping our hips. My lady is moaning over and over, omg, omg this feels so good. She slides up till both our cock slip out of her and rolls to one side. The guy pulls off the condom and grips both our cocks together, jerking both of them. My lays back cupping her tits and telling us both to jerk our cocks off and cum all over her titties. We kneel on each side of my lady and watch each other jerk off. I cum first, pumping cum all over my lady tits. The guy rubs the head of his cock around in my cum. I quickly get down and start licking my own cum off the his cock. He pulls back, as cum squirts covering my lady’s nipples and cleavage. He lays next to my lady, rubbing our cum around her titties. Before I returned home, my lady and I played with him one more time but this time he had a woman join us having a hot wild 4some. But that’s an other story.

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