Her Fantasy Finally Comes True Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Editor’s Note: I didn’t get any feedback on chapter 1, so hopefully anyone who reads this will send feedback or suggestions….Thanks.


Glen broke the kiss and looked deep into Dani’s eyes and thanked her for making his fantasy come true, because has wanted her for months now, but didn’t know if she was involved with anyone so he never acted on it. Dani smiled and giggled before looking back at Glen and explaining the same thing to him, telling him that she had wanted him too. She could barely take being so close to him everyday at work, because she had to fight the urge to jump on gorgeous body and ravage it. Glen smiled and kissed Dani deeply, his tongue exploring every inch of her mouth, before gently turning her around so that she was facing the city and her beautiful backside was exposed to him.

He pulled her shirt up and off and then took his off, before bending her forward slightly so that her hands were on the ledge, supporting her weight and her dripping wet pussy was in plain sight and begging for his aching cock. He pressed the thick head of his large cock into her entrance and then grabbed hold of her hips, before quickly slamming all 10 inches of his massive dick into her hot, tight pussy in one thrust. Dani cried out loudly when she felt the incredible prick she had been craving for so long buried deep inside her and began pushing her hips backwards against Glen’s pelvis trying to force him in deeper. He began to pump unbelievable izle in and out of her, while he reached up and began massaging and groping her large breasts as they hung down and swayed back and forth as he finally was fulfilling his ultimate fantasy of fucking Dani.

It was taking every ounce of restraint and concentration that Glen had to keep himself from cumming too quickly, he wanted to take his time and make this magical event last as long as possible. He could feel Dani’s orgasms surging through her gorgeous body, as she trembled all over and cried out into the chilly night air, begging him not to stop, to keep fucking her so well. Glen couldn’t help but wonder if someone might hear them and begin looking around to see where the carnal screams of ecstasy were coming from. He secretly wished someone would see them and even watch as he continued fucking his dream woman, the woman he’d longed to have for so long.

His fantasies of having Dani had taken over his sub-conscious to the point that he had to masturbate at least three times a day to keep himself from throwing her down onto a table in the middle of an office meeting. Finally Glen couldn’t hold back anymore, his balls were so heavy with the pent up load he’d been saving, that when Dani’s muscles contracted around him hard as her climax began, he let go. His cock twitched hard and then began shooting spurt after spurt of his uncoupled izle thick cum deep inside Dani’s spasming cunt, he could feel it splattering off the walls of her vagina and coating his cock with his own cum as well as hers. They both were grunting and shouting loudly as their climax’s rocked their bodies hard; they also lasted an incredibly, long time which made them so much more intense.

When their bodies finally came down from the total adrenaline rush, they both collapsed down onto the ground and sat their panting and smiling, as they wrapped their arms around each other. Glen couldn’t believe it, but his cock was still semi-hard and he knew that it wouldn’t take much for it to get fully hard, so he pulled Dani onto his lap so that she was straddling him. He began grinding his cock against her sopping wet, cum filled, pussy as he buried his face in her breasts, sucking on each nipple as if he was drinking milk like a baby. Dani felt his cock get hard immediately, so she raised up enough to put the head of it against her opening and sat down hard, burying his wonderful cock deep inside her again.

She began using her legs to push herself up and down on his beautiful cock as he continued sucking on her nipples and holding onto her waist to help steady her rhythm. Dani closed her eyes and threw her head back as she rode Glen as fast and hard as she could, feeling the tip of his manhood hitting unpaused naya safar izle her cervix, every time she came down, he was so deep inside her. Glen sat up and watched Dani as she fucked him uncontrollably, her beautiful face was glowing with ecstasy as he watched her expressions change continuously as she neared another climax. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out this time, once she started spasming and screaming his name as her orgasm took hold, he lost all control and began cumming at the same time.

His cock started shooting his load deep inside her again as her pussy gushed her creamy sweetness all over his cock and down her thighs onto his balls and thighs. Glen thrusted his pelvis up to drive his cock as deep inside Dani as he could as he continued cumming until his balls finally tightened and released for the last time and he felt his cock start to go soft and finally slide out. Dani’s sweaty, shaking, body collapsed against Glen and she purred with happiness as she nuzzled his neck and wrapped her arms around his chest and back. They sat there like that for a few minutes until Dani stood up so that Glen’s legs wouldn’t go to sleep and she began walking all over the roof searching for her scattered clothing. Glen managed to stand up then stretched his legs before joining Dani in the search of the roof for discarded clothing. They both got dressed and went back inside because the adrenaline wore off and they were both freezing, due to the drop in temperature outside. When they got back downstairs to the conference room, they continued groping and grabbing each other as they worked for another hour before quitting for the night. Dani left her car at the office and rode with Glen back to his place so that they could pickup where they left off on the roof.

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