Her Birthday

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I sit alone in my room on a quiet Sunday afternoon. The temperature outside is 95, and the room is beginning to feel like an oven. I sit on the bed with a book, shirtless and wearing tattered jeans. A small fan does little to relieve the heat. As I am about to nod off, I hear footsteps on the stairs. She’s here, I think, and I quickly open the window and look outside. But she’s not there – simply the mailman. Disappointed, I lie back on the bed and drift into slept. After a short time, not sure how much, I’m awakened by a startlingly loud knock on the door. I sit up, quickly straighten my hair, and dash to answer the door.

The figure before my eyes is unfamiliar, but I feel like I know her. She smiles and says hello. I take her bag.

“The rest are in the car,” she says.

I tell her that I’ll get them later. She’s wearing a jacket – too heavy for this heat. Her face is flushed, glistening with sweat.

“You have to live on the third floor?” she asks.

A long strand of her brown hair sticks to her forehead. She takes off her jacket and throws it onto the arm of the couch. Underneath she wears only a grey tank-top, no bra. She complains about the heat. I fetch her a glass of ice water.

As she drinks down the water, the normal color returns to her face. She smiles. I smile back. I step closer and push back the strand of hair from her face. She eyes my hand as I do so, and licks her lips gently. She reaches out and wipes a bead of sweat from my face. I kiss her hand. She puts down the water. While running my hands through her hair, I take her and kiss her deeply. Her eyes close and she moans softly. With my left hand, I move her tank-top up slightly and touch the bare skin on her side, which is hot and sweaty to the touch. Her arms wrap around me. A fingernail scratches my back.

“I want you,” I tell her.

She doesn’t respond. I push my hand underneath her tank-top and slide it across her stomach, feeling the curves of her body. Her hand mirrors mine, running across my abs and chest. I push against her.

My hands move to her pants, and I unbutton them before she even notices. As I slide the zipper down, she mutters something. Not a protest, definitely, probably a request. Reaching around to her back, my hand slides underneath the elastic of her underwear, and then slowly traces its way around to the front, finally gently sliding completely underneath her panties. She shutters as her back arches and her legs spread slightly. First I feel her soft mat of hair, and then reach her vagina. As I attempt to enter her, she kisses me hard, pressing her teeth against my lips. But she’s not wet enough yet. Looking deep into her eyes, I grab her tank-top and pull it briskly over her head. She stands before me, smirking because she knows that I love the look of her naked breasts. Leaning forward, I lick at the sweat that drips down between them, as she rolls her head from the left to the right, smiling the whole time. Smiling back, I take the first two fingers on my right hand into my mouth, wetting them thoroughly, and then slide them back into her underwear.

As I slip my fingers inside of her, she giggles slightly, grabbing my arm to keep her balance. I find her clitoris and gently begin rubbing it back and forth. She mutters my name among other words. I ask her if I should continue. She can do nothing but agreed. I move my fingers quickly and deftly. Her breathing becomes shallow and rapid. She throws her arms around my neck, struggling to hold on. I can feel her getting wetter and wetter on the inside, until finally, she tenses suddenly, letting loose a small cry. For a minute afterward, she simply holds onto me tightly, kissing me lightly on the neck.

Taking her into gaziantep escortları my arms, I carry her back into the bedroom. I ask if she’d prefer to lie down. She agrees in that way that means that she doesn’t really care about where we are, just as long as I’m interested in pleasing her. And I am. Very much so. As I lay her on the soft sheets, she claws at her pants, trying with great difficultly to get them off of her body. Even with my help, she only gets them to her ankles before giving up and pulling me down on top of her as we kiss. Desperately, I rub my body against hers, feeling frustrated by the fact that we’re still clothed. Slowly, she rolls me over to get on top, while the whole time, our bodies rub against each other and our lips are locked. She pauses briefly to finally remove her pants from around her ankles, and then leans down and begins to circle my belly-button with her tongue. Her cool breath against the wetness on my stomach makes me laugh, and she then runs her tongue up the length of my torso and then up my neck. As she gently bites my ear, she opens my pants, and begins to slide them off. My hands are temporarily distracted from her beautiful legs, and aid in removing my pants fully. My underwear are similarly removed.

My naked cock stands rigid and ready to enter her. But instead, she teases me by rubbing herself against it. The presence of her panties becomes an almost unbearable frustration. Once again, her tongue traces my body, this time beginning at my mouth and moving downward till she’s kissing the soft skin around my hips. Frustrated, I beg her loudly. She just smiles. She knows that holding back now will make things even better later. Slowly, her fingers begin to coil around my penis, and though she is careful not to be rough, she starts to pull it gently back and forth. Inside myself, I feel a tingle – my body seems to appreciate her skill. Even as she pulls back and forth, she inserts the head of my cock into her mouth, swirling it with her tongue. I can feel it swell even greater as she takes it all the way into her mouth, right down to the base. I can feel the back of her throat with my tip, and she manages to continue to swirl with her tongue. Just as I begin to feel something erupting inside of me, though, she stops with a devilish grin.

“I’m not going to come by myself,” she informs me.

She stands before me and wriggles out of her underwear, blithely kicking them across the room. For the first time, I see her entire naked body, and I nearly come at the sight. Carefully, she mounts me, positioning herself for 69. She goes down on me, and I do likewise to her, taking her clit into my mouth and sucking it hard. Her vagina is wet and fluid tastes like none other. I can barely concentrate as she sucks my cock, but I manage to keep to my task. My tongue moves in and one, filling her. Several times, I feel her tense slightly, and each time, she seems to work even more vigorously on me. I can’t hold it much longer, but I somehow do, continuing to stimulate her until her entire body rocks with the pleasure of orgasm. Momentarily, she rolls off of me and across the bed, a smile plastered to her face. But before I know it, she returns to her task, and relaxed now, I come into her mouth. A wave of pleasure grips me, as my toes curl and muscles tense. She swallows first and then smiles at me and kisses my mouth, the salty taste of semen still present. With both of us satisfied for now, we slowly fade off into sleep.

I awaken after a brief nap. The sheets feel cool against my body. Looking up, I notice the wind blowing the curtains, which are open slightly, allowing any passer-by on the walkway a full view of our naked bodies. Part of me feels that I should be embarrassed, but I’m not. Looking down at my body, I realize that I have nothing to be embarrassed about. My body is toned and sexy, and I know that it drives men crazy. Looking to my left, I notice him still sleeping on his back. His chest moves up and down as he breathes. His body looks good at rest – he’s pretty well-cut for a guy his size. To my surprise, I realize that he is almost fully erect. I suppose he’s dreaming about me. For a few minutes, I run my fingers lightly over the lines on his chest and stomach, all the while blowing softly and watching the hairs stand-up. I keep expecting him to wake, but he doesn’t. Frustrated, I take a hold of his penis, gently rubbing its soft skin. My fingers now trace the head all around, and I lick the tip lightly a first, and take it into my mouth. I swirl it with my tongue, learning its ontours. Then I kiss it up and down the shaft, feeling the skin against my lips.

“How long were you planning on doing that before you woke me,” he asks.

Surprised, I look up and see that’s he’s awake – he probably has been this whole time. Part of me is embarrassed, but I realize that he was enjoying it, and so I see no reason not to continue. I go back down on him, this time taking his cock as far down my throat as I can. It’s bigger than it looks, but I surprise even myself. I think he mutters something, but I can’t make it out. Looking at him, he’s unable to make eye-contact. So I go down again and again – not gently this time, but vigorously. Each time, I can feel the blood coursing through his penis with my lips. It’s an interesting sensation, and I can tell when he’s ready to come. This time, I see no reason to make him wait for his orgasm, and so I continue even as his semen fills my mouth. Finally, I pull back and swallow deeply. His eyes are rolled back in his head, and so he doesn’t notice as I move towards him. His desire might have just been fulfilled, but mine hasn’t been.

Like a cat, I crawl up his chest, letting my tongue run the length of his torso. At his neck, I stop and begin to kiss deeply, sucking harder and harder till he groans slightly. A red mark in the shape of my mouth is firmly affixed to his body. Pushing against his shoulders, I sit up on his stomach, his eyes staring up at me in wonder. I feel a shiver as his hands begin to find their way up my legs and then passed my hips. He stops for a moment at my belly-button, allowing just the lightest touch against its delicate skin. But his eyes never lie as to what’s really on his mind. His hands soon cover my breasts, making them feel incredibly warm. With his left hand, he begins to play with my nipple, rubbing it back and forth. A slightly numb feeling slips across my chest. I lean in towards him, letting my breasts hang towards his face, and he begins to kiss them, one at a time, before taking my right nipple in his mouth. His teeth and tongue rub against it – at first it seems too rough, but I soon become accustomed to the feeling. His stubble lightly scratches my entire naked breast. I realize suddenly that I’m not even holding myself up anymore – he is. My entire upper body seems to glow with heat. I can’t remember ever coming from this before, but I feel like I will.

Swiftly, we roll over, and I realize that all of his weight is pressing down on me. He’s kissing my face, and I can feel all of the muscles in his chest and arms holding me. My breathing is becoming deeper, and it seems hard to get enough air with him on top of me. Then, as quickly as he rolled on top, he’s not there anymore. I look to the right, then the left and realize that he’s sitting at the side of the bed, inserting a condom over his fully erect penis. Silently, I interrupt. I take the condom from his hand, place it on his tip, and then using only my mouth, I roll down the entire length of the shaft, smiling inside the whole time as I realize that it will be inside of me soon.

As he still sits on the side of the bed, I push him down and mount him. I want to do things my way for a while. As I sit down, I can intimately feel as his hard cock pushes inside of me. I close my eyes, and can visualize every inch of it as it rubs my clit. The warm feeling in my chest now spreads across my entire lower body, as I move up and down. Cool air blows through the window across my naked body, and I can’t help but smile. This certainly is a happy birthday. As I ride him, I realize that his thrusting has reached a perfect rhythm with my movements. The warm feeling grows, and I find myself involuntarily muttering closer, closer. As I begin to be overwhelm by the sensations, we speed the rhythm faster and faster still. Like a dam breaking, I get a rush like never before, but I don’t stop. I feel so aware of every inch of my body right now. Each time he penetrates me, I seem to have more energy than before. I don’t stop. The sweat pours down my body and pools on his chest, but I still don’t stop. The rush overwhelms my body yet again, as every muscle seems to tense at once, and then relax perfectly. Unable to continue, I fall to the side.

I’ve never come like this before, and yet I know that its not over. I manage to stand on all fours, and as soon as I do, I feel his strong hands again, cupping my breasts. He enters me from behind, and this time he sets the rhythm. After two consecutive orgasms, I can barely hold myself up, and I’m surprised by his stamina. Each time his penis enters me, I feel a wave rush over my body, and a part of me thinks that I can’t stand such pleasure for so long. Gradually, it starts to escape my lips in the form of tiny cries of pure pleasure. I can’t see him, but I know that this pleases him quite a bit. Each cry is a testament to his skill. Suddenly, though, he slows considerably, until he has stopped. I look back at him and ask if he’s come (I didn’t feel it). He shakes his head no. Without warning, he reaches all the way inside my vagina with two fingers on his right hand. He then begins to rub my anus, massaging until he’s inside of me. I’m so relaxed that it doesn’t take but a minute. That done, I begin to feel his hard cock slide inside of my ass. At first, its almost a burning sensation, as I’m not sure that its possible. It feels ten times bigger there than it did in my vagina or mouth. Sweat drips down my nose and unto the sheets.

“I’m in,” he says.

“All the way?”


“I can’t believe it. It feels so good,” I moan.

He begins to slide gently in and out, as the burning sensation disappears.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, not anymore.”

This is something completely new for me, but he seems to know what he’s doing. I feel revitalized, and I begin to thrust my pelvis backwards, aiding him. Our rhythm is slower than before, but steady, and his thrusting feels so strong. Without him noticing, I reach back and start to finger myself. My cries grow louder, and I realize soon that I’m going to come again. Once again, the wave crashes through my body, shooting up my spine and reaching every inch.

He pulls out and I roll over again, facing him from my back. The smile on my face must be evident, for he returns it wholeheartedly. He takes my legs and raises them above his head, letting my knees rest on his shoulders, and he enters me again. I whisper to him that its his turn, and he nods. I thrust harder and harder, determined to make him come as hard I did. After a few minutes, he does – his eyes rolling back and a moan escaping his lips. His sweat covered face leans down and kisses me gently. Thoroughly satisfied, we drift off into sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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